This category is for questions and answers about the western state of Utah. It was admitted to the union on January 4, 1896. Utah is known for having a very large Mormon community.

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Time Zones

Is Denver on the same time zone as Utah?

yes, same time zone. see:

Alcoholic Beverages

What time can you buy alcohol on Sunday in Utah?

depending on the store.. usually when they open until 12pm or 1pm

Glee (TV Series)

What time does Glee air in Utah?

It comes on at 7:00 p.m. Tuesdays on Fox

History of the United States
Oregon Trail
Mormon Trail

Why did Mormons take the Oregon Trail?

The trail followed by Mormon pioneers mostly paralleled the Oregon Trail, at times merged with it, and at a few points diverged completely from it. The reason for following the general course of the Oregon trail was primarily because it had been mapped out by traders and trappers several years prior to their own exodus from Nauvoo, Ill. However, because of the adversarial relationship between the Mormons and many immigrants from both Illinois and Missouri (where an "extermination order" was still in effect at that time), the Mormon immigrants opted to follow a course that also followed the Platte river, but on the opposite side from most Oregon-bound parties.

Distances and Travel Times
United Kingdom

How long would it take for something to ship from the U.K. to Salt Lake City?

About 1 week is typical. Fed-Ex , DHL or UPS etc will do it in about 2 days

Salt Lake City

How many mosques in Salt Lake City?

There is only one mosque in Salt Lake City boundaries, Masjid Al-Noor at 740 south 700 east. There are three others in the surrounding suburbs.

Khadeeja Islamic Center is the largest, it also operates Iqra Acadamy, a private Muslim school. It is located at 1019 west Parkway Avenue in West Valley.

Layton Islamic Center is located at 568 west 2400 north in Layton.

Utah Islamic Center is located at 9000 south 225 west in Sandy.


Which capital is farther north Salt Lake City Utah or Carson City Nevada?

Salt Lake City Utah (40°45′0″N 111°53′0″W), is farther north than Carson City Nevada (39°9′39″N 119°45′14″W).

Road Distance

What is the distance between Boise ID and Ogden UT?

It is 305 miles according to Google Maps.


Where can you buy Melba toast in Utah?

Winco Supermarket.

Liability Insurance

Where can you buy Utah liability insurance?

Contact an agent in your area, if they do not sell the type of coverage/policy you need (are referring to) they will be able to refer you an agent that does.

Your state insurance department is your best resource for insurance-related questions and concerns. Find information on insurance companies and agents, rate quotes and comparisons, insurance buying tips, claims filing information and much more!

State Insurance Department websites:


Where did trick or treating come from?

  • The custom of 'trick or treat' probably has several origins, mostly Irish. An old Irish peasant practice called for going door to door to collect money, bread cake, cheese, eggs, butter, nuts, apples, etc., in preparation for the festival of St. Columbus Kill.
  • Yet another custom was the begging for soul cakes, or offerings for one's self - particularly in exchange for promises of prosperity or protection against bad luck. It is with this custom the concept of the fairies came to be incorporated as people used to go door to door begging for treats. Failure to supply the treats would usually result in practical jokes being visited on the owner of the house.
  • The tradition started with a fear of the god of the dead taking over the sun on November 1, the Celt's new year. They dressed in costumes to hide from the god and some tried to trick him by putting on demon costumes (this is where the whole "scary costume" thing started). The costumes eventually evolved into what it is now. the reason people give away treats on Halloween is because people were afraid of a certain god (I don't know his/her name) and offered treats in return of leaving them alone. This evolved into people giving this for fun.
  • Halloween was the celebration the farmers did because it was the end of harvest and they traded goods to each other, but if you didn't give you would get a mean trick that could even kill you.
  • There were cultist and on Halloween that warded off evil spirits by wearing mask and lanterns, but instead of a Jack-O'-Lantern they used turnips to scare away the spirits another story of the jack o lantern is that there was a trickster named jack that tricked the devil into climbing up a tree and the devil got stuck, so he cursed Jack's soul to walk in the darkness with just a turnip lantern to guide him. Of course turnips weren't common in the U.S.A so they used Pumpkins And that's the stary of the Jack-O'-Lantern. And if your thinking Halloween is evil its not if any thing the church is evil, the Irish people were visited by the "Saints" and they wanted them to stop worshiping all of their Gods and stop their holidays but the peope loved Halloween and wouldn't give it up. So if you can't beat them join them, so the church made all Hallows Eve.
Lakes and Rivers
Great Lakes

What is the largest lake in Utah?

Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake.

St. George Utah

What is the altitude of St George Utah?

The St, George elevation is 2,860 feet above sea level.

Road Distance

What is the distance from Park City Utah to Cheyenne Wyoming?

The distance from Park City, Utah to Cheyenne, Wyoming is 419.83 miles according to MapQuest.

History, Politics & Society

How many times did Utah apply for statehood?

Utah applied for statehood 7 times including the last attempt when they were finally admitted as a state. The dates for the different attempts are:








US Constitution
Elections and Voting

How many electoral votes are there in a presidential election?

In the race for president, the winner of the popular vote in each state wins all the electoral votes in that state (except in Maine and Nebraska). There are 538 total electoral votes and 270 electoral votes - a majority - are needed to win.

Salt Lake City

What is the most liberal city in Utah?

Salt Lake City is probably the most liberal and diverse city. The Ogden area also tends to be more liberal. Although some smaller farming communities in the southern part of the state can also be quite liberal, they are are quite small and isolated.


What are five natural resources of Utah?

paper, skin, gold, soil, and grass

Student Loans and Financial Aid
Climatology and Climate Changes

What is the climate of the state of Utah?

Utah has a climate typical of other arid, relatively high altitude locales (most of the state has an elevation nearly one mile high). Most of the state is desert due to the inland location and the rain shadow effect of the Sierra Nevada mountains, with some relatively lush regions at higher elevations (mountains) where more rain falls due to local updrafts extracting residual moisture from the air.

Temperatures are quite high in the desert regions during summers, but are moderated somewhat by the elevation. In the winter, deserts of this kind can also be quite cold due to the lack of cloud cover and low humidity, as well as the high elevation. The mountains of course are colder still, and can have some snow in spots for most of the year.

In Salt Lake City at an elevation of 4,222 feet, the average high in July is about 92 degrees, and the record is 107 degrees. In January, the average low is just under 20 degrees, and the record low (in Feb.) was -30 degrees. The high annual variation (72 degrees) is typical of dry upland climates, and is true throughout the state. The diurnal variation (daytime high to nighttime low) is also high as is typical of desert climates, being over 30 degrees in Summer.

Precipitation in Salt Lake City averages 15 inches a year, mostly in Winter, when it often falls as snow, averaging about 60 inches a year, with much more in the mountains.

Much of the rest of the state has more extreme conditions than Salt Lake City which is moderated somewhat by the nearby Great Salt Lake to the West, and Wasatch Mountains to the East.

For example, while Zion N.P., in the Southwest corner of the state, is similar to Salt Lake City, with average highs of 99 degrees and lows of 29 degrees and about 15 inches of rain (much of it in the form of thunderstorms), St. George, Utah, at only 2,936 feet elevation, has an average high of 116 degrees in June and an average low of 24 degrees in Jan., with only 8 inches of rain, while Bryce Canyon N.P. at an elevation of 7,589 feet, has an average high of 92 degrees in Summer and an average low of 4 degrees in Jan. due to the higher elevation, with only 9 inches of rain.

Most of the state has a large number of sunny days each year due primarily to the low humidity. Wind can be expected to be steady in the large flat expanses of much of the state.

(Data from "The USA Today Weather Almanac" for 1995)

Hot and dry some snow in the high desert areas.

Northern Utah which is Provo, Utah and up experiences winters with average temperatures in the thirties between November and March. In may temperatures rise to 60's and low 70's. Between June and August consistent 90 degree weather is not unusual but the temperature is ussually around 80.
Utah is arid and semi-arid

Why do people make teen pregnancy jokes about Utah?

because all the women in the world pee at the men's mouth!!:)


What is the state bird of Utah?

California GullThe official state bird of Utah is the California Gull, adopted in 1955.

Input on this interesting choice by WikiAnswerer Zanbabe: The choice of State bird for Utah isn't weird if you know the state history. Salt Lake was settled by Mormons, and early in their settlement they had a cricket invasion. :) The crickets were eating all the crops, and they thought that they were going to starve. They prayed for help. The seagulls came... ate all the crickets, and some of the crops were saved. They have a statue of seagulls (The Seagull Monument) in downtown Salt Lake, and it is still a popular story told to Mormon kids and to Utah tourists. Seagulls hang out around the Great Salt Lake, and you can see them flying around in Utah frequently. So, not too strange. :)

Great Salt Lake
Emigration and Refugees

In 1847 why did mormons emigrate to the area between the rocky mountains and the great salt lake?

In a country that has one of it's rights as 'Freedom of Religion'. In 1847 the Mormons were not provided that right. The federal government under President Polk refused to protect the Mormons and Mobs & terrorist's burned their homes and forced them to flee for their lives from the state of Illinois. Just because the Mormons had some different religious beliefs than their Christian neighbors.


Change ownership of a gun in Utah?

Like MOST states, Utah does not have firearms registration. You may sell a firearm face-to-face directly to another resident of Utah so long as they are an adult, and you do not have cause to believe they are forbidden by law to own a firearm.

If you like, you can make out 2 copies of a bill of sale, list the firearm description and SN, name and address of seller and buyer, both sign, each keep a copy- but it is not required by law.


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