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The Caravan is a minivan produced by Chrysler Group LLC for its Dodge brand. Since its introduction to the market in 1987, this long wheelbase (LWB) vehicle was manufactured in five generation models.

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Dodge Caravan

What is curb weight of 1998 Dodge Caravan?

Depend if it's a 6- or 8-passenger model

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Why does 2000 Dodge Caravan water not coolant drip's from under dash and glove box on passenger side after rain any idea's on cause or fix?

That is where the heater core and AC box is located. Perhaps the drain is plugged and water in getting into the air intake under the hood somehow. The drain is in the firewall at the bottom or underneath. After the AC has been running, there should be condensation dripping from it if it is open.

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How much does it cost to fix motor mounts?

To replace a motor mount ( it's recommended to replace all of them at once, due to the most costly part of the repair being the labor, the engine is actually unmounted and hoisted back up when finished ) it will cost roughly $130. for one, and usually will run about $520-550. for all four. Since motor mounts usually wear at about the same rate, it is not recommended to change one at a time.

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What do flashing lights on the rear window wiper and ac buttons mean on a '98 Plymouth Voyager van?

My 97 Voyager has done the same thing. It was control panel programing, the following instructions is how to program your control panel: 1) SET BLOWER ON HIGH 2) SET MODE TO PANEL 3) SET TEMP TO COLD 4) PRESS WASH AND REAR WIPER TOGATHER AND HOLD FOR 5 SEC. IT WILL GO THROUGH A SERIES OF FLASHING, WHEN DONE THE REAR WIPER SHOULD BE THE ONLY ONE FLASHING PRESS REAR WIPER TO EXIT. DO THIS WITH VAN RUNNING. This worked for my 1997 Voyager. I hope it works for yours.

I followed instructions and it worked( 98 VOYAGER ) BUT I MIGHT ADD THIS; you must wait 30-60 seconds for all the lights except the rear wiper light to go out before you hit the rear wiper button.

Dodge Caravan

Replace Radio in 1995 Dodge Caravan?

See page 3 or 4

Dodge Caravan
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How many cylinders are in a Dodge Grand Caravan?

A Grand Caravan should have a 6 cylinder.

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Can you replace a timing belt with a timing chain?

Would have to change pulleys for sprockets

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Where is the starter on a 2003 dodge intrepid?

Driver side of the engine.

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What were the disadvantages of Windows 2000?

There were few disadvantages. It kept too many logs and stuff like that, but that could be disabled. It just cannot use modern drivers or run modern software.

Dodge Caravan

How do you change the brakes on a 2002 Dodge Caravan SE?

This is more complex than can be reasonably answered in a forum like this. Hard to believe, but there are SOME things for which the old public library is still superior to the web! Most libraries will have a Chilton's manual for these cars, or something like it, that will take you through the process step by step, with photos. A SERIOUS WORD OF CAUTION: I live in Columbus Ohio. Last weekend (3/23/06), a local man was working on the brakes of his 1996 Taurus. Apparently he thought he was done, took a test drive, the brakes failed, he went into a pond at his apartment complex, and he died. You will have between $35 and $65 in costs for shoes and pads each for the front and rear of your car. You could probably have the work done professionally for under $100 per axle. I am sure that the poor man's family wished he had done so. Think twice before proceeding!

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What might cause a 1997 Dodge Caravan with a V6 engine with 96K miles to start backfiring?

Sounds like the timing belt is going bad and the motor is out of time slightly. this motor is a dual overhead cam design and it is pretty tricky to change this unless you are a good mechanic.

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Where is fuel pump on 96 Dodge Caravan?

On a 1996 Dodge Caravan, the fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank. If you look at the tank directly, the tank dips in on the side and has a round white object sitting on top of it with an electrical connection and two black rubber hoses connected. Those hoses are fuel filter lines, and the white thing is the top of the pump. Empty then lower the tank, unhook all the connections, and use a strap wrench or similar tool to loosen it, and what you pull out is the fuel pump. Ta-da! =)

Dodge Caravan

What is the firing order for a 1996 Dodge Caravan 3.0L 6 cylinder?

1-2-3-4-5-6 The firing order is often shown on the top of the distributor cap beside the appropriate plug socket. Run the wire from the spark plug to the numbered socket.

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How can you determine how far away a lightning strike is by the time between the flash and the thunder?

The distance between you and the lightening can be estimated by counting the seconds between the two. Since sound travels about 1128 feet per second and there are 5280 feet in a mile, if you start counting when you see the light... one thousand one, one thousand two... and then each multiple of five will be about one mile. So, for example, if you count to ten, then the lightening strike was two miles away.

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How do you fix a speaker on a 1989 Dodge Caravan?

You could have a blown outputs stage on your amp, or maybe the speaker's cooked. Check all your wiring. Try replacing the speakers. If the problem persists, install a new headunit and brand new wiring.

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What is eatx fuse in Dodge Caravan?

EATX stands for Electronic Automatic Transmission. So the fuse has something to do with one of the operation in your tranny.

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Why would a 1996 Grand Caravan lose all electricity?

Failing battery. Loose terminal connection at the battery. Loose connection at the other ends of the battery cables. Faulty alternator. Blown engine compartment fuses. Faulty or damaged wiring.

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Does 2003 caravan have rear rotors or drums?

It could have either.

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2002 dodge caravan cabin filter location?

If equipped it is under the dash on the passenger side, look for a sliding access panel under the glove box.

Or a long skinny pop-off panel (about 1" by 6") under the glove box and close to the center console.

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I need the diagram for wiring the fuell pump harness for a Nissan maxima 1987?

If you are going up a hill and you hear your car start to sputter or stall out.

If it is an electric fuel pump, turn on the key and listen in the gas fill, u can here it running for a brief time after the key is turned on.

first, i need to know if it is electrical or mechanical? if electrical,& in the tank of car, it will just stop working. if it is outside of tank it will not make any noise if it is bad! it should buzz or vibrate (really soft)if it is working correctly. if mechanical, like on old Chevy small blocks it will "clatter" a little before going out.

Simple, attach a fuel pressure gauge to the fuel line that goes to the carb or tbi. Fuel pressure should be in range with manufacture specs. If it isn't get a new one.

Replace the fuel pump as regular routine maintainance. It is just good sense to do so especially if the engine has high milage. It is much easier to replace it at home in the driveway instead of on the highway in the middle of nowhere. . John In Montana

Hey Dan==There is another view on this question. I have a '93 Buick Roadmaster with 120,000 miles with the original pump on it. It depends if you want to take the chance. It depends on the make of your car too as the chev trucks have a high failure rate. Good luck, Joe

Be it an older mechanical pump or a newer electric pump, the best way in either case is a fuel pressure gauge. Be careful, the newer electric pumps (FI systems) are under higher pressure plus on a FI system the high pressure remains even after cutting the motor off.

It will no longer run or will run but not pump fuel at the proper pressure.

Check the presure in the fuel line. 35 psi should be your mark!Keo

Well this depends on what kind of fuel system you have but it is pretty simple to check either way.

If you have a carburetor you must pull the fuel line at the carb and turn the car over.... try to start it. You will need to find the fuel line first to do this. Should be a metal line running to the carb. Please use caution when doing this as if there is a spark leak it is very possible to start a fire.

If you have a fuel injected system you will need to check the system at the fuel relief valve on the fuel rail. (looks a bit like a tire air stem).

either way there should be ample fuel coming out either the valve or the line when attemping to start the car.

How ever just because you have fuel coming out of the line/valve does not mean that you don't have a fuel pressure problem. It is very possible to have fuel at either point but not have enought to properly run the car.

i would recomend that you take the car to a full service auto shop and have them look at it as fuel systems can be complicated for novices.

If the engine stalls, stumbles, misses, or quits. Just replace it if you have any doubts. Then you will know.

Rough idle, stalling, lack of power are some of the symptoms.

Read the owners manual which will tell you when to replace.

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How much does it cost to replace the starter on your 1997 dodge caravan?

The part at an auto parts store ranges about $120, but to have it done at a shop you could probably tack on another $100 or so for labor..

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Do you have to change the ignition-lock if your key is stolen?

You don't have to change the lock unless you are concerned that the person who stole your key is likely to steal the car. If this is a concern, either change the lock, get one of those steering wheel locks that also connects to the brake pedal, install a "hidden" ignition switch that will prevent the car from starting when in the off position , or just get good theft insurance

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Where is the color code on a 2002 Dodge Caravan?

The color code is usually located on the same sticker that contains information about your tire pressure and other info. This sticker is usually located where the latch is on the front driver-side door or even on the B pillar. The color code is kind of hard to decipher. My car is Dk.Green, but my color code is BJ2. Go Figure...

paint codes on Chrysler and dodge is located either on a sticker in the driver's door jam or on a metal plate under the hood. It is a 3 diget code(pw7,ph2, etc.) You will need a paint chip book to verify color. can be found where car paint is sold

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Dodge caravan maintenance required light?

It is time for some kind of scheduled maintenance. this could mean an oil change or timing belt replacement. Read your owners manual for the scheduled service intervals and compare it to your miles. A qualified mechanic can perform the work and reset the light, parts stores usually use the cheap code scanners so they may not be able to reset this light but you could try.

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93 dodge caravan inertia switch location?

Dodge does not use inertia switches. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.


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