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About how far is the capitol of Maryland from the capitol of Delaware in a straight line?


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What is the best route to drive from Columbus Ohio to Orlando Florida?

  1. Take I-70 EAST to I-77 SOUTH to MARIETTA at EXIT 180A.
  2. Take I-77 SOUTH all the way down through Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina (through Charlotte) to I-26 EAST (TO I-95) at END I-77 in Columbia, South Carolina.
  3. Take I-26 EAST to I-95 SOUTH towards SAVANNAH at EXIT 169A.
  4. Take I-95 SOUTH down to Florida. What you will do is you will get off at EXIT 260B to get onto I-4 WEST towards ORLANDO, then take I-4 WEST to Orlando.
New York
Colonial America
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Where can you find a map of colonial New York?

Go to Google. Oh the things you can find.
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What is the best route to Hartford CT from Toronto Canada by car?

From the beautiful city of Toronto to Hartford, I would take this route:

1. Queen Elizabeth Way southbound all the way to the United States/Canada border in Fort Erie, Ontario.

2. After crossing the Peace Bridge and going through customs (that's always fun), keep right in order to go onto Interstate 190 South/East (I'm unfamiliar with the area but the sign should say "TO I-90" on it).

3. Stay on I-190 South/East to the end (which is the interchange with I-90/New York State Throughway). At that interchange, stay left to get onto Interstate 90 EAST towards Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany. If you need services they will be on the roadway itself (the signs are blue!).

4. Stick on the New York Throughway all the way into Albany (Exit 24; the exits count down as you head east). Stay on the Throughway towards New York (It changes into Interstate 87 past Exit 24 going eastbound).

5. After a good 14 miles or so and passing two exits, Exit 21A will come up. At Exit 21A, the Berkshire Extension of the New York Throughway, exit to the right (signs will pop up for it; this will take you to the Massachusetts Turnpike (Interstate 90 again)).

6. After paying the toll for being on the Throughway, stay on the Berkshire Extension all the way into Massachusetts (Interstate 90 merges with the road).

7. Once in Massachusetts, stay on the Massachusetts Turnpike/Interstate 90 until you reach Exit 4 (Interstate 91). The exit will be on the right.

8. On the exit ramp (after the toll), stay left to follow the I-91 signs. After that, stay left to venture onto Interstate 91 SOUTH towards Springfield/Hartford.

9. Stay on I-91 past the Connecticut State Line towards Hartford (a good 20-30 miles from the state line south)

So simply put, the best route from Toronto, Ontario to Hartford, Connecticut would be this:

1. QEW South

2. I-190 South

3. NY Thruway/I-90 East

4. NY Thruway/I-87 South

5. Berkshire Extension East

6. Mass Pike/I-90 East

7. I-91 South

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How is direction shown on a map?

How is direction shown on map?

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Little Rock

What is the shortest route from Little Rock AR to Destin FL?

  1. Take I-40 EAST to I-55 SOUTH.
  2. Continue on I-55 SOUTH through Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee (Memphis) and Mississippi (through Jackson) to I-12 EAST to SLIDELL at EXIT 29A in LOUISIANA.
  3. Take I-12 EAST to I-10 EAST to BAY ST. LOUIS at EXIT 85C.
  4. Take I-10 EAST through Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama to FL-87 to FT. WALTON BEACH and NAVARRE at EXIT 31 in Florida.
  5. Turn right off the exit ramp onto FL-87 SOUTH to FT. WALTON BEACH and NAVARRE. Take FL-87 SOUTH to US-98. Turn left onto US-98 EAST.
  6. Take US-98 EAST to Destin. Destin is just after Ft. Walton Beach.
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Metro from gare du nord to gare st lazare?

From Gare du Nord to Saint-Lazare, the only direct liaison is the RER underground train, line E. Follow the signs for "RER E - Haussmann - Saint-Lazare'.

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What is the best route from Dayton OH to Myrtle Beach SC?

<ol><li>Take U.S. 35 SOUTH to I-64 EAST to CHARLESTON in WEST VIRGINIA.</li><li>Take I-64 EAST to I-77 SOUTH. I-64 joins with I-77 in Charleston, West Virginia, then they split near Beckley. From there you want to continue SOUTH on I-77.</li><li>Take I-77 SOUTH to I-74 EAST to MOUNT AIRY and WINSTON-SALEM at EXIT 101 in North Carolina.</li><li>Take I-74 EAST to U.S. 52 SOUTH. Continue STRAIGHT on U.S. 52 SOUTH.</li><li>Take U.S. 52 SOUTH to I-40 EAST to GREENSBORO and HIGH POINT at EXIT 107A just past downtown Winston-Salem.</li><li>Take I-40 EAST to I-73 SOUTH to ASHEVILLE outside of WINSTON-SALEM.</li><li>Continue SOUTH on I-73 to where it temporarily ENDS at U.S. 220. From there take U.S. 220 SOUTH to U.S. 1 SOUTH, go straight and then take U.S. 1 SOUTH to I-74/U.S. 74 EAST.</li><li>Take I-74/U.S. 74 EAST to ROUTE 38 to HAMLET and BENNETTSVILLE at EXIT 319.</li><li>Turn right off the exit ramp onto ROUTE 38 SOUTH towards BENNETTSVILLE.</li><li>Take ROUTE 38 into South Carolina and then stay on ROUTE 38 SOUTH to U.S. 501 SOUTH. It will be a seamless connection.</li><li>Take U.S. 501 SOUTH to SR-22 (Conway Bypass) EAST to MYRTLE BEACH and NORTH MYRTLE BEACH. SR-22 is about 8 miles past the town of Aynor.</li><li>Take SR-22 around Conway on the Conway Bypass to the EXIT for SR-31 (Carolina Bays Pkwy) SOUTH to MYRTLE BEACH.</li><li>Take SR-31 SOUTH back to U.S. 501 SOUTH. EXIT LEFT.</li><li>Continue on U.S. 501 SOUTH to Myrtle Beach.</li></ol>

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What colony is located west of Rhode Island?


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What are some good costume stores I am willing to drive 30 min in the Gainesville Fl area?

party city

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What is the fastest driving route from Spokane Washington to Houston Texas?

  1. Take I-90 EAST through Washington, Idaho and Montana to I-25 SOUTH to CASPER at EXIT 56B in Wyoming.
  2. Take I-25 SOUTH through Wyoming and Colorado, through Cheyenne, WY, Denver, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, Santa Fe, NM and Albuqerque, NM to I-10 EAST to EL PASO at where I-25 ENDS in Las Cruces, NM. On this stretch, bypass Denver, CO by taking E-470 (tollway) towards LIMON (EXIT 228 off I-25).
  3. Take I-10 EAST to Houston. On this stretch, bypass San Antonio by taking I-410 EAST and SOUTH (EXIT 564 off I-10 onto I-410 and then EXIT 33 off I-410 to get back onto I-10 EAST).
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Shortest route from Columbia MO to Myrtle Beach SC?

  1. Take I-70 EAST to I-270 NORTH to CHICAGO at EXIT 232B.
  2. Take I-270 to I-255/IL-255 to MEMPHIS and WOOD RIVER at EXIT 7 in Illinois.
  3. Follow signs to I-255 SOUTH to MEMPHIS. Take I-255 SOUTH to I-64 to ST. LOUIS and LOUISVILLE at EXIT 20. You want I-64 EAST to LOUISVILLE.
  4. Take I-64 EAST through Illinois and Kentucky to I-77 SOUTH in Virginia.
  5. Continue on I-75 SOUTH through West Virginia and Virginia to I-74 EAST to MOUNT AIRY and WINSTON-SALEM at EXIT 101 in North Carolina.
  6. Take I-74 EAST to US-52 SOUTH. Continue straight on US-52 SOUTH.
  7. Stay on US-52 SOUTH to I-40 EAST to GREENSBORO and HIGH POINT at EXIT 107A.
  8. Take I-40 EAST to I-73 SOUTH.
  9. Continue on I-73 SOUTH to where I-73 (temporarily) ENDS at US-220 just south of Ellerbie.
  10. Continue on US-220 SOUTH to US-1 SOUTH. Continue straight on US-1 SOUTH.
  11. Take US-1 SOUTH to I-74 EAST.
  12. Take I-74 EAST to NC-38 to HAMLET and BENNETSVILLE.
  13. Turn right off the exit ramp onto NC-38 SOUTH to BENNETTSVILLE.
  14. Take NC-38 SOUTH into South Carolina where it continues as SC-38 SOUTH.
  15. Take SC-38 SOUTH to US-501 SOUTH. Continue straight on US-501 SOUTH.
  16. Take US-501 SOUTH to Myrtle Beach.
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Where is Jubail located?

Jubail is in Saudi Arabia on the cost of the Persian Gulf.

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British Columbia

What is the best way to go from Portland Oregon to Vancouver British Columbia?

Driving north on the Interstate Freeway 5 to the Canadian border followed by Highway 99 north to the city of Vancouver, takes approximately 6 h. Distance is about 525 km. Allow more for rest stops, etc., and lineups at the border.

Alaska Airlines and Air BC (connector subsidiary of Air Canada) fly between the two cities. The flight takes less than an hour.

Amtrak runs trains up the west coast from Portland to Vancouver. Only one train a day (from Seattle) makes it as far as Vancouver. Otherwise there is a bus connector from Seattle to Vancouver.

More tips from WikiAnswers contributors:

  • A trip by boat from Portland, Oregon, to Vancouver, British Columbia, is probably the slowest way to go. Unless, of course, you consider riding on mule back. You can drive from Portland to Seattle, in about 3 hours. You can drive from Seattle to Vancouver in about two and one-half hours, plus whatever time you need to spend clearing customs at the border.
  • Vancouver Washington is just north of Portland across the Columbia River. Take I-5 or I-205 bridge and your there. For Vancouver BC Canada I-5 north and a ferry from Seattle or Anacortes.
  • From SW PORTLAND, OR to VANCOUVER, WA: take I-5 North to I-84 East to 1-205 and cross the 205 bridge -- signs to Vancouver are frequent and easy to follow.
  • There is a wonderful Amtrak train that goes from Portland to Seattle, and then another train that goes from Seattle to Vancouver. Very scenic (along the shore for much of the trip) and relaxing. Takes about 8 hours from Portland to Vancouver (see, just about two hours longer than driving. Makes very short (2 min) stops at several cities along the way. If you go, pay the extra money for "Business Class". Free food/drink tickets, bigger seats, reserved seats, no children. Well worth it.
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What is distance from Dusseldorf airport to Oberhausen by road?

36.6 km (22.8 miles)- about 30 mins driving time.

Düsseldorf, Germany to Oberhausen, Germany
1. Head south on Kasernenstraße toward Stadtbrückchen 0.2 km
2. Turn left at Benrather Str. 0.1 km
3. Turn left at Breite Str. 0.2 km
4. Continue onto Heinrich-Heine-Allee 0.6 km
5. Continue straight onto Hofgartenrampe/L392 0.3 km
6. Slight right onto the ramp to Oederallee 0.3 km
7. Slight left at Oederallee 55 m
8. Turn right at B1/Joseph-Beuys-Ufer
Continue to follow B1 1.0 km
9. Turn right at B1/Homberger Str.
Continue to follow B1 0.9 km
10. Take the ramp to D-Mörsenbroich/Mönchengladbach/D-Unterrath 0.3 km
11. Slight left at B1 10 m
12. Take the ramp to B1/B7/B8/Johannstraße 10 m
13. Keep right at the fork, follow signs for Mettmann/D-Mörsenbroich/D-Unterrath/B7 and merge onto B1/B7/B8/Johannstraße
Continue to follow B1 2.9 km
14. Continue onto A52 10.6 km
15. Take the A3 exit toward Köln 0.7 km
16. Follow signs for Oberhausen/A3 and merge onto A3 11.3 km
17. Take exit 14-Kreuz Kaiserberg for A40 toward DU-Kaiserberg/Mülheim an der Ruhr/Venlo/Duisburg/Essen/Mülheim a.d. R. 0.9 km
18. Keep right at the fork to continue toward A40 0.6 km
19. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Mülheim a.d. Ruhr/Essen/A40 and merge onto A40 3.4 km
20. Take exit 16-Mülheim a. d. Ruhr-Styrum for B223 toward Oberhausen 0.3 km
21. Merge onto Oberhausener Str. 20 m
22. Turn left at B223/Oberhausener Str.
Continue to follow B223 1.8 km
23. Turn right at Danziger Str./L215 (signs for Mülheim an der Ruhr/Essen/A40) 0.1 km
Oberhausen, Germany

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How far from Burlington Vermont to Stowe Vermont?

It is 36.28 miles according to MapQuest.

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Are Alaska and Russia connected?

They share a maritime or water border but no land border.

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In which part of china is its capital Beijing ne nw se or sw?

North East

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Name four people who use a compass?

* Pilots * Sailors * Hunters * Geographers

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Is Alaska more south than Florida?

No Alaska is farther north then all of the other 49 states.

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What word describes the height and shape of the land?


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Las Vegas

Map of shortest distance between Calgary and Las Vegas?

The distance between the starting point and the destination is 1,313mi, (2.113km), and with reasonable traffic conditions it will take approximately 19 hours 22 minutes of driving time. Driving directions to Las Vegas, NV, USA

1,313 mi - about 19 hours 22 mins Calgary, AB, Canada

1. Head north on Centre St NW toward 7 Ave NE 0.8 mi

2. Turn right at 16 Ave NE 1.5 mi

3. Take the AB-2/Deerfoot Tr ramp to Fort Macleod 0.4 mi

4. Merge onto Hwy 2 S/AB-2 S 104 mi

5. Take the ramp onto Hwy 2 S/Hwy 3 E

Continue to follow Hwy 3 E 33.7 mi

6. Take the exit toward Mayor Magrath Dr 0.1 mi

7. Turn left at Mayor Magrath Dr S S 1.9 mi

8. Slight left to stay on Mayor Magrath Dr S S 0.1 mi

9. Turn left at 24 Ave S S 1.9 mi

10. Continue on Hwy 4 S 45.8 mi

11. Continue on HWY 4 5.5 mi

12. Slight right at Hwy 4 S

Entering United States (Montana) 9.6 mi

13. Continue on I-15 S 274 mi

14. Take exit 121 to merge onto I-15 S toward Dillon/Idaho Falls

Passing through Idaho

Entering Utah 338 mi

15. Take the exit onto I-15 S

Passing through Arizona

Entering Nevada 495 mi

16. Take exit 38B for Flamingo Rd E 0.4 mi

17. Merge onto W Flamingo Rd 0.5 mi

Las Vegas, NV, USA

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Where can you find old plat maps?

You can get old plat maps dating back to the early 1940's from Rockford Map Publishers. 1-800-321-1627. They publish plat books for the Midwest.

thanks Rhonda. But I was looking for older plat maps - like from the 1800's. Specifically, for Southern, IN, North Central Kentucky and the Northen part of SC.

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What are the six features of a map?






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What state is west of Colorado and east of Nevada?

Utah is west of Colorado and east of Nevada.

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