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Questions related to the country of Scotland, which is located at the northern end of the island of Great Britain. The island lies close to the Atlantic coast of Europe. Scotland together with Northern Ireland, England and Wales comprises the nation called The United Kingdom

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What does the Scottish word lucky tatties mean?

The lucky tattie is a traditional sweet made in Scotland. It is flavoured with cassia, and steamed and covered with cinnamon powder. ...
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Is the word lad Irish or Scottish?

Neither. Lad is derived from the English word ladde.
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When and where did golf originate?

Golf's Actual Origins "With th' exciption maybe iv th' theery iv infant damnation, " said Mr Dooley, "Scotland has given nawthin' more cheerful to th' wurruld thin th' game iv goluf." Golf appeared in 1350 in St Andrews, Fife. It was forbidden by the king thrice during the 1400's, as it was considered to distract young men from their archery and Church, but was re-legalised in 1502. It is a common misperception that it began in the 1600s; as early as 1567, Mary Queen...
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Does Skegness have city status?

No, Skegness is a town.
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What is scotland's most famous animal?

Red Deer, Wildcat, Loch Ness Monster. Golden Eagle, Capercaillie. Clydesdale horse, sheep, highland cow ...
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What does Scotland's national flag look like?

Scotland's flag is called the Saltire or the St Andrew's Cross. It is a blue flag with a white diagonal cross. The Lion Rampant which has a red lion standing on its rear legs on a yellow background and is the Royal Standard of Scotland. The design may be seen as similar to that of Jersey, white flag of ratio 3:5 with a red St. Andrew's cross style cross, with Jersey's coat of arms in the upper most white triangle. The...
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What did King Charles do upset Scotland?

Charles I, tried to force the Scots to use an English Prayer book, they refused and invaded England. The Bishops' wars cost a lot of money and Charles I, could not afford this so had to ask Parliament for money, and that proceeded after 11 years. ...
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Can you marry your second cousin in Scotland?

Cousins are permitted to marry in Scotland
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Where is Scotland's largest fishing port?

Peterhead (population: 18,000) situated in the easternmost point of Aberdeenshire is largest fish port. ...
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What is money called in Scotland?

Pounds sterling (£), same as the rest of the UK.
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Is there a shell oil company in Scotland?

Yes a base in Aberdeen
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Did Scottish women wear kilts?

No. The kilt is only worn by men.
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Why is Scotland's national animal a unicorn?

In ancient times, the Scots believed in many aspects of mythology, including mythical sea monsters (such as the kraken) and unicorns. The unicorn appears in ancient mythology, and it has come to symbolize innocence, healing powers, joy, and life. The first known written account of the unicorn is from John Guillim's "Displays of Heraldy" from the 17th century. The unicorn was also worshipped by the ancient Babylonians. ...
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What do Scotsmen wear?

kilts, plaid skirts and berets. tap shoes and knee-high socks. carry bag pipes with them, stand on top of any random hill and play until sundown, or need a glass of water for chapped lips. also they wear white collar shirts with red/green vest on top. ya, i would know cuz I'm traditionally Irish. hope ur happy thnx for reading. ...
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What type of music is used in Scottish highland dancing?

Traditional Scottish music.
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Who is the Princess of Scotland now?

Technically Camilla Parker-Bowles. Although he holds it the title of Prince and Great Steward of Scotland is not normally used in Scotland by the heir to the throne or his wife. It has not been generally used by Prince Charles nor Diana (Princess of Wales) nor now his current wife Camilla. He and his wife are known as the Duke and Duchess of Rothsay in Scotland. Camilla has taken the title of Duchess of Cornwall and is generally known by that. ...
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Is England bigger than Scotland?

Yes, and the population is 10 times bigger. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, If you take population and area but if you take tourist inflow and culture then Scotland is far ahead. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- England is 1.66 times the area of Scotland. ...
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What form of government does Scotland have?

Scotland currently has its own devolved government at the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood, Edinburgh. The Scottish Parliament has 129 members elected in a system which is a mixture of proportional representation and first past the post. This government has some powers to legislate over health, education, law, transport etc. These are called devolved matters. The Westminster government in London is the government for the whole of the UK and as such maintains the right to legislate over a number of other matters, such...
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What facial features do norwegian people have?

Don't be racist, please. Norwegian people are like any other European people. Of course they have some common characteristics as a nation. Squared rectangle face shape. High rounded cheekbone. Eyebrow with only slight arch. Narrow almond eye with gradual downward slant to outer edge. Widish straight line mouth with slighty less than moderate lip fullness. Square jaw and prominent chin (cleft chin is common). Straight mid to longish nose with tip and nostrils ending flush and with not much nostril flare. Hair color...
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Is Scotland hilly?

Yes! Very!
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Whats the national drink of Scotland?

Tea I would say Irn Bru or Whisky!