Apostrophes and Ellipses

The apostrophe is used to indicate that one or more letters have been omitted. An ellipsis is a series of marks, like the three periods, which is used to indicate an unfinished thought or a pause in speech.

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Apostrophes and Ellipses
The Difference Between

What is the difference between eagle's and eagles'?

Eagle's is the possessive form of the noun eagle meaning something belonging to the eagle like the eagle's wings or the eagle's tail while eagles is the plural possessive form of the noun like all of the eagles' wings are brown.

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How do you use Luis on an apostrophe?

If you mean What is the possessive form of Luis? it is Luis's.

Apostrophes and Ellipses
Plural Nouns

Correct grammar for proper names that end in s?

The only question here would be about forming the possessive. All English nouns form the possessive singular by adding '-s: Jess's place. All English plurals ending in -s form the possessive by adding the apostrophe alone: The Joneses' house.

Apostrophes and Ellipses

Where do you put a apostrophe in will not?

Apostrophes and Ellipses

In prunus girl aikawa a girl or a boy?

i think a boy

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What are similar words to company?

corporation, enterprise, business, association, syndicate, multinational, house

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Periods Exclamation Points and Question Marks

Is there a capital letter after exclamation point?

If you use an exclamation point, then you've probably just ended a sentence. For instance, "I won the lottery!"

If you end a sentence, then the next sentence must begin with a capital letter (usually). There are some different uses of exclamation points as they relate to capital/lowercase letters. For example, if you're writing, "I won the lottery!" the next sentence would logically begin with a capital letter. So you might say, "I won the lottery! I'm going to buy a new car."

BUT, sometimes the rules can change. In Shakespeare, for example, one-word interjections followed by exclamation points are often followed by a lowercase word. For instance, one might say, "Lo! he is swooning with love."

Or, if you're quoting someone as saying, "Hey!" then your sentence might be something like this: "'Hey!' he said."

Usually, though, you can assume that your next word after an exclamation point should be capitalized.

Apostrophes and Ellipses

What is the possessive form of the word goddess?

Goddess', because the word 'goddess' ends in 's'. (e.g. The goddess' name was Venus.)

According to this site: grammargoddess.com

both forms:

Goddess' (modern usage)


Goddess's (traditional singular rule)

are correct.

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What is manufacturer exporter?

Exporter is a manufacturer, who sells manufacturers goods abroad.

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The Difference Between

What is the function of apostrophe?

It can be used to show an absence of a letter or show possession.

Example: Get o'er here.

Example: The man's opinion is his own.

-- further --

it is NOT to be used to indicate a plural - the plural of apple is - apples - and not - apple's. This is known as "the greengrocers' apostrophe" as it is commonly used when displaying fruit and vegetables in shops.

Apostrophes and Ellipses

Is there an apostrophe in 1930s?

That depends. If you are referring to the decade, then it is spelled 1930s. If you are referring to something just from the year 1930, then it is 1930's. For example:

Life was not easy in the 1930s.

All Quiet On The Western Front was 1930's Best Picture winner at the Oscars.

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Does nieces need a apostrophe?

If you wanted to say "nieces" as a plural, such as "I have two nieces", then it wouldn't need an apostrophe. If you wanted to say something like "My niece's teddybear", showing singular possession, then you would need an apostrophe.

The word nieces is a plural noun. If you want to use it as a plural possessive noun then put an apostrophe at the end - nieces'

My nieces' husbands are both doctors.

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What is will not in a apostrophe?


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Do you use an apostrophe with the word grandmothers?

That depends, if you are referring to grandmothers as in a group or multiple grandmothers no, if you implying it belongs to a singular grandomother it would be "grandmother's" and finally if its something possessed by multiple grandmothers it would be "grandmothers'"

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Is Lois' the singular possessive of Lois?

There are two accepted forms for possessive singular nouns ending in s:

Add an apostrophe (') after the existing s at the end of the word: Lois'

Add an apostrophe s ('s) after the existing s at the end of the word: Lois's


I met Lois' mother at the meeting.

I met Lois's mother at the meeting.

Note: The -s's is the most commonly used form, but if you are a student, use the form that is preferred by your teacher.

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Does officers have apostrophes?

It all depends on how you use the term. If its plural (ex. how many officer are on the team??) then it doesn't have an apostrophised if its not (another ex. that officer's in trouble.) it would mean the officer is. So then it would have an apostrophes.

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Possessive Nouns

What is needed to form possessive nouns and contractions?

You need an apostrophe to to form contractions and possessive nouns.

Her coat's button popped open.

Their teacher's voice was shrill.

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What letters are missing in nsatable?

To me it looks like the original word was "Insatiable", so it would just be two "I"s that are missing. One at the beginning, and one after the "t".
The letter is I (insatiable). Some in- or un- words may use both spellings.

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Should an apostrophe be used your brand's?

If we are talking about more than one brand, then that's a plural and plurals do not take an apostrophe.

e.g. "Their product was as good as - if not better than - most of the top high street brands, yet cost half the price"

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Which one is surname my name or my father's given name?

Surname is the same as family name.

eg John Smith. John is the given name. Smith is the family name.

Your father's given name is not a surname.

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When does one use the gear 1 and 2 in an auto-transmission car?

First gear is selected when you want to use the engine's compression as a brake while descending hills. The compression of the engine will "hold back" the vehicle so you don't have to use your brakes to the extent that you might burn them out. Used especially when towing a heavy load.

Second gear is used the same way, but for less of a downhill. It is used primarily for starting out on ice or snow or any other slippery surface. Not all the engine's power is transmitted to the drive wheels when starting out in second gear. Thus the "sliipage" of the transmission will allow you to start out without losing traction.

If you have an auto and you want to go through the gears faster then in overdrive, put the car in first and click up from there when the car is ready to shift. Assuming that you are stopped.

When you are stuck in the mud.

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What does it mean when you have had your period for more than 2 weeks?

It simply means that you have a hormonal imbalance.

There are multiple reasons for this, the most likely is just hormonal imbalance if you're in your teens or going into menopause. Only a doctor can confirm the cause of this problem, if you do go over two weeks and are still bleeding it's best to see your doctor to stop bleeding and investigate the cause.

Important note: hormonal birth control does not regulate periods.
This is a myth based on ignorance of the menstrual cycle and how hormonal birth control works, the pill works by suppressing your menstrual cycle in order to prevent ovulation and thus also prevents menstruation - the bleeding women get on the pill is a withdrawal bleed controlled by the placebo pills in the pack, it mimics menstruation but a regular withdrawal bleed isn't the same as regular menstruation. Some doctors will prescribe hormonal birth control for this reason to save them working to investigate the cause of irregular cycles, this is unethical but unfortunately very common.

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What does an apostrophe at the end of a word symbolize?

Final apostrophe indicates a plural possessive. It is only used to form the possessive of plural nouns ending in -s. Do not use a final apostrophe for the possessive of a singular noun ending in -s: it is for plurals only.

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Should others have apostrophe?

It depends on the context. I've put three examples here for you.

"Others may join us." This refers to other people.

"Others' belongings have been lost." This is a possessive apostrophe that applies to more than one person.

"We finish each other's sentences." Here, it's possessive but refers to a single person.

Hope this helped!

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Plural Nouns

What is the Possessive for the pencil of James?

James' pencil


The correct answer is James's pencil.

Apostrophe s for singular possessives, s apostrophe for plural possessives.


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