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Known for his martial arts skills, Jackie Chan Kong-sang (April 7,1954) combines agility and speed with comedic action to create popular films, such as Rush Hour. He is also an accomplished singer, having released over 20 albums.

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Jackie Chan

Does Jackie Chan do Tae Kwon Do?

Yes he does know Tae Kwan Do

Jackie Chan

Is Jackie Chan dead?

No, Jackie Chan is still living.

Jackie Chan is the victim of a celebrity death hoax. Please verify your information with a reliable news source.

(see the links posted below)

Current rumors involve the following false reports:

  • Jackie Chan died in a 12 story fall while doing a stunt. A recent variation on the rumors. Started via a false report on Facebook.
  • Jackie Chan died of a heart attack. Started by Dubai Press by an error in translation from Chinese to Arabic to English. The original report was a truthful statement about another person whose name was not Jackie Chan but in translation it got changed and finally reported erroneously. This is probably the first false death report.
  • Jackie Chan died in a car accident in Australia. Started by a small newspaper in Australia. Reason unknown. It may simply have been another person with the same name.
  • Jackie Chan died in Switzerland. Started by an elaborate hoax involving the creation of a false Yahoo news page.
  • At other times random waves of R.I.P Jackie Chan pass through the social networks. Fueled by the continued existence of R.I.P Jackie Chan pages on Facebook.
Jackie Chan
Celebrity Fan Contact Information

What are Jackie Chan's Official Sites and Contact Information?

The Official Fan Mail address for Jackie Chan is:

JC Studio

No. 70 Pak To Avenue

Sheung Yeung /

Clear Water Bay Road .'

Sai Kung, Hong Kong


Jackie Chan's Official Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo accounts and Website are in the related links below.

Jackie Chan

Is Jackie Chan alive?


"Jackie always okay." ~Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is the ongoing victim of a recurring celebrity death hoax. Please verify your information with a reliable news source.

Jackie Chan

What is Jackie Chan's favorite color?

Black. Yes.

Jackie Chan
Jet Li
Who Would Win

Who would win in a fight Jackie Chan or Jet Li?

Some people will say Jackie Chan and some people will say Jet Li. They will never fight in a tournament or match so it is impossible to say. Enjoy discussing it though.

Jackie Chan

What is Jackie Chan's favorite stunt?

So many... I've been making more than 200 films. Probably Project A: jump through the rooftop. Police Story: jump to the shopping mall. Super Cop: jump to the helicopter. Aw that's too many, I cannot remember.
This is actually Jackie Chan, http://www.tastefullyoffensive.com/2017/10/jackie-chan-goes-undercover-on-internet.html

Jackie Chan
Bruce Lee

Who is better Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee?

This question has two answers.

1. Jackie Chan is better.

2. Bruce Lee is better.

It all depends on your personal opinion. Have fun discussing it.

Jackie Chan

Who is Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan (1954 - ) is a movie star, director, philanthropist and business man. He has made more than 200 movies in his career, and has released more than 20 solo and compilation albums. He has won many awards for acting and stunts. He holds two Guinness World Records and has many charitable interests, including two charitable foundations of his own - Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation and Dragon's Heart Foundation. Both foundations focus on helping children but JCCF also helps the elderly and other charitable activities while Dragon's Heart is solely to help children. He has many different business interests.

Jackie Chan

Does Jackie Chan live in Mexico?

No. Beijing, but I have an office in Shanghai, Taiwan...actually, I'm living around the world.

Jackie Chan
Jet Li
Who Would Win

Who is the strongest Jet Li or Jackie Chan?

Jackie chan.

Jackie Chan

Are Joan Lin Feng-Jiao and Jackie Chan still married?


Jackie Chan
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How old is Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan is 64 years old (birthdate April 7, 1954).

To calculate his age (in years) on his birthday this year, subtract his year of birth (1954) from the current year.


Jackie Chan

What are some of Jackie Chan's real nicknames?

Jackie Chan's real name is Chan Kong-sang. He used many different names in his movies, particularly when he was working as a stuntman. These are not nicknames.

He only has one real nickname and that is the one his parents gave him when he was a baby: Pao Pao, which means 'cannonball'. They gave him this nickname because he was a big, round, fat baby.

Jackie Chan
Jet Li
Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

How old are Jackie Chan and Jet Li?

Jackie Chan was born on April 7, 1954 .

Jet Li was born on April 26, 1963.

Jackie Chan

How much is Jackie Chan worth?

Jackie Chan has an extensive business empire owning full or part shares in a wide range of businesses from film props, to clothing, to EV's. It is impossible to determine the total net worth of all these holdings in addition to Jackie Chan's own personal net worth.

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Jackie Chan

Will they make Rush Hour 4?

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker were in talks mid-June 2013 to discuss "Rush Hour 4". In interviews after this- Jackie Chan said that he did not want to make "Rush Hour 4" just for the sake of making it. He wanted there to be a good script with a good story before making it. In another interview- Jackie Chan said that all the ideas that were presented for "Rush Hour 4" had been done before.

Update: The idea has now been put forward to make "Rush Hour 4" with Chris Tucker and not with Jackie Chan.

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Jackie Chan

Does Jackie Chan jump from building to building without a harness?

yes yes he does

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Jackie Chan
Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

Who is Jackie Chan's wife?

Joan Lin Feng-Jiao (1953 - ) is a Taiwanese actress.

Jackie Chan

What degree black belt does Jackie Chan hold?

Black Belts are not awarded in Chinese martial arts, but Jackie Chan does hold a Black-belt in Hapkido.

Jackie Chan

Where does Jackie Chan Train people and children?

Jackie does not train any one.

Jackie Chan

What does Jackie Chan like to do?

He likes making movies.

"I’ve been making movies for 57 years. More than 200 movies. I’m just so lucky."

"My dream is to continue filming until my body tells me to stop."

He LOVES cleaning.

"I love to clean."

He likes doing charity.

"I like to give back."

"When I give somebody something and see their face, it just makes me so happy."

He likes children to watch his movies.

"I really like children to watch my movies."

He loves Westerns.

"I loved cowboy movies when I was a kid. When I was five years old, I was already wearing a cowboy hat and suit. When I grew up, I knew John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Kirk Douglas and so on."

Celebrity Relationships
Jackie Chan

Who is Jackie Chan's daughter?

She is Etta Ng Chok Lam 吳卓林/Ng Chok Lam (Cantonese) /Wu Zhuo Lin (Mandarin). Her D.O.B is 19 November 1999. Her mother is Elaine Ng Yi Lei.

Jackie Chan

Does Jackie Chan know English?


Jackie Chan

What is the song Jackie Chan listens to when he thinks Chris Tucker died in Rush Hour 2?

He sings "I'll be missing you" by P. Diddy although actually the song just plays on the radio and Jackie moves his head to the song.


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