Bishops refer to a level of leadership within a religion. In some religions they are appointed by the highest authority, in others they are elected.

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Why was archbishop trevor huddleston succesfull what did he achieve?

Biographical Details

On the 15th June 1913 Trevor Huddleston was born in Bedford, England. He went to the schools Lancing College, Christ Church, Oxford and Wells Theological College. He joined an Anglican religious order, the Community of the Resurrection (CR), in 1939, having already served for two years as a curate at St Mark's Swindon.


Apartheid was the separation and treatment of black people in South Africa. It was enforced by the National Party government between 1948 and 1993. There was racial discrimination before, but the government introduced the official policy in 1948. The government segregated education, medical care, and other public services.

South Africa

In 1943, Huddleston went to the CR mission station at Rosettenville, Sophiatown to build on the work of Raymond Raines, whose work had become so difficult had to return home for a break. Over the course of the next 13 years in Sophiatown, Huddleston developed into a much-loved priest and respected anti-Apartheid activist. He fought against the Apartheid laws peacefully and made public the racism and conviction of the black people there.


I believe that Huddleston received most of his inspiration from God and through his theological studies. Trevor Huddleston will be most remembered, however, as a person that brought inspiration to others. Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela have stated the strong influence that Huddleston had on him. And there are also thousands of other men and women who were positively influenced by Trevor Huddleston.

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What is Archbishop Karl Josef Rauber's email address or facebook address?

He does not live in Uk, in fact he is from Maihz/ Numburg Germany and by 5 and 10 cannot be naked; at most he is praying.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Why did Mozart want to leave the service of Archbishop Colloredo?

he refused to carry a parcel back to salzburg


Can you checkmate with king and queen vs king and 2 bishops?

It is possible to checkmate with a queen against two bishops, just as it is possible to checkmate with two bishops against a queen. However, in perfect endgame play, two bishops versus a queen, without any other pieces on the board is a draw, given that

1. The bishops cannot take the queen or vice versa

2. There are no tactics with which the queen can force a capture of the bishop in a few moves

3. There are no extenuating circumstances where either side has to give up a piece to avoid checkmate.

In other words, if the king is in or near the center defending both of the bishops and the opposing queen is not in the bishops' line of fire, the game is a theoretical draw.


Why did the convict steal the bishop's candlesticks?


How many Catholic bishops around the world?

There are currently (May 2011) 5,215 living bishops. This number includes bishops, archbishops, cardinals, and the Holy Father. See link below.

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Character sketch of convict in the bishops candlesticks?

convict unlike bishop, he is a common man who has changed into beast because of the difficult faces of life he has seen yet. But after seeing bishops kindness towards him his sole got changed once more and he became human, just because of bishops kindness towards him.


What was higher then an archbishop?

The person who would be higher is the Pope.


Is a cardinal higher than an archbishop?

The highest holy order is bishop, so bishops, archbishops, cardinals and popes are all bishops. However, in terms of rank, an archbishop is higher than a bishop, a cardinal is higher than an archbishop, and a pope is higher than a cardinal. The Pope appoints the cardinals, and cardinals appoint a pope.

They are different things, and sometimes the same. An Archbishop is usually just the bishop of an Archdiocese. He may or may not be a Cardinal as well. A cardinal is not necessarily even a priest, although that is very uncommon in modern times, we still do have a number of cardinals who are appointed for one reason or another who are not bishops, and do not wish to be made bishops.

They are not one higher than another, a Cardinal is just someone who has been honored with the responsibility of voting for the next Pope.

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What is the character sketch of the persome in the bishop's candlesticks?

Persome is Bishop's sister who is concerning for her brother and how she is also embittered by his benevolence. She believed that charity begins at home. Therefore Bishop should be first concerned about the suffering in families then he should worry about others. Persome also understands the deep rooted sentiments of her brother for the candlesticks this implies that she is understating too. She believes that everyone tries to fleece her simple brother. She has a very dominant role and she is also disapproving and a hard task master.


When was archbishop lanfranc school built?

It was made in 19 sumthing i think 1994


What is the moral of the bishop's candlestick by Norman mckinnell?

the moral is that one man's kindness can change the wrong feelings of the other and can really make him kind too.

History of England

Who was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1533-55?

Thomas Cranmer


Where is archbishop Duncan Williams homepage?


What color is a bishops skullcap?



What is the characteristics of convict in bishops candlesticks?

convict was a common man .he was in need thts why he steel food fr his wife dieing and starving ......bishop kindness changed him beast to a man


What is the role of archbishops?

Catholic AnswerUsually an "archbishop" is just a Bishop of an archdiocese. In some instances, he may be, historically, a cardinal, but not always. An archbishop has no real authority outside of his own diocese except very specific procedural things which have been assigned to him from Rome.

An archdiocese would be the central, or historically most important diocese in a province.

from Modern Catholic Dictionary by John A. Hardon, S.J. Doubleday & Co., Inc. Garden City, NY 1980

Archbishop. A bishop who presides over one or more (arch)dioceses. He may call the bishops to a provincial council, having the right duty to do so, and he may act as first judge of appeal over a decision of one of his bishops. His immediate jurisdiction, however, pertains solely to his own diocese. He is often styled "metropolitan" because of the importance of his see city or ecclesiastical province.

Medieval Religion

Who is the bishop of Lancaster Diocese?

The Reverend Canon Geoffrey Seagrave Pearson BA is the Bishop of Lancaster, in the Diocese of Blackburn (as of 26 July 2006)


Who was the first Catholic bishop and when did this happen?

The role of bishop came about in the early part of the second century, beginning in the more established Christian cities of the eastern Mediterranean area. According to Catholic tradition, the apostle Peter was the first bishop of Rome, but Francis A. Sullivan says, in From Apostles to Bishops, that there is a general agreement among scholars, including Catholic scholars, that the church of Rome was led by a council of presbyters until well into the second century, with no evidence of a ruling bishop. The first monarchical bishop of Rome was probably either Pius I or Anicetus , in the middle of the second century.


What has happened to the Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church and Archbishop James Atkinson Wake?

The Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic as it was called is part of the Igreja Catolica Apostolica Brasilia. A church founded by a former Roman Catholic Bishop, Duarta Costa, Brazil. The Church is going from strength to strength. They have parishes in Stoke on Trent, Birmingham, Derbyshire and in the North of England. The church is also established in Italy, Australia and in the US and Vocations are on the increase. Archbishop James Atkinson Wake is very much alive and well, working extremely hard in moving the church forward. Archbishop James is supported by his fellow bishops, Monsignor Martin Carroll, Bishop of Stoke on Trent who is also the vicar general, and Bishop Martin Lee, the Bishop of Winsor and Bishop Michael. The Church hold apostolic succession which stems directly from the Roman Catholic Church.
It's definitely David Bell born in Northern Ireland who subsequently changed his name to James Atkinson Wake and who has now reverted to his birth name.

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What does andre bishops tattoo say in fight night champion?

He who is brave is free (hammer design with banner says) veritas truth is my hammer

Vatican City
Second Vatican Council

What was the purpose of the Second Vatican Council?

The Second Vatican Council (otherwise known as Vatican II) was a pastoral council, convened in order to update and review the disciplines, policies and attitude of the Catholic Church vis-a-via the modern world. Many documents were drafted and voted on in this Council that had a very progressive flavor that ultimately caused a rift among the Council fathers as Conservatives fought to organize and resist the changes. What came out of this was a series of vague documents that both sides could effectively interpret. After Vatican II, the liberal forces having triumphed, the progressive view was adopted which led to the liturgical reforms that brought forth the modern Novus Ordo Missa or New Mass as well as the attitudes towards liturgy in general in its conduct, literature, prayers, architecture and ecumenism. The Council made no dogmatic definitions nor did it declare itself a full ecumenical council versus just a pastoral one. Traditionalists that continue to resist the effects of Vatican II point to this as their justification for rejecting outright or resisting the modern changes. An excellent and remarkably objective book on the Council is "The Rhine Flows into the Tiber" by Ralph M. Wiltgen, who was a journalist covering it at the time.

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What is Joey Bishop's birthday?

Joey Bishop was born on February 3, 1918.


What do bishops wear?

Roman Catholic bishops wear a ornamental priest's cassock. It is usually more ornate than a regular parish priest's cassock and often denotes the rank of the position.


What denomination deemed Eddie Long a bishop if the role of a bishop is defined as supervising a number of local churches or diocese?

New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia is Bishop Eddie Long's church.

Another ancient role of a bishop is that of ordaining other ministers. That may be his denomination's reason for calling him a bishop.

Firstly let me state that bible does not teaches that a bishop must be over many churches. What it does teaches that many bishop should be in one church, a bishop and an elder is the same qualification. Bishop Eddie Long was consecrated to the office of a bishop under the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship by Bishop Paul S. Morton. He subsequently left the fellowship but retained the title.


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