Ectopic Pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fetus begins to develop outside the mother's womb.

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Ectopic Pregnancy

What are the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy?

  • Ectopic pregnancies occur when the embryo attaches someplace other than inside the uterus. This often happens inside one or the other Fallopian tube (NOT both), and is thus called a "tubal pregnancy", although any place outside the uterus is ecotopic.
  • Ectopic pregnancies are usually unknown until suddenly, the woman feels deathly sick with severe lower belly pain.
  • Ectopic pregnancies are life threatening emergencies; a woman can die from internal bleeding without immediate surgery.
  • Ectopic pregnancy is 100% fatal for a fetus--it will notsurvive. They cannot remove the egg to re-implant it into the uterus. So you will lose the pregnancy and the Tube will also be removed. You can still get pregnant with one tube.
  • If the Tube burst, the surgeon will clean out any debris and blood in the abdomen. You may have an abdominal (surgical) drain in your abdomen for a few days. You will likely be put on IV antibiotics for a few days.

The following beginning symptoms and later symptoms are indicative:

  • A missed period (see signs of pregnancy)
  • Indications of an early pregnancy
  • Positive pregnancy test, if pregnancy is known already
  • progression of a relatively "normal" first month up to 6/7 weeks of the first trimester (If you are beyond the 7th week, don't worry because you don't have this. However, any pregnant woman who experiences pain or bleeding must go to the E.R.)

Later symptoms (typically before the 7th week):

  • Sudden abdominal or more likely pelvic pain, typically extremely severe pain, "take your breath away" kind of pain. NOTE: If you react badly to being constipated, pain, nausea, and feeling faint from constipation can occur. But Ectopic pain is much, much worse than intestinal pain.
  • Persistent pain, and persistently increasing pain -- not like ovarian/uterine "cramping" during a period, but instead much worse
  • Pain is typically on the side of the affected Fallopian Tube, but the pain will become diffuse, meaning on both sides, and in your low back.
  • Possibly, but not always, non-menstrual vaginal bleeding, often becoming heavy bleeding very quickly
  • Nausea, as a result of severe pain
  • Feeling faint as result of nausea (which can be sudden, see below)
  • Vomiting, as a result of severe pain
  • Sudden diarrhea
  • Sudden sweating with chills, but no fever
  • A feeling of impending doom that progressively worsens, especially when the tube bursts
  • Pain in your shoulder, especially the left shoulder, if the Tube ruptured. Shoulder-blade tip pain: Shoulder blade pain is the typical pain of ectopic pregnancies. This may be due to internal bleeding irritating the diaphragm when you breathe in and out. It is exactly where it says - not in the neck or back but at the tip of your shoulder blade, in the upper back. (Note: Similar pain can occur in gallbladder disease.)
  • Dizziness or collapse/fainting due to loss of blood -- hypotension and hypovolemia.
  • Low blood pressure or hypotension, also as a result of hypovolemia
  • Extreme paleness due to impending blood volume drop or a sudden drop in volume due to hemorrhaging
  • Progression of lower abdominal pain "unlike any other pain"; you will find no comfortable position

Signs only a doctor will recognize and will interpret as an Ectopic Pregnancy

  • Lack of usual signs of a uterine pregnancy when examined
  • Evidence of vaginal bleeding-- will need to rule out miscarriage versus Ectopic, which has much different symptoms
  • Abdominal muscle guarding - a sign of a "surgical belly", e.g. a surgical emergency
  • Abdominal rebound "pain" - a sign of a surgical emergency
  • Increased bowel sounds if diarrhea
  • Decreased and obscured bowel sounds after the tube ruptures, especially as blood fills the abdomen (massive internal bleeding); because the abdominal cavity is filling with blood, bowel sounds become "distant".
  • Signs of hypovolemic shock
  • Interpretation of CBC & Diff (bloodwork)
  • Decreased respirations-- common in muscle guarding
  • Upon testing, the HCG and progesterone levels will be lowered -- HCG and progesterone are hormones -- in ectopic pregnancies, their levels are lower than in a normal pregnancy
  • Ultrasound to rule out or rule in either appendicitis OR Ectopic Pregnancy


  • History; current symptoms.
  • Vital signs.
  • Cardiac monitoring.
  • O2 if needed.
  • Abdominal exam.
  • Possible pelvic exam.
  • The nurse will start an IV, often open wide to replace fluid loss and pump up blood volume.
  • The nurse will draw bloodwork, and "type and cross match" for blood transfusion.
  • Blood transfusion might be started before you go to the operating room.
  • Ultrasound to R/O appendicitis versus Ectopic pregnancy.
  • If possible, medication to control vomiting.

If you have any symptoms, immediately:

  • do NOT eat or drink ANY thing
  • do NOT take meds for symptoms
  • call an ambulance--- do NOT drive yourself; do NOT go with family/friends
  • lie down
  • raise feet -- a pillow underneath
  • do not get up without help (risk of passing out and injury due to falling)

NOTE: If a uterine ultrasound shows a uterine pregnancy, you cannot experience this. If you have vaginal bleeding after confirmation of a uterine pregnancy, you could be having a miscarriage. Miscarriage pain is much, much less intense and often more like period cramps than what is described above.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Ectopic Pregnancy

Is feeling bloated an early symptom of pregnancy?

Feeling Bloated as a Symptom

Yes, bloating can be a symptom of pregnancy.

Here is advice and input from others:

  • I have a situation similar to yours. I have started what I think is my period. I spotted yesterday and then during the evening yesterday it progressed to more of a period. It still is not the normal color my periods are. Anyway, I have been feeling very bloated. You could still be pregnant. Every woman's body is different. That's why it's so frustrating to look online and read one article that says you cannot have your period while pregnant, than another that says you can "spot" while pregnant, and THEN another that says you CAN have your period and still be pregnant. Pregnancy varies with every woman. I hope if you wish to be pregnant, you are. :)
  • Yes. I am 16 dpo and I have been bloated since 9 dpo.
  • During my first couple weeks of pregnancy i was feeling really bloated and really full after i would eat a meal. that is not like me at all! but now that i am in my 2nd month, i love eating food but i have to watch out for my baby. every once in a blue moon i feel after eating food, but it is usually something that doesnt agree with my stomach.
  • Bloating was my first sign and it came really early on. I noticed when I layed on my stomach... I felt a pooch. Also my jeans obviously fit tighter too.
  • Yes! It is definitely a symptom! During my last pregnancy that was the sign that convinced me I was pregnant (before my period was due, before I took a pregnancy test). It started before my period was due and lasted several months! Because of all the bloating I looked 5 months pregnant from the beginning! :)
  • * I'm on what i think, is my period. It isn't a normal period, I'm not bleeding much, and it isn't the normal color. I also have very bad bloating! sorry TMI lol. I also have horrible diarrea and have been getting lightheaded out of nowhere. i read on the internet that that's a sign too? but not sure what to think, help me out?
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Pregnancy Symptoms
Ectopic Pregnancy

Where does it hurt for ectopic pregnancy?

For me it was very low near the pubic hair line.

Pregnancy Tests
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Ectopic Pregnancy

Can a blood test show tubal pregnancy?

A blood test can show when an ectopic pregnancy may be present. If the levels of hCG remain stable over days, then it is a strong possibility. An ultrasound would then be necessary to confirm the diagnosis. The levels may also fall and they also do this if a baby has died in utero. In a normal pregnancy, hCG levels rise consistently and the fact that the level rises is more important than the actual level.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Ectopic Pregnancy

Is a funny feeling in the abdomen an early symptom of pregnancy?

I don't know. I go for a blood test the day after tomorrow and will know then. I've been having a "funny feeling" too, it's a heaviness and mild twinges... kind of like mild menstrual cramps. I'm almost 2 weeks late and am not sure, I've had 2 negative tests, but I may have taken them too early. My only other symptom is some mild nausea that can be ignored and some mild breast discharge. I'll post once my blood test comes back and let you know if my "funny feeling" was a little one just wanting to make room!

Answeryou sound like me to a tee.PLEASE let me know when your test comes back, i too had to neg HPT but i may only be two weeks so it may be too early to tell AnswerDid either of you find you were pregnant? I too am having the same symptoms... tight feeling in stomach, like I have been doing situps, and bloated as anything. Like butterflies in my tummy!

I have had a two negative results and one very very very faint positive (which might have been an evap line). My period isn't evem due until next week - but I just feel SO odd!!!

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Ectopic Pregnancy

Is eating and sleeping more an early symptom of pregnancy?

These two symptoms have been described as early pregnancy symptoms. They can also be caused by stress, or maybe even a hormone imbalance. I would take a look at whether you had sex during your fertile times. Take the length of your cycle minus 14 days and that should tell you when you ovulated. If you had intercourse a couple of days prior to that you could be pregnant. I would get a home pregnancy test and try it. Wait and see what your next cycle is like. If it is light or missed try another test. If they are negative but you still feel pregnant, or other symptoms show up, then get a blood test done to be sure. Good luck and keep us posted.

Ectopic Pregnancy

What are the signs of an ectopic pregnancy?

The first warning signs of an ectopic pregnancy are often pain or vaginal bleeding. You might feel pain in your pelvis, abdomen, or, in extreme cases, even your shoulder or neck (if blood from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy builds up and irritates certain nerves). Most women describe the pain as sharp and stabbing. It may concentrate on one side of the pelvis and come and go or vary in intensity.

Any of the following additional symptoms can also suggest an ectopic pregnancy:

  • vaginal spotting
  • dizziness or fainting (caused by blood loss)
  • low blood pressure (also caused by blood loss)
  • lower back pain

I , I decided to answer because early on I was worried that I was going to go through this type of pregnancy. Good Luck!

Ectopic Pregnancy

Will womb transplants or embryo implants for transsexual women be carried out soon?

After much research, I have found that it is possible, but risky. Sarah Luiz, a transsexual woman (though incorrectly called a transgendered person in the press), is a recipient for the womb transplant but even if she does get a transplant her baby is still in risk because her immuno-suppressants (to keep her body from rejecting the womb) may harm the baby. I do hope she gets the womb transplant; it will be a break through for all the young TS women wanting to give birth.

Periods while Pregnant
Ectopic Pregnancy

Do you get a period with ectopic pregnancy?

yes you can. I had a bleeding that I thought was a normally period, which turned out to be bleeding from the fact my tube had burst.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Ectopic Pregnancy

Is navel pain a sign or symptom of pregnancy?

I am uncertain whether this is in fact a sign of pregnancy, but I can tell you that I know what you're talking about. I have never been pregnant, but I often feel an inward tugging on my belly button. It almost feels like there is a cord tugging my belly button in and down... a very strange, slightly uncomfortable feeling. Never associated with pregnancy in my case, but who knows? Also- this runs in my family, maybe hormonal? This can also be the beginning sign of an appendicitis, if the pain moves to right or you start vomiting, go straigt to ER. It was a definite sign for me. I had this before I found out I was pregnant with my son. It continued throughout the pregnancy. And he was a healthy it had no adverse affect. Answer There are many causes of Belly Button Pain, from appendicitis to ulcers. I always advise people to see a doctor for such pain. Don't be like a friend of mine, who had such pain and just kept blowing it off, because he is an athlete, as aching or pulled abdominal muscles. He awoke on night to unbearable pain, his wife took him to the ER and discovered that his appendix has ruptured.

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What is white fluid coming out of breasts 1 year after tubal ligation?

Nipple discharge is quite common among Women and can mean a variety of things. The following will cause nipple discharge: * Breast & nipple stimulation. * Milk duct infection. * Hormonal imbalance. * High Proclatin level. Most watery of bloody discharge is caused by Papilloma or infection. All types of discharge must be reported to your Doctor. Make a appointment with your Physcian & have a thorough check up. Please note this is advice only & should not be used in place of a medical experts. Nipple discharge is caused by several different things and is a very common cause for Women visiting their Doctor. The causes of discharge are: * Breast & nipple stimulation. * Lactation due to pregnancy. * Hormonal imbalance. * High Proclatin Level. * Milk duct infection. Watery and/or bloody nipple discharge may also be caused by infection or Papilloma. All discharge from the Breast must be reported to your Doctor and a thorough evaluation is required. Please note this is advice only & should not be used in place of a medical experts.

Pregnancy Tests
Ectopic Pregnancy

Are over-the-counter pregnancy tests reliable?

Over the counter pregnancy test are directly proportional to the pregnancy time of the person. If the pregnancy is in the early stages it is highly probable that the test will show a false negative, because the levels of hCG in the urine are still too low to be detected. In these cases is recommended two things: 1. Waiting for a couple of days to re-test, or 2. Go to your Physician so that blood test can be order for testing pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Ectopic Pregnancy

Is pain like a pulled muscle on your left side a pregnancy symptom?

Not that I'm aware of, but have it checked out. It sounds like it could be apendicitis. It's not appendicitis. I get it on both sides it's just more noticeable on my left side. Big difference btwn this pain & that kind of pain. Thank you for your reply I appreciate it. Anyone else have any idea if this is a pg symptom? Or, anyone who is pg ever experienced this? I plan on testing on Friday if my period does not show up by then. I had the same thing happen to me with my 1st daughter. I actually went into the emegency room for a pain on my left side that would not go away. They took a pregnency test and it came back positive Yes, I hear it is quite normal. Your pg body is doing alot of shifting & stretching to accomodate the little one inside you. However, if it becomes too painful or, does not go away then you should call your Dr. right away. Pulling pain on your side is definitely a symptom, it occurs because the uterus is stretching to get ready for the baby.

The sensation you are feeling is caused by your ligaments stretching. You may often feel this when you change positions while lying down or getting up abruptly. It sort of feels like your ovary is twisting.

Thank you all for your replys to my question. It is indeed a indication of pregnancy. I took a test 3 days after asking this question & it was very much +. I am now almost 12 weeks along. Your appendix is on the right side of your body so you can rule out appendicitis Sharp pains are a sign of pregnancy, it was one of my first signs this time with #4. My pains are on both sides, I have heard that sharp pain on one side is a sign of tubal pregnancy, which if left undetected can cause your tube to rupture. Could just be nothing but I would at least check with my doctor if the pain is one sided. It may also be an ovarian cyst that comes and goes. an ultrasound can confirm that for you. Warning! I had the same thing. It felt like a bad cramp and got worse around my abdomen area. I was rushed to the hospital but in face it was my right ovary and they had to remove it. The blood supply tube to the right ovary twisted and swelled up my ovary. Please, if it gets worse, go to the hospital, as the ovary will die after 1 day while twisting. Lower your stress and do not wear any tighly buttoned jeans. I have the same pain and am a little concerned myself. I took a PG test and it was neg., but I think I took it too early. I am showing every other sign of being PG, though. I think the best thing to do would be to schedule a Dr. apptmt. as soon as you can get one to be sure that everything will go smoothly. I'm sure you are fine, though. Good luck! CONGRATS!!!

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Can pregnancy symptoms occur due to wishful thinking?

they can.i wanted to be pregnant so badly i started having heart burn,nausea,cramps,nearly all the symptoms i even started gaining weight but i found out i wasn't yes it can happen with wishful thinking.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Ectopic Pregnancy

Is pain in the breast a pregnancy symptom?

There are many reasons for pain in the breast, but yes, soreness or tenderness can be a symptom of pregnancy. Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include missed period, tender/swollen breasts, change in color of the breasts, fatigue, nausea/vomiting, increased sense of smell, and weight gain. Here is a link to a website that will calculate the probability of your pregnancy:

Ectopic Pregnancy

Are pain on the left side of the stomach and diarrhea symptoms of pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy?

Sounds more like a stomach virus or apendicitis to me. But if you think you're pregnant, take a home test or go see a doctor.

You can rule out apendicitis because your appendix are on your right side. I am a nurse and yes you can it all depends on the woman. Every womans body is differentand every pregnancy is different also go see a doctor to cnfirm it .

i had an ectopic pregnancy about 4 months ago. i had a terrible amount of pain on one side of my body. sometimes the pain would be like a cramp, and other times it would feel more like a knife cutting through me. i also exprienced numbness in my hand and foot on that same side of my body. by the time my doc figured out what was wrong, i had to have emergency surgery. i lost the baby along with my right ovary and tube. if you have an suspicions at all that you may have an ectopic pregnancy...please see you doctor immediately!

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How can a singer recover from laryngitis quickly?

Well, you have to make sure that you try not to speak as much. Even whispering can cause harm to the larynx. Make sure to drink lots of fluids and when you need to talk, use head or hand motions or body language. You can speak softly, but whatever you do, DO NOT WHISPER. Breathe through your nose to prevent dryness. Avoid smoke, smoking and airbone allergents. This can agitate the larnyx more. Avoid talking as much as possible. The more you talk, the longer it takes for the illness to get treated. Gargle with salt and water very well. In fact, if you are a singer on tour, I highly recommend, take care of the illness first because it could become permanent and or, develop into cancer. Prescribinng medications may help. Do not use mouth rinses with alcohol! Depending on the type of laryngitis you have, you may wantto talk to your doctor. The sentences I underlined are ones you should focus on.

Note: Just out of curiosity, if this is Jordin Sparks sending this question, feel better. Make sure to follow the guidelines I underlined. They are essential to fast recovery, but even so, the fastest recover is about 3 to 4 weeks. How I knew: This question was posted recently and had not been asnwered yet. If not, whoever is affected with this illness, follow the same guidelines and feel better! =)

>>> NEW UPDATE: I checked on the internet and YouTube and there was this person afflicted with laryngitis who has her's completely gone in 1 week. You may become one of them so if your on tour, do not quit touring.

Note from fellow singer 3 words...Throat Coat Tea.

Find a steam room, after getting out of steam room , hot bath or shower, vicks back, chest, throat while the pores are open. DON'T Talk period until it is completely gone.. Hard I know, but it's your voice and it can become more "fragile" if you push it. Enjoy the internal stillness!!

I am GP and was looking this up out of interest. I saw the comment above that laryngitis can lead to cancer. THIS IS NOT TRUE. It is true however that if you are hoarse for 3 weeks or more, it could be an early sign of throat cancer. It could also be chronic laryngitis which is NOT CANCER and is treatable. If you are hoarse for 3 weeks or more you should see your doctor who may want to refer you to an ENT surgeon (or ENT specialist GP) to look at your vocal cords, to make sure it isn't a cancer.

Throat cancer is treatable if caught early so remember this advice.

I agree that not talking, inhaling steam and drinking plenty of fluids is the best advice to improve your recovery rates. This can prevent acute (short term) laryngitis from becoming chronic (long term).

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Geritol and pregnancy?

Geritol helping with getting pregnant is a myth. The official response from the product's manufacturer says: "There is no evidence that Geritol can increase fertility and we don't make that claim. We're not sure how the rumor started, but there's no truth to it."

Pregnancy Health and Safety (Prenatal Care)
Pregnancy Symptoms
Ectopic Pregnancy

Can hot flashes and stomach pains be an indication of pregnancy?

They can be symptoms, yes, but they aren't a guarantee that you're pregnant.

Ectopic Pregnancy

How can pregnancy be prevented?

Pregnancy can be prevented by using a birth control such as a pill, depot shot, patch, or condom. But I will say the safest way to prevent pregnancy is to be abstinence which in meaning don't have sex at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is a burning in your stomach a sign of pregnancy?


Pregnancy Symptoms
Ectopic Pregnancy

Is a constant twitchy eye a sign of pregnancy?

not sure-but im going on 11 weeks now and for the past 2 days my upper eye lid, left side only, has been twitching...almost all day...its so annoying and don't know what the hecks going on!Probably not. You might want to see a doctor, but you don't have to mention pregnancy if you don't want to.

That's an interesting question, because for about two weeks my upper lip has been twitching almost constantly. Last week I had a positive pregnancy test. I don't think any scientific studies will ever prove a connection, but regardless, if it continues to bother you, have it checked.

Strangely enough, for about two weeks I have had an occasional muscle twitch in my lower eyelid , right up against my eye, and today 12-14-04 I just got a positive pregnancy test. I would be about three weeks pregnant. Strange coincidence, eh?

Facial muscle twitches, like that of the eye or lip, are most likely caused by stress. Your body is under more stress when pregnant because of hormonal changes, so a pregnancy could contribute to a twitch. However, twitches could be caused by other stresses in your life, a change in birth control meds, lack of sleep or good diet, etc. If you are worried about being pregnant, you should take a home pregnancy test to rule it out (or in).

I'm 13 weeks pregnant and just got an annoying eye twitch in my left eye lid. It started about a week and a half ago. I never had this before but looked it up and see other pregnant women have this problem as well. I really don't know what is causing it, but I hope it goes away after the baby if that's what it is.

My left eyelid has been twitching all day today, So finally I decide to go on the internet and research my little problem, Then I come along and find this page, How funny because I am now 15 weeks pregnant!!! Could this be real? "I am thinking to myself" I am going to go have this checked out anyway!

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Is it possible to get pregnant after a recent tubal?

I am 37 year old insulin dependit diabetic and I had my first child who just turned 14 month. At the time of birth the doctors cut my tubes so I thought all would be fine, but I just missed a period. I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative so I don't know what to think, I am worried.i had my tubes done laproscopically and they were burnt in April 2006, but have not seen period since baby born. she was born in December 2006. my husband say i need to chk cause he's having back pains like when i was pregnant. now u guys have me wondering.

i recently had a tubal ligation and i am currently wondering the same thing. the only facts i know have happened years after the procedure, for me it has been 11 months

I was wonding the same thing, i just had one done in late June and have missed a period. is that normal?

Yes. Anything is possible, but it is more likely to happen if you had your tubal right after child birth (atleast that is what the doctors have told me). I had my tubes tied right after my 3rd child was born. I found out I was pregnant 6 months later. It turned out that the doctor only clamped them, which I didn't even know was an option. My new doctor said that she knew of a woman that had her tubes cut,tied and burned twice and got pregnant both times. It is unlikely, but possible.

Yes!!!!You can become pregnant! I am 27 years old, and I had a tubal ligation done only a year and a half ago and guess what? I found out I am pregnant today. I have to go in for an ultra sound tomorrow to see if it is ectopic or not. I am still in shock. Everything happens for a reason.

I had my tubes clamped only 5 months ago and have found out today I am pregnant! I have to have an ultrasound to see if it is ectopic. I have 6 kids and am 41 so this is not a great situation for me. I am still in shock too.

I had my tubes tied and cut 4 years ago after asking the doctor to tie, cut and burn them...I took a pregnancy test yesterday it came back positive, I rushed to emerg I had an ultra sound and internal ultrasound they said it was too early to tell anything (also said I am 4 to 5 weeks pregnant) I am scared to death..Has anyone had this happen? and Is it possible for this to be a viable pregnancy?

Pregnancy Symptoms
Ectopic Pregnancy

Early pregnancy symptoms?

Early pregnancy symptoms:

  • Abdominal cramping
  • Breast tenderness
  • Nipple tenderness
  • Food cravings
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Dizziness
  • Missed period
Ectopic Pregnancy
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Ano bang gamot ang pang palaglag para sa buntis?

Bawal po Ang pag recominda sa paglaglag ng Bata kasi kasalanan yan sa diyos. halimbawa kung ako ang yung nanay tapos epalaglag kita ano ang magiging reaksyon mo..? daba magagalit ka


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