Questions about implantation during the very earliest stage of pregnancy. Implantation occurs when the fertilized egg adheres to the uterine lining which sometimes results in bleeding and abdominal cramping.

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During the implantation period can you feel anything like a sudden quick pain in your tummy or anything like that?

No. You will not feel anything, nor will you have any spotting. Your body will act as though it always has. Once you get a little ways, you may experience morning sickness, or dizziness. I just recently had an unexpected pregnancy and i didn't know until I missed my period and tested a few days later. You don't feel any different, although you may notice some unexplained weight gain.

yes you get cramps and you get a little spotting sometimes.



I am trying to get pregnant and i have been feeling cramping. but this could also just be your period.


Can you have implantation bleeding three days after you have ovulated?

That seems a bit early to me, but it is probably possible. Although I'm not sure how you know when you ovulated, unless you are testing yourself regularly. Wait another day or two and take a test or go see a doctor.

Typically you ovulate around day 14 of your cycle and bleed (the onset of your period) on day 28. With this in mind, I'm not sure if I understand your question. If you haven't found an answer, please feel free to clarify your question. (I am currently working on my RN degree with a focus on women's health). I am a nurse. Not everyone is on a 28 day cycle. Some people do know when they ovulate because they have ovulation pains. If your period starts 14 days after you have these pains then you can bet you ovulated on that day. But, no you probably wouldn't experience implantation bleeding 3 days after ovulation. There is a widespread misconception that you ovulate 14 days after the start of your period. This is not TRUE! You actually ovulate 14 days before the start of your next period.

Implantation will generally take place about 5 days on average after conception. The fertilized embryo needs time to travel down the fallopian tube while dividing. On the fifth day it will become a blastocyst. Only then can it implant into the uterine wall, which occasionally causes implantation bleeding. A lot of people talk about implantation bleeding but very few seem to actually get it; it's a very unreliable sign of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Tests

How soon after conception is a doctors blood test accurate?

I was totally impatient too. My doctor said that a blood test would show positive 10 days after conception, and I was dying to know so I went in 10 days after my blue line. The test was negative, I cried and cried, wanted to die for awhile, accepted it, and looked forward to the next month. Then two weeks went by - no period. I was frustrated, figured I'd have to take Provera to bring it on or something. I did a home pregnancy test for the hell of it, and lo and behold it was positive! So I jumped the gun. I would recommend that you not take a blood test until you are pretty sure it's 10 days after ovulation. What happened to me was an emotional roller coaster! I also tested negative on a blood test, approx. 10 days after conception. I still had a hunch that I could be pregnant, even though everyone else tried to convince me that the tests don't fail. It turns out that maternal instict is stronger and I was indeed pregnant. Believe in yourself and your instincts. My doctor told me that a blood test could test for hcg 3 days after conception. I went into the doctor's office for a bladder infection. He asked me if there was any possibility I could be pregnant because if so then my presciption would change. I wasn't sure so he tested me anyways. It came back negative. A month later I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant, meaning that I was two weeks pregnant at the time of the test. So they aren't always right.

I got a positive on my home pregnancy test 9 days after ovulation. I went to get a blood test and it was negative. I have since gotten 5 days of consecutive positive results on 3 different brands of home pregnancy tests.

Depending on what test the doctor uses will depend on the sensitivity. A qualitative test is a basic test ran at most labs and it only gives you a yes or no answer if your pregnant. This test is not as sensitive as most home pregnancy tests are, and it is suggested you wait about a week after your missed period to take it. A quantitative test measures the exact amount of hCG in your system and that can give you results as early as three days after conception, but most doctors will not run this unless you request it, or in the case of a suspected miscarriage.

My doctor told me that I probably tested too early and that I should wait a week after my missed period. Until then I will continue to test each morning, but in the past 5 days the results have gotten stronger and stronger. I don't think there's really a doubt that I am, cannot imagine getting like 15 false positives on three brands.


Can a pregnancy test be taken during implantation bleeding and if so how accurate should the results be?

I think a home pregnancy test taken during implantation bleeding would be a little too early to take. wait another day or two and then take it. But it might be OK to take it then. Depends on the test and the woman's hormones.

My personal experience is that you can take a HPT during the first implantation bleeding and see a positive result that has inevitably turned out to be accurate. However, Just because it is negative doesn't mean that the test is acurate because all woman are different and sometime a woman's hormone levels take longer to kick in.


Does implantation bleeding occur in every pregnancy?

No. If you have spotting around the time your period is due, take a pregnancy test. If it comes out negative, and you still think you are, take another one a week later. Make sure you use your first morning urine. It will be more accurate that way. Implantation bleeding is spotty, light pink, and is shorter than your normal period.

No. This is my 5th pregnancy, and I have never experienced implantation bleeding.

No, it doesn't. Some have it while others don't.

i only had implantation bleeding with one of my three pregnancys...

I am about 4 weeks pregnant. I only just had some slight brown spotting but I hear that this is normal unless I have cramps and it turns red and lasts for a few days. I did not have the "implantation bleeding" at all. This is my first pregnancy. So far no signs of morning sickness either since last week (which lasted a week)

No every pregnancy is different and every women is different as well

Pink Princess


I had implantation bleeding. I was due to start my period on July 3 & on June 28th I noticed some light brown discharge, very minimal. Then on the 29th I was playing volleyball and I started the "feeling" of me starting my period. I went to check and had some light pink/reddish discharge on my panties. Then I had specks of red on my toilet paper.

I took a pregnancy test on June 30th and I was pregnant! Implantation bleeding or spotting usually occurs a week before your period is due. It did in my case anyways. I and good luck!

Pregnancy Symptoms

What would cause hives in early pregnancy?

my doctor said it was the prenatal vitamins I was taking.


Can you have symptoms of pregnancy before implantation?

Well, generally speaking, that wouldn't really be possible, unfortunately (though I'd love to know sooner! dying to find out myself). You see, it is only at the point of implantation that your body becomes aware that there is something going on inside.

It is the changes in hormone levels within your body that cause early signs of pregnancy (nausea, tender/swollen breasts, heightened sense of smell, cramping/bloating, etc). It is all completely caused by your body adjusting to changes in hormone--changes that your body *must* make in order to support a baby.

Until an embryo implants in your uterine lining, your body carries on business as usual with it's regular hormonal cycle. Once an embryo burrows into the uterine lining, that is when your body figures out that there is a baby there to support and starts altering it's hormone productions. But that's honestly the first trigger. It's not when a sperm meets an egg, but when that egg "connects" with your body.


When does implantation happen during pregnancy?

Usually 5-7days after conception

Pregnancy Symptoms

How long does ovulation cramping last?

anywhere from one day to three

Men's Health

How long can sperm live in a bath?

No longer than a couple of minutes at the most. The high temperatures kill them almost instantly.

Pregnancy Symptoms
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Spotting While Pregnant

Can implantation bleeding be heavy like your period or is it usually a small amount of blood?

In most cases implantation bleeding is not a large amount of blood, while the amount does vary from woman to woman.

My first child 15 years i did say 15 years...the "spotting" i had was sorta heavy like a period only shorter..and yes i did have some cramping......i thought i was miscarring but carried her full term. This time my husband is SURE we're pregnant..same bleeding....but NOW the blood test has come up negative at the to be honest it depends on everything from the weather to ur body.

It is only a spot or two as it is caused by the fertilised egg burrowing into the wallof the uterus and the fertilised ovum is smaller than the head of a pin.

About 30% of women experience it.

It will not be heavy like your period. It will be light to medium bleeding which lasts a few hours to less than 3 days or it can be blood on tissue paper, red, brown or pink vaginal discharge or spotting of blood. According to Contraceptive Technology, implantation will occur approx. 5-6 days after ovulation.

Hi Implantation bleeding is a tiny bit of blood which can happen from 1 up2 3days. 1 in 3 women get it so its rare. mine was pink stringy blood in my discharge which just happened at 4 pm one day. Its nothing like a period some girls who have a period while pregnant call the period Implantation bleeding for some reason which confuses them they should call it a period cause it kinda is its nothing like Implantation bleeding through pregnancy if your having a period while pregnant so I'm not surprised if your confused.

Most people think its a period which is totally wrong. Hope I help and also it can be stringy or thick loads of girls are different

Implantation bleeding can be heavy like your period - that's the way it was with me. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for a year, and after another month of trying I thought my period had arrived. The only difference was that it was a couple days shorter than usual. It wasn't until the next month when I noticed constant nausea and breasts so sore that I couldn't bare to shower with my chest facing the showerhead. I took a pregnancy test BEFORE I expected what was soon to be my next period, and found out I was pregnant.

I still thought my implantation bleeding was a period, and it wasn't until my first ultrasound that I discovered I was a whole month further along than I had thought

I've had implantation bleeding with both previous pregnancy's. With my daughter - it was literally as pink princess mentioned above - a one time pale pink discharge, only seen once. The second time with my son it could have been mistaken for the beginning of a period. It started on pink and moved to a browny discharge and then a few days of bright pink bleeding - but there wasn't any clots as you would expect with a period after a few days or really strong enough to need a towel/tampon etc. I'm experience what I think is implantation bleeding with hopefully my third and it is repeating my second experience so far. It's worth mentioning with my son (2nd) child I experienced it for slightly longer than 3 days - perhaps 4 or 5. Ordinarily I have very heavy periods which last slightly over a week 8-9 days.

Had I not have been through this before - I would have suspected a normal period. With a second I do believe if you've experienced this before you can tell the difference.

I hope this is of some help to somebody.

I'm not really sure if im pregnant, but i had unprotected sex with my partner twice that night..and a week after i started feeling like shooting mild pains in my abdomen..then in the mornings i get not so bad or long sicknesses..then on the day my period usually comes wich was on feb 2,i only spotted light blood..but only once when i wiped.. then 10 after wich was yesterday..i woke up and went to the restroom and i started bleeding..bright red..not as heavy as my regular period..but sort of heavy..and im not really sure if i was just imaginating stuff cuz i was excited to get pregnant..wich i dont think so..or i am but i got a heavy implantation bleeding..i dont know....rightnow im just waiting to see how long it lasts..mine originally lasts 6 to 7 i hope i am...=(

I'm kinda of in the same boat and im not sure what to do myself, i already have one child, and just now as we speak i had my period 2 or three weeks ago and than i got on the 7th a light pink discharge, than the next day brown, than on the 9th it started off as a slight flow and is still continueing, it seems like a period, cramps and all but this never happens to me, i get cramps a week before my period i dont bleed between periods, could this be implantation?

I'm a bit confused at the minute. Me and my partner have been trying for a baby for the past 5 months. I came on birth pills 5 months ago and we have regular sex. My Periods went back to pretty much regular straight away!

It is a week before my period is due, and i started bleeding yesterday, it is not enough to need a pad, but it looks like it's heavy when i wipe (sorry if too much info!). I'm confused, everyone says implantation bleeding does not look heavy and is only a few spots, i have had this for two days! Every time i wipe it looks like alot of blood, but there's nothing on the pads!

My husband and I have been of and on trying to get pregnant this year..every month i know when my period is supposed to begin, and then i hope for the best, a YES...but the last few times i have gotten my period as usual....this time I am still waiting my period should be her on Dec 13 2010. but today 12/8 i noticed some light pink blood....and i became excited because i have never seen it before, but i have read about it...i still have alot of feeling like cramps, so i hope its not my period...but it scares me because now it is more red, and its not a few spots.....

Well me and my bf had unprotected sex a few weeks ago i was expected to get pregnant and well now i feel tired all the time and i feel the need to sleep and my breast are sore but not that sore but a couple of days after that i was expecting my period and well it did not come until one night i was asleep an i got up and went to the bath room there was a light pink discharge at first den it got a little brownish after a day of that it got bright red/pinkish and heavy like my period n its said that implantation bleeding it light but i would like to know if i could still be pregnant

I think" its my period came yesterday (8th of April) but my period came early than usual and at first it was spotting pinkish and then it started goin a lil heavier like my period but normally when my period come i have 2 use 2 pads because it runs very heavy but i can use one cuz not much get on it and everytime i wipe a good bit of blood is there like my period but on the pad there is not much there compared to what usual get and the cramps are twice as much and a lil back ache.....can someone tell me what this is because i read on the internet that implantation bleeding is only pinkish or browny spotting.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Can you feel the egg attach to the uterus wall after conception?


Periods and Conception

What is implantation bleeding?

It's when the baby attaches it's self to the uterine wall. Sometimes your body doesn't get the message that there is a baby starting to develop, so it will go about its business. Sometimes there is break-through bleeding,implantation bleeding//or spotting. This means that the embroyo is attaching to the uterine wall.


How is embryo kept in its place?

The embryo which is firstly a blastocyst is implanted snuggly into the uterus wall and remains and kept in place there for 9 months. The uterus wall is made up of blood, that is normally shed when a woman does not become pregnant, that explains the absense of a period when a woman is pregnant.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Ectopic Pregnancy

Is navel pain a sign or symptom of pregnancy?

I am uncertain whether this is in fact a sign of pregnancy, but I can tell you that I know what you're talking about. I have never been pregnant, but I often feel an inward tugging on my belly button. It almost feels like there is a cord tugging my belly button in and down... a very strange, slightly uncomfortable feeling. Never associated with pregnancy in my case, but who knows? Also- this runs in my family, maybe hormonal? This can also be the beginning sign of an appendicitis, if the pain moves to right or you start vomiting, go straigt to ER. It was a definite sign for me. I had this before I found out I was pregnant with my son. It continued throughout the pregnancy. And he was a healthy it had no adverse affect. Answer There are many causes of Belly Button Pain, from appendicitis to ulcers. I always advise people to see a doctor for such pain. Don't be like a friend of mine, who had such pain and just kept blowing it off, because he is an athlete, as aching or pulled abdominal muscles. He awoke on night to unbearable pain, his wife took him to the ER and discovered that his appendix has ruptured.

Periods while Pregnant
Spotting While Pregnant

Is bleeding at 30 weeks pregnant something to worry about?

some women have periods while pregnant just go see a doctor straight away and see if everything is fine

Are you an idiot?!! Some women bleed while pregnant but no women have their period! If you found blood I would simply monitor it and see that you dont continue bleeding and that it doesnt progress, if so, I would see your doctor. I myself have experienced bleeding at 30 weeks (after intercourse). I am waiting to see if there are any changes but not worried.


How long can implantation bleeding last and when does it start and what are the symptoms and can you still be pregnant if you have unusual bleeding for a few days before your period is due?

Hi, I just read that Implantation bleeding can start around the 8th day after ovulating. Heres a great website to check out!


Implantation bleeding can last for 1-3 days. 1 in 3 women get it and it can be also stringy/thick pink/red/brown. It doesn't have a period pattern.

I had it mine was pink stringy blood in discharge 11 days after period 2 weeks before my next period got my period no cramps it wasn't normal has any1 had a period while pregnant if so did you get implantation BLEEDING?

The other month I had pregnancy symptoms which was so weird I was feeling sick, headaches, weird pains in side of my stomach just having loads of pregnancy symptoms . I had 3 accidents where my boyfriend had ejaculated inside me and the first one was in may then I got Implantation bleeding. Then the other 2 accidents I just didn't get pregnant it would add up why i didn't if i was having a period while pregnant

Lactation and Breastfeeding

Can you breastfeed with breast implants?

You should have waited till after you had your baby. You Breasts don't fully mature until after you are pregnant and then again after you had more kids. Then you should have decided whether or not you wanted a size change.

According to the FDA, you may not be able to breast feed after breast implantation. Some women who undergo breast augmentation can successfully breast feed and some cannot. Women who undergo a mastectomy will be unable to breast feed on the affected side due to loss of breast tissue and glands that produce milk. A study found that women with either silicone gel-filled or saline-filled breast implants showed lactation insufficiency (not enough milk) ranging from 28-64%. The periareolar approach (incision cite is around the nipple) was the factor most associated with lactation insufficiency. Speaking from personal experience, but I'm sure it depends on the individual, YES you can breast feed with breast implants. Mine are UNDER my muscle, I don't know if that makes a difference. You can breastfeed if you get the implant placed under the muscle. That's what I found through research.. I have saline implants "over" the muscle, and I am breastfeeding my 3 week old infant successfully so far! Good luck!

My sister in law breast fed with implants for three months just fine.


Could riding a roller coaster affect the implantation of my fetus?

I think it is certainly possible, but you need to discuss this with your own doctor.


Can you get a negative with a blood test during implantation bleeding?

Yes, absolutely. Every woman produces different amounts of hcg, which is the hormone that the pregnancy test detects. It can take some women a week after implantation (or longer) to produce a detectable amount of hcg for a blood test.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Discharge During Pregnancy

Could you have implantation cramps one day after sex during ovulation?

Some women do experience cramps during ovulation. This is most likely what you experienced.

Periods while Pregnant

Implantation bleeding and period while pregnant Has anyone been through this and not known that they were pregnant?

Yes, I talked to a young woman who had been through this. She got her period just like normal and so did not know that she was pregnant until she was eight months pregnant. Also, her stomache didn´t really look any bigger. She gained 7 lbs and it was the baby, she didn´t gain any extra weight. I have also seen online that other women have gotten their periods while pregnant, but they did not say whether or not they knew that they were pregnant.

Female Puberty

What would cause a girls first period late?

I'm not sure how you know your period is 'late' if you don't know when it was due.

The average age of menarche is 13 years old but anything between 10-16 years old is considered normal for your first period. If you're over 16 and not yet menstruating then talk to your doctor to make sure everything is okay, but if you've entered puberty you're likely fine. Everyone develops differently.


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