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Multiple births happen when two or more fetuses are developed during a pregnancy. Two fetuses, or twins, are common; but eight fetuses, or octuplets, are rare. Premature birth is most likely to happen to babies born from a multiple-birth.

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Do twins get an extra chromosome from 1 parent?

No. Having an extra chromosome is actually a genetic defect. With twins, let's assume they are identical twins, the mother has one egg cell in the fallopian tube ready to be fertilized by a sperm cell. The sperm cell fertilizes the egg cell, but that egg cell then undergoes mitosis. All of the cell contents are duplicated and the cell divides into two. You now have 2 cells with the exact DNA which are twins. In the case of fraternal twins,...
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What is it called when you have 4 babies at once?

If they are born from a single pregnancy they are called quadruplets. Quadruplets. Quadruplet The word used for 4 babies born at the same time from the same womb is 'quadruplets'. ...
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Are there any cheats for having twins in Sims 2?

NOTE: Before you complete any of these steps, your Sim must already be pregnant. Open the cheat bar (Ctrl + Shift + C) Enter 'forcetwins' When in labor your female will now give birth to twins. ...
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Are you more likely to have twins if your period was late the month before?

No, you have just as much chance as if you period was early or on time. You have a greater chance if the mother has twins in her family, but only fraternal twins as identical twins are more of a mutation. A woman needs to inherit the gene for multiple ovulation. Even if the man is a twin himself, his sperm can't make a woman release two eggs. Fertility treatments are the only way to increase your chances besides luck and hereditary. ...
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Can a twin give birth to twins?

Technically yes.
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Can one twin absorb the other?

Very interesting article. It explains the two different ways a twin can be absorbed and disappear. (Exact Quote) Vanishing Twin Syndrome By Deborah Bohn The rise in early-term ultrasounds has brought the Vanishing Twin Syndrome to light, revealing that a surprising number of twin pregnancies result in the birth of only one baby. �We won the conception lottery!� That�s what I wrote in my online journal when I found out that my husband and I were expecting twins. After months of hormone injections,...
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Who are the mccan twins?

the mccann twins are the related to madeleine mccan who famously went missing while on holiday with her perants. i cant remember where! i hope this helped XD ...
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What are the chances of having twins after a myomectomy?

Myomectomy alone wouldn't change the likelihood of conceiving twins.
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What are mirror twins?

Mirror image twins are identical and have mirror image differences but are genetically identical which means they have the same DNA. A set of mirror-image twins will have similarities like a mole. One twin would have it on his left arm while the other would have it on his right. Another common feature is one twin being left handed, while the other is right handed. For male twins, the swirl of hair crown is often in the opposite direction. ...
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Can conjoined twins have kids?

Depends on were the twins are joined at, like the organs, but yes they could. ...
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Who were the Tishman twins?

There is a reference to the Tishman twins in an old folk song, "Shake Hands With Your Uncle Max" by Allan Sherman. It goes: Shake hands with your Uncle Max, my boy And here is your sister Shirl And here is your cousin Isabel That's Irving's oldest girl And you remember the Tishman twins Gerald and Jerome We all came out to greet you And to wish you welcome home Although there maybe some twin siblings named Tishman somewhere in the world, Gerald and Jerome appear...
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Dilatation and Curettage to help have a baby?

Not sure what you mean since this is a procedure to abort or clean out the uterus after a miscarriage. ...
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What annoys twins?

i am a twin and we're not sure if we are identical or fraternal because you can only tell by blood tests for sure but we look very alike and so we are confused a lot so if you are a soon to be parent of twins or something here is what annoys them. 1.the most annoying thing is when people assume you have the same personality because you look alike 2 the second most annoying thing is when people call...
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What are 11 babies born at once called?

Since all other Muliti-Birth names are with Greek prefixes, it should be hendectuplets. ...
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Can you have twins by two different fathers?

Yes you can, although it's very rare. Sometimes two (or more) eggs can be dropped during a single ovulation. So it's possible that if you sleep with two men during your ovulation time then both of their sperm could 'catch an egg', and produce twins with different fathers. I believe that the double egg-drop happens more commonly with fertility treatment or if the mother is older. ...
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What is the probability of having twin calves?

about 1-4%. Animal twins Twins are common in many animal species, such as cats, sheep, ferrets and deer. The incidence of twinning among cattle is about 1-4%, and research is under way to improve the odds of twinning, which can be more profitable for the breeder if complications can be sidestepped or managed. The nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) has identical twins (usually four babies) as its regular reproduction and not as exceptional cases. Twin calves of the Hereford breed I hope this can help you. ...
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What causes a set of twins?

There are two types of twins. Fraternal twins are produced when two eggs are released and two separate sperm fertilize them. These twins are not identical, although they may still look alike because they are siblings. Identical twins are produced when one egg is fertilized by one sperm. During the zygote stage, the egg splits into two. This creates two separate embryos and thus the children will be identical copies of each other. The same exact chromosome match. ...
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Does the mother or father determine twins?

There are two primary types of twins, Identical and Fraternal. Identical twins occur when the egg splits after fertilization. To date no indication of a genetic link has been found. Anyone has a chance, though small, of having identical twins. Fraternal twins occur when more than one egg is dropped during ovulation. This trait can be inherited from the mother's side of the family. Studies have shown that the chances are also increased by being overweight or older. ...
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How do you get twins on babydow?

If you want twins you either have to have to magic seeds at the same time and do them at the same time or plant to seeds on the same day and get on their everyday and you will have twins in know time! ...
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Why can't you get tattoos while pregnant?

You can but you shouldn't an a lot of tattoo artists won't give you one. This is because the huge amount of adrenaline your body produces can cause miscarriage you are also very prone to get a blood infection no matter how clean your tattoo parlour is. Getting a tattoo at any time runs the risk of you contracting diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis. Contracting these, especially while pregnant, can lead to your unborn child contracting them as well. During pregnancy...
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Who had the most children at once?

A woman in Malaysia gave birth to 9 babies in 1999. Sadly, none of them survived ...
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How do you tell someone they are smothering?

You have to polite, honest and straight forward - they may not know unless you tell them. ...