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Home Appliances

From coffee grinders to walk-in refrigerators, home appliances are all around our homes. This category deals with any of the special tools around our homes that make life a little easier.

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Which way should you set your ceiling fan to turn - in the summer and in the winter?

These recommendations depend on the height and size of the room, the season, and the activity taking place in the room. Keep in mind that warm air rises to the top and cold air settles on the bottom. Air settles in layers from warm at the top to cold at the bottom, if left alone at equilibrium. Ceiling fan recommendations: In the winter Set the fan to run counterclockwise (reverse; this looks clockwise as you are looking up). This will redirect the warm...
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What year were Kenmore dryer model 86880800?

I own a Sears Kenmore electric dryer model 86880800. It was purchased when we moved into our home April 1988. ...
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Is it a fire hazard to leave a bathroom ceiling vent fan running?

Bathroom ceiling vent fans carry no warnings about continuous use. A fan in good condition, used in a good environment, will not heat excessively. However, a defective, older, or worn fan, or a fan that is binding or prevented from turning, or operated where airflow is blocked, can overheat, possibly dangerously. If a fan is making any kind of grinding or squealing noise, it should not be operated. A fan that does not turn freely should not be turned on. Such defective...
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How much does a flash light cost?

That actually depends on where you buy it. You can get one from the dollar store for a dollar plus tax or get a more expensive one at Walmart or an army store. ...
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Who are the largest home appliance manufacturers?

Haier Whirlpool Electrolux Samsung LG Philips Bosch Siemens Tefal (Note: Haier may remain unheard of to many people but it is indeed the largest home appliance maker in the world.) ...
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Where is defrost timer on a ge refrigerator tbx24zkb?

Look behind the toe plate in front of the fridge, usually mounted near the center, or it will be mounted on the inside of the fresh food section, behind the control housing. Be sure to unplug the fridge before attempting refrigerator repair on this control. ...
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When do appliances go on sale?

The appliances usually go on sale on holidays especially Thanksgiving . Home Depot, Sear's, Hobo, Lowe's etc runs special deals on black Friday.Hobo usually have great deals year around but black Friday deals are really good. ...
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How many watts of power does an electric clothes dryer use at 18 amps from a 240 volt outlet?

The formula you are looking for is W = I x E. Watts = Amps x Volts. W = 18 x 240 = 4320. Your dryer is rated at 4320 watts. However, just because your 240 volt outlet is rated at 18 amps does not mean that is what your appliance will draw. If the appliance is listed (by the manufacturer) as 1500 watts, then 1500 / 240 = 6.25, would mean that it will draw 6.25 amps at 240 volts. Note: Within...
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Is it safe to use a 250V appliance with a 220 volt service?

Shouldn't be a problem. The 250V is likely a maximum rating and it is designed for 220-240 V service. Just make sure the current draw is less than the circuit breaker rating. Another Answer If you are referring to a European residential service, then you should be aware that the nominal voltage is 230 V, not 220 V, and there are no such things as 250-V appliances. An appliance's rated voltage will always match the nominal voltage of the supply they are designed...
Asked in Plumbing, Home Appliances

Why is my Pilot light on but no hot water?

If the pilot light is on and no hot water, then the regulator is not turning the gas flow on. The commonest cause for this is a faulty thermocouple. This is a thin copper tube that's heated by the pilot light and relays a voltage to the regulator. This can be changed by a competent handyman in about 1/2 hour. The part you need is available in many plumbing stores, best one is Honeywell Universal Thermocouple, costing $8-10. Installation is intricate and...
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Will wringer washer work after basement flood?

If the flood was with fresh water and the electricity was cut off before it got "soaked", then the chances are that it only need to dry up before you try to turn it on. Even a saltwater flood does not always make a lot of damage, but it will need to be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water and allow to completely dry before turning it on. It is a good idea to have somebody with electrical knowledge to look at it...
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Why does your water heater keep going off?

If you mean that a gas hot water heater (HWH) has the flame go out (located beneath the HWH tank.) Then this is the normal operation whenever the temperature reaches the set point. You can regulate this temperature by adjusting the control, on the HWH. (hint: Be careful when raising the temperature, increase it slowly over a few days as the shower temp. may surprise someone in your home.) If it continues to shut off too frequently, you may have a gas...
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What is a wigwag on a washing machine?

Solonoid assembly that shifts the transmission ANS 2 - The wig-wag is a small frame containing two solenoids. It's biggest use is to switch the washer in to'spin' mode. -If your washer will not switch into'spin' chances are one of the solenoids has failed. Not a common problem, but happens occasionaly and usually fairly easy to replace. ...
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Advantages of heating effect of electric current?

Reliable, simple and safe. Heat can be regulated by changing the resistance in the circuit. ...
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What is capacity of a Maytag washer MAV6300AWW?

According to the installation instructions the capacity is 3.2 cubic feet. ...
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Why is there sand in your washing machine?

debris from ur clothes over time collect in ur washer
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Does copper rust or tarnish?

It does not rust. It oxidizes and tarnishes. The bright red color of clean, new copper will burnish into a dull brown. Look at a penny... a pre 1982 US penny is 95% copper and 5% zinc. ...
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What are the Five uses of thermostat in a refrigerator?

it is use to adjust the set point of the aircondition for cool and heat, fan also on and off. ...
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How do you wash and dry a hockey jersey?

Wash it on cold. Gentle Cycle. Hang to dry.
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How do you get a dent out of a refrigerator door?

Get one of those cans for cleaning computer keyboards and a good hairdryer that can get very hot. Aim the hairdryer on 'Hot' at the dent until the metal is too hot to touch. Now spray it with the can of compressed air on the same area, - most times it will pop right out. ...
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Are there any dryers with a regular wall socket plug?

No; the third prong is there to protect you from stray voltage and it grounds the wiring. Although you could probably find an adaptor, it would be much safer for you to have an electrician rewire the outlets so they can accept a three prong plug. ...
Asked in Home Appliances

Where can you buy scratch and dent appliances in Chicago?

Sears would be a great place to look for scratch and dent appliances in Chicago.They sell hundreds of appliances and are more than willing to reduce the price when a scratch or dent is noted. ...
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Can you wash kickers in the washing machine?

Stick shoes in a pillow case and theyll be fine
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Who produced lg Refresh Steam Washer ad?

If you mean the song, it was produced by Paul Brill, specifically for this commercial. It sounds very similar to Jens Lekman's "Sweet Summer Night" and the Vandellas "Heat Wave". As for the woman? So beautiful and easy on the eyes... ...