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The word Anglican describes those churches, institutions, and people following the religious concepts and traditions founded by the Church of England. Most Anglicans are members of churches that are part of the international Anglican Communion.

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What special role does Queen Elizabeth II hold in the Anglican Church?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is "Defender of the Faith" and Supreme Governor of the Church of England i.e., the Anglican Communion. She is the ecclesiastical superior of the Archbishop of Canterbury. This answer is from under "Queen Elizabeth II". ...
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Do Anglicans believe once saved always saved?

I am not an Anglican but I share the same platform with them as a protestant. It depends with individuals. There are people who get saved and remain thus while others become wolves in sheep,s clothe. Yet, they claim they are saved. However, there is no criteria here on earth to know who is fully saved until the day we shall meet our maker. I am an Episcopalian or Anglican and we believe that Jesus saved us when he died and was...
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How did Henry VIII's split from the Catholic Church differ from some of the other reform movements?

A: Martin Luther and others split with the Catholic Church over issues of morals and doctrine, when they believed the Church had become irretrievably corrupt and had introduced teachings at variance with the Bible. The split between King Henry VIII and the Catholic Church was fundamentally different. King Henry VIII was a staunch Catholic and had no criticism of the Catholic Church, either in terms of morals or doctrine. In fact, it was his defence of the Catholic Church against the claims of Martin...
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What is procession of church?

It can be called many things, one typical word used for a liturgical procession is "Cortege". ...
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Names of some Anglican churches in Jamaica and the parishes they are in?

Anglican Church Hall - St Thomas St Benidicts Anglican Church - Bull Bay
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What English monarch broke away from the Catholic Church and what are the two churches he made?

Catholic Answer England became a part of the reformation more through politics than theological debate. King Henry VIII (1509-47) needed an heir to the throne and with his wife was unable to produce one. The Pope would not grant a divorce and so Henry convinced Parliament to declare him head of the Church in England. Henry's daughter, Mary Tudor, was a staunch Catholic and persecuted the Protestants. When Henry's other daughter, Elizabeth, inherited the throne, she tolerated the Protestants just enough so as...
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What is the name of a kneeling cushion in church?

They are called kneelers or hassocks. Though they are mostly known as hassocks! ...
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What was the most important reason for Henry VIII making changes to the Church of England?

For power because Henry wanted a lot of power and also the pope had more then him. --------------------------The subject is complex. Henry didn't make many changes in the Church in England,he established it, but that was simply confirming what had been done in 312, by Constantine the Roman Emperor. Henry's greatest effort was to put in place all the laws and restrictions that had been on the statute book for at least some 500 years. These laws were the ones inhibiting, or restricting...
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What led to the Protestant Reformation in England and how was it different from the movement in mainland Europe?

The first part of the to this question is all related to the politics of the court of Henry VIII. Henry was second in line to throne, his father Henry VII had a son Arthur who was older. For political reasons an alliance between Aragon (a country now part of Spain) and England was important and so a marraige between Catherine of Aragon and Arthur, the heir to the English throne was arranged. However before Arthur could succeed to the throne...
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What are Easter colors?

pastel: blue, pink, yellow, and only sometimes light green.
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When did the two coins over the dead's eyes start and what is the history of it?

In Greek mythology, Hades (their version of the underworld), had 5 rivers; one of them being the Styx. Dead souls had to cross it once they left the realm of the living and the only way was on the boat of Charon. The ancient Greeks would put coins on the eyes of their dead so they could pay the boatman to ensure safe passage across the river, and that they would not be left behind. ...
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What do you call Church of England morning prayers?

matins is the name it also covers the roman catholic as well as the Anglican faiths ...
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Why did Henry VIII change the church in England?

Henry VIII was a Roman Catholic, under the authority of the Pope in Rome. The Catholic Church did not recognize divorce, and Henry wanted a divorce from his first wife, Catherine of Aragon because she could not bear him any children (specifically, male heirs). He wanted to marry another young woman named Anne Boleyn (whom he later beheaded). After failing to get the Pope in Rome to give him a "papal dispensation" (which would have given him special treatment by allowing the divorce), he...
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Can a baptized Anglican be confirmed Catholic?

A n Anglican baptised in the traditional fashion and manner is already a Catholic. Every one if baptised with water in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost becomes a member of Christ and a son of God. If however, Catholic is a short cut for Roman Catholic, it is probable that the Roman Authorities will demand a,' conditional baptism', just in case! Roman Catholic Answer Any Christian baptized "in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy...
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What arguments does the Church put forth for not having women priests?

Catholic Answer Below you will find many viewpoints and "arguments" about this topic, but the Church does not put forth any arguments for the simple reason that the Pope has ruled infallibly that only men can be ordained to the priesthood, and this is to be held as part of the deposit of faith. As such, it is considered as divinely revealed by God, and something to be held and believed by all the faithful - no arguments can be put forward...
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What are gifts to wish someone good luck?

Good Luck Gifts As a florist, I would suggest, curly bamboo, which by the way is not a true bamboo1 or an Asian money tree. Talk to your local florist or go online and find a florist in the are you want to send instead of using, FTD, Teleflora or any of the other "wire" services. As one of all the previously mention florist, you do not get what you pay for and if the receiptant does not live near a...
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Why did Henry VIII make a church of England?

Henry VIII changed the permitted church from Catholic to Church of England when he could not get the Pope to agree to divorce. He wanted an heir to the throne and his longtime wife could not provide one. ==============Henry did not make a Church in England and he certainly didn't make the C. of E., The Church was in Britain from a very early age and was simply a communion of catholics within the Body of Christ. The Catholic Church. He didn't...
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What forms of ministry ordained or other do the Catholic Anglican Orthodox and Uniting churches have?

The question: What forms of ministry, ordained or otherwise do the Catholic/Anglican/Orthodox and Uniting Churches have? Answer: (1) Ordained The Catholic, Orthodox + Anglican churches have the following ordained ministries: Episcopacy (overseeing a diocese i.e. group of parishes) Presbyterate/Priesthood (overseeing a parish or some other ministry e.g. hospital) Diaconate (concerned primarily with teaching and outreach to the poor) The Uniting Churches have the ordained ministry of pastor, one who is responsible for overseeing a parish. (2) Non-ordained All of the above churches have a...
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Is it normal to think about suicide?

== == It depends what "think about" means. Are you thinking about doing it, or are you thinking about the topic of suicide for a school report? ... or what? My guess is, if you are asking the question, you might have your question better answered by a professional counselor. Of you don't know one to speak to, then any medical clinic can advise you and direct you to speak to the right person. If it's critical, any hospital emergency room would...