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Hot air balloons were first invented by the Chinese in the mid fourteenth century. Learn more about these contraptions in this category.

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How does the shape of the airfoil change the way planes fly?

The top is curved, so the wind moves faster on top. therefore, there is a lower pressure on top, and he plane is sucked upwards. this lift counters gravity/weight. The amount of curve also changes the lift, as does the amount of wing space.

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Why do balloons fly at low altitudes?

Thy are held up by gas that is lighter than air. The hgher you go, the less dense air gets and therefore the less the difference between the gas being used to hold the balloon aloft and the air outside.

They can therefore only go so high.

Also, most balloons are not pressurised therefore the people fying in them would pass out for lack of oxygen if they went much above 10,000feet

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How does a lantern float in the sky?

The fire inside produces hot air, hot air is lighter than clod air so it goes up!

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Why do hot air balloons have sandbags?

A hot air balloon needs to be slightly negatively bouyant. If a particular design can lift 1000lbs, an ideal flight weight might be 900 lbs so that, in the event of a burner failure, the balloon will slowly descend.

If the payload for a given flight is only 600lbs (fuel, pilot, passengers) then 300 lbs of ballast (sandbags) will be needed to keep the bouyancy in the correct range.


Sandbags or other ballast is used mostly for helium balloons, not hot air balloons. The rate of descent of a hot air balloon is controlled by the time the burners are burning. If it is going down too fast, you burn longer. You may have two burners but if you lose one, the other one can keep the balloon aloft. they are always much larger than needed.

The design weight is based upon the volume of the balloon and a particular temperture of the air in the balloon which must be below the melting point of the fabric.

Typically you don't need ballast to adjust payload in a hot air balloon. IN a helium balloon, the only way you can go back up after starting a descent (by dumping helium) is the drop some weight. So ballast would be helpful with helium balloons.

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Is hot air balloon an example of thermal expansion in gas?

Yes, absolutely

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What does the amusement Air Glory ride look like?

This new article has a pic:


Hot Air Balloons

How are hot air balloons and clouds alike?

You will find both in the sky.

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Is heating the air in a hot-air balloon cause the to rise a theory or a law?

The law is called Law of Buoyancy, matter with less density tries to raise above the matter with high density.

When air is heated, the volume increases and density decreases. Since the air around the ballon is at a lower temperature and the density is higher, the air in the baloon tries to move up thus lifting the baloon.

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Why hot air balloon rises up into the sky?

Because their fun to ride in and beautiful to see from the ground :)

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What level of the atmosphere can a hot air balloon travel?

It varies. Normally, a hot air balloon can go as high as it wants as long as the air inside is still less dense than air surrounding it.

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How was the first hot air balloon used?

It was used as a military signal.

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How does a hot air balloon work?

Hot air balloons get their buoyancy from hot air created by a propane burner at the base of the balloon. Hot air is less dense than cold air and so weighs less. When the cold air that is displaced weighs more than the balloon, the balloon will rise. The balloons weight is controlled by turning the burner on and off when needed. The hot air is less dense than the outside air and so the balloon is

squeezed upwards by the surrounding air. The air becomes less dense as more heat is applied, particles separate more and more when heat is applied. The more heat is applied the further apart and less dense the particles become.

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Will a long balloon or a round balloon hold more air than the other?

they'll both hold the same amount!

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Why does a hot air balloon need a burner to work?

To keep it hot you.

The REASON they use a 'Burner' in a Hot Air Balloon is to 'heat the Air, to 'fill' the Balloon, so it will 'rise'...

The only other way to get the air Hot enough to fill the Balloon, would be to make the 'Basket' MUCH, MUCH Larger, and fill it with Liberals, and just let them talk. BUT, I don't think the Balloon would ever get off the ground, because, the BULLCRAP would counteract the Hot Air, and they would cancel each other out...

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What is the greatest distance a child's balloon has traveled in a fun balloon race?

My son and I just did a science fair project and a 12" green balloon traveled over 30'. I'm not exactly how far it could have gone because our traveling line was only that long. hopefully this will help somewhat tho.

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When were hot air balloons invented?

The first hot air balloon was invented in 1782 in France by Joseph Michel Montgolfier. It was a silk bag filled with hot air.

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Why does heat rise and how does cold drop?

Cold air is compact air

Hot air is less dense than cold air

Ergo, hot air rises ; cold air sinks

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When were air balloons invented?

they were invented in 1782

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How many different types of hot air balloons are there?

more than over a million.

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What where some of the challenges the inventor faced while designing the hot air balloon?

they could not fly
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How do you keep an hot air balloon in the air indefinitely?

To keep a Hot air balloon in the sky indefinitely you must keep all the air sealed and warm. The Hot air's lower density will keep it above the more dense, colder air. To demonstrate this put air inside a bottle and place it on-top of water. Notice how it stays "afloat".


To keep a hot air balloon aloft indefinitely, the temperature of the air inside the balloon must be hot enough so that the difference in weight of the air inside the balance and an equivaletnt volume outside of the balloon equals or exceeds the total weight of the balloon and passengers. It doesn have to be air tight. Hot air balloons are open on the bottom. But it has to be air tight enough that the burner will be capable of keeping the air hot enough to maintain altitude.

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What age to ride in hot air balloon?

I think, from 10-40 years old.

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How does a hot air balloon stop at the height is supposed to?

as the hot air balloon rises, the air in the balloon begins to cool and since the mass that it's lifting (passengers, basket, and the heater (don't know the name)) ,it will reach a point where the density of the hotter air will not pull it any further up, but the mass cannot pull it down to the ground. it then comes down to the operator using only enough throttle to keep the hot air at this temperature.

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Kinds of planes and other flying objects?








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Do objects get heavier or lighter when heated?

Heating things up causes them to expand. As a result, a hot air balloon floats because the envelope containing the air (the balloon) has less air in it then the air outside the balloon at a lower temperature. This might be what you're thinking about.


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