Bracelets are a decorative item that is worn around the wrist. Some are made from simple materials such as thread or ribbon, and others are made from more precious materials, such as gold.

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How do you put a clover on a friendship bracelet?

Go to this website below.


Where are David Yurman bracelets sold?

David Yurman bracelets can be sold online or in local stores depending on your location.


What charms fit truth Charm Bracelets?

Truth Charm Bracelets are designed to only fit Truth Charms as there is a small catch one end of the bracelet. The Truth Charms allow have a small gap to allow for this catch where other charms don't.


What does AKII mean on a gold bracelet?

It could mean the AKII indicates where it came from or when is was made or the factory that made it.

Editor's added information: The AKII is probably the initials of a man (or perhaps a woman but not very probable) and the man is a II or Junior: For example:

Alvin Kline, II or Alvin Kline Jr. You can take the bracelet to your local jeweler to determine if it is a manufacturers' mark or an individual jewelry designer's name or if it was an engraved initials. Your local jeweler may know who is the manufacturer or independent jewelry designer from that mark or by looking at the bracelet design.


Can alcohol monitoring bracelets detect marijuana?

No. SCRAM tethers measure the presence and level of alcohol in sweat.

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Are Balance Bond bracelets water resistant?

You can also buy cheap silicone bracelets online Fromfirstclasswristbands


What stockists sell 'the charm company' bracelets?

Warren James


How do you make friendship bracelets out of beads and string?

there's this kind of friendship bracelet i know how to make. my art teacher taught me. I don't know if it actually has a name or not.

you'll need some cardboard, some string, a needle, some tape and some beads. Indian beads are good.

1. get a rectangular piece of cardboard. the length of this cardboard rectangle will be approximately the length of your bracelet. cut it so that its got some gaps for the string to go through. it should look a bit like this: (ignore the 'l' lines in the middle)


l lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll l

l lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll l

l lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll l

l lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll l


2. cut some string about 60 cm long (or longer). tape one end to the BACK of your cardboard template. the wind the rest of the string in the gaps on the end of the cardboard. the number of spaces between the string is how many beads wide your bracelet will be. tape the other end of the string to the BACK of the template.

3. now get a needle, and thread 60cm of string through the eye and tie it there. make sure you do two knots. now tie the OTHER end of the string to the string CLOSEST to the edge of the cardboard template. then thread your beads onto the string. remember that the number of spaces in between your string will be the amount of beads you must put on the string with the needle on it.

4. thread the needle underneath every single string (the ones wrapped around the cardboard) arrange the beads so they are all in a space. when you're done, thread the needle THROUGH the beads but OVER the string (wrapped around the cardboard). tug the string to tighten.

5. repeat the process to make more rows of beads. when you're finished, tie the string that you put the beads on to one of the strings wrapping around the cardboard. cut the strings at the back and peel off the tape. tie each end of the strings and you're done!

this might sound a lot now, and it takes some time to do one bracelet, but they're really cool! you can put names on them, do borders, hearts, stripes, rainbows, anything!


What is a small ornament you put on your bracelet?

It's called a charm. They are still available, but they can sometimes be hard to find. Good luck!


Where can you buy cheap rubber bracelets?

Walmart is the epitome of cheap so you should start there. Dollar stores such as Dollar Tree or Dollar General would also be a source. You may have luck at CVS or Walgreens as well.


How do you make Vietnam era bootlace bracelets?

Just braid them together like any line (rope, etc.). That's how the GI's did it.


Do 9mm Italian beads fit Brighton bracelets?

I believe they will fit on the bracelet. As long as the clasp of the bracelet can be removed or to be small enough so the beads slide on.


How do you make Guatemalan friendship bracelets?

With string


What do orange glitter jelly bracelets mean?

It varies by the week and from school district to school district.


What stores carry david yurman bracelets?

Jewelry stores across the country carry David Yurman bracelets. The bracelets can also be found online at ebay,amazon, and pawngo. They are also sold at high end stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue.


How can you tell if the shamballa bracelet is real?

Check the amount of stones, Closing, designs.

if not sure go to ur local jewlery store. :)


How do you make a kiss bracelet?

make a bracelet and kiss it (: tada


Do individuality beads from Kohl's fit Pandora bracelets?

Yes they do


Can any charm go on a Tiffany bracelet?

No only the kind made for the tiffany.

Twilight New Moon

In twilight does Bella Swan wear Bracelet's?

in (either eclipse or breaking dawn) she wears a bracelet. One charm is a wolf carved from red-brown wood and the other is a diamond heart. [wayy pretty and sweet]

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How many beads are on a Catholic Rosary?

The Catholic rosary has 59 beads with sections of 10 beads called decades. One explanation why there are 50 main beads in each rosary may come from a practice monks had of memorizing the 150 psalms in the Bible. The monks would recite them 50 psalms at a time until they knew them by heart.

AnswerThe answer above describes the most common one, also called a Dominican rosary. Other less popular, but occasionally seen if you're around Franciscan or Servite parishes are the Angelic Crown and the Rosary of the Seven Colors with different numbers of beads. AnswerSmall rosaries exist that have only one set of 10 beads, along with the usual 5 others and the crucifix. These are for carrying in wallets, for instance. Ring rosaries are metal rings with bumps in the place of beads, and usually have 10 bumps, and are worn like a ring.
A rosary has 53 Hail Mary beads, and 6 Our Father beads. It has 59 beads.



How do you adjust the size of a friendship bracelet?

  • To adjust the size of a friendship bracelet you can go to any jewelry store and get different estimates to have them adjust the bracelet to fit your wrist.
  • To adjust a handmade friendship bracelet, depending on how it is made, you either slide the knots along the string to adjust or you untie, adjust the size, and retie the knot.

What other beads fit on expression bracelets?

I believe Swarovski makes some charms and beads that fit those, they are so pretty!


Is there anywhere online where you can buy inexpensive David Yurman bracelets?

The best place i could suggest to look would be on a webpage like eBay for example. Its surprising how often you can pick up some great bagains on there.


How long should the string be for alphabet friendship bracelets?

Measure your wrist in inches and add one ince if you are using a clamp at the end and add two inches if you are tying the thread or string.


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