Rich in history and culture, Paris is the capital of France and a popular tourist destination.

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French Revolution
World Currencies

What was the currency in France in 1789?


History of France

Why was Le Jardin du Luxembourg built?

The Le Jardin du Luxembourg was built by Marie de' Medici, the widow of King Henry IV and the regent of King Louis XIII. She decided to make an imitation of Palazzo Pitti, the palace where Marie was born (located in Florence, Italy).

Restaurants and Dining Establishments
French Food

What kinds of foods are served at French restaurants?

All French food is served at restaurants in France including meat ,fish, cheese, fruit, baguette and many fine desserts. A lot of spices are used in French cuisine so the food is bursting with flavor. French food is always presented elegantly as this is very important to French chefs.

Transportation and Logistics

How do I get from Paris Est to Paris Montparnasse?

There is a direct line on the metro: Line 4, direction Porte d'Orléans, to Montparnasse-Bienvenue.

Train Travel

How do you get from Massy Palaiseau to Paris Nord?

Take a northbound RER Line B train from Massy-Palaiseau direct to Gare du Nord.


What is the sister city of Paris?



Can you bring food back from France to the UK?

You can bring back a reasonable amount of any food you find on sale in France (or other member states of the EU), provided you do not intend to use it for commercial purposes.

Road Distance
Maps and Directions

Metro from gare du nord to gare st lazare?

From Gare du Nord to Saint-Lazare, the only direct liaison is the RER underground train, line E. Follow the signs for "RER E - Haussmann - Saint-Lazare'.


What is Mont-Saint-Michel used for today?

Tourism, mostly, but there is a small religious community.

History of France

What is the price to see the Palais-Royal?

There are three bits to the Palais-Royal The main building is Government offices and not open to the public. The theatre is part of the Comédie-Française, and you have to buy a ticket. The gardens are open as a public park, and the apartments surrounding them are among the highest-rent properties in Paris. So only the gardens are open to the public, and entrance is free. Don't miss the Palis-Royal, it's lovely, one of my favourite places in Paris. For forty years of my pictures, see

Landmarks and Monuments

Who owns Chateau de Chambord?

The government of France owns it.


Is the Court Of Miracles in Paris real?

Not any more. It was demolished and built over in the Haussmann era (1860s). The 'passages' (covered shopping arcades) between Rue Lafayette and the Palais-Royal are in its place.

Travel & Places

How many people visited devils tower a year?

It depends, but about more than 4,000 people climb it each year.

Travel & Places
Claude Monet

How far is Montreux from Paris?

Aprox. 450 km.


Who was the major architect who transformed Paris in the 19th century?


Animal Behavior

What is the most common animal in Paris?

I would say the Pigeon.

Phantom of the Opera Musical

Why is the opera house in Paris important?

The Paris Opera House's name Garnier created by Charles Garnier was the inspiration for Gaston Leroux to write The Phantom of the Opera. During construction, they ran into a subterranean waterway and had to build the Opera House over it. Certain times of the year, you can go and visit this level.

Paris Opera House Garnier is important to people of Paris, it represent beauty and still standing all these years through Napoleon Wars, World War 1, World War 2. It is breathing taking on the outside and the interior is something to be awe of its splendor. It is used to this day for Ballet.

Paris Opera House Bastille is used for Opera. It built in 1968 as a memorial to storming of the Bastille.

Awful incidents took place at the Opéra Garnier, like the fall of the big lustre Chandelier on May 20th 1896, which killed a woman during the performance of the Faust of Goethe. Some people say that she occupied the number 13 seat... A pupil of the Opéra Garnier ballet class fell on the thirteenth step of the great staircase. Furthermore, the Opera House's underground was the scene of the most dreadful crimes during the Commune and people still think it is haunted because a skeleton was discovered there.

Paris Commune were similar to extreme left, almost communistic ideas, they were trying to over throw Paris, some were prisoners of Opera House Garnier's basement.

Gaston Leroux was a reporter and theatre critic for L'Echo de Paris and international reporter and correspondent for Le Matin Newspaper, he was involved in the investigation in depth coverage of the former Paris Opera House which was for Ballet Company, upon discovery, in the basement held prisoners of the Paris Commune. In 1907 he leaves the newspaper, started writing mystery novels to turn into films he and Arthur Bernede started together the Society des Cineromans.

Meteorology and Weather

What is the weather and climate of Paris France?

Paris has a temparate climate

In the summer, the weather is pretty mild. Ranging from the high fifties to the high seventies. The Northern Atlantic current causes the temperature to not be extreme in the summer and the winter

Spring is beautiful there. It can sometimes get slightly cold there in spring, but not too bad.

Winter is nice there also. Paris does not get as cold as some places in the East Coast during winter. When I went there for Christmas one year it was about 40 degrees Fahrenheit and only snowed once in the week I was there.


Weather in Paris is much like here in England. Cold through from the end of August - mid may. A little warmer the rest. Weather patterns in the south of France are somewhat different. much nicer when you go down.

The climate is mild and temperate. In autumn the weather may be wet and a bit windy but temperatures are still well above freezing point. It might as well be clear and rather sunny. In Winter it is possible to have (part of) 10 to 15 days below freezing point, mostly at dawn. In the Summer the weather is usually ageeable and reasonably hot.


Paris weather could be described as "temperate" and "variable". Winter daytime typically about 7C (45F), rarely below freezing, but frost at night is frequent. Occasional snow, wind and rain frequent. Summer daytime typically 25C (77F), can be anything from 20C (68F) to 32C ((90F), cooler at night. Summer rain not so frequent, but there is no real dry period such as on the mediterranean coast.

So take a waterproof whenever you go, but with luck you may not need it.

French to English

What is 'Hermès Paris feux d'artifice' when translated from French to English?

Hermès Paris feux d'artifice in French means "fireworks (square scarf by the fashion design company) Hermès, Paris" in English.

Metros and Subways

Can you take a bicycle on the Paris metro?


Louvre Museum

If you wanted to go from the Place de la Concorde to the Louvre by metro which line would you use?

Line 1 towards 'Château de Vincennes'

Colleges and Universities

Is there a Sorbonne University store that sells Sorbonne merchandise in Paris?

Possibly, it should be noted that the University of Paris is the oldest college or university still extant. it also had the longest shut-down from revolutionary times well up to the mid-nineteenth century. Pubishing, not limited to textbooks, is a common ancillary activity of many colleges in the US. Certainly they have bookstores with merchandise for students- possibly restricted to current student body and alumni- etc.A very good question.

English to French

What is Caisse regionale de credit agricole mutuel de Paris et d'ile de France?

This is the full name of the bank 'Crédit Agricole', for its regional branch (this is kind of a 'federal' bank) in Paris and the area.

Flight Times

How many hours is it from Paris to Nouakchott?

The total flight duration from Paris to Nouakchott is 5 hours, 13 minutes

Disney Theme Parks

How do you get from Charles De Gaulle Airport to Disneyland Paris?

From cheapest to most expensive, there is the RER train, the shuttle bus, or the TGV train. provides full details of bus transfer times, rates, and drop-offs from Charles de Gaulle to Disneyland Paris.

Depending on your budget, for a family or group of 4 or more, it may save time to use a private transfer service. are one option that provide English speaking drivers in France, but there are many others.


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