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The Ford Windstar SEL was a second generation Windstar model manufactured by Ford Motor Company from 1999 to 2003. Some of the features of this vehicle are adjustable head restraints and an LCD screen.

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What does the light of an engine - Check Engine Light - on a Ford Windstar mean?

A good auto parts store will scan codes for free. However, do you research on other forums to learn what each code could 'really' mean. Most the time it's a vacuum leak. Don't let them sell you expensive sensors before researching the codes.


Problem with emission control system - have vehicle scanned to determine the problem

AnswerThe check engine light (CEL for short) is triggered when one or more of the many sensors on the vehicle detects a not-normal reading,

There are 2 basic steps to determining the cause of the CEL coming on:

1. Have the codes read - many places offer to read the engine codes for free. Autozone even provides a printout of the codes, and a short description of common causes

2. Research those codes! Find out the true cause and reason for the not-normal reading. It is not often that the sensor itself is bad and requires replacing.

There are countless sources of information on engine DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) on the internet - including WikiAnswers!

My real-life examples:

DTC code P0402 on 98 Tracer - replaced the EGR valve, light came back. Made my daughter live with it for 2 years. Yesterday I had a few minutes while waiting for the oil to drain and poked around the engine - found a small 2" piece of rubber hose that had softened and collapsed right where the PCV connects. A free piece of hose from Autozone and the light cleared after a few drive cycles!

Major auto parts chain told me my TSP (Throttle position sensor) was bad due to the CEL being lit up (might have been a P1120 DTC). $40 and 10 minutes to replace - ((_#*&$ light came right back. A few days ago, after doing some reading, I bought a $4 can of throttle body spray cleaner - used 1/2 the can on my 98 Sable - voila! CEL is gone again!

*DTC codes P0171 and P0174 - O2 sensors reported lean fuel conditions on bank 1 & 2 on my 2001 Windstar. Some research later found out the 1999-2003 Windstar 3.8l engines had a known problem and Ford issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) describing exactly how to fix it. Instead of wasting $80 replacing perfectly good 02 sensors, I used that money to buy the parts for the repair.

I have added untold miles to the life of my engine, and kicked up my MPG for real savings!

Pay attention to those check engine lights - they're there for a reason. And with the internet today, you can readily find the information to keep your car healthy, and even save some $$ in the process.

the engine light monitors computer sensors and functions, not vital things like temp. oil pressure etc. when that light is on, there will be a code stored in the computers memory. Most auto supply stores can access and read the codes for you, which will tell you what to look for. your particular vehicle is bad about setting a code for being too lean, probably the intake leaking vacuum

Answer- Reset Cel yourselfdisconnect the battery. not sure for how long. (15 minutes?) AnswerSometimes the gas cap not being tight can cause a check engine light in newer models of cars. Sounds silly but worth a try, especially if you recently filled the tank. Take the cap completely off, and screw back in ensuring that it is on straight and tight. AnswerThe check engine light turns on to inform the driver that the computer has detected a 'fault' and that the driver should address the problem. If the light is on constantly, it's considered a "minor" fault but something that needs attention as soon as you get a chance. If the light is flashing it means that something serious has been detected and you need to deal with it NOW!

You can either take the vehicle to a shop and have the mechanic connect a code reader to your vehicle


you can take your vehicle to your local auto parts retailer and borrow, rent or buy a code reader that will tell you what's wrong.

Whichever you decide, you won't be able to guess what's wrong, and nobody can help you unless and until you connect the vehicle to a code scanner.

Often it's something relatively simple even though it may be a bit expensive. Oxygen sensors for example can be pricey and you should replace both sides at the same time. On the other hand it can sometimes be as simple as a loose gas cap. The code scanner is a great help and if you intend to do much of your own work it's good to have your own scanner. Scanners can be purchased for as low as $30

Answerits telling you its time to service your van you more than likely have a sencer that is going or is allready done you need to get a code reader done an OBD


ComputerThe only way you will know what is wrong ( there could be problems that do not affect the way it runs right now ) is to have the computer codes read. If the light is on there "is" a problem. AnswerIf you check engine light kicks on, I would either get an ODB 2 diag unit and plug it in and check for an error code, or I would let a shop do it. If you do it you can look up what the code means on Google.

mk1505 added 1/6/08

On 1998 and 99 windstars a flashing MIL (check engine light) means that the computer has detected one or more misfiring cylinders. You will need to connect an OBDII compliant scanner to the datalink port under the dash on the drivers side to scan the computers trouble codes and determine which cylinders are misfiring.

Disconnect the NEGITIVE Battery Cable and leve it unplugged for 30 seconds, plug it back up - and it will go out

it means your On Board Diagnostic System has detected a problem. there are hundreds of codes it can tell you, each one means something else. If you have a local autozone, go there and they can tell you what the code you are throwing means.

AnswerGo to auto zone and get an OBD 2 test done and they will tell you what is wrong. it could be any thing.The test is free! AnswerMore than likely it is the Check Engine Light. Contact you local Ford dealer. AnswerUsually it is one of the engine sensors not functioning properly, and the PCM isn't receiving the feedback it needs to control the engine properly.

It could be an engine sensor picking up something wrong, or an oxygen sensor before and after the engine. The transmission is another item, that might have a problem and cause the engine light to pop on.

Transmission Fluid
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Windstar transmission fluid - How much - what type - how to check levels - dipstick?

What's the first thing I need to know?

The Owners Manual will have illustrations and detailed information regarding transmission fluids, specifications, location, how-to read the dipstick, etc.See "Related Questions" below for links to FREE online Owners Manuals

What's the type?

Mercon V is the specified fluid type

Recommend a Synthetic ATF - it will last longer and resist the heat better as well. You could also install the separate Transmission oil cooler and filter to help prolong the transmission life.

What's the capacity?

1995-1998 - 12.25 qts. / 11.6 liters

1999-2003 - 13.7 qts. / 13.0 liters

  • After a fluid / filter change with just the pan off - it would take only 4.5 qts. to fill it back up. (The rest remains in the transmission lines, gears, torque converter etc).

  • One should not have to add more than a quart or two - more than this indicates a serious problem or leak.

Where's the dipstick and how to check levels?
The dipstick is close to the driver's side of the engine compartment, back close to the firewall. If you are standing in front of the car, it will be just a bit to your left of the brake master cylinder, down low

Checking level (from the Owners Manual)
  • NOTE: Automatic transmission fluid expands when warmed. To obtain an accurate fluid check, drive the vehicle until it is warmed up (approximately 30 km [20 miles]). If your vehicle has been operated for an extended period at high speeds, in city traffic during hot weather or pulling a trailer, the vehicle should be
    turned off for about 30 minutes to allow fluid to cool before checking.

  • Drive the vehicle 30 km (20 miles) or until it reaches normal operating temperature.

  • Park the vehicle on a level surface and engage the parking brake.

  • With the parking brake engaged and your foot on the brake pedal, start the engine and move the gearshift lever through all of the gear ranges. Allow sufficient time for each gear to engage.

  • Latch the gearshift lever in P (Park) and leave the engine running.

  • Now it's time to pull the dipstick - wipe it clean - make sure it goes all the way back way in to get a good reading

Where to add more fluid?

Through the dipstick tube if automatic transmission.
Through a removable plug on the side of the transmission if standard/manual trans.

Refill through dipstick tube DO NOT OVERFILL

  • A long funnel will be handy to reach the top of the dipstick tube.
  • Put in small amounts at a time to avoid over-filling

Where's the drain-plug and filter?
There isn't one a drain-plug - the 'pan' has to be removed to drain

See "Related Questions" below for draining & filter changing procedures

See "Related Questions" below for more Transmission fluid goes into the same small tube that the transmission dipstick is in.

You'll need a funnel with a somewhat long tube in order to reach down into the engine compartment to the top of the tube. This is well detailed and illustrated in the Owners Manual - See "Related Questions" below for more

Transmission fluid goes into the same small tube that the transmission dipstick is in.

You'll need a funnel with a somewhat long tube in order to reach down into the engine compartment to the top of the tube. This is well detailed and illustrated in the Owners Manual - See "Related Questions" below for more

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How to fix Windstar heater air control that is stuck in defrost?

I just finished looking at this problem on my 1998 Windstar. The air ducts are vacuum operated. The short answer is that by sealing off the lines that run to the rightmost switch on the heater control panel (the one that controls heating and cooling in the rear of the van), it cleared up the "stuck in defrost" problem. To test the solution, I unplugged the two-line vacuum connector at the back of the switch and put a piece of electrical tape on the connector to seal it. The long answer follows below:

The rest of these answers are correct that a vacuum leak can cause this problem. I have not looked upstream of the switches (into the engine compartment) for any leaks there, but my jury-rig at the rear fan control switch worked. There are two vacuum diaphragms that control where the air flow goes (defrost/vent/floor). These are located by your gas pedal and the center console, and are silver colored metal canisters about one half the size of a soup can. I sucked on these with a vacuum hose and they re-directed the air fine and held vacuum fine, so they were not the problem.

Moving upstream from the vacuum diaphragms there are 6 vacuum lines in the back of the main heater control switch. One of these lines is black, and is a vacuum source (ultimately from the engine). This black line has a tee in it right behind the switch, and another black vacuum line runs from that tee to the rightmost switch on the console (which controls heating and cooling in the back of the van). That switch has just two vacuum lines to it. The black source line, and the white outlet line. I removed that two-line vacuum connector from the rear of the switch, put a piece of electrical tape over the holes, and now the main heat selector switch directs the air properly to the defrost, vent, or floor. That rightmost switch may be bad since I could hear a vacuum leak in it, and moving the switch to different positions or pressing on it could stop the hissing. It is also possible that the connector leaks, but since moving the switch changes or stops the hissing, it is most likely the switch itself. The only other possibility is that if there is low vacuum to the switch in the first place, it could cause the switch to leak. I will check that further.


There is a vacuum switch that controls an air gate that diverts the air flow to the proper outlet. Blowing air out the defroster is the default setting of the switch. Most common causes of this problem are vacuum leaks. Check the vacuum hose on the passenger side engine compartment first. It usually leaks going through the fire wall. Regardless this problem is most often always the result of a leak somewhere in the vacuum system not the failure of the switch itself.


I would say that something is binding or broken with the blender box unit. It is the mechanism that allows mixing of the different air settings and is located behind the dash area or under the passenger side area. Hope this helps.


On my '98 Windstar, this behavior was the result of a vacuum leak; the HVAC modes are vacuum-actuated.


change the a/c - heat selector switch.

More likely than not you have a vac leak there are to vac lines that run out of the firewall behind the glove box one is red and the other is black trace them out and you will find the leak probably real close to the nipple on the manifold.


Check for a vacuum leak either under hood or under dash

Check vacuum actuators

Defrost is the default setting for this system


The most likely is the vacuum line used to operate the swinging doors to redirect airflow is broken or not in place.

You have a broken or disconnected vacuum line that feeds the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system, probably under the hood. When ever there is a loss of vacuum, the system reverts to the defrost mode being the most important mode.


Your problem can be caused by either a defective heater control switch or more likely a vacuum leak. The leak can be in the vacuum supply tube to the heater control switch or at the engine where the supply tube originates or the vacuum reserve (usually a plastic ball in the engine compartment with two small vacuum lines attached).

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How do you trouble-shoot and repair REAR heat and AC problems in a Windstar?


See "Related Links" below to the repair guide with detailed instructions and photos for replacing either front or rear heater cores.

NOTE: Autozone now requires free registration to access the repair guides. More than worth the extra effort for these photo/illustrated instructions.

Rear Climate Control ProblemsBe sure to visit the Automotive Forums linked below - an awesome, in-depth review of trouble-shooting rear climate control problems. AnswerReplace the rear control switch on the front panel. It's easy to fix and is the problem. Is about $27 from Ford. Pull out the cup holder, remove the two screws, the cover pops out and more screws remove the panel. One screw holds the switch in, remove the electrical and vacuum connectors.

That is one possibility. Another is a vacuum leak. Personal experience with help from someone in a forum: Check the plastic hose in the engine compartment on the firewall side of the passenger-side hinge. It can rub against a metal tube (for instance) and eventually wear a hole in the hose. I didn't want to tape it, afraid it might not last in hot engine compartment, or that it might block vacuum. Sales staff at AutoZone gave me ~1" piece of connecting hose. Cut vacuum hose at leak and install connecting hose. Leak wasn't bad enough to affect the front A/C.

Answerif the blower is working it is not either blower control you will more than likely just have to replace the climate control directional switch, this switch allows hot or cold air to be directed to the places you want it to go

try changing the rear air control switch on your das panel. this happened to me on my 96. or it could be a vacuum leak. more than likely the switch. about 30 bucks at ford

AnswerI just purchased a used 96 Ford Winstar and it had the same problem. Turned out to be a bad switch in the dash. Also, the switch on that model is run using a vacuum line, mine also had a hole in it contributing to the problem. I'd check that first as it was the entire problem with my air.

Hope that helps!!!

blender door not working

Ours did the same thing in blowing hot air to the floor even when the AC was on.

It is a bad switch on the front of your van- the switch where you can either control the rear climate or switch it to rear control (the one all the way to the right if I remember right). If you are in a pinch and don't want to buy a new switch you can manually manipulate the vacuum lines on the back of the switch. If you take your console cover off and unscrew the plate that fastens the 4 switches to the dash you have access to the wires and vacuum lines. If I remember right there is a yellow and a tan vacuum line that you can pull out from the switch. If you use a piece of small flexible plastic tubing you can put a "jumper" on those two vacuum lines for the summer. I found that a piece of wire insulation works great (strip a piece of wire and use the piece you remove from the wire). For the winter just remove the jumper and the heater will work. Doing this just affects the setting of hot or cold and has nothing to do with the fan speed so everything will work as normal except you have to switch the jumper as applicable for hot/cold.

my 1998 windstar was blowing hot air from the rear vents when i turned on the ac and turned on the rear fan from the front controls , the rear fan control the one right behind the drivers seat next to the ear phone jacks did not function so i disconected it and it started to blow cold air.;.; so i have to think it was a broken switch;..;.;wierd huh

Answerthe vents might be pulled apart and some cold air is being mixed in.

if your vehicle is using dual aircon meaning to say a separate evaporator for front passenger and a evaporator system for back passenger then possibly the problem is the expansion valve of the back passenger evaporator system. it is not any more functioning properly and it has to service by a qualified aircon technician to properly removed the refrigerant ,full down the said evaporator system to be able to replace the defective expansion valve. They will have the evaporator clean and install new expansion valve with same capacity as the defective one. After they have installed it and charge the system then you will enjoy a cold ride.

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How do you get a vacuum wiring diagram?

you might just want to get a Haynes or Chiltons from your local auto parts store or . it's a great investment

go to and look up your car their

Auto Parts and Repairs
Brakes and Tires
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What tire sizes go on a 2001 f 150?

Well, in 2001 most Ford F-150's came OE with P265/70R17 Of course you can look in your owners manual or on the drivers side door jam to confirm the size. Hope this helped you. COO of

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What size is the gas tank on a Windstar?

According to the Owners Manual the tank holds 25 gallons ---- It's a 98 litre tank. 25 gallons

According to the Owners Manual (See "Related Questions" below), the gas tank size is 25 gallons. It depend on the style if you have a Gl or LX. The GL is 20 gal or 75.7L The LX is 25 gal or 94.6L

Some had a standard 20-gallon tank, others (SE and SEL) have the 25 gallon tank.
25 gallons
25 gallons

70 L unless u have optional 95L
on all 1995-1998 windstar gl models, itcame equipted with a standard 20 gallon gas tank, but they did come with an optional 25 gallon tank

You could have either the 20 gallon or 25 gallon ( U.S. ) gas tank

26 gallons

26 gallons ( U.S. ) - according to the owners manual

according to my manual, the gl came with a 20 gal. tank but had an optional 25 gal tank. and the lx & ltd had a 25 gal. tank
Alarm Systems
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How do you reset the anti-theft system on a 2006 hhr?

Happened to me, turn the key to the on position for 10 minutes and it should work

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Once removing the door panel from the passenger door how do you install a new window - Windstar?

This is a pain in the butt. Had to fix the windows on both my 98 windstars! The key to getting the window out is to remove the front & rear metal slides. The trick to doing that is to drill out the rivets. You can replace them with bolt & nut from the local hardware store (pan heads work best :) Good luck, and get some band-aids for your knuckles - you're gonna need 'em!!!!

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Why does my 99 Ford Windstar power seat fuse keeps burning out intermittently?

Usually if a seat motor is causing the fuse to blow then the motor is going bad. It could be using more amperage than it is designed to use. This will cause the fuse to blow. DO NOT be tempted to put in a bigger fuse. This can cause a fire. Good luck.

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2001 s10 power heated mirror?

Not sure of the actual intent but in the S10 Blazers the power heated mirrors are turned on with the same switch that turns on the rear window defogger

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Where can you find wiring and vacuum diagrams for a Ford Windstar?

That is a good way but I believe people that post this question really want the below answer for radio wiring:

Wiring diagramsA couple of sources of detailed electrical wiring diagrams come to mind:
  • provides free access to an extensive "Repair Guide" which includes many wiring diagrams
  • Manuals & dedicated wiring diagram books - Chilton's, Haynes, Mitchell are 3 big names in the area of vehicle repair information
  • The local library will have many of these manuals on the shelf - TIP: take a few dollars in coins to feed the copy machine

I don't know if there is a free one but this manual is only $20.00,


You should be able to find a shop manual at your local library with the right info...make copies as they are usually only in the REFERENCE section....good luck:) was the easy solution to the wiring diagrams for my 1986 Ford E350. Very, Very much appreciated.

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Why would your '88 Corsica stall and quit after about 20 minutes of driving?

Try a higher octane gas and see if that helps Your engine may be getting too hot. Check to see if your radiator fan comes on. or Take your Ignition Module to an autozone and have it tested.

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How do you program the HomeLink garage door opener on a Windstar?

Here's what my 2001 Owner's Manual (see "Related Questions") says: 1) Prepare for programming the HomeLink Universal Transceiver by erasing the three factory default codes by holding down the 2 outside buttons until the red light begins to flash after 20 seconds. Release both buttons. 2) Hold the end of your hand-held transmitter 2-5 inches away from the HomeLink Universal Transceiver surface (located on your visor) while keeping the red light in view. 3) Using both hands, simultaneously press and hold the hand-held transmitter button and the desire HomeLink button. Do not release these buttons until step 4 has been completed(!) 4) The red light on the visor will flash slowly and then rapidly. Release both buttons when the red light flashes rapidly. Repeat for the other buttons as needed. It's been 5 years since I had to program mine, but it's still working like a champ. :)

Garage door opener programming

First of all; no "garage door opener" came in or on a 1998 Windstar. That said; you may have a "garage door opener" in your Windstar that someone put there. This was probably done by the owner of the garage door opener that was installed in the garage where the Windstar is parked. To reprogram such an opener you need to see the instruction sheet that came with the opener. If this is not available, the manufacturers customer service department should be contacted.

Actually it did!

The above is incorrect, The 98 Windstar LX came with a garage door opener built into the driver's sun visor. I know because I have one! However, I could not get it to work when I followed the instructions in the Owner's Manual, so it's merely a curiosity for now.

If it's a Home Link like in a 2001

I've linked the instructions provided from the 2001 Owner's Manual in another FAQ to the right. See if they'll work for you.

Not All Windstar 98 LX have itI have a Windstar 98 LX too, but I don't have a garage door opener.
But at roof center, just behind the convex mirror, I have a 3 buttons panel, which I beleived that was a remote control, but it was a coins holder :). I know for you it's a remote control. Try replacing the battery or something.

Which door opener you haveNormally, the instructions in your manual should be accurate. If it's not working, maybe your door opener is too new for the Windstar 98, and the frequencies are not compatibles. Which year/brand is your door opener? Purple or orange learn button?
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Where is the outside temperature sensor located on a Ford Windstar?

It is mounted in front of the air conditioning evaporator under the front bumper about in the middle of the car The outside air temperature sensor for a 2001 windstar is located under the front bumber on the passengers side. It is clearly visible if you lay down and look through the lower two air openings in the plastic bumper. It is the only electrical device in that area and it is made of black plastic.

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Computer Viruses

Are there any removal tools for BackDoor.small.8AC?

AVG will try to remove it but if it is in your systems restore you have to disable system restore before restarting your computer or it will just come back again. AdAware will also detect it. Backdoor.small.28 hides in C:\_Restore\Temp\A0030267.cpy. Using Windows ME Right Click My Computer then Properties\Performance\File System\Troubleshooting\then Click Disable System Restore. Restart computer and rescan by AV.

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When a car going over 70 mph starts making a humming noise what can it be?

The problem is in the tire balance.Go to your local tire shop and have the tires rebalanced.

answer more that likely is not tire balance tire balance will feel ruff at certain sppeds humming is either tire tread noise on pavement or wind noise but most likely to be tire tread only way to fix is to buy different tires or dont drive at 70 mph,lol

AnswerI don't think it's the tire balance. Humming at higher speeds sounds like a wheel bearing to me. If the sound is less when you're turning one direction, then the opposite wheel bearing is the problem. It's a cheap part and a quick fix; more painless than new tires, which always need to be replaced in pairs at least. Tire problems are way more commonly felt in the steering and suspension, and not really heard.
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Car Alarm Systems

Why would the alarm go off randomly in your 2001 Mercury Sable?

Most all alarm systems have various sensors for detecting such things as vibration, heat and or movement around your vehicle and so forth. If these sensors are set to sensitive and or are defective the alarm system will be more of a nuisance than a deterrent. , EzForJesus

PS if this is an OEM type of alarm you might want to contact your dealer for this information.

There are 2 sensors which you have to be aware of. One is under the hood and one is in the trunk. My trunk sensor was sticking and the alarm was intermittently going off at all times during the day and night. I disconnected the trunk sensor and the car has functioned normal ever since. I bought an electrical wiring diagram for my car and figured it out.

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How do you put new wheel bearings in a 1998 Chevy Blazer LS 4 wheel drive?

On a 1998 Blazer you can replace the bearing Hub assembly yourself! You do not need any special tools. Being that on this model you replace the whole assembly which goes for less than $100.00 (after market with life time warranty) The assembly comes with the ABS sensor included. You DO NEED a 36 mm socket and a break bar to remove the axle nut, 18mm wrench, WD40 and time. You need to remove the caliper, the break pads, the rotor (disc) and then 3 screws that hold the bearing hub assembly, install everything back in reverse. You will not need to do front aligment, you are not touching anything related to the trainee such as tie rods, ball joints etc.

wheel bearings are not really a do it yourself project unfortunately, unless you have a hydraulic press. however there are step by step instructions on DIY if you are determined and have the special tools. The bearings can be taken to a machine shop where they can removed and replaced. The rest is not easy but it is possible.

The wheel bearing for the 1998 Chevy blazer is all one piece. Hub and bearing. No presses needed. unbolt, take out, put in new one.

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How do you remove the wheel bearing in an AWD Aerostar van?

Hello, I just did this on my 1994 Aerostar EB AWD. The front wheel bearings are part of the wheel hub assembly. The bearing is not replaceable by itself. Jack it up, remove the wheel, remove the axle nut, remove the 3 13mm 12pt. bolts on the inner side of the hub assembly (spray with penetrant and hope for the best), tap the hub with a hammer and remove. New hub assembly can be had for @$100.00 at local auto parts store.

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Honda CR-V

What would be a reasonable cost to have an oil pan gasket replaced on a '97 Honda CRV?

Hi, I am also searching for such answer. My 97 crv keeps leaking oil from the engine. 2 days ago I have an oil changed in a local mechanic shop. They noticed the problem too and I was quoted $260 for fixing it by changing a new valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket and a drain plug, of course, including labor charge. I didn't expect to pay close to $300 to solve this problem in a regular oil change visit. So I took the checklist they gave me and quoted the price for the parts I need from Autoadvance, end up to be $140 something. With the help of my friend who loves fixing car, hopefully this is all I need to pay to fix the oil leaking.

2) I had my oil pan gasket replaced in Long Beach, CA in December of '06. The oil pan gasket cost $10, if purchased from an after market auto parts store, the repair shop charged $25. It was $100 for the labor and that was after haggling them down to that amount. I too was shocked it was going to be so much to have it replaced.

3) I just spent 5 hours changing out the oil pan gasket on my '84 Landcrusier. I have to say that it was a terrible experience. Pay the $100 dollars! It will be well worth it. I'll give you a run down: 1. Drain the oil (easy) 2. pull the oil pan off (not so easy) 3. Clean the oil pan gasket area from the pan and the engine block (easy but time consuming) 4. Put sealant on the engine block and hold the gasket up to the block until it holds (not so easy) 5. Put sealant on the oil pan and mount (you'll swear alot on this step) 6. Put all the bolts back in and torque to spec (not so easy unless you have an unrestricted path to the bolts) 7. Drink alcohol to unwind.

4)I replaced a valve cover gasket on a 1996 Honda Odyssey which would be the equivalent job as on a 97 CRV. It is about the easiest gasket job you can do for this vehicle. A rubber gasket should not cost more than $25-$35 at a local auto parts store. They are simple to install since you do not use any sealant with this type. You just remove the bolts and gently pry it off. Clean up the mating surfaces really good. Line up the new gasket and valve cover then put the bolts back in and torque them to specs. It's an hour job with clean up for a DIY. I've not done the oil pan gasket but have looked at it under a 1998 CRV. This looks a little bit harder since you have the engine shield to remove and the exhaust pipe runs right over it and very close. I think $100 is reasonable to do the oil pan gasket. If you do it yourself I recommend getting silicon gasket maker. It will make the job much easier. You just put a bead of it on both mating surfaces, let a skin form then mate them. Lightly tighten them down but not all the way. Let set for 12 hours then tighten down the rest of the way.

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Where is the Electronic Fuel Temp sensor when you have codes p0181 p0171 - 1999 Ford Windstar SEL?

its on the fuel rail, it actually takes temperature of the rail not fuel.

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How do you adjust a Windstar side - sliding electric door which wont latch - door closes but pops back open especially in cold weather - can the steel pull cable be tightened or loosened?

Helping automatic doors to stay closedThe first thing to try is to clean the contacts on the door pillar with a pencil eraser.

I broke down and brought it in to the dealer. He said there was a trip switch mounted at the rear latch mechanism that needed replacement ($40). I was able to replace it myself.

This is very common on all Windstars.

Try lubing the contacts, cleaning the track where the door wheel rolls on rocker panel, and make sure there are no obstructions anywhere in the doors path. it happens to mine about once a month and there is usually dirt in the path somewhere which trips a safety sensor

You might also try cleaning the set of contacts and the pins. This is easiest done with a pencil eraser - simply rub the eraser on each contact to remove the oxidization that naturally starts to build up.

The door works on a "cycle" and the electronic pad on the door pillar may have become dirty.

Open the door and close it, and open again manually. pushing it all the way open until it locks into place. then actuate it with the door close button on your overhead console. If it does not work, then take a clean rag and window cleaner and wipe the electronic pad on the door pillar to ensure there is a good signal being sent.

Try cleaning the brass looking contacts on the door and the ones on the door jam.

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What size tires go on a 1995 windstar lx?

Look inside the door jam. It will tell you tire sizes.

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Where is the washer fluid level sensor on a Ford Windstar 2000 SEL and how to replace it?

It is on the bottom exterior of the windshield washer reservoir. You get to it by removing the front passenger tire (rim), then removing the protective wheel well covering (you need to remove about 8 small screws that hold this covering onto the wheel well). It then stares you right in the face at the bottom of the reservoir. It has a wire connected to it, and another plastic connector holding it in place. Pop off the connector. Does anybody know the science behind how this thing senses? It does not penetrate into the reservoir, and seems to be designed to sense the fluid level by non-contact with the fluid. My dash message (low fluid level) goes out when I pull the sensor from the exterior of the reservoir body (even with the wire still attached, ignition on), but the message comes back on when I re-attach the sensor to the reservoir exterior, even with the fluid level full. Good Luck to all in all mechanic-related endeavors. GK


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