Periods while Pregnant

Ask questions here pertaining to the role or absence of a female's menstrual period during pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Symptoms
Periods while Pregnant

What are some symptoms of being pregnant?

It is important to remember that everybody's experience is different. It is also not uncommon to have a different experience with each consecutive pregnancy.

The time of the year can effect your symptoms. Summer pregnancy's tend to be harder and more exhausting.

Some common symptoms of pregnancy include:

- Nausea or full blown morning sickness

- Food cravings

- Dramatic increase in breast size

- Sore, tender, swollen breasts

- Itchy skin (breasts and belly)

- Tied

- Irritable

- Widening of the hips

- Expansion of the rib cage

- Weight gain

- Skin conditions ie. rashes, acne

- Feeling hot

- Swollen ankles

- Water retention

- Back pain

- Glowing skin

- Thick healthy hair (increase in hair volume)

Periods while Pregnant
Periods and Conception

Can you have periods while pregnant?


Pregnancy Symptoms
Periods while Pregnant
Spotting While Pregnant

Is spotting during pregnancy normal?

Spotting During PregnancyHere are opinions and stories from some contributors:
  • Please note that if spotting does occur, it could sometimes be a miscarriage but also is a common thing during early pregnancy. The best advice is to call the doctor. If it is a miscarriage, there is nothing that can be done to save the baby before 20 weeks of pregnancy. Drink plenty of fluids and keep your feet up. Remember, only your doctor knows for sure.
  • I was nine weeks into my pregnancy when I started spotting. At first it was barely noticeable; a very light pink almost nude color. That lasted for about three days and of course I was concerned and I looked for information online. Most of the information I got implied that spotting was normal. Well, I finally told my husband and he said I should check in to the emergency room being that the doctor's office was closed. I wasn't having any cramps or pains and the spotting was not any heavier. The ER doctors did both an internal and external ultrasound, twice, and both times they found that the baby had no heartbeat. The doctors said I had what was called an "incomplete abortion". The next day I experienced painful cramps which felt like contractions although I was not bleeding. Later on that night blood just started pouring out of me and that was when I had my miscarriage. So please, I do advise if you are spotting even the faintest of colors go see your doctor immediately so you can prevent something like that from happening.
  • I have read through most of these incidences and in a way I feel relieved but then again I do not. I just started spotting about 10 minutes ago, and I am totally freaking out. I am super scared, and I absolutely cant wait to go to the doctor first thing in the morning. It is a very faint color, but I am cramping too. It's really nerve wracking!
  • My wife had "staining" throughout the first trimester and our son is a very healthy baby. I can't tell you the amount of tears and prayers that we're offered. By staining, I mean a light pinkish discharge every day. We called the doctor, who followed up with vaginal sonograms. We learned that staining (not spotting) is not always a sign of miscarriage.
  • I spotted for up to ten weeks during all of my pregnancies (3), and all the babies were fine.
  • The first time that I got pregnant, I started bleeding at about one and a half months and it led to a miscarriage. This is the second pregnancy for me and at about 7 weeks I noticed light pink blood on the tissue and of course thought that it was going to happen again so I called the doctor. By the next week it had stopped. I went in for a sonogram and everything was perfect. The doctor said it may happen again next month before I would be getting my period.
  • I have just found out that I am pregnant (4 weeks) and I am also experiencing spotting of a pink/brownish colour. Also I have abdominal cramps very low down. At the clinic I have had two blood tests (every other day) where my doctor checks for the HCG levels in my blood. I was told that within 48 hours the levels should double which would indicate that the baby is growing. I have an appointment to see my doctor tomorrow so hopefully he can tell me more. In the meantime I was advised to take things easy.
  • I spotted around the 11th week and freaked out. After I went to the doctor, I was assured that everything was okay. They said that although it's not a *normal* thing, most of the time its okay.
  • I spotted with my first child at 9 weeks. I was so afraid, so I called my doctor and he put me in the hospital for a few days, he said my placenta started to tear. I was bed rest for the remainder of my term. I had a heathly 8lb 2oz boy.
  • I am sure that symptoms of pregnancy are different for everyone. Just because you have no tenderness in the chest does not mean that you are going to miscarry. If your hormone levels are good, you probably have nothing to worry about. 1 in 5 women bleeds throughout their pregnancy I heard. I would just suggest that you be sure to call your doctor with all concerns! Don't let them brush you off when you feel as though something is wrong or you want to be seen. My doctors did that to me and being my first pregnancy I just went along with them. Take charge! Remember it is your body, your baby, and the doctors are working for you! Sometimes a woman's intuition is better than years of medical school, ya know? Be sure that they check your hormone levels frequently! My understand is that the increased hormone levels cause most symptoms including breast tenderness.
  • I have been told that if you have a pinkish discharge or brown not to worry, but if you have bright red bleeding then you should get in touch with your midwife straight away.
  • I have been reading posts and thought I would add my experience so far. I am 8 weeks pregnant and have been staining on and off for 3 weeks and the past 6 days consecutively. I called my Dr. they checked my HCG levels and said everything looks GREAT! I have not been recommended to come in for a sono as I had one 10 days ago. They saw a heartbeat and the yolk sac.
  • Unfortunately, the staining I experienced was an indication of a miscarriage. I will be scheduling a D & C tomorrow.
  • I had a miscarriage at 15 weeks in my last pregnancy and bled from 6 weeks on (heavily). The doctors told me that I had a subchorionic hemorrhage, which is kind like a big blood clot in the uterus that can heal itself. As it turns out, it was actually a uterine septum that I had versus a hemotoma. I have noticed that doctors call any unexplained bleeding with clotting a subchorionic hemorrhage, but in reality there could be other reasons for it, as in my situation. I had the septum taken out. I am currently 6 weeks pregnancy, and have noticed very faint light brown spotting.
  • I have read that low progesterone is responsible for spotting before periods as well as miscarriages and that implantation bleeding does not usually last longer than 1-3 days.
  • During my second pregnancy, I had a small clot of blood and some red bleeding in the 4th month (one time, after a straining bowel movement) and got scared since I had lost my first pregnancy to miscarriage. Went to the ER and they heard the hearbeat and all was well. I had a healthy baby boy.
  • A lot of times spotting is perfectly normal. However, you should always check with your doctor. Sometimes it's not.
  • I am 12 weeks pregnant and yesterday i had a few very small brown spotting. I called the doctor and he told me not to worry if it's brown, especially because i don't have any pain. My next ultrasound is next Tuesday... but I'm a bit scared...
  • I'm about 7 weeks pregnant and had some pinkish/brownish spotting last night. I freaked out and was so upset. The clinic I went to this week told me that many women experience spotting, that if I do, not to call, because it's nothing to worry about...easier said than done... I called my sister, who's had 3 healthy babies, and she said that it might be nothing, but it might be something bad, and there was not much I could do. I then called my brother, who, lucky for me, is an OB/GYN, and he told me pretty much the same thing. If it's bright red, and accompanied by cramps, it is much more alarming, but even if not, it could mean something serious. The hardest thing for me is that he also said that there's nothing I can do or not do right now that will affect the outcome. The only thing (as some others mentioned) is to get an ultrasound and see if you can see a heartbeat. There isn't much you can do but "try not to worry, even though it's hard," (thanks, bro!). I feel fine today and the spotting seems to have stopped. I am paranoid and keep checking every 30 minutes. My sister said she's known women with whom spotting was not a sign of anything abnormal and women for whom it was. Pretty much, it's nerve-racking and terrifying and something that just needs time to see.
  • I miscarried in October at 6 weeks. I am now 6 weeks pregnant again and have some light spotting. It is mostly brownish, although last night I noticed it was pink (today back to brown). I'm hoping every thing will be ok. Reading other comments is helping me stay calm.
  • I'm 9 weeks and a half pregnant and having brown stains on and off now for the past week. I went to the hospital since it's always advisable to go see a doctor immediately because having blood during pregnancy is never normal... as they say. The doctors made an ultrasound and we saw the heartbeat. Apparently, it is quite common having brown stains during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • I started having light brown spotting during my 5th week of pregnancy. After 2 days of the spotting I got very worried and went to get an ultrasound. The doctor said it was too early to see anything and to get my HCG levels tested. That evening the spotting started turning bright red and that's when I knew I would miscarry. It was very heartbreaking. I do have 2 children but was still so excited to be pregnant with another. We will be waiting a couple of months and then we'll try again.
  • HOLY HEMORRHAGE!! I got pregnant while using an inter-uterine device (IUD) which is a form of birth control made out of flexible plastic and contains either copper or hormones which is supposed to protect you from becoming pregnant anywhere from 5 to 12 years. PFFT!!!! I was 6 weeks pregnant with my IUD still in place, when one night I woke up in the middle of the night to use the washroom. As soon as I sat down on the toilet, a gush of blood came out with two clots in it. I called a local 24-hour nurse hotline who recommended I present to Emergency immediately. I was admitted the second I presented, given an IV, a portable ultrasound and prepared for a D&C for the next morning. They thought I miscarried. A regular ultrasound was done in the morning before the surgery and a live fetus was found, and the surgery was cancelled. After all my blood levels were checked, I was found to be low on iron, low on proteins and very dehydrated, although I had been eating properly especially already knowing I was pregnant. It's been one month since then and I'm still spotting and have constant mild cramping. I have gotten ultrasounds to calm my nerves and my baby is still alive, the heart beat is good, and my failed IUD is still in place. They cannot remove the IUD as the strings used to remove it have risen to high for them to reach and trying to get it out will put my pregnancy and chances of miscarriage even higher, making it almost certain to happen. They think one of the reasons for the bleeding is the IUD trying to do it's job and terminate the pregnancy. It's very aggrevating to say the least! The doctor says this could be just the 'type' of pregnancy I'm going to have. It's tiring and draining, and my baby and I are still not out of the clear. I am at a high-risk pregnancy but I'm taking it day by day; my baby seems to be quite the fighter if I must say so myself. So, my best advice to women with this obviously heart-wrenching concern is to be positive, even if the outcome is devastating. Try not to stress out and think the worst all of the time. STRESS can be a key factor in miscarrying, so take care of yourself, but most of all.....BE POSITIVE! There is not much I can do at this point, but wait. My body will decide what's best. Hang in there, stay positive. That's the best medicine for you, your body and your baby at this time. I'm crossing my fingers for myself as well as all you women who are going through this same worrying concern. Good luck too you all!
  • I was 6.2 weeks pregnant when I started noticing some light brown spotting when I spoke to the nurse she said its normal since there is no cramping or pain along with it. After few days I observed some light red discharge I then checked into the ER where the u/s was done and they found the baby with the heartbeat.Everything seemed normal and my spotting had started to reduce. After 2 days I started observing a lot of bleeding along with a lot of cramping and pain(It was just like having my periods).I was rushed to the ER where my HGC levels were checked and found to be reducing. Yup...I was having a miscarriage and as at present just waiting for my baby to get completely drained out of my body. It is very disheartening since it was my first baby.My husband and the whole family was very excited about it but now everything has gone..... . My advice to all the people having any kind of spotting(any color) is to go and see your doctor immediately. I hope you don't experience the pain I am going through. All the best!!!!
  • I'm about 5 weeks maybe little more pregnant. this morning I woke up with sore pain in my lower stomach.went to bathroom and found little-tiny red spot. I was shocked. I took utrogestan & went beck to bed. in an hour everything was gone..called up my doctor - she adviced me to stay in bed for a day and to take more utrogestan later on... so, I'm lying in bed praying everything to be fine.....
  • I'm six weeks pregnant with my first baby. I've been having abdomen pains (like period pains, but... different) for the last two weeks. I was tested for pregnancy two days ago and it was positive! The cramps aren't worrying me at the moment, because they have been occurring for a week or two now, and my HCG levels, and estrogen levels were through the roof only a day ago. I've been spotting on and off. I literally had two spots last week, and have been spotting again today. It's a dark pink/brown in colour. I have my first ultrasound on Wednesday next week. <--- On the 18th of September, I began to experience a light pink bleeding. Half of it looked like the white from an egg. The next morning, I discovered a tiny clot. My partner had a car accident on the 19th - the morning I discovered the blood clot. He was fine. I went to the hospital cause I was concerned about the tiny pinkish blood clot. The doctor took another pregnancy test and told me that my HCG hormone level was only at 30%... I miscarried later that day... I never got to that first ultrasound.. If there is any sign of bleeding, go check it out!!
  • I'm 20 weeks pregnant now but I thought I was going to miscarry through the whole first trimester. In the beginning, I had such horrible cramps & sometimes I'd wake up in sweat with lower back pain (excruciating & very scary). Then whenver I'd walk around doing normal activities (like shopping), I'd get this blood staining in my underwear. The blood color was normally dark (brownish/reddish). The doctor told me that brownish blood could sometimes be "old blood" leftover from the previous period that was stuck inside. I was so scared tha I'd miscarry, I was just readying myself for the inevitable but for some reason, the weeks just kept going by and now I am much better. But the first 3 months I didn't do anything-- anytime I had, I would sleep, rest, take it easy! My doctor told me not to exercise, have sex or lift anything heavy. I guess that helped a lot (to take it easy!). But I realized that if I was to miscarry, it is the body's way of terminating a pregnancy that wasn't right from the beginning (something chromosomally wrong the doc said). And I realized-- it's so hard not to worry but I also though, what if I had a baby that was mentally challenged.. how would I deal with that? So I kept reminding myself.. if it is healthy baby, I won't miscarry. If not, there's always next time and would I really be able to take care of a baby that wasn't completely healthy? It would be hard. So I forced myself to just relax, rest & let my body determine what happens. So I know it's so hard NOT to worry about miscarriage but, as my doc, said.. it is the bodies way of naturally aborting a baby that wasn't forming correctly for some reason in the first place. I also know a girl who blood so much & was diagnosed w/ a "threatened miscarriage" yet didn't miscarry (after resting for a whole month on disability) and had a healthy baby boy. Just try to take it easy.. and relax... and that's all you can do knowing you tried your best & it's not your fault if a miscarriage happens. Good luck & God bless everyone!!
  • Just wanted to let you all in on my personal experience. I was pregnant with my first child and went for the sonogram and found that the baby had no heartbeat and I had never bleed at all and I was suppose to be 4 months and they said the baby stop growing at 8 weeks. Then I got pregnant again a couple of months later and at 6 weeks I had a large amount of bright red blood, went for a sonogram and the baby was fine and now I have a wonderful baby boy. Just recently we decide to try again for another one and I got pregnant and I was 8 weeks and had some brown blood with some discharge and I went for a sonogram and I had lost the baby. I am pregnant again hopefully it works out for us. But my point is they told me red or pink blood may not be good but if it is brown it would be fine but in my case it was not the truth. So please call your doctor and make them give you a sonogram if you feel that is what you need. No sense in driving yourself crazy wondering if your baby is ok or not.
  • Proud Momma of a Wonderful boy! My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. I started spotting when I was supposed to start my period, but never stopped. This went on for a whole 12 weeks before I ended up in the hospital nearly having to have blood because I lost so much. Then I went on to have a very healthy baby boy on the next try with no complications. I decided to have #2 and I spotted a little at the beginning but things seemed to be going fine. The day of my first doctors appointment (I was 12 weeks) I was finishing up at work because I was getting ready to have to leave for my appointment when I felt somthing weird and went to the bathroom to check it out. I had bright red blood and was bleeding like I was on my period. I called the doctors office and they sent me to do an ultra sound before my appointment. I had just knew I miscarried and was preparing myself for the worst. Then when they did the ulrta sound there was my baby perfectly healthy!! By the time I made it back to the doctors office the bleeding had slowed to just spotting which lasted about a week. They could never explain why I bled like that, but today that baby boy is 5 years old and will be starting school soon!
  • I am 6 weeks and two days ago i had a brownish/pink spot on my underwear, the following day same thing but a little less, then yesterday i wiped and it was redder than the other two days and more blood but it only happened once a day..... I called my OBGYN and they informed me that it is "common" but not "normal" to have spotting or bleeding. She informed me to monitor it and if i cramp or get worse to call them back immediately. My first apt. Is in 4 days so I am hoping for the best. If you have spotting make sure you call your doctor.
  • My wife started spotting early, we were terrified. She had tissue everytime she went to the bathroom. Bleeding stopped after one week. We called and were told it was normal. At about 7 weeks it happened again our appointment was 2 weeks away. When we were there they found a cervical polyp and removed it. The polyp was the cause for the bleeding and tissue. That was about 4 nerve wracking weeks. We have a heartbeat and are very happy now.
Pregnancy Symptoms
Periods while Pregnant
Periods and Conception

Could a short period mean you might be pregnant?

  • Maybe you are not pregnant since you already had your period for 3 days. Your shorter cycle and the symptoms you are feeling now could have been triggered by stress or maybe some sort of hormonal imbalance. But of course it's still important for you to see your doctor just to make sure. There are a few occurrences wherein the menses would occur and find out later on that she is pregnant.
  • You could still be pregnant. It runs in my family to have implantation bleeds. That's where you bleed because you are pregnant and it's a long explanation. It's always safe to check. That's why they always ask for your last NORMAL menstrual period.
  • Not necessarily. If you are on a low dosage birth control pill such as ortho tricyclen lo, it is very likely that your period will be shortened or might not happen at all. Take a pregnancy test just in case, but you probably have nothing to worry about if you are practicing safe sex.
  • As someone else said, the question is "your last "normal" period." I have been pregnant three times (and have 3 wonderful children). I had no bleeding with the first two but bled for 9 days with the third; it was 'different' than a normal period. Turns out it was implantation bleeding.
  • Yes, you can be pregnant even if you have a short or light period. I had a period that lasted 7 days but was extremely light, I was pregnant....8 months later I gave birth.
Pregnancy Symptoms
Periods while Pregnant

If you are spotting before your period could you be pregnant?

One common cause of spotting several days before a period is low progesterone. Progesterone helps to maintain the uterine lining for pregnancy, and when progesterone levels drop, the menstrual cycle occurs. Progesterone-deficient women will see spotting several days to a week before their period is due. This can affect fertility and in some cases causes miscarriage. You can discover more about spotting in recommended link above.

Spotting can happen while you are pregnant, so take a pregnancy test or visit your doctor to confirm.

Light spotting followed by no period is actually one of the first signs of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Periods while Pregnant
Periods and Conception

If you get a period while pregnant how does it differ from your regular menses?

It differs from your regular menses in that it isn't your period at all. You cannot have a period and be pregnant at the same time by the very biological definition and function of the two.

Think about it.

Any bleeding you experience during a pregnancy is referred to as "vaginal bleeding" and it is caused by something other than your period.

Visit the related question below for a lot more information on this very topic as well as possible causes and what you should do about it.

Periods and Conception
Periods while Pregnant

Will decidual bleeding be shorter than your normal period?

During early pregnancy, hormonal changes can cause ovulation or a thickening of the uterine lining that sheds, in spite of the presence of a fertilized egg. When this happens around the time of your normal period, it is called decidual bleeding and the amount of blood can be the same as a period. It occurs in about 30% of pregnancies and while bleeding in early pregnancy is always alarming, most woman go on to have a normal pregnancy.

Light bleeding or spotting, before your period is due, may be implantation bleeding, again harmless.

Always notify your doctor when you experience any bleeding during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
Periods while Pregnant

Is it normal to bleed while 35 weeks pregnant?

Yes it is especially if your having intercourse I bleed throughout my pregnancy and went to the dr everytime to find out all was well.

Periods while Pregnant
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Women's Health
Periods while Pregnant

Why are you lactating while menstruating?

That would be hormones acting up. Speak to your doctor about it.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Periods while Pregnant
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Pregnancy Symptoms
Periods while Pregnant

Do some women get boils during pregnancy?


Pregnancy Symptoms
Periods while Pregnant

Are delayed periods a symptom of pregnancy?

If your cycles are always accurate, this could be a sign of pregnancy. You should definitely go visit your doctor.

I am 8 days late and have taken 3 pregnancy tests that show negative. I had a little cramping the day I expected my period, but then it went away and came back 6 days later. As soon as my husband and I got home from work yesterday, I started to feel queasy. It kept coming and going as we went out to eat dinner. I don't really have any other symptoms except being tired. I am very confused. I don't have any symptoms of my period like I usually do like cramping a lot, bloating, fatigue. I bought another brand of home pregnancy test, and it said negative...but I have just a feeling something is different. I was at work putting away some barbeque sauce after a board meeting, and I was taken back my the smell. It triggered my gag reflex, and I had to leave the room. I love barbeque sauce. I can open the door to my apartment and smell the fragrance of my home at least from 2 doors down. I just wonder if this is all in my head. I haven't had my period for about 3 months...I don't know whether or not I am pregnant. I took two pregnancy tests and they came out negative...I think Im gonna go see a doctor now i am the same way. today my period is 1 month, 6 days late. i have taken many tests which all come out negative. i too, feel something isn't right. i am always dizzy now, and i feel so tired, i have frequent diarrhea and nausea. my body just doesnt feel the same anymore. i really believe that i may be one of those pregnant girls that lack the hormone to be detected on a test. soon i will know!! The first definitive sign of pregnancy is a missed period. Though this is not always correct everytime.

The reason could be due to hormone imbalance which stress or a varitey of other enviromental effects could have triggered which would works in an identical way as the pill does. The pill uses analougues (simalr molecular structures) of the hormones progesterone and oestrogen which will work the same way as the hormones by inhibiting further growth of the egg and maintaining the endometrium which therefore stopping ovulation as long as the hormones analogues are high in supply. If hormones such as these two are over produced or lutenising hormone is under produced this will cause the same effect as taking the pill until the body synthesises enough of this hormone to "over power" the others.

The second answerer sounds so like me with my first pregnancy (smells, tiredness and such) that I think she is pregnant. My period was due on 17th January and the home test didn't show positive until 3rd February. (MY birthday so I remember exactly)

Pregnancy Symptoms
Periods while Pregnant
Periods and Conception

If you are pregnant will you still get cramps around the time your period is due?

Sore breasts and cramps are both common in the early stages of pregnancy, so if you are in doubt, get a pregnancy test, it's the only way to know for sure, and it's not reliable until you are at least two weeks late for your period.

I am about 6 weeks pregnant for the first time, and I'm a nurse. It is normal to have sore breasts and many times this will last for the first trimester and sometimes longer as your hormones are changing, also having cramps monthly can be normal too, because your body is use to having periods monthly, so my doctor says that you might have those feelings of cramps every month, just not the bleeding.

Periods while Pregnant

Can you have cramps before you have implantation bleeding and always have this bleeding?

Hi! I had very light bleeding in Dec/2003 and it didnt last long(about4-5 dys)...In Nov/2003 I had a regular period(7 days and it was heavy). I found out in Feb/2004 that I was pregnant. The doctor based my due date on my last period(he said Dec/2003,and so did I) But I actually conceived in Nov/2003 because Im 4wks ahead of time for the babys size etc...I don't think all women get implantation bleeding. This is my fourth pregnancy and with my others I never got it. That's why I didnt know about it. Its normal tho,so don't worry...


Hi! I had Implantation bleeding on the 2nd May and then got my period 2 weeks later which had no cramps which was unusual. Then the next 3 months I've been get regular periods . Its now September and my period was 1 day late which my periods are never 1 day late. Has any1 had a period while pregnant? I don't think I'm pregnant because I'm still having a period but when i sit down my belly gets rounder every time. I did have pregnancy symptoms before I had Implantation bleeding I felt like I had been on too many rides which i had to put a bin next to my bed because I really really sick, tired, headaches. Then in July I felt sick, headaches, weird belly pains, going to the toilet more often, bloated, tired and that. Now its September I am tired, headaches, bloated and tired. Its really really strange I had Implantation bleeding but I got my period so not everyone gets pregnant do they then


Birth Control
Periods while Pregnant
Periods and Conception

Can you still be pregnant even after you get your period?

Here are some personal experiences:

I was one month pregnant and I had my period the next month. While my mother was pregnant with me she had all her periods except the last three months.

After having what I thought was a normal 6-7 day period at my regular level of flow, I had a surprise miscarriage earlier this year. It happened on what I thought was the 18th day of my cycle (but I was actually 6 weeks pregnant.) We had been trying to conceive for about 6 months, and it was the first cycle in which I hadn't taken a pregnancy test on the morning my period was due. To save money, I made myself wait to see if my period was "late" before taking the test. Since I got what looked like a normal period, I never used the test. Now I test every time! It's 4 months later and we are still trying, now seeing a specialist!

They say 'when you miss a period that this is a sign that you are pregnant' this is not always the case. I have had three pregnancies, including one live birth and one lost. The first pregnancy I had two periods with, the second pregnancy I had four periods with and this pregnancy I had the first two. It's always tough to know as well because tests will say negative if you are still having a period.

Doctors would disagree, but I had 5 periods when pregnant with my last child. Yes, the normal (for me) 35 day cycle, and 10 day bleeding. The doctors will tell you "you can't get your period while ovulating" yet MANY women have occasional (or even frequent) cycles without ovulation. I also have endometriosis, so may have had something to do with it. I was told by a doctor my endo wouldn't "grow" or bother me while pregnant. He was wrong, too.

Periods while Pregnant
Fetal Development
Fetal Movement

When does a larger woman feel the baby move?

When I was pregnant with my first (I have 4) it seemed like it took forever to feel the baby move. I don't think it had anything to do with my size. You probably just don't recognize the movement for what it is. I am very large, and the second time around I think I was about three months when I felt the baby move. I am thinking it was around the 4th-5th month with my first. I am a large woman and i think that sometimes during the first one you think that you feel something. sometimes you feel fluttering and its just small movements. you can really start to feel some real kicks around the fourth month. as you go along they get stronger. I've had 3 and i started to feel kicks about the end of the fourth. but everyone is different. Most women, large or small, feel a first baby move around 20 weeks. I remember vividly when I felt mine as we were visiting family and when I screamed they thought I had hurt myself. Second and subsequent babies are usually felt about 15-16 weeks. One of the reasons I thought I was having twins was because I felt movement at 13 weeks. A partner or friend may not feel the baby move because of intervening fat but as the woman feels it from the inside her size makes no difference

Periods while Pregnant
Female Puberty

Can a girl get pregnant while her period is on?


Pregnancy Symptoms
Periods while Pregnant

Is it possible to bleed every month while pregnant?

YES YOU CAN! The bleeding is NOT YOUR PERIOD though, since a period is technically the shedding of the uterine lining and unfertilized egg.

No one is really sure what causes the bleeding.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Periods while Pregnant

Is sleeplessness a symptom of pregnancy?

== Pregnancy symptoms== It can be, but if it's your only symptom, you're probably not pregnant. If you aren't sure, take a home pregnancy test (HPT) or go see a doctor for a blood test. Inexpensive store brands of HPTs work just as well as the expensive ones.

Periods while Pregnant
Periods and Conception

Are you always pregnant if you miss a period?

Missing a periodNo. Worrying about the fact that you might be pregnant can cause you to miss your period. The stress of the thought will cause you to miss or delay a period.

Daily stress can also do the same thing.

Sometimes, if you want to be pregnant �so bad� you can fake your body into thinking that you are pregnant which will result in a missed period.

The best thing to do it to ether buy a home pregnancy test and take it. If it is still questionable, see an OBGYN.

Stress will cause a missed period. Also, it could be ovarian cysts. Get an ultrasound. I agree with the last comment about wanting to be pregnant so bad that your period won't come. Just say to yourself: If i am pregnant that's good, but if i am not, I will allow my period to happen.

NO, missed periods could be because of several reasons including pregnancy, stress, medications, illness, etc.

Periods while Pregnant
Spotting While Pregnant

If your period is late and you have some brownish spotting does this mean you could be pregnant?

== == Yes, it is possible you are pregnant if your period is late and you have spotting, but the only way to know for sure is to take a test. If you can't afford one, try getting an appointment at a local clinic such as planned parenthood.

Periods while Pregnant
Spotting While Pregnant

Can you be pregnant and still have spotting?

Yes, you can be spotting and be pregnant. It is called implantation bleeding. It usually occurs about 8-9 days after ovulation, which is around the time of your period.

If you definitively know that you are pregnant, then spotting when you know that you are pregnant is also normal. As the cell mass grows, then it can break tiny blood vessels and cause spotting. However, if the spotting intensifies and is accompanied by cramping, get it checked out as these are the precursors to miscarriage. Take a pregnancy test and see your doctor to know for sure.

Periods while Pregnant
Spotting While Pregnant

Can you be spotting and still be pregnant?

Yes, you can be spotting and be pregnant. It is called implantation bleeding. It usually occurs about 8-9 days after ovulation, which is around the time of your period. Take a pregnancy test and good luck!


The guy above refers to the process of implantation. If you definitively know that you are pregnant, then spotting when you know that you are pregnant is also normal. As the cell mass grows, then it can break tiny blood vessels and cause spotting. However, if the spotting intensifies and is accompanied by cramping, get it checked out as these are the precursors to miscarriage.

Periods while Pregnant
Drinking Water

What is the minimum safe water temperature?

39 I would go with "body temp", any water hotter that body temperature 98.6F or 37 C would not allow a person to cool off, overheating becomes a possibility, body temp would be "too hot" for a "long swim time". Also there could be hypothermia if the air is like 10 degrees or something but normal air temp hands down.


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