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This category covers questions about the Buick Century, a line of full-size luxury models from the Buick division of General Motors. The name originated from the British slang for exceeding 100 mph as "doing the century." The Century is sold as the Buick Regal in Japan as Toyota Motor Corporation claims rights to the name "Century" there.

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How can you tell if a barrel fuse is bad?

Usually if you look between the two metal ends there is a glass tube, in the tube is a metal wire, it can be of various size, if this wire is broke, burned or not visable the fuse is blown or bad.

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What years were included in the 20th century?

When the AD calendar was formed, there was no year Zero. 1 AD followed 1 BC. Therefore the first century ended after the year 100. Subsequent centuries would then end after the year with "00". The 20th century would begin at the start of the year 1901 and would end at the end of the year 2000. However, many people claim the 21 st century began with the start of the year 2000.

Thus, the 20th Century comprised January 1, 1901 to December 31, 2000 .

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Tools needed to fix tie rod on buick century?

when you buy a tie rod from a parts shop some stores have loaner tools, just get on the phone and ask if they have Loaner tools for tie rods, remember to torque them at 20 foot pounds and recheck in a few days to see if the are tight, do both rods and if you can both sides is even better

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Can 22 inch rims fit on 20 00 buick?

yes and it looks sick, fills yhe wheel well up nice but u must have small rubber band tires.

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1992 buick century hood cable broke How do you open hood?

I had a similar problem. On mine, the cable broke right inside the car...right at the lever. There was still plenty of cable sticking out so I just grab it with pliers and pull. If yours is broken in any other place, it will need to be replaced.

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How did Christmas lights come about?

Candles had been used, but were very dangerous. The public was slowly beginning to embrace the idea of lighting their trees electrically, and as towns and cities were wired for electricity the variety of lighting on the market grew dramatically.

The world's first practical light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879, and a mere three years later in 1882 an associate of his, one Edward Johnson, electrically lit a Christmas tree for the first time. The tree was in the parlor of Johnson's New York City home, located in the first section of that city to be wired for electricity. The display created quite a stir, and was recorded by a visiting reporter named Croffut in the Detroit Post and Tribune.

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What is the firing order for Buick Riviera 401?

the firing order is 12784563 you can also check valve cover still maybe on there

or go to 401 nailhead-v8buick.com

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How much oil does a 3.3L V6 89 Buick Century take?

4.5 US Quarts after an oil change with filter, slightly more after engine replacement. Failing to completely drain the new bottles of oil or using an old or crappy electric oil meter may require using as much as one-half quart more.

If you change just the filter and do not drain the pan, about one-half quart (1 pint) should be about right, but why would you do that?

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Why is gas called unleaded?

Older gasoline used to contain chemicals such as tetra-ethyl lead. This prevented preignition in the engine and allowed engines to be higher compression. They stopped using it because of heath and environmental issues. Different additives are used in todays car fuels instead. Leaded fuel can still be used in offroad equipment and airplanes.

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How do you replace a 1992 Buick Century radio?

Remove the trim piece covering the instrument cluster. Remove the trim piece covering the map light and rear window defogger switches. Remove the two bolts holding in the radio and slide it out. Disconnect the wiring harness and antenna lead at the back. The new radio may need a wiring adapter.

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How can you tell if a fuse is good or bad?

there are several ways you can use meter to see if you get a reading from side to side or turn on the ignition switch to on motor not running take a test ligt and touch the top of the prongs if the light, lights up on both sides the fuse is good . if you pull the fuse out you can look throught it to see if the element is in tack if it looks broken it is bad.


i was replacing a fuse one day it looked good scratched my head and looked at it. turned out the inside fillament where it makes contact on the ends under the silver cap was broke i had it in my hand for 2 or 3 hours, never gave it a second thought, i was looking at it real close and hell just decided to twist it for some ironic reason ( it came apart) the fuse looked new felt new looked good. until it came apart. put a new one in problem solved. the ole saying is: ( nothing is ever what it seems).

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Where is the oil filter located on a 2004 Chevy Malibu 2.2L?

It is located under a cap on the drivers side of the engine behind the exhaust manifold. Use a 32 mm (1 1/4 in) socket on the hex on the top of the oil filter cap, or an oil filter wrench on the outside diameter of the oil filter cap to remove. Do NOT use pliers or a wrench as damage will result.

Answerhttp://image.snapon.com/international/pdf/A106.pdf if you look on this page it shows the 2.2 ecotec oil filter its top mounted, its black it has a cover so you have to remove that before removing the oil filter

The filter is a cartrige type. it is actually under/ beside the intake on the front of the motor on the drivers side mounted to the block. has a black cap that its best to use the special socket made for the ecotec engine oil filter cap. it is shorter giving you the proper clearance to remove the filter cap without jamming the socket against the intake.

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How do you replace the water pump on a 1995 Buick Century?

What engine does the car have? I think most (if not all) 95 Centurys had a 3.1. Specifying engine size allows for a more specific answer to your question.

To remove the bolts from the pulley, first put the belt back on. With the belt on, you may be able to unscrew the pulley bolts. If the pulley still spins, you can try rotating the tensioner in the 'tighten' direction to get a better hold.

What I do to remove pulley bolts:

With the belt on, I get an open-end wrench 2 mm larger then the bolts.

I place the end of the wrench around one bolt. It will fit very loosely. I then use a ratchet and 6 point socket on a different bolt to turn the pulley counterclockwise until the handle of the open-end wrench contacts another bolt. Holding the wrench firmly, I use the ratchet to loosen the bolt it's already on just slightly, not more than a quarter turn. I then move the wrench to the next bolt until all bolts are slightly loosened. A second pass with just the ratchet and no open-end wrench then loosens the bolts one full turn. I remove the belt at this time and then fulley remove the pulley bolts.

If and of the water pump mounting bolts are stuck, do not apply excessive force and break them off. Instead, reinstall the pulley and belt. Then fill the cooling system completely and allow the engine to idle for about 15 minutes or until it is fully warm. You can now remove the belt and pulley, drain the coolant, and safely remove the stuck bolts without breaking them.

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Where is the map sensor on a '93 Buick Century?

On the firewall on the right side. if the car is 3.3l v6 then the car doesn't have a map sensor but it does have a mass air flow sensor the code is the same for both of them only a 2.3 has the map sensor so don't be fooled by this by code 34 the chilton book is very helpful

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How do you replace the fuel filter located on a 1985 Buick Century?

shannon rules


The fuel filter is located at the inlet fitting to the carburetor. It will require a 1 inch and a 5/8 wrench.

dnt lie that is NT right you need to takee the part off and get it replaced bellend

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Where is the quad driver module on a 1989 Buick 3800?

If a quad driver has gone bad it is necessary to replace the ECM. After replacing the ECM, drive the car on a bumpy road and note whether the check engine light comes on. If it does, fix the problem or you end up with a repeat QDM failure.

== == == == There is no such thing as a quad driver module. There are quad DRIVERS in the ecm.

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What is the tire size for a 1998 mercury sable?

Open the drivers door and look at the latch pillar , there will be a sticker

showing the tire size on the vehicle from the factory

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How do you remove an AC clutch from a '92 Buick Century?

there is a tool called a "clutch removal tool" that can be purchased from j c whitney.,

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How do you change the ignition switch in a '92 Buick Century?

Hey Melissa==The ignition switch is mounted on the top of the steering column, under the dash about 18 inches from the floor. Just remove the 2 screws that hold it on and pull it off. GoodluckJoe


There are 2 parts to the ignition switch...The cylinder with the key and the electrical ignition switch mounted on the top of the steering column as Joe (first answer)pointed out. The 2 components are connected by a steel rod.

However the ignition switch on the top of the steering column is a bit trickier to change than Joe noted. To get access you will need to drop the Steering column down.You will need to pull the dimmer switch first to get to the ignition switch. There is a rod the actuates the dimmer switch. You must be careful to get it back in correctly. Also you will need to adjust the ignition switch as it is slotted. As is the dimmer switch...it is also adjustable and you will need to get it adjusted correctly.

Also be extremely cautious if you have a column shift there will be a clip for the PRNDL needle in your dash that will break if you dont disconnect it first. Make sure you mark its position first.

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How do you replace the belt tensioner on a 97 Firebird V6 3800 engine?

?? if it is only the pulley /bearing you want to change...THE BOLT THAT IS IN THE CENTER OF THE PULLEY IS LEFT HAND THREAD!!! if it is the whole tensioner you want to change,,,disconnect battery negative,Drain coolant!! remove alternator, ...one of the alternator bolts holds the tensioner on, then there are two more bolts.. heater core coolant goes through this too! spray the plastic elbow that goes from the tensioner to the front of the intake manifold and also the tube that is under the tensioner with good penatrating oil, pry and wiggle very carefully straight out (I broke the plastic elbow on mine) clean holes for coolant and make sure you get new o rings, put engine oil or vaseline in the holes for the o rings.

You really don't need to drain the radiator- only about a quart of liquid will escape. However, be sure the coolant is cool before attempting this! Otherwise have an ambulance standing by.

Pull the tensioner assembly directly towards the radiator, don't twist or rotate it. Even being VERY careful the plastic tubes will probably break. They get brittle from heat. It was a terrible design choice but what are you gonna do they saved maybe $0.50 a car over Aluminum tubes.

They are a dealer item, about $20 for the pair including O-Rings. To be safe, I recommend you replace those plastic tubes when you replace the tensioner.

Also, if the plastic tubes break off inside the housing you'll need to get out the pieces before replacing them. Be careful not to damage the housings.

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Key will not open trunk lock but remore will.?

If the key doesn't turn at all, make sure you have the right trunk key, i.e. one that worked before. Many times the ignition and trunk key are different. If it is the right key then the cylinder may be frozen. The remote opens the latch a different way. Try spraying some liguid wrench into the key hole and keep trying to turn it. if the works spray silicone spray or lock lubricant to oil the lock afterwards.

If the cylinder does turn and doesn't release the door, look inside to see if the inside lock mechanism is broken.

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How hard is it to fix a front sway bar on an '86 Accord DX that has just been disconnected on the passenger side?

If by "disconnected" you mean unbolted, and if by "fix" you mean re-bolting, then it's not hard. It should consist of an endlink, which is typically just a bolt that connects the end of the sway bar to the lower control arm. Endlink bushings should sit on either side of the sway bar and on either side of the lower control arm. If you look at the way the sway bar is connected on the driver's side, it should be easy to figure out.

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Where are the sparks plugs on a 93 Buick Century V6 3300?

There are 3 at the front of the engine and 3 at the rear of the engine, just follow the spark plug wires.

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Where is the PCV valve on a 1993 Buick Century 3.3 liter?

PCV Valve is right under the alternator. 1. Disconnect the battery. 2. Take the serpentine belt off. 3. Take out two alternotor bolts. 4. Its right in between the 2 heads. Makesure to check the groomet for PCV if hardend remove that too.

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What is the fastest and easiest way to change the ignition module on an '89 Buick Century 2.5 liter engine?

There are no shortcuts for this job. The ignition module is located on the iginition coil pack. The coil pack is located on the engine block on the firewall side. Just follow the plug wires down to the coil pack, it is in a tight space. Feel around and find the 10 mm bolts holding the coil pack on. Take off and mark the plug wires so you know how they go back on. After you get the bolts out and it is loose watch out there is a black tube that fits into the engine it is about three inches long, if the tube has a crack in it replace it, this is the crank position sensor. Replace just like you took it off.


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