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The Cooper is an economical, inexpensive and nimble car manufactured by the British Motor Corporation with the help of John Cooper, a builder and designer of rally and Formula One cars.

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Car Batteries
MINI Cooper

How do you unhook negative battery terminal in mini cooper?

Locate the battery. In the rear of "s" models, under the hood for the rest. Using a 10 mm wrench loosen the hex screw next to the battery post. Black wire is negative (-), red on is positive (+).

MINI Cooper

What countries mainly sell mini coopers?

Australia, Spain And Britain...ithink

MINI Cooper
Cows and Cattle

How many cows can you fit in a mini cooper?

Barely one, but only if that cow is only around 500 lbs. A big mature cow that weighs around 1500 lbs won't fit at all.

MINI Cooper

How much should a brake job on mini cooper s cost?

I took my girlfriends mini to the dealers, and they quoted around 400 bucks..

Dashboard Lights and Gauges
MINI Cooper

What does a flashing 37 on the dashboard of your mini cooper mean?

AnswerEvery time the temperature gauge picks up a temperature of 37 degrees Fahrenheit or lower it will give you this notification. Although I am not exactly sure why this occurs at 37 degrees, it could serve as a warning of changing road conditions based on cold whether or simply a notification telling you its cold.

I think it is a tribute to Paddy Hopkirk's 1964 win at Monte Carlo in his mini copper #37!

MINI Cooper
Oil and Oil Filters

How do you change the oil of a 2008 Mini Cooper?

At the moment at least, I would say stick to taking it to a garage to have it done, as the vehicle will still be in warranty. It may affect any claims in the future if they see that the service book hasn't been stamped at the manufacturers recommended intervals. It doesn't have to go to a main Mini agent though, due to the Block Exemption ruling, but as long as another garage uses manufacturer approved parts.

Brake Fluid and Lubrication
MINI Cooper

What type of brake fluid does mini cooper use?

Dot 4

Turbo and Superchargers
MINI Cooper

What type of supercharger is on 2003 mini jcw motor?

Eaton M45 roots type supercharger

Antifreeze and Engine Coolant
MINI Cooper
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How do you change antifreeze on 2002 mini cooper?

"There is usually a small tap under the radiator but some times it is easier to remove the bottom hose to drain the system"

Not all MINI Coopers have radiator drain plugs to the only way to drain the radiator is to loosen the lower radiator hose (after removing the shroud underneath it).

However, this will only drain the radiator which holds just 50% of your coolant.

The other 50% is inside the engine block so you'll also want to remove the engine block drain plug too. The engine block drain plug on a 2002 MINI is located on the rear face of the cylinder block next to the starter motor.

This is important for when you refill the system as the aluminum block should not hold any more than a 50-50 mixture of water to antifreeze. Any heavier on the antifreeze and you will have problems later.

Pre-mix the water and antifreeze before adding it as opposed to throwing in one gallon of antifreeze and one gallon of water to be sure.

When refilling, turn on the ignition and switch the heater control to maximum hot. Also slacken off the bleed screw on top of the radiator hoses and refill until straight coolant (no bubbles) leaks out.

MINI Cooper

Does a 2007 mini cooper have bluetooth feature?

Yes, it can come with the vehicle if you purchase the option

MINI Cooper
Motorcycle and ATV Maintenance

What are the signs of worn carburetor jets?

Carburetor jets don't usually get worn, they get clogged. And the signs are hard starting, sputtering, and slow acceleration. A carb rebuild is usually the best solution.

MINI Cooper

What are the differences between a mini cooper and a standard mini?

The mini Cooper S had a larger engine 1275 cc larger brakes and 2 5 gallon gas tanks. The Speedometer read to 120 MPH and the Cooper only 100 MPH, the Copper S had different Sock absorers, it also had an oil cooler.

MINI Cooper

Who was the designer of the classic mini?

Alec Issigonis

MINI Cooper

Who makes mini cooper car--Germany or the Brits?

Coopers are made in Britain by MINI, who is owned by BMW Group

MINI Cooper

How can you tell the difference between a mini cooper s and a mini cooper s JCW?

different exhaust pipes and large red brake calipers

also they have different side scuttles and bumpers

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MINI Cooper
Timing Belts and Chains

Should the engine of my Mini Cooper be at 4000 RPMs when I am going 70 MPH in fifth gear?

No, you need to get your clutch checked. At 70 in 5th gear you ought to be around 3200 or so. Cheers,


MINI Cooper

Where is trunk release in a mini Cooper?

under radio, group or 5 switchs its the middle one

MINI Cooper

Why does your Mini Cooper S use so much oil?

You probably have a leaking oil seal or cylinder head gasket.

Steering and Suspension
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How much does it cost to change inner tie rod?

Varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle.

MINI Cooper
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Clocks and Watches

How do you change the clock in a Mini Cooper from military to standard time?

Press both setting buttons together for about 5 seconds.

Seat Belts and Safety Systems
Headlights Tail and Brake Lights
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Why would the seat belt light stay on in a MINI?

Early MINIs had a recall on the wiring harness underneath the front seats due to it being too short to allow the seats to be moved completely forward (like when you slid the seat forward to get access to the rear seats).

What happens is you move the seat as far forward as they will travel, but the wiring underneath is too short so it breaks the connector.

You MIGHT be able to talk a dealer into covering this for free but you might also get one that won't. Technically, they should.

Normally, this also causes the airbag light to also come on (same harness).

You might have some luck just jiggling the connections which are attached to the front rail of the underside of the seats.

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What is the best repair manual for the MINI?

The repair manual of choice (the only one out there):

MINI Cooper Service Manual: 2002-2004 Including MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S by Bentley Publishers ISBN: 0-8376-1068-0

Distributors and Distributor Caps
Timing and Firing Orders
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What is the firing order on the distributor cap for 1987 mini?

Most European cars use 1342

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MINI Cooper

How do you choose a used mini cooper?

You skip past the red ones and go for a decent colour. Also, go for the Cooper 'S'. They are supercharged and give such a better drive.

Make sure the car has a full maintenance record and is in good condition. Get a Carfax or vehicle history report or HPI done on the car. If it's been damaged, leave it alone.

Shop around and get the best price. Try searching on for a used car that is from a Mini dealer. If you have no experience in buying a used car, take a friend along who knows about cars.

Good luck, you are about to buy the best affordable drivers car in the world.

AnswerYou can make use of cars classifieds found on newspapers or in the internet to locate all the available used Mini Coopers in your target area. Compare used car values and cars pricing to determine which unit will give you the best deal. Work out a negotiation with the owner but of course always ask for the cars history. This way, you can get the car that you like and the deal that is best for your budget.

Generally they hold their value very well so getting a used one will only save one or two thousand.

getting a super charged version is great because of the response, performance...ect

but you also have to look at the long run. very expensive to repair.

forgot where they get their engine from but their very reliable.

MINI Cooper

How do you fixma mini cooper front passenger seat?

Ductape, It will fx anything


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