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Mapping and Cartography

What is the best map score ever?

the best map score depends on your grade,i got 230 and im 5th grader thats avergae but i do 6th and 7th grade math at home but not at school,so for a 5th grader a really good score is aroud 250

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Mapping and Cartography

What are the 6 components on a map?


North direction





Maps and Directions
Mapping and Cartography

How is direction shown on a map?

Who earns money in your family?

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Mapping and Cartography

What would a plateau look like on a topographic map?

it depends if the plateau is flat and there is no difference in elevation, then it would just be a "circle" or whatever the shape and if there is elevation then you would just be the same as the other isolines. ....?

North America
Mapping and Cartography

Why is the inset map included of North America?

Inset maps are used to show an overview of the area or a close up of a section or sections of a map. An inset map can also be included to show related themes of data at smaller scales.

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Mapping and Cartography

Synonym for map key?

A legend.

History of Russia
Mapping and Cartography
Decade - 1910s

What did the map of Russia look like in 1917 to 1920?

Tsar Russia was in WW1 together with Allies but after the Revolution it was Soviet union (SU/USSR) which contained Poland before the war, but gave it up afterwards. Learn history please, but not in America, because nobody there knows history correctly. Peace. Sorry for my bad English.


new writer

Russia was in control of Crimea, Ukraine, small parts of Romania, Belarus, and Georgia.

Mapping and Cartography

Why is the inset map of northamerica included?

Inset maps are used to show an overview of the area or a close up of a section or sections of a map. An inset map can also be included to show related themes of data at smaller scales.

Mapping and Cartography

What is a name of a person who makes maps?

"Cartographers" make maps.

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Mapping and Cartography

Would A map scale 1S5000 be better for showing city streets than a map of scale 1S500000?

A map scale of 1 to 5000 would show about a mile of city in a foot of map space. That is good enough to show the typical 10 - 16 streets per mile found in many cities.

A scale of 1 to 500000 would show 100 miles in a foot wide map. You could show Baltimore and Washington on the same page. This would not allow showing any small or medium sized streets.

Mapping and Cartography

What type of slope do widely spaced contour lines indicate?

Widely spaced contour lines indicate a gradual slope, while closely spaced lines indicate a steep slope.

Mapping and Cartography

Why would a political map change more than a physical map?

The simplest way to put it would be to say borders move more than mountains.

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Mapping and Cartography

What happens to the contour lines when land gets steeper?

They get closer together.

United States of America
Mapping and Cartography
United States

How many states are north of the equator?

If you mean how many of the United States of America, then the answer is all of them are north of the equator.
All 50 states in the United States are north of the equator. The state of Hawaii is closest but is still several degrees north.

The River Nile
Mapping and Cartography

What are the Nile River's uses?

It has numerous uses including -


Water for drinking.

Water for crop irrigation.

Water for domestic supply.

Water for industrial use.




Waste disposal.



Given the Nile is over 4,000 miles long, flows through numerous countries and has tens of millions of people close by, it has many many uses.

Mapping and Cartography

Why are maps less accurate than globes?

Maps are less accurate than globes because the earth is not a flat surface. Globes are round and show an accurate placement of land mass location in the world.
Maps are less accurate than globes because in order to create a flat representation of curved surfaces of the earth,something has to be distorted.
Because the Earth is not is a globe. A flat map distorts the surface of the Earth to a greater degree closer to either of the poles.
The VERY quick answer: because a globe is an extremely good model of the actual shape of earth; directions, dimensions and areas are all faithfully reproduced on a well made globe.

Also, because no matter what projection you use to make a flat paper map, you will have to introduce some kind of distortion. You can't make a flat projection of a spherical surface without distortion. Globes will give you a very good view of places in proper proportion and position to one another. Unfortunately, you would need an extremely large globe to give the small-scale accuracy and detail of a well made flat map. What you use will depend on your need. It's clear, for example, that you are not likely to get much help from a globe if you want to plot a car trip.

Mapping and Cartography

Why are maps necessary?

In case you get lost, and you need to find your way somewhere.

Mapping and Cartography

What does a map legend or key show?

area Lines Points

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Mapping and Cartography

What are the imaginary lines around Earth?


Latitude and Longitude
Mapping and Cartography

What is the latitude and longitude of paramaribo?

Para maribo's latitude and longitude is 5 50 north latitude and 55 10 west longitude.

Units of Measure
Mapping and Cartography

What part of a map shows the relationship between length on the map and actual distance on the Earth?

The "scale" of a map tells you how the map displays the actual distance. This is often represented as part of the map keyor in the map legend.

So if the scale is 1 to 10000, the real distance is 10000 times greater than what the map shows. One cm on the map would be 10000 centimeters (1 kilometer) in the real world. A scale may also be indicated by a scale bar, showing, for example, miles per inch or kilometers per centimeter.


The "scale" of a map tells how distances on the map relate to distances on the Earth. It is often expressed as a ratio (e.g. 1:160,000) or measure (1 cm = 300 km), and/or by a bar length showing the length equivalent to some value (e.g. 10 mi / 50 mi).

The mileage or distance markers are in the maps legend, which should be in one of the corners. Typically the legend is in the lower left or lower right corner of the map. Also, on most maps and atlases, there will be mileage notes between points on the map. You can add these markers together to figure out how far the distance is between any two (or more) points.

Maps and Directions
Mapping and Cartography

What is a map key?

A map key is a list of words or phrases or colors -- usually within a box in the corner of the map -- that usually explains the symbols that that are found on the map itself. Also referred to as a "legend."

Mapping and Cartography
Latitude and Longitude
Similarities Between

What are the important lines on a globe or map?

The key lines are latitude and longitude. These are based on specific points. The equator is the latitude around the center of the earth. Longitude is measured from the Prime Meridian, which goes through the Greenwich Observatory in England.

The Tropics and the Arctic/Antarctic Circle are also key.

Mapping and Cartography
Latitude and Longitude

What is the beginning line a longitude?

By international agreement about 200 years ago, the zero-reference

line of longitude is the Prime Meridian.

Mapping and Cartography

How many islands is Kiribati made up of?

Kiribati consists of 33 coral islands divided among three island groups: the Gilbert Islands, the Phoenix Islands, and the Line Islands.


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