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Masters Golf Tournament

How much does it cost to play 18 holes at Augusta National Golf Club?

Augusta National Golf Club is an exclusive golf course in Augusta, Georgia and the site of the annual Masters Tournament in April. You cannot play Augusta as a walk-on; you must be invited as a guest of one of the club's members.

Augusta National Golf Club has never disclosed the membership cost, but it is believed the initiation fee is between $10,000 and $30,000 with yearly dues costing between $3,000 and $10,000. Dining and lodging and other services are additional costs. Although it is an exclusive club, Augusta can keep its costs down due to the amount of money they make from hosting the Masters.

There are around 300 members of Augusta. There is no application for membership, it is strictly invitation only.When a spot opens, the club collectively decides who to invite and mails the invitation. All members are given the iconic green blazer.Augusta has drawn criticism in the past for not allowing black members until 1990 and female members until 2012.

If you ever get a chance to attend a practice round, or competitive round, at the Masters - do it, it is an experience you will never forget. In the meantime you'll have to enjoy watching the Masters.


How much does the winner of the US Masters get paid?

According to the Augusta National Golf Club's website, the prize money breakdown is as follows:

1st: $1,305,000

2nd: $783,000

3rd: $493,000

4th: $348,000

5th: $290,000

6th: $261,000

7th: $242,875

8th: $224,750

9th: $210,250

10th: $195,750

11th: $181,250

12th: $166,750

13th: $152,250

14th: $137,750

15th: $130,500

16th: $123,250

17th: $116,000

18th: $108,750

19th: $101,500

20th: $94,250

21st: $87,000

22nd: $81,200

23rd: $75,400

24th: $69,600

25th: $63,800

26th: $58,000

27th: $55,825

28th: $53,650

29th: $51,475

30th: $49,300

31st: $47,125

32nd: $44,950

33rd: $42,775

34th: $40,963

35th: $39,150

36th: $37,338

37th: $35,525

38th: $34,075

39th: $32,625

40th: $31,175


42nd: $28,275

43rd: $26,825

44th: $25,375

The remainder of the professionals will receive cash prizes ranging downward from $23,925 depending on the scores.

Total prize money is $7,250,000.

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Masters Golf Tournament

Who has won the Masters back to back?

Through the 2008 Masters:

1) 2001 and 2002 - Tiger Woods

2) 1989 and 1990 - Nick Faldo

3) 1965 and 1966 - Jack Nicklaus

Salary and Pay Rates

How much money do golf caddies make?

Professional Caddies are salaried at $1,000 per week plus 5% of the tournament purse, 7% of a top 10 and 10% for a victory. This amounts to a heft paycheck.

Tony Navarro : $442, 548 (June 2006 to June 2007)

Allistair Matheson: $337,888

Damon Green started out as a pro, but became a caddy seeking an increase in pay. His 2006/7 season earned him $367,716; more than his 1994/5 season as a pro golfer.

Steve Williams, caddy for Tiger Woods made an incredible $1.27 million last year. He has been Tiger's caddy since 1999, and recently received a $140,000 Ford GT as a tip. Not bad for an afternoon of work.

We must remember, however, that caddies are responsible for their own lodging expenses; and now that golf is international, that can add up quickly. It's estimated that caddies spend 25% of their earnings on lodging expenses. Even so, they are making a lot of money.

Even non pro caddies can make over $1000 per week, as standard tips can be $50 or $100 per round per bag; considering TPC Sawgrass is $350 to play or one can pay over $500 to play Shadow Creek.

Source: "Top-Earning Caddies" June 11, 2007

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Tiger Woods
Masters Golf Tournament

How many Masters has Tiger Woods won?



Is there a shot limit in golf?

Unfortunately not, you keep going until you get it in the hole. Unless you are playing a stableford competition where if you are two shots over your allowance you should pick up as you would receive no points.

Salary and Pay Rates

How much money do golf instructors make?

round about £10,000


Is Ryan Palmer Related To Arnold Palmer?

No, American professional golfer Ryan Palmer is not related to American professional golfer Arnold Palmer.

History of Golf

When and where did golf originate?

Golf's Actual Origins"With th' exciption maybe iv th' theery iv infant damnation, " said Mr Dooley, "Scotland has given nawthin' more cheerful to th' wurruld thin th' game iv goluf." Golf appeared in 1350 in St Andrews, Fife. It was forbidden by the king thrice during the 1400's, as it was considered to distract young men from their archery and Church, but was re-legalised in 1502. It is a common misperception that it began in the 1600s; as early as 1567, Mary Queen of Scots played golf on the St. Andrews Links. The oldest remaining club here is the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, dating back to 1834, which still accepts only male members, with the exception of once in the year for the Women's Open.

Golf originated in Scotland in the 1600's.

"Gentlemen Only, Ladies Prohibited" is, of course, an backronym for the game, but the reality is that there were games similar to golf played as far back as the 1100's in China. Golf as a western sport began in the late 1500's in Scotland, but the name "golf" has nothing to do with the above acronym.

The "Gentlemen Only; Ladies Forbidden" explanation is an Urban Legend. You can learn more here:

Did the word "golf" originate as an acronym for "gentlemen only, ladies forbidden"? That's a common old wives' tale. Or, in this case, more likely an old husband's tale. No, "golf" is not an acronym for "gentlemen only, ladies forbidden." If you've ever heard that, forget it immediately. Better yet, find the person who told you and let them know it's not true.

Like most modern words, the word "golf" derives from older languages and dialects. In this case, the languages in question are medieval Dutch and old Scots.

The medieval Dutch word "kolf" or "kolve" meant "club." It is believed that word passed to the Scots, whose old Scots dialect transformed the word into "golve," "gowl" or "gouf."

By the 16th Century, the word "golf" had emerged.

Sources: British Golf Museum, USGA Library

The origin of golf is open to debate among Chinese, French and Scotish. Golf is widely believed to be a Scottish invention, as the game was mentioned in two 15th-century laws prohibiting the playing of the game of "gowf". Some scholars, however, suggest that this refers to another game which is much akin to shinty or hurling, or to modern field hockey. They point out that a game of putting a small ball in a hole in the ground using golf clubs was played in 17th-century Netherlands. The term golf is believed to have originated from a Germanic word for "club".

The oldest playing golf course in the world is The Old Links at Musselburgh. Evidence has shown that golf was played on Musselburgh Links in 1672 although Mary Queen of Scots reputedly played there in 1567.

Golf courses have not always had eighteen holes. The St Andrews Links occupy a narrow strip of land along the sea. As early as the 15th century, golfers at St. Andrews established a customary route through the undulating terrain, playing to holes whose locations were dictated by topography. The course that emerged featured eleven holes, laid out end to end from the clubhouse to the far end of the property. One played the holes out, turned around, and played the holes in, for a total of 22 holes. In 1764, several of the holes were deemed too short, and were therefore combined. The number was thereby reduced from 11 to nine, so that a complete round of the links comprised 18 holes.

The major changes in equipment since the 19th century have been better mowers, especially for the greens, better golf ball designs, using rubber and man-made materials since about 1900, and the introduction of the metal shaft beginning in the 1930s. Also in the 1930s the wooden golf tee was invented. In the 1970s the use of metal to replace wood heads began, and shafts made of graphite composite materials were introduced in the 1980s.

In January 2006, debate provoked again over who invented golf again. Recent evidence unearthed by Prof. Ling Hongling of Lanzhou University, China suggests that a game similar to modern-day golf was played in China since Southern Tang Dynasty, 500 years before golf was first mentioned in Scotland.

Dongzuan Records (Chinese:�|܎��) from the Song Dynasty describe a game called chuiwan (����) and also include drawings. It was played with 10 clubs including a cuanbang, pubang, and shaobang, which are comparable to a driver, two-wood, and three-wood. Clubs were inlaid with jade and gold, suggesting golf was for the wealthy. Chinese archive includes references to a Southern Tang Dynasty official who asked his daughter to dig holes as a target. Lin suggested golf was exported to Europe and then Scotland by Mongolian travellers in the late Middle Ages.

Spokeman for Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, one of the oldest Scotland golf organization, said "Stick and ball games have been around for many centuries, but golf as we know it today, played over 18 holes, clearly originated in Scotland."

Golf was invented in the 15th century by the Scots.

A little know fact about golf: Golf was banned in Scotland in 1457. The reason for the ban was that the game interfered with archery. Archery, then, was a much-needed practice because the country's defenses depended upon it. However, the Scots continued to play despite the ban from Parliament and the church. The Scots played golf on courses laid out by the sea. These courses are called links.

There is an urban legend that says the word "golf" stood for "Gentlemen Only; Ladies Forbidden." This is false. We know this, to some degree, since Mary, Queen of Scots, the mother of James VI of Scotland and who later was James I of England, was known to have participated in the "sport" of golf.

Golf was originated in Scotland near the 1600's and St. Andrews was the first course ever played. The queen of Scotland was so happy that golf was invented but many were not. The men were not happy because she was going to allow the women to play. The guards killed the queen just because of that. So that's why only men could play before and now in present time women can too which is AWESOME! I am so glad that the rule changed that women can play too!! in my backyard. I don't like mii gym teacher! he plays golf ewyy. Haha.*Cupcake&Babii Boo*

golf started in Ireland. the balls were rocks and the clubs were sticks

Golf was first found in the year of 1340.

There is no certain answer to that question. Historians are still trying to find out when and where golf was created.


Ask tiger Woods!!! =P


How far should a 10 yr old boy hit a golf ball with his driver?

Depends how big and how strong he is, 120-150 yards.


How much do golf clubs cost at Dick's Sporting Goods?

I think it ranges from $200 to $2000 depending on the brands of clubs.


Does Natalie gulbis still play golf?

Yes she does. There just aren't as many LPGA events as there used to be so we don't get to see her as often.

Golf Rules and Regulations

What is penalty for improving your golf lie?

Two stroke penalty.

Golf Equipment

How long should your golf clubs be if you are 6'3''?

This is relatively easy to answer considering you have someone to help you. I have worked at a golf course and built many custom sets for various sized people. First start by using an old club. Possibly a 5 or 6 iron. Next, stand straight up, bend your knees just enough so you can see the very tips of your toes. Now bend your at your waist so you have a good golfing stance. Let your arms hang and put the club in your hand. choke up on it until the club is flat on the floor so you would be in a good position to hit a clean shot. They should be sized down to have about a quarter of an inch left on the club. This will work in most cases providing the angle of the head is fitted for you. When I was fitted for my set of Pings I had to send them back to Ping to get them rebent then I had to have them fitted. It's a time consuming process that is well worth it. Having a set of clubs that are fitted to you it better because you don't have to change the "Natural" swing that you have to adapt to a new set of clubs.


What is the cutoff in golf?

The cut is made at the half way stage of golf tournament, like the PGA Tour and European Tour. Before the tournament starts there is a number set of how many people will progress to the final rounds, after two rounds this number is set against the field and only those top 70 say will progress.

At The Open, it is top 70 and ties, so anyone in the top 70, and those with the same score as 70th will progress. The rest are cut.


Do they make left handed golf bags?

No ... there is no such thing. The golfer merely stands on the opposite side of the bag.

There ABSOLUTELY is a such thing as a left-handed golf bag. Sun Mountain makes a left-handed carry bag that puts the padding against a golfer's back who carries on their left-shoulder. Everything is opposite on a lefty carry bag. THANK YOU Sun Mountain!


What does the letter e mean on a golf club?

The only set of clubs that i know of that has an E club, are clubs manufactured by Ben Hogan. The E club is the same or another name for a pitching wedge. According to the Ben Hogan website, it is called the 'equalizer' it is called so because Mr Hogan believed it completed or equalized a set of clubs.

Golf Equipment
The Difference Between

How heavy is a golf ball?

The weight of a golf ball, according to the rules of golf, must not exceed 1.620 ounces or 45.93 grams.

Golf Equipment

Are hippo golf clubs good quality?

They are aimed at the beginner golfer and at the budget end of the market. They are of good quality, but not the best.


Why do golfers mark their ball putting green?

They mark their ball out of courtesy for other players as if one player on the green hits the ball of another they receive a two shot penalty. It is also so the player can clean his ball and line it up.

Golf Rules and Regulations

What is the penalty for losing a golf ball?

One shot penalty and you must go back to where you played the previous shot from, no exceptions. So if you hit a tee shot, and lose it in the trees, you take your penalty and play your third from the tee.


too often, guys will just drop a ball where they think their last ball was lost and proceed with a one-stroke penalty.


Does Suno Golf sale real clubs?

No, they sell fake clubs. The two giveaways are price, all products are substantially less than trade price and if you compare the photos on the Suno website to those on official websites there are tell tale signs. You can use Suno if you want, but if a club breaks there is nothing you can do, whereas the bigger manufacturer would replace it.

Please avoid Suno Golf.

Suno Golf's domain was seized by US Customs due to selling fake golf clubs.


How much does golf club fitting cost?

Free generally. Most golf shops (Edwin Watts etc.) will do a free club fitting with any purchase of a new set of clubs.

Check your local publications, because the Major Manufacturers have demo days and other events often in prime months and can custom fit during these as well.


How do you paint metal golf clubs?

It all depends which part you want to paint. The best thing to do is leave it, because it requires a lot of time and skill to do a good job of it. The best paint I would suggest would be model paint and then a layer of clear coat where needed.


What hole does a plus handicap give up a stroke?

They give up strokes on the easiest holes, that is, the hole ranked the highest i.e 18, then 17, then 16 on the handicap or stroke index.


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