Statue of Liberty

Located in New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty is the figure of the Roman goddess of freedom named Libertas. The statue, a gift from France to the United States, was designed by Frederic Bartholdi.

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Statue of Liberty

Where is the Statue of Liberty located?

Liberty Island

The Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island in Upper New York Bay off the coast of New York City. New York and New Jersey share jurisdiction over the island. The part that lies above sea level belongs to New York, while the part that is submerged belongs to New Jersey.

There are also many, many replicas of the Statue (hundreds, according to Wikipedia) around the world. The most famous one is in Paris. There is another at the Brooklyn Museum, and at the New York, New York Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Statue of Liberty

What is the official name of the Statue of Liberty?

The statue's official name is "Liberty Enlightening the World." She was modeled after the Roman goddess of liberty, hence the "liberty" part, and her torch represents the act of enlightening the world.

The statue was a joint project between the U.S. and the French—America handled the pedestal, and France designed the statue. It was supposed to be a gift for the centennial anniversary of America's independence in 1876, but it wasn't dedicated until October 28, 1886, due to numerous fundraising delays on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Statue of Liberty

When was the Statue of Liberty built?

The Statue of Liberty was built in France 1882, was transported to America on October 28, 1886 and was then pronounced the Statue of Liberty.

France and America both worked on the Statue of Liberty. France was building the actual statue and America was working on the foundation for the statue. Both had trouble financing their efforts so the statue was actually about 10 years late from the time the visionaries wanted to dedicate the statue. Anyhow, the statue was completed in July of 1884 in France but the foundation for her wasn't completed until 1886 in America. On October 28, 1886 the dedication of the statue took place after she had been transported from France to the US in crates and then reassembled.

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Statue of Liberty

What is the value of the 1922 e purbus unum liberty dollar coin?

Please see related answers.

Statue of Liberty

How many spikes on the crown of statue of liberty?

there are seven spikes or look at a picture

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Statue of Liberty

How do you say Statue of Liberty in french?

statue de la liberté

Statue of Liberty

What was the Charter of French Liberties?

The Charter of French Liberties, also called the Coronation Charter, was a written proclamation by Henry I of England, issued upon his accession to the throne in 1100. It sought to bind the King to certain laws regarding the treatment of church officials and nobles. It is considered a landmark document[1] in English legal history and a forerunner of Magna Carta.

The document addressed abuses of royal power by his predecessor, his brother William Rufus, as perceived by the nobility, specifically the over-taxation of the barons, the abuse of vacant sees, and the practices of simony and pluralism.

The charter of liberties was generally ignored by monarchs until in 1213 Archbishop Langton reminded the nobles that their liberties had been guaranteed over a century prior in Henry I's Charter of Liberties.

Statue of Liberty

What type of mineral is the statue of liberty made out of?

Copper ( It's rusted )

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Statue of Liberty
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What is a British Penny made from?

Way back over 1,000 years ago, British Pennies were made from gold. From about 1200 AD to the end of the 18th century, they were made from silver. Even now, all coins in the Maundy sets are still made from silver, including the Maundy Pennies.

Silver became far too expensive to be making low value coins from, so they were then made from copper from 1797.

During the reign of Queen Victoria, Pennies changed to bronze from 1860 until the last predecimal Penny was minted in 1967. Bronze is mostly copper, but the alloy of 95.5% copper, 3% tin and 1.5% zinc made them a lot more durable and subsequently a little cheaper to produce.

From decimalisation in 1971, Pennies were still made of bronze, but even that became too expensive, so from 1992, they were made from copper plated steel which makes them very cheap to make and very durable.

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Statue of Liberty

Is the statue of liberty a solid mass frame or shell structure?

idk dont ask me

Statue of Liberty

What are things associated with the Statue of Liberty?

Freedom, New York City, Ellis Island, and immigration are associated with the Statue of Liberty.

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Statue of Liberty
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What is the name for a 14 line poem?

A 14 lined poem is called a sonnet.

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Statue of Liberty

Why the statue made?

First, how the statue is made is most of them are made of stone of granite. But some are even made of clay.

Second, people probably made the statue to honor people for deeds they had done.

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Statue of Liberty

From which stone Statue of Liberty was made?

statue of liberty was made out of green asphalt and lucid copper..

by RC

Statue of Liberty

How many statues of liberty did laboulaye build world wide?

Three. But he only called the one in Paris his "Lady."

Statue of Liberty

Are there any spikes on the torch of the statue of liberty?

no but there r some on ur face

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Statue of Liberty

How far away is the statue of liberty from Mississippi?

1200 miles from jackson miss.

Statue of Liberty

Is the statue of liberty holding a bible?

No, she is holding a torch.

My name is Liberty btw

Hope this helped

Libby xx


No. The book that Liberty holds in her left hand says July IV, MDCCLXXVI. This is the Roman Number for the date of American Independence.

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Statue of Liberty

What are 4 signs that a chemical reaction took place?

to tell if a chemical reaction has occurred look for these four things:

1) color change

2) the formation of gas bubbles

3) formation of a precipitate

4) temperature change

Statue of Liberty

What is written on the base of the Statue of Liberty?

A poem that welcomes immigrants. ~apex

Statue of Liberty

How many statue of liberty are there in the world and where are they situated?

3, New York City, Paris, and The Garden of Luxemburgh.

Statue of Liberty

How much does the statue of liberty's fingernails weigh?

527 pounds

Statue of Liberty

What is the Statue of Liberty holding?

The original name of the Statue of Liberty was "Liberty Enlightening the World". The tablet she holds in her left hand, engraved with "July IV MDCCLXXVI", (July 4, 1776), represents the Declaration of Independence. The torch upraised in her right hand represents the enlightenment of liberty. (The broken chains at her feet represent escape from oppression. The seven points on her crown represent the seven seas and seven continents.)

Statue of Liberty

What does that Statue of Liberty ressembled?

The Statue of Liberty welcomed the immigrants from the far world.

  • Statue symbolizes liberty and freedom. Liberty enlightening the world.
  • Torch symbolizes that Light and Truth are the key to achieving freedom.
  • Crown seven spikes symbolizes the seven seas.
  • The 25 windows around the crown symbolizes the Heaven's rays of light that shine over the seven seas and continents of the world.
  • The Tables symbolizes a book of law based on the founding principles of this nation, based on law. Inscripted on it JULY IV MDCCLXXVI or the July 4, 1776. The Declaration of Independence.
  • Robe symbolizes the liberty.
  • Broken Chains represents the freedom Lady Liberty offers us.
  • Sandals represent that Lady Liberty is a free person and is moving forward.
  • Granite brick, 13 layers symbolizes the original 13 colonies.
Statue of Liberty

How many spikes are on the statue of liberty's crown?

7 spikes


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