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The Great Salt Lake is a saltwater lake in northern Utah and the remnant of prehistoric Lake Bonneville.

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What happened to John Goulet of Kutv in Salt Lake City?

John Goulet has been the weekend weatherman for Fox KSTU Channel 13 in Salt Lake City since 2009. ...
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In 1847 why did mormons emigrate to the area between the rocky mountains and the great salt lake?

In a country that has one of it's rights as 'Freedom of Religion'. In 1847 the Mormons were not provided that right. The federal government under President Polk refused to protect the Mormons and Mobs & terrorist's burned their homes and forced them to flee for their lives from the state of Illinois. Just because the Mormons had some different religious beliefs than their Christian neighbors. ...
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How do they float cars on lakes at golf tournaments?

They don't. There is a platform just inches below the water that they set on. Typically the water has some color to it so it is very difficult to see the platform. ...
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Which state is the Great Salt Lake located in?

The Great Salt Lake is located in Utah.
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How can you calculate average rainfall?

what is the phone number of the tokoroa hospital patent services in new zelandc64 ...
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What is the lyrics to the Utah Counties Song?

Beaver, Carbon, Davis, Morgan, Daggett, Millard, and Duchesne, Iron, Uinta, Rich, and Summit, Garfield, Cache, Piute, and Kane. Wasatch, Washington, and Weber, Sanpete, San Juan, Salt Lake, Wayne, Juab, Box Elder, Grand, Tooele, Sevier, and Emery, Utah Train. ...
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What is the Average rainfall in Guatemala's?

It's name originating from the Aztec language, meaning 'land of forests,' Guatemala is mountainous. It's rainfall is influenced by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Caribbean Sea. The average rainfall in Guatemala is 1,000 millimeters per year, mainly across the central part of the country. ...
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Why do you float in the Great salt lake?

No. The great salt lake is a dry lake. Salt is left over after the water has evaporated. You can float in the dead sea though. ...
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Is the great salt lake bigger than Massachusetts?

No. The great salt lake is much smaller than the Massachusetts state. The great lakes, however, can be just as big as Massachusetts or slightly bigger. ...
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Which is saltier the Dead Sea or the great Salt Lake?

It is the Dead Sea. It's so salty, that you can float with no effort on it. If you have any open cuts, well, let's say it won't exactly tickle. Plus the reason you can float is because the salt in it makes the water denser the more salt it has the denser it is! Also the denser the water the closer to the bottom it will be! Aidan and Kyle ...
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What Utah county is the Great Salt Lake located in?

It is in the northern part of Utah. It is in the northern part of Utah. Another Answer The lake lies in three counties: Box Elder, Davis and Tooele. ...
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Why is the water in the Great Salt Lake so salty?

It was part of Lake Bonneville, which was part of the sea. As land grew higher the water gathered down. There is no outlet to the lake; it's virtually an inland sea. The salt from the surrounding mountains has continued to gather in the lake for the past 10,000 years since lake Bonneville disappeared. However there are salt evaporation ponds that a Salt Mining company uses to extract salt from the lake which continues to reduce its salinity. A: The water flowing into the...
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What lake is known as gitchigoomie?

Gitchigoomee is the Ojibwa (Chippewa) word for Lake Superior. Canadian folk singer Gordon Lightfoot sings about Lake Superior in his song THE WRECK OF THE EDMUND FITZGERALD: "The Legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big lake they called Gitchigoomee... " ...
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In which country do people drink tea with salt?

Tibetan butter tea contains rock salt and yak butter. Salt tea, which is consumed in some cultures in the Hindu-Kush region of northern Pakistan, and probably in other areas as well. Well, Salt Tea or "Nun Chai" is more prominent in Kashmir than anywhere else and is a daily affair in the lives of Kashmiris. Kashmiris drink salt tea twice a day, morning in the breakfast and then in the afternoon before dusk. It is something which kashmiris can't detach themselves from....
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How did mormon's change the area around Great Salt Lake?

When the Mormon Pioneers arrived at the Great Salt Lake, there were no buildings or white people. The only residents were a handful of Native Americans. The Mormons created the first buildings, permanent settlements, farms, ranches, mines, and factories. Essentially, the Mormons changed the area from a mostly uninhabited desert to a thriving metropolitan city. my name is Madison an his answer is correct. just 2 let u know :} ...
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Who invented the great salt lake?

Um... God? The Great Salt Lake is a natural, not a manmade lake, so nobody really invented it, they discovered it. Native Americans knew about the lake for hundreds or thousands of years before white men knew about it. The Timpanogos Utes told Spanish explorer Silvestre Escalante about the lake in 1776, he wrote about it in his notes, but never saw it or named it. It was first seen by white men in 1824 - the men were trappers Jim...
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Why is the great salt lake salty?

it has no outlet, streams carry minerals into it, and it has a high rate of evaporation...
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Who was responsible the Mormon exodus the colony of new zion on the shore of the Great Salt Lake?

The people responsible for causing it were the mobs and government in Illinois and Missouri. The person responsible for leading it was Brigham Young. Although the colony was called "Great Salt Lake City", not "New Zion", and it was not on the shore of the Great Salt Lake but about 20 miles south east of the southernmost tip of the lake. Today it is known as Salt Lake City. ...
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What are the other Lakes in the Philippines?

Lakes in the Philippines Taal Lake - Batangas Buhi Lake - Camarines Sur Lanao Lake - Lanao Del Sur Laguna Lake - Laguna and Rizal Here are some of the lakes here in the Philippines........ The Philippines is a wonderful place to live in... ...