Miscarriage is the spontaneous loss of pregnancy when the fetus can no longer survive in the mother's womb.

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What causes miscarriages?

Improper holding of fetus by the sag result of miscarriages due to so many reasons.

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What can you use to cause a miscarriage?

There are various rumors about ways to do this, but the truth is none of them are safe and few of them even work. If you do attempt to cause a miscarriage you are putting yourself at great risk of serious harm and even death.

If you are thinking of doing this for someone else, it is illegal and you can be sent to prison for practicing medicine without a license and/or for assault if you disfigure or injure the pregnant woman or the fetus. If the results are fatal, as they most often are when done by people without advanced medical training as a physician, you could be found guilty of manslaughter or possibly murder.

If you are considering it as something to do to yourself it, again, is most often life threatening. If it doesn't cause your death, you'll likely end up getting professional medical care due to massive hemorrhage or serious infections anyway, so you might as well start with professional care. If you wouldn't attempt eye surgery on yourself, you shouldn't even consider causing a miscarriage. There are many new arteries and blood vessels formed with pregnancy and before you could do anything to stop the bleeding (if you even knew how), you could easily bleed to death. This is true whether you attempt the miscarriage using surgical means or drugs to induce the abortion.

The first step is to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Use a condom or other form of birth control before sex. Or there are Emergency Contraceptives both mechanical and in pill form (often referred to as "morning after" pills or Emergency Contraceptive Pills) that you can take up to three days after unprotected sex as a safe option to avoid pregnancy in the first place. Although, according to the FDA, they are safe when used as indicated, these pills are considered only 75% effective. Emergency contraceptives are available over-the-counter in the US and are called Plan B.

If prevention is not done in time and you are faced with an unwanted pregnancy, the best thing to do is to find a clinic, doctor, or Planned Parenthood location where you can be examined by a professional and find out what options are available to you at that point. They can also provide prescriptions and more information to prevent future unwanted pregnancies.

These professionals will give you medically correct and unbiased information on all options available to you (i.e., prenatal care and having and raising the child, adoption options and processes, or ending the pregnancy if that is an option in your case). They can help you as well with your current medical needs while you make the best treatment decision for yourself.

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Spotting While Pregnant

How do you know if you have had a miscarriage?

I was 8 weeks pregnant when i started losing my baby.I thought it was blood clots, but if you look closer its really placenta around the baby, as if it's slimy. You will also have a discharge of blood. My husband also noticed i was a little more cranky but it's too bad.

The most common symptom of a miscarriage is bleeding,if you bleed during pregnancy it may be referred to as a threatened abortion. It can also be detected during an ultrasound exam,if there is bleeding you should visit a clinic to have an ultrasound exam.

You can tell your having a Miscarriage by spotting/bleeding. i had a a miscarriage on the 24 of Sept and it started out by just spotting than when i went to the hospital it got worse!! BUT in some pregnancies people spot so if you spot just go to the doctor to check it out! Some people dont even know they had a miscarriage if it happend early, like it could have happened the time your period was saposed to come! you coulda mistaked it as a period!


What usually happens during a miscarriage?

Every woman will have a slightly different experience with a miscarriage, just like we all have different symptoms with our menstrual cycles. Some women feel almost nothing and some have some cramping. This also will vary with a miscarriage depending on how far along the pregnancy is.

Usually nature's way is to stop (or abort) a pregnancy in the first three months when it is clear, through signs and symptoms of the body, that there is a development problem with the fetus that is not going to get better. Most miscarriages will occur in the first eight weeks. When it happens this early, some women don't even realize it is happening, it may just seem like a heavy menstrual period. Later into the pregnancy, is when the symptoms can become more severe.

Prenatal care is essential in all pregnancies, but starting with early examinations is critical in pregnancies of younger women, older women, or women with medical conditions or prior problems taking a pregnancy to term. The medical professional will know what to expect and can guide you better when there have been regular examinations prior to any problem symptoms.

Typically the first sign is bleeding. A little bleeding very early in a pregnancy can be normal, so there is no need to panic, but contact your doctor and describe exactly what has been happening and they will let you know if you need to come for an exam right then or not.

If the bleeding is associated with painful cramping, pain in the abdomen or low back, you should not hesitate to get urgent care especially later into the pregnancy. Bleeding and pain together usually are indications of a miscarriage. Cramps can be very severe, almost like contractions with a delivery and they will similarly become regular. Time them to report to the medical professional you see at the hospital or urgent care center. Often the cramps are four or five minutes apart. Bleeding and mild cramping may occur over several days. During that time you should avoid strenuous activities and sex to allow your pelvic area and uterus to relax until you can contact your doctor.

If the bleeding is continuous and heavy and/or pain is severe or clots and tissue are passed, you should get immediate care. As the miscarriage progresses, bleeding will continue and there may be passing of clots and other tissue (usually greyish-colored products of conception) from the vagina. If you can collect samples of this to take with you to emergency care, put it in a clean container so it can be examined to verify the miscarriage. If you begin to feel dizzy or confused, fearful, or have rapid breathing and heart rate (like signs of shock), sweating, nausea or vomiting, or weakness ...Call 911 (or the emergency number where you live). It could be that you have been having significant blood loss and need emergency care. Don't try to drive yourself to the hospital, get an ambulance.

There will usually be some slight bleeding for up to two weeks afterward. A small portion of women will have excessive bleeding or infection after a miscarriage which will need a return to the doctor or hospital for professional attention and if the bleeding is severe, there is a fever over 100F, or drainage that has an odor from the vagina and/or signs of shock, seek emergency treatment again.

Spotting While Pregnant
First Trimester

Is spotting during the first trimester normal?

Yes. Spotting during the first trimester is very normal and sometimes spotting may go along with mild cramps. Many times the spotting is caused by your uterus growing and breaking small vessels for more room. However if you are having spotting which continues to bleeding and filling a maxi an hour for 3 hours along with heavy cramping there is a great chance you are having a miscarriage. When you are in this situation Dr's advise on an immediate call and will have you come in, even though there is nothing they can do to stop the miscarriage, before or during, if there is a problem with you...i.e bleeding wont stop or anything more problematic happens they can help you.

Spotting While Pregnant

Is it normal to spot during the first trimester?

Yes, providing it is not heavy or very painful

The doctor told me I'm more than 6 weeks pregnant which I find it hard to believe because I did a home pregnancy test a couple of weeks after my last period and it showed negative. So judging by my own instinct and the home pregnancy tests I had

been taken subsequently after my last cycle, I think I'm just about getting into my 4th week. I still feel uncomfortable with male doctors but since female doctors in my hospital have not been available, so it leaves me no choice. Should I/ Can I really believe what my male doctor tells me?

Yesterday I went to the ER right after I got off the plane from a trip because I have

been spotting for the past two days. At first, it was just dark brown spotting accompanied with mild cramps and bloating sensation just like a period. After an ultrasound and a pelvic exam yesterday, the nurse told me I didn't need to go to the ER again unless I experience severe cramps, bleeding and/or blood clots. The doctor said everything was fine; the embryo was where it's supposed to be and my cervix was closed but I'm not "out of the woods yet". Today, the color of my spotting/bleeding has become more liquid-like and bright red with occasional small blood clots and prickling sensations. I called the ER and was told that I could go back to the ER whenever I feel the symptoms have gotten worse, but all they will do is perform the same procedures again - ultrasound and a pelvic exam.

What should I do at this point?

I'm very worried that the insertion of the speculum and/or the continuity of spotting and bleeding is going to cause any deformity of the baby.


I also recommend going to see your OB. No bleeding during pregnancy is "normal", though it is common. Even spotting should be looked at. DO NOT think that just because you are spotting, everything is automatically okay. During my first pregnancy, I had very little spotting in my 9th week. The spotting lasted 8 days before I finally thought to go to the ER...everyone kept telling me, "oh, it's normal." NEVER!! I ended up having a missed miscarriage and the next day my body aborted the embryo. Now, in my 2nd pregnancy, I'm having more spotting and I'm not taking any chances. I'm not trying to scare you, but rather, make you aware that although it's common for many women, it's not normal during pregnancy and it always merits a doctor's opinion and checkup.


I recommend going to the doctor immediately, even if you have to make $5 monthly payments on the visit, I had it happen after 4 weeks for a day, and then at 11 weeks, i had another spot which turned into a miscarriage. that is the most emotionally and physically painful thing i have ever gone through. GO TO A DOCTOR if you care about this child.

It is completely normal. I have been having light brown spotting for the past week and a half. I a had a ultrasound today and everything was fine!!


I was sent this link from someone on another site. First of all, regarding the first post above, the one that states "Go to a Doctor if you care about this child" First of all, that is a horrible thing to say, of course we all care about our unborn children. Also, I must let you know that if you are having a miscarriage there is NOTHING you can do to prevent one and nothing you can do to stop one. Most m/c's happen due to the fetus having chromosone issues and no doctor can fix that. While spotting in pregnancy is common, it shouldn't be considered normal. Most doctors don't want you to come in unless the spotting turns bright red and is accompanied with cramps as well. God Bless you all and good luck!

Yes. Spotting during the first trimester is very normal and sometimes spotting may go along with mild cramps. Many times the spotting is caused by your uterus growing and breaking small vessels for more room. However if you are having spotting which continues to bleeding and filling a maxi an hour for 3 hours along with heavy cramping there is a great chance you are having a miscarriage. When you are in this situation Dr's advise on an immediate call and will have you come in, eventhough there is nothing they can do to stop the miscarriage, before or during, if there is a problem with you...i.e bleeding wont stop or anything more problematic happens they can help you.


i am 7 wks pregnant and am having light spotting. while seaching for some answers i found this reliable information off of www.providence.org. answers were given from a director of obstetrics and gyneocology. compared to some other websites that gave some scary advice, i felt a little relieved after i read the following info.

in the first 3 months of pregnancy spotting is quite common. it can be attributed to early development in the uterus; your body is producing more blood to carry nutrients to the fetus. a little bleeding is not uncommon. unless there is a lot of bleeding, like a normal period, along with severe cramps, there is no cause for concern.


spotting could be considered normal or dangerous sign of miscarriage, depending on the individual. I had two miscarriages within one year and they both started with "light spotting". I would contact your health care provider immediately.



I thought this website's answers were good. The key is to distinguish between spotting (a little blood, don't need a pad/liner) and bleeding (more blood, bright red or needs a pad)

spotting is probably just "hormonal changes." and bleeding is something you need to see your MD about. might be a miscarriage.


Spotting during the first 3 months of pregnancy does occur but spotting red blood is not normal hun. Everytime you experience spotting you will need to contact your doctor for a examination and to make sure the pregnancy is safe.

First off, try not to freak out regardless because stress will only make things worse. Second, every woman and every pregnancy is different, even doctors disagree on how much blood should be present before you go in for a checkup. I've had 3 healthy babies and 2 miscarriages and being an army wife I've had several OBGYN's so I can tell you there is no black or white on this subject, period. If you are worried, CALL YOUR DOCTOR and they will tell you their medical opinion. Sometimes women bleed in pregnancy for reasons that have nothing whatsoever to do with the health of the baby (such as spotting after intercourse) and go on to have normal deliveries. Sometimes there are no warning signs at all and the baby doesn't make it. The ONLY ONLY ONLY way to know for sure whether your baby is healthy or not is to do bloodwork and a sonogram, and the only person that can answer all these questions is a medical doctor or a midwife that knows your history and your pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Symptoms

If your pregnancy symptoms stop is that a sign of miscarriage?

Miscarriage if Pregnancy Symptoms Stop?Here are opinions and answers from contributors:
  • I have never had any miscarriages i do have 4 children and i just found out that im 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant now but for the past 2 days i have been bleeding like im having a normal period unfortunately they told me that if it is a miscarriage theirs nothing they can do i did have a episode with my youngest daughter about 2 years ago where i thought i was losing her i was gushing blood they rush me to the hospital and told me that she was fine and that it was a busted blood clot so im thinking it may be the same cause with this one im not having any pain some very very light cramps as if im on my period but that's it. for the past two days i felt bad but today when i woke up i felt great so i don't know my breast are not as sore as they were yesterday i have not been sick in over 2 days since i found out that i was pregant so i dont know whats going on with me i guess all their is to do0 is hope for the best and good luck to everyone else
  • I have had two miscarriages. Right now I am 5 weeks pregnant, and a couple weeks before I even found out I was pregnant I had sore breasts. About a week ago they got worse as far as soreness goes. Now they are not half as sore, and I noticed when my hubby accidentally hit them when we were wrestling. It just hit me all of a sudden that it was a major change. I still am having some slight nausia and tiredness so honestly I have no clue what's going on. I have not even went in for my first check up yet. In my previous miscarrages the first one I had no pregnancy symptems...only depression and major moodiness. The last one I was fatigued, slightly nausous, but other than that everything was fine (My breast were sore in the shower). I don't remember the preganncy symptoms disappearing...I just remember waking up and bleeding. That miscarrage was accompanied by no cramps or pain...my first was was very painful though. I have no idea what to tell anyone. Both of my experiences were so different, and right now i have no idea what's going on. I wish everyone luck.
  • Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question, but I share your concern. I'm 7.5 weeks pregnant, and until two days ago things were progressing normally. But in the last couple of days I've stopped feeling pregnant. My breasts are only mildly sore (I had felt a lot of pain prior). Very little nausea yesterday and none today. I'm 35 and this is my first pregnancy. I am so scared. Anyway, I can't answer your question, but I promise you're not alone. If I find any helpful info or advice I will be sure to pass it along. So far I've found mixed answers... some indicate that we should call our doctors ASAP, others say that every pregnancy differs and it may be nothing. Anyway, I wish you luck.
  • I have experienced two different miscarriages and, yes, in my experiences symptoms did stop, but in both my cases I had some minor bleeding like spotting.
  • I'm a little over ten weeks along now and at about 7 or 8 weeks a lot of the symptoms went away overnight (or so it seemed). Since then I've been to the doctor and had a sonogram and there's a heartbeat and everything is perfect so far. You probably still get milder symptoms like nausea, but rarely and when something is gross rather than all the time now. That's normal for 7.5 weeks.
  • I've had two miscarriages within this last year. With the first one the symptoms did not stop until I passed the the baby out. The second time all of the symptoms disappeared a little at a time. I went to the doc and they took a blood test to determine the hormone level in my blood and it steadily went down all the way to 2 percent, then I miscarried. So go to the doctor so that they can find out what is taking place. I had both miscarriages at 7 weeks.
  • I experienced almost all the symptoms of pregnancy: very tender sore breasts, frequent urination, headaches, etc. However I started to lose those signs by the time my period was due. Later I had clear vaginal discharge which turned brownish, then dark red. It was a very early miscarriage.
  • The only time you should worry about your symptoms stopping is if you are experiencing intense and painful cramping. I had the same concern when I was 6 1/2 weeks along. I talked to my doctor and it is completely normal. I have been reading the book called "What to Expect When Your Expecting" and it has ease most of my concerns.
  • I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks. At around 9 weeks I felt something was wrong, went to the doctor and had a sonogram. Found a heartbeat - said 9.1 weeks along. Very shortly after that, all PG symptoms stopped. I kept pleading with my doctor that I felt something was wrong, but she maintained that I was fine. Finally after I started spotting, then bleeding at 12 weeks, they did another sonogram. The fetus measured 9.1 weeks and had no heartbeat. All my doctor could say is "Gee, isn't it funny how the mother always knows..."
  • I started having symptoms at CD 12 - frequent urination, sore breasts, sensitive smell, queasiness, food cravings. My doctor confirmed my pregnancy. At CD 21, my symptoms suddenly stopped. I went to the doctor the following Monday and my hCG had decreased by 2/3. It was an impending miscarriage. I did not have any bleeding, but there were menstrual-like cramps. When I started bleeding three weeks later, the cramps were more severe. I think I ought to mention that I have PCOS and hypothyroidism. But as others have said, it is possible for symptoms to stop in some women and be okay.
  • I am going through the same thing right now. I am 7 weeks and as of a few days ago, my symptoms, which were intense, have gone away. I feel as though I am not pregnant at all. I have not had any bleeding, spotting or cramping. This is my second pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my son I was very sick from week 6 on so I am very concerned. I am waiting for my doctor to get back to me today. Hoping she will be kind enough to get me in for a sonogram. My first appointment was scheduled for next week. Hopefully they don't make me wait til then...I just want to know if I am losing this one or if all is okay.
  • I am seven weeks pregnant. Last Friday I woke up and felt no symptoms of pregnancy whatsoever. The breast soreness was gone and I felt no headaches or morning sickness. I had mild spotting first thing that morning. I was very scared, so I called my mother and we quickly contacted the doctor. He told me to wait it out. I stayed in bed for the weekend to give my body a chance to catch up. My symptoms came back, but they are more mild. The doctor told me it was implantation bleeding and that everything was perfectly fine!
  • I seem to be going through the exact same thing as you are. I am 7 weeks and two days and my symptoms have been completely gone for the last 5 days. I have a bad feeling and I don't feel pregnant anymore. I am so worried. I should have been 8 weeks today but I had an ultrasound a week ago when I was supposed to be 7 and they said that I only looked to be about six weeks or something. That worried me, but there was a little heartbeat. I have had two previous miscarriages. The first I was almost 8 weeks pregnant and I felt no nausea at all during my pregnancy, the only sign I had was sore boobs which only vanished after I passed everything and my miscarriage was complete. The second was a chemical pregnancy which ended at almost 5 weeks, I didn't have many symptoms at all. And now I am pregnant again. I said this was going to be third time lucky and I am praying that it is.
  • I have a healthy 2 1/2 year old daughter. She was conceived 2 weeks after I went off the pill (I had been using it for about 8 years), I really didn't expect to conceive very quickly, so I didn't analyze things too much, but I remember being super exhausted and before morning sickness hit me at around 6 weeks, I could clean an entire restaurant portion plate (which I normally never do!). Anyway, about a year later, we were ready to try for another. I figured it would happen quickly again, but when 8 months passed and nothing was happening (I was using LH tests to determine ovulation), I decided to see a specialist. She did a bunch of lab work that all came back fine and decided to try a round of clomid with an HCG trigger. Two weeks after the trigger, I did a home test and it was ++! I went to her office the next day for a beta and followed up 2 days after that for another and the results were very high and doubled by the second test. About the only symptom I noticed was that my breasts and nipples had changed and minor constipation, that is what made me do the home test. No tenderness, morning sickness, exhaustion, anything really. I was ecstatic since things had been so severe with my prior pregnancy, especially the morning sickness. I went in at 6 weeks for an ultrasound which ended up showing twins! I went in for another ultrasound at 8 weeks, but by that time, we could only find 1 baby, measuring good and a good heart rate (164). Still no symptoms, my OB kept asking me if I'd felt any nausea or anything and I just felt lucky that I hadn't. In fact, I remember telling people that I hardly even felt pregnant. At 12 weeks, she scheduled me for another ultrasound, but by that time, the baby had died and there was no heartbeat. Since I was so far along and the placenta seemed to be pretty well attached, I opted to do a D&C to clean everything out. , I don't want to scare anyone, but my OB was concerned that I did not feel hardly any symptoms at all. Definitely, having the symptoms (even severely!) is probably better than none at all.
  • I have had one previous misscarriage where at about week 8 or 9 I all of a sudden felt like i wasn't PG and thought that I was just lucky. Then I started bleeding at 11 weeks, went in for an US and there was no heartbeat and the fetus had died at 8 weeks. This time i am at 8 weeks and few days ago my few symptoms that i did have stopped. So i am very worried I am going to misscarry again. I don't have any children and we are waiting for our first. I pray for all of you in the same boat and hope for the best.
  • I have had two miscarriages (the latest only yesterday) - the first at 6 weeks the second at 5 weeks. In both cases I suffered morning sickness for the first week and the symptoms decreased significant the next week. This time I noticed feeling like my period was coming on - stomach churning and gurgling. I started spotting and within 24 hours had passed the placenta. I wish you the best.
  • I am 15 weeks pregnant with my second child. I started to get some mild pregnancy symptoms at about 6 weeks including nausea but by 8 weeks they had more or less gone and I didn't feel pregnant anymore and panicked. At about 10 weeks the midwife checked for a heartbeat as I was worried and found one, a scan confirmed everything was ok at 12 weeks and I have never got the nausea or some of the other symptoms back. In my opinion every pregnancy is different and my friend had a similar thing happen to her and it was also all fine although her symptoms returned after 2 weeks. I was told by my midwife that unless I had cramping or bleeding I shouldn't worry too much.
  • Look, I've had miscarriages too. I also have a healthy baby. My healthiest pregnancy had me insane for a few days. I stopped feeling pregnant. I had a late pregnancy loss at six months. You need to worry about not feeling pregnant at about four to five months. It comes and it goes and you feel nausea and you'll have horrible days again. It is normal to feel scared but it is ok. When I had my miscarriages, I felt cramping in my legs then I had the miscarriage and bleeding. It isn't like that for everyone but that is how it went for me. Try to relax, if you can. It is difficult. I've been there.
  • I miscarried last year after 8 weeks. First the pregnancy symptoms disappeared, then I felt cramps and then the bleeding. The bleeding can be normal, but can also be a sign of something so it's best to get it checked out. It turned out that mine was a delayed misacarriage...the cells didn't form properly so I had been carrying an empty sac. It was still really devastating. Now I'm still not pregnant but if I ever do manage to conceive I know I'll be really paranoid...it'll probably drive me mad. Good luck to everyone who's trying. x
  • I've had 2 miscariages in the last year too. I'm pregnant again now and are really nervous. My 1st miscarriage the symptoms just disappeared and when I went to the dr and he said that the cells developed but no baby was formed. The second one I had all the symptoms until a week or so after I had a D & C. I was so heartbroken as I had a heartbeat & everything until 7 weeks 3 days. I'm now is my 6-7 week and some of the soreness of my boobs went away - it's now basically only sore when I lie on them, touch them and so on. Unfortunately I also have heartburn with each pregnancy (don't know why). My heartburrn are also not as bad as other days but it is still there. I know this one will just be okay. I hope all of you will be okay. Remember everything happens with a cause and you won't be dealt what you cannot handle.
  • I had a miscarriage last year, and i wasn't even aware that I was pregnant. I was 6.5 weeks along (based on the hCG levels, which were falling, so I could have been further along). Now i think I'm pregnant again, and I've also had the boobs thing. They were so sore and tender and now it's stopped, but they still feel bigger and fuller. I'm not sure what the hell is going on, and I'm so worried.
  • I have had four miscarriages, each between 8-12 weeks. I also have five healthy children. Each pregnancy has been different. For me, the worst pregnancy was the worst. I had 24/7 morning sickness the entire 9 months, and felt completely drained the whole time. Each subsequent pregnancy has been different, and not as bad as that first one. It even seems to matter if I'm carrying a boy or a girl. With my miscarriages, however, I never got sick, and by the time I began to miscarry, I felt very definitely unpregnant.

However, every woman's body is different and reacts differently to pregnancy, even to different pregnancies. The best thing for a woman to do, if she is concerned, is to call the doctor (nurse mid-wife, etc.) or the doctor's nurse. Tell him or her exactly how you are feeling. They can reassure you or ask you to come in for an evaluation if they have a concern. If you have called and still don't feel right, just make an appointment. You don't need permission. If something isn't feeling right to you, or you're worried, go in. Any caring, good doctor (or other professional) will take the time to listen to you and will even offer to do an ultrasound for further assurance (mine does one the very first visit, and schedules a follow-up if he has any questions about the pregnancy). Ask for an ultrasound if one is not offered. (This may not be as attractive an option if your insurance won't pay for one at this early stage, or if you have no insurance, so consider how much you want to pay for peace-of-mind.)

  • Spotting in pregnancy is not uncommon--as mentioned above, it can occur during implantation. Sometimes it's a reaction to hormones. Sometimes the placenta separates from the uterus a bit and causes bleeding. Any bleeding should be mentioned to your practitioner immediately so they can decide what course to take.
  • Pregnancy symptoms, or the lack thereof, can cause great worry to an expecting mother. Worrying about every single little symptom can turn her into a nervous wreck! Try to educate yourself the best you can by reading excellent materials written by competent professionals, and use your healthcare provider as one of your good resources. Again, never hesitate to call if something seems wrong. Don't feel silly, and don't worry that you're bothering them. That's what they're there for. And if you don't feel that they're listening or care about you, find someone else. I'm sorry for anyone that has lost a pregnancy. It is not an easy thing to go through, but I can promise you that it will get better over time. Best wishes to all who embark on the wonderful journey of motherhood!
  • With my last miscarriage I had strong symptoms starting at about week 6, by week 9 I noticed they had disappeared completely. I miscarried at 11.5 weeks.
Pregnancy Tests
Pregnancy - hCG Levels

How long after a miscarriage will a pregnancy test still show positive?

It depends. I know this is likely not what someone who is hoping to be pregnant after a miscarriage wants to hear but there isn't a definitive answer since it depends when the miscarriage happened (how far along was the woman?) and also how long it takes for the hCG (the pregnancy hormone detected by pregnancy tests) to leave her system.

If a woman is wondering if a positive test is indicating the hormones left by a miscarriage or is a sign of a new pregnancy, she should go to her doctor or midwife for a quantitative (not qualitative) blood test or an ultrasound. A quantitative blood test will measure how much hCG is in her system while a qualitative blood test will do the same thing a urine test does -- say whether or not there is any hormone there. An ultrasound will examen the contents of the uterus to see if there is an embryonic sac or missed particles from the miscarriage.

Pregnancy Complications

Does subchorionic bleeding mean that you are going to lose the baby?

Bleeding While PregnantHere are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers:
  • No. It does not mean you're going to lose the baby. I had the same thing at 10 weeks, had an ultrasound that showed the clot, and the baby is fine. It is a blood clot, which will likely bleed out or get absorbed by your body. Only 1-3% of women with a sub chorionic bleed lose the baby (and it is not always necessarily because of the clot). Just take it easy, and let it run its course. You'll be fine. Don't stress over it.
  • I was told that I have possible subchorionic bleeding, and that it usually clears up by itself. I was told not to worry, and from what I saw my baby is fine. Don't worry yourself about it, but if you are really concerned, just give your doctor a call!
  • I am interested in hearing from Theresa or anyone else about this problem. My daughter-in-law is pregnant with twins and has this problem. It is early days yet and we do not know what the outcome will be nor do we know much about the problem. Will it go away by itself? This is an en vitro pregnancy. Is it more common in this type of pregnancy?
  • My daughter is 10 weeks pregnant and the doctor does not seem overly concerned, which is concerning. The doctor told my daughter absolutly no vaginal insertion (no sex) until she is 20 weeks, at which time I guess they will schedule another ultra sound. The chance does exist she may loose the baby if the bleed gets worse and she bleeds vaginally. I do have a call to the doctor to get more information, which I suggest you also do. Good luck!
  • Having had this condition I really feel for you at this time and fully understand how frustrating it is. Sadly there is no straight yes or no answer. This is not meant to upset you, just to let you know not to take this condition for granted. 2 weeks ago at 22 1/2 weeks gestation I lost my baby boy due to this condition. I started bleeding at 15 weeks and it continued non stop till the end. I had 2 large hematomas (10 & 8cm) and even though I passed many clots they kept getting bigger. The last 2 weeks of my pregnancy were spent in hospital and I had 7 units of blood transfused. Through all of this my baby did not appear to be affected. Doctors explained that the constant bleeding traumatised my uterine wall causing the placenta to come away and labour to start. There is no cure and there is no way of predicting the outcome. All I can advise is to try and stay positive but also source as much information on the outcome of possible preterm delivery. I hope you have a beautiful baby to show for all the effort.
  • I was told I have residual implantation blood between the placenta and uterus wall. I was not told that it is subchorionic bleeding. I am 10 weeks today. Is this the same issue?
  • I had a subchorionic HEMORAGE at 13 weeks gestation. Bed rest, ultrasounds, then limited activity I bled at various amounts throughout the entire pregnancy. My son was born FULL TERM by c section 6 days before his due date. My docs told me they had never seen a bleed so large, at delivery only the outer edge of the placenta had been atatched. My son is FINE. --He is turning 12 years old on May 2 2007 and this past month, after testing, we have learned he is gifted. So don't give up!
Periods and Conception

Can a woman ovulate twice before her next period?

Yes, a woman can ovulate twice during her menstrual cycle but it would still be during the ovulation phase of her menstrual cycle. A woman cannot just randomly ovulate, her menstrual cycle controls when she ovulates - typically women will ovulate two weeks before menstruation.

To correct a previous answer: Orgasm does not cause ovulation, that's not biologically possible.

Death and Dying

What happens to the dead fetus inside a dead mother?

Both needs to be examined to see what the cause of death is and then the family can decide if they should be buried together or separately. Usually it's together.

Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

Can Tylenol cause a miscarriage?

Tylenol has been established as safe during pregnancy. It is not known to cause miscarriages when taken as recommended. There are very recent studies that may suggest a link between ADHD in children whose mothers took Tylenol during pregnancy, but it is an early study. They have not yet established if it is the Tylenol, or another condition the mother may have had in which she used Tylenol to help the symptoms.

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
Medication and Drugs

How long after alcohol poisoning can you drink?

Right away! Alcoholics need to die. They are weak people and are a burden on our already troubled society


How soon can you return to work after miscarriage?

Miscarriage is like child birth body of the unlucky mother is fagile she need lots of morla support and good food good rest lots of fluids.


Does falling cause miscarriages?

It's possible if your pregnant. It could damage the embryo. But, usually if you fall on your stomache..

Child Health

What happens when you become a doctor?

When you become an doctor you can save lots of people's lives, and also if you become a big doctor your country will be very proud of you and so will your parents.


How can you keep sperry topsiders tied?

The most difficult lace to keep tied is a rawhide leather one and these are usually found on boat shoes of all brands. The trick is to tie the bow like a half hitch knot. You will have to look up how to tie that as it is too complicated for this answer. Roughly speaking is the "bows" lie across your shoe you have it right, if they lie parallel to the shoe length > try tying them backwards than your usual method and it should work.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Spotting While Pregnant

Are you pregnant if your spotting?

Most likely, i had my spotting while i was having sex, it was a light pink bleeding and i though i got my period. it went away within 2 days and came back randomly another time. I googled it and it said that can be a cause of a std like gonorrhea, i was freaking out but nope, turns out im pregnant! I suggest you go to a clinic and figure out what is wrong, all girl bodies are different and not knowing doesnt solve anything! it could just be your period is changing or stress!

Spotting While Pregnant

How long does it take to realize your pregnant?

After you're missed period or if u have any symptoms. Or you can go check with your doctor.


You were unaware you were having a miscarriage while in the shower you passed a 5-6cm jelly like blob with a dark meaty looking blood clot attached to it this also happen the next day what were they?

Depending how far you pregnancy is advanced, if early it sounds as thpugh you had a complete miscarriage. The jelly like blob was possibly the egg sac and placenta and the blood clot was just that, a blood clot. If you are not in pain and/or continuing to bleed there is no necessity to visit a doctor though you may want to go and set your mind at rest. If you are farther on in pregnancy ( 8 weeks or so) I suggest you go to the doctor who will refer you for an ultrasound scan to see what is going on.

Periods and Conception

How soon after a miscarriage should you expect your period i lost the baby October 1. still havent gottin it?

Your period should return within 4-6 weeks for a miscarriage or D&C, but in some cases it can last longer (7-9 weeks)

periods should return within 6 weeks.

Birth Control

Does birth control cause miscarriage?

No it does not.
not typically
No it will not.

AnswerStop taking birth control pills. Birth control pills only prevent pregnancy not terminate it. That's why its called BIRTH CONTROL. If you don't want the baby then get an abortion.
No. Answerif you are pregnant already why do you need birth control pills???

but then again I'm a guy what do i know!

No. More than likely the only thing that It would possibly do would be make you sick or maybe even harm the developing baby, but not miscarriage. If you have continued taking the pill unknowing that you were pregnant make sure to let ur doc know at ur next appt. If the pregnancy was unplanned and you were hoping to terminate the pregnancy you definatley need to stop taking or not begin to take the pill but seek help and advice from your local unplanned pregnancy clinic.

Yes. Simply because Birth Control is used to prevent a pregnancy; however, it does not always work (like when you are taking other medications, commonly cold medications). Sometimes the person will become pregnant and not know it and then while continuing on the medication- miscarry. As far as I know there is no medical evidence to support this, however, if you believe you may be pregnant go see your doctor and stop taking the pills. Better safe than sorry I say.
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Fetal Development

Can you hear a heart beat at 2 weeks?

No typically the heart does not start beating until 6 weeks, but the way pregnancy is measured at "2 weeks pregnant" you aren't even pregnant yet, since most women ovulate 2 weeks after the first day of their last menstrual cycle. That would be when you are two weeks pregnant when you are just ovulating. So if you mean can you hear the heartbeat two weeks after you find out your are pregnant then yes, you should because you would actually be somewhere between 5-7 weeks along.


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