Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace health and safety programs aim to provide employees with a safe working environment. Employers implement several safety programs, hazard identifications, inspections, and safety tracking to ensure the well-being of the workers.

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Workplace Health and Safety
Cold and Flu

How sick is too sick to go to work or school?

This is often a really tricky call to make. You don’t want to miss important information or let work pile up in your absence, but you also don’t want to get others sick.

However, when a fever is involved, the choice is simple: Stay home. You should wait at least 24 hours after the fever’s gone before returning to the outside world. This can be especially helpful in preventing the spread of seasonal flu.

Other symptoms tend to have more wiggle room, and the choice often ends up being a complicated dance of trying to balance how important it is to be there, how contagious you are, how flexible your work or school is, and how much your symptoms would impact your quality of work.

US Coast Guard
Workplace Health and Safety

Health and safety risks of gold diggers?

I am assuming you mean gold MINER- since a gold digger is something else entirely-

Miners are exposed to hazards from mining and hauling equipment, electrical hazards, bad air in underground mines, fires from equipment, rock falls, using explosives, breathing dust, falls from elevations, high noise levels, strains and sprains, and working with very dangerous chemicals in the processing of gold ore.

Workplace Health and Safety

What are the objectives of conducting safety briefings?

Objectives of conducting safety briefings:

To ensure that everyone performing a task knows what the job is and how to do it safely. Any relevant operating experience, and possible error precursors should also be discussed at this brief.

Identifying the safety focus for upcoming events, top unit areas of concern, and safety responsibilities

Knowing the tasks, identify the hazards associated with the tasks, setting out control in place.

Safety briefings can:

  • inform management
  • improve communication
  • inform employees
Workplace Health and Safety

Is asbestos a pcb's?

PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) are organic chemicals, usually liquid in form. Asbestos is a mineral (a rock). The two are completely different.

Workplace Health and Safety

What are some safety hazards in a computer lab?

The first thing that comes to my mind are the ergonomic issues. Proper seating, posture, Monitor Height and Distance, Mouse pad with wrist rests. Cable Wiring for trip hazards. Emergency lighting for evacuation. Fire Extinguishers. Also frequent breaks for prolonged computer projects. Stand and stretch, including fingers every 30-45 minutes. Stretch your eyes by focusing on something far away, perhaps out a window.

Workplace Health and Safety
Hazardous Materials Training

How do you define a workplace procedure?

A workplaces procedure is a step-by-step description of how a particular task is to be accomplished in a workplace.

Veterinary Medicine
Workplace Health and Safety

What personal protective equipment do vets use?

Most veterinarians use less PPE than they should, limiting themselves to gloves when handling biologic fluids and tissues and the use of lead aprons and thyroid shields when operating a radiograph machine.

During dental cleanings and oral surgeries, most veterinarians will choose to use a face shield to protect from splashing.

Otherwise, veterinarians tend to rely on technique and good assistants to stay safe.

Workplace Health and Safety

How can you tell if corrugated sheet is asbestos?

The only way to tell for certain whether a corrugated paper or concrete material contains asbestos is to have a small sample analyzed by a qualified lab. However, if you know something about the history of the material (when it was manufactured, what company made it, when it was applied and for what purpose) you may be able to make some useful guesses.

Labor and Employment Law
Workplace Health and Safety

What is the minimum office space per person?

The minimum office space per person depends on company policy, and in some countries, the regulations of the country you are working in.

Workplace Health and Safety

Is cardboard dust hazardous to your health?

Standard cardboard dust is not hazardous to your health unless sufficient quantities become airborne when an ignition source is present, so you get a fire or deflagration.

Cardboard dust can be irritating and cause you to sneeze. If it is old and has been wetted, it could be carrying mold, which you may be sensitive to.

Workplace Health and Safety
Medical Fields

What is the full form of SAFETY?

Stay Alarmed For Every ThingYou do

Workplace Health and Safety

What is the Threshold limit value for methane gas?

Methane (Natural Gas) gas exposure limit - 500ppm

See the link below.

Workplace Health and Safety

What are the three legs of the fire triangle?

Oxygen, Fuel and Heat - all required for a fire to burn.

Modern models include "chemical reaction", making it a fire tetrahedron. This was added to explain the relationship between the other three legs. In other words, you could have fuel, oxygen and heat, but you won't have "fire"until there is a chemical reaction, usually with sufficient heat to make it a chain reaction.

Workplace Health and Safety

Do you have to report hazards to your employer?

Yes, reporting otherwise unrecognized hazards to the employer is one of the basic responsibilities of an employee.

Workplace Health and Safety
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Is dental work recordable under OSHA?

If dental work is the result of a work related injury, then as a medical procedure beyond first aid it may be OSHA recordable. Consult a specialist who is aware of all the specifics surrounding the event.

Workplace Health and Safety
Hazardous Materials Training

Can hazardous materials be shipped?

Most hazardous materials can be shipped if properly packaged, marked, labeled, and documented. Some hazardous materials may not be shipped by air, and a few cannot be shipped at all.

Rules of the Road
Workplace Health and Safety
Hazardous Materials Training

What is the minimum quantity of gasoline transported on a vehicle requiring hazardous material placards?

It's determined by weight. Gasoline is Hazard Class 3, which requires placards to be displayed if more than 1,000 lbs. of it is being transported. One gallon of petrol weighs between 5.8 and 6.5 lbs, so you'd be looking at 153 to gallons (roughly) before placards had to be displayed.

Workplace Health and Safety

Did they use asbestos in wall paper?

No, but sometimes it was used in the wallpaper paste

Workplace Health and Safety

Is there asbestos in horsehair plasterboard?

No. Horsehair was replaced as a strengthening additive in plaster by asbestos. Where one was used the other was not needed. However, the only way to know for certain whether asbestos was used in a plaster is to have a piece of it analyzed in a lab by a qualified technician.

Laboratory Testing
Workplace Health and Safety

Do's and don't in laboratory?


1. wear a proper uniform(laboratory gown, gloves etc.)

don't s

1. play.

2. dont use broken vials/flasks

Workplace Health and Safety

Why was the safety match invented?

The safety match was invented to prevent accidental fires from matches igniting when rubbing against most anything.

Building and Carpentry
Workplace Health and Safety

Does 1930 lath and plaster have asbestos?

Lath and plaster construction from the 1930s might contain asbestos, or it might not. It could have animal hair mixed into the plaster, instead. The only way to know whether a particular installation contains asbestos is to have a sample collected by a qualified technician and analysed by a qualified laboratory.

Workplace Health and Safety
Hazardous Materials Training

What is permeation of protective material?

Permeation of a protective material is when something you need protection from is able to pass through some protective material to reach you without seriously altering the structure of the protective material. If a hazardous material is able to permeate something you are using for a protective barrier, it is not a good choice for a barrier.

Acronyms & Abbreviations
Workplace Health and Safety

Full form of asli in safety?

stay alert for every task you do

Workplace Health and Safety

What are the safety precaution of terbium?

The toxicity of terbium has not been investigated in detail. The element has no known biological activity. As on of the lanthanides, terbium and its compounds probably have low to moderate toxicity and should be handled in the laboratory with the care normally given to those materials in general.


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