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A vehicle’s windows and mirrors provide the driver with a full view of what’s happening outside his vehicle. This category provides answers to the best kinds of mirrors and windows for one’s vehicle and how to care for them.

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How Uses of mirrors in daily life?

To view physical appearance by own-self.

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grocery store scanners use mirrors to direct the lasers, many other laser applications use mirrors to move and direct the beams. Many industrial processes use mirrors and lasers to direct light and laser beams. You use mirrors to drive safely. Warehouses use mirrors on the corners to prevent collisions. Many camera have mirrors in them. We use mirrors for many different applications.

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Why convex mirrors are used in motorcycles?

Because they give a more "wrap around" view, thus cutting down on blind spots.

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Why dentists use concave mirrors?

Concave mirrors creates a reflection that is typically larger than the actual focal point. Because, the center of the curve is directed away from any incident light .The concave mirror is made with a surface that bends inward. Dentists need to examine the minute parts of teeth. It helps the dentist if he / she gets the magnified and erect image of the teeth.

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How to replace the side mirrors on a 1995 through 2006 Ford Explorer all models?


Roll the window down and disconect the negative battery post:

1. Remove the inside door panel by first removing the screws under the door handle, and at the base of the panel.

2. Next pop off the cover around the handle.

3. Next pry the door panel off with a pry tool starting at the bottom of the door and working your way up.

4. Once the panel is loose, lift it straight up to release it from the top catches of the window "sill". Don't force section by the mirror push down to release tab.

5. Remove the speaker and disconnect the wire plug connecting it.

6. Locate and disconnect the plug for the power mirror behind the speaker cavity.

7. There are three bolts behind the mirror assembly. One is located through a rectangular opening (also used as an upper retainer catch for the door panel). The other two are behind a sticky insulation pad below the rectangular hole. Once the bolts are removed, the mirror assembly can be pulled out.

8. When reattaching the wire fitting for electric mirror be sure you attach or tape the wire away from the window and test that it does not impede the window up and down movement.

9. Reattach panel in reverse order that you removed it.

Check the link on the right for a detailed descrition with photo's

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What are the two types of curve mirrors?

concave (bulges inward) convex (bulges outward)

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Install 2000 Ford Taurus driver side mirror?

on inside of the door right behind th mirror there is a cover you will have to pop it off and it usually takes a 10 mm socket and just unscrew them three bolts and take the mirror off and just repeat the step backward to put it back on.

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Can you reseal double glazing?

Yes but its not a DIY task. The process requires that the panel be removed and a specialist company remove the old seal. Vac it and reseal. In many situations I order new and replace. This is because you will have the panel out of its frame for quite a few hours if not a day or two. So it can be more cost effective to just remove and replace. Good glass companies do panels.

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Why were castle windows thin?

The things you call "windows" are actually arrow slits. They are just wide enough to fire a arrow through, but if you went inside the area where the windows are located in the wall you would find a recess for a man to use to aim, spot, and fire an arrow. The slits look fairly narrow from the outside, but they have a full view of the land below from all angles. This is very good for the defense of the castle.

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Why convex mirror called diverging mirror?

A convex mirror reflects light in diverging directions due to its shape.

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Is a torch mirror concave or convex?

it is a convex mirror as it produces diverging waves

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Lock is to open as unprotected is to?

Luck is to open as unprotected is to panic

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How do you remove dried mastic from mirror backs?

My mirror supplier and installer says that it can be done with a plumber's torch used to soften and peel off the mastic, if done very, very carefully. A blow dryer isn't hot enough. I have not tried this myself.

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Can you use super glue to attach your rear view mirror?

Most varieties of super glue will work. However, I've found the Loctite version to be best for windows. This is sold as 'Loctite Auto Mirror Adhesive'.

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What are the uses of plane mirrors?

Mirrors are most commonly used for personal grooming, decoration, and architecture. Mirrors are also used in scientific apparatus such as telescopes and lasers, cameras, and industrial machinery. Most mirrors are designed for visible light, however, mirrors designed for other wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation are also used, especially in optical instruments.

Mirrors are most commonly used for personal grooming, decoration, and architecture. Mirrors are also used in scientific apparatus such as telescopes and lasers, cameras, and industrial machinery. Most mirrors are designed for visible light, however, mirrors designed for other wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation are also used, especially in optical instruments.

Mirrors are also used in kaleidoscopes. This is a device that is built with the use of either metal or wood as its outer part and plane mirror as its inner part.. the mirrors in a kaleidoscope are two and are placed at 90 degree angle facing each other,thereby makes it possible for the user to view the environment.

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How do you replace the side mirror on a Saturn?

Remove the panel on top of the door panel it's a little access panel that clips on. After doing so their are 3 ten milimeter bolts hoding the mirror to the door. If it's a manual mirror on the drivers side then there will be one screw holding the lever in the panel and u have to remove that screw to remove the mirror.

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What are little black sand shaped particles in a window frame which has holes in it?

might be fly poop. If it's a WOOD window frame, with small holes visible in the wood surface and the "black sand shaped particles" are piled up in small areas, then you should consider checking for termites. Termite trailings are usually visible as small piles of particles resembling the size and texture of course beach sand. The color of the trailings will vary depending on the age and type of wood involved. Termites in pine wood will have lighter colored trailings due to pine's lighter shade; in contrast, the termite trailings from a darker wood like walnut or mahogany will be much darker than the pine trailings. Different User Answer As a pest control professional and a termite inspector for the last 4 years I can honestly say that I have never seen termites leave any kind of particles. Termites generally leave only damaged wood and mud behind. They use the mud to build a shelter in which they travel through that keeps them protected from outside elements and helps keep moisture in their bodies. The standard subterranean termite does not leave any black particles that look like sand. Without seeing it it would be hard to say exactly what you have

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Toyota Sienna

How do you replace the passenger side mirror of 2000 Toyota Sienna?

It really isn't that bad. First remove the door panel. (The connector for the mirror is behind the panel just to the left of the door handle.) The arm rest cover pops off by gently prying upward at the corners near the door panel and along the outer edge of the arm rest. Then remove the 2 screws. Remove the screw that holds the door handle bezel on. Remove the little plastic plug to the left of the door handle as well. This reveals yet another screw to remove. Now you can gently pull the door panel away from the door. The little plastic clips will pop out of the door. If they come away from the door panel they easily fit back in place in the metal retainers built into the door panel. You can now disconnect the connector and remove the 3 10mm mirror bolts.

With respect to the door handle bezel on the inside of the door, to remove it you must pull/slide the bezel away from the door hinge. It should move an 1/8 to 1/4 inch. There is a little tab that hooks inside the door handle mechanism and two small holes, top and bottom, that slip over little pegs on the mechanism. I broke this tab while removing the bezel on my car. This was the most difficult part, on my car, to remove.

Getting the door handle bezel off is definitely the most mysterious part of removing the door panel, but it's easy if you know exactly what to do!

The previous post implies that you can slide the bezel toward the rear. This can only be done AFTER the two tabs that are mentioned are disconnected from the round pegs that they are connected to. The pegs are only about 1/32 of an inch high, and are part of the door handle mechanism. They are on the vertical axis of rotation of the door handle and lock button. One peg is just above the lock button, and the other is just below the door handle. The two tabs that engage these short pegs are part of the bezel. You can disconnect the tabs from the pegs with a thin screwdriver. Slide the screwdriver between the upper side of the lock button and the bezel, just behind the axis of rotation of the button. Pry up the tab by pushing the screwdriver handle DOWN, lifting the tab off the upper peg, and pull the top edge of the bezel away from the door panel. Do the same thing between the lower edge of the door handle and the bezel, pulling the screwdriver handle UP to disengage the tab from the lower peg, and pull the bottom side of the bezel away from the door panel.

Now the bezel moves easily. Wiggle it a little toward the rear of the car to disengage the remaining tab, which is about 1 1/4 inches forward of the screw hole, and fits into a slot in the door handle mechanism.

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How much does it cost to replace a window?

You can save a lot of money by doing the replacement yourself. Windows can be purchased at your local home improvement store reasonably cheap from 49.00- and up.

It depends on the size and quality of the window you're looking to replace. More information provided will help you on this question. Give us the size and type of window you're looking to replace. As for labor it's cheaper if you're having multiple windows done rather than just one. Places like Home Depot and Lowe's do installs but you might find it easier and cheaper to buy the window on your own and look up a local handyman that knows how to install it.

I would say an average is $200-$400 in most areas for a single window - though this can vary widely. If you don't have any tricky trim, shapes, access, obstructions,... you should have the window cost plus $200 labor - this includes re-installing existing trim, and some insulation and caulk. Again - this is a rule-of-thumb - there are MANY variables that can affect this - INCLUDING the time of year that you have it done. The dead of winter (with cooperative weather) is always good as business is slow.

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How do you replace the driver side mirror?

If the car ain't broke don't fix it ------------------------------------------------ The cover on the mirror will pry off. Try a table knife and work it around the edge of the cover. This is hard to get off without maring the plastic edge. Once you get the cover off, complete dis-assembly should be obvious.

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What are the uses of concave mirrors?

Uses of concave mirrors are:

1) They are used in telescopes.

2)They are used as dentists' mirrrors to magnify the image of a patients teeth to faciliate the examination.

3)They are used as cosmetic mirrors to have an enlarged view of the face to apply make up or to shave.

4) A Car Headlight bulb has a convex mirror.

5)Make-up mirrors in department stores make you look skinnier than you really are.

6.) Used as source of fire.

7.)They are useful in projector lamps.

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How do you replace the drivers side mirror on a 1997 Toyota Camry?

MirrorIf the '97 is similar to the '96 then this is how you would do it:

On the inside of the car where the mirror is attached to the door is a cover plate. Pop this off with a tape covered screwdriver (the tape protects the trim from being scratched).

If it is a power mirror, disconnect the wire connector and then the three (?) nuts that hold the mirror in place. Make sure you hold the mirror before removing the last nut or it will crash to the ground! Installation is just the reverse.

Mirror replacementI had to remove the interior door panel on the driver side of a 1996 Camry (to fix a door handle, not for a mirror, however). Not sure if you need to remove the door panel.

In addition to the advice at the above site, I found another trick to removing the trim around the inside door handle. The above article refers to putting a screwdriver UNDER the door handle and pushing down ... to release a "secret latch". That's the first step. The second step (which is not in the article) is to insert the scredriver ABOVE the door handle ... vertically above the spot shown in the article. Then gently press the screwdriver handle down. With the screwdriver acting as a lever, the tip of the screwdriver will push UP on the top part of the trim. That will lift the trim up off a small pin on the handle mechanism. With both the bottom and top of the trim piece now "unlatched", slide the trim toward the back of the car, while you open the inside door handle (as mentioned in the article). The trim will come right off. Be sure to slide the trim toward the back of the car, as you move the trim away from the door panel. (There is a "hooked" piece of plastic on the back of that trim that prevents you from just pulling it out perpendicular to the door panel.) 'Hope these fine points help.

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How can you fix a driver's side door window yourself?

how do you change out the left back door window in a 1989 Toyota corolla?

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How do you fix a driver's side window that has slipped off the track and how do you get the manual window crank off?

the window handle is held on with a c shaped ring that is placed on the handle then pushed onto a splined rod with a recess in it to hold it on there is a tool for this but usually it can be pushed off the handle with a screw driver placed between the door panel and the handle the hard part is seeing it to push on one or both ends of the "c" ring to reinstall you simply put it on first then push it in as for the window falling off you won't know what caused it till you get a look at it

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How do you replace a 2003 Toyota Corolla driver's side mirror?

You remove the black cover from the inside of the driver door and unbolt the old mirror then bolt up the new one and replace the cover.

There are 3 types of mirrors depending on model and options

1. a manual mirror that you have to reach out the window and move the mirror. 2. a manual mirror with an inside adjustment stick. 3. a power operated mirror.

The first two are easy, carefully pry of the black cover inside the car where the mirror is located, then remove the three screws and pull the unit off from the outside. Use care NOT to drop the screws down in the door. I have nevr replaced a power operated mirror so I am not sure how that part connects.

Many junkyard have mirrors. If you go to the junkyard they charge about $5-$8 for one. If you take this rout, be sure to take your current broken mirror with you as the mounting screw location are different on different years. Most VE and CE models use black mirrors, while the LE models have color matched mirrors.

If you need to buy a new mirror, Toyot charges about $120 for one but I bought one from for $65 plus s/h. Pefect fit.

Easy job. VBD

With a power mirror, you will have to remove the inside door trim. The power connection is about 4 inches below where the mirror's wires go behind the trim panel.

First, remove the inside trim panel at the mirror. Pry up the bottom of the panel, then swing it out and away. Don't remove the mirror's mounting nuts yet.

Second, remove the armrest by gently prying it up with a flathead screwdriver. Pry up the front of the panel with the door lock switch (and power window switch). Once you have the front up, slide it forward to remove or else you will break off a tab at the back (nearest the armrest). Disconnect the power door lock and power window buttons. Remove the two screws you have now exposed, and the third screw above the door handle.

Third, pry up the trim tabs on the door jamb side. Once these two or three are popped out you can usually pry out the bottom and hinge sides by hand. Lift the door trim panel up and out.

Fourth, carefully lift up only the corner you need of the weather cover and disconnect the power mirror socket. Now remove the mirror's mounting nuts and pull the mirror away from the car, threading the power wires out the hole.

Reassemble in reverse order.

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How do you replace the driver's side mirror of a 1997 Plymouth Neon?

Assuming this is a manual, standard mirror, I have the same problem on the same exact car and I took the mirror apart today to see how.

Open the driver's side door and pull the plastic covering away from the mirror adjustment handle. The cover is triangular and covers the whole area in front of the window. It will probably give you some trouble coming off, but it just snaps off. Beneath that are several nuts. Remove these and your mirror will come off, bringing its cover with it.

Now for the problem I've run into: where to get a new one? I've tried two auto parts stores and cannot find a replacement. Both claimed they couldn't even order it from Plymouth. If my on;line search (which brought me here) fails, I'll be trying a junkyard. I'd be willing to bet the one from a '97 Dodge Neon would fit perfectly. if I can't find a Plymouth. Good luck with yours.

Found one for about $34


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