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Same as humans, horses need a clean and pleasant habitat, eat properly and sometimes go through wrenches, soreness of the back and strain. To keep your horse healthy, it demands for proper aid to its illness and pain.

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Can horses eat to much grass?


When horses eat too much grass, they can colic and founder or become laminitic.

Colic is basically pain in the gastrointestinal system of the horse, which may be caused by many things. It is the #1 reason for emergency visits by a veterinarian. It is also often fatal and must be treated quickly.

Founder is what happens when a horse has laminitis: a systemic condition that results in the destruction of the tissues inside the hoof. Inflammation occurs and because there is nowhere for inflammation to go inside a rigid structure like the hoof, the tissue inside dies. When this happens there is no longer any tissue to hold up the bone inside the hoof and it falls (called foundering, after what happens to ships when they sink). When this happens the coffin bone may rotate and fall so far that it comes out through the bottom of the hoof. This is usually fatal.

If over-eating, the horse will become fat, which can have terrible effects on its health.

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What is the middle of a horses hoof called?

The middle of a horse's hoof is called a frog.I think it's a rather strange

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What are strongyles and pin types of that are common to horses?

worms, internal parasites.

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Will my horses bruised suspensory ligament heal?

If you treat the injury properly it should heal. Seek the help of a qualified veterinarian for instructions for your particular horse and circumstance.

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How much does it cost to neuter a horse?

You 'Geld' horses, not neuter and it costs alot of money, it depends what vet you go to.

Depending on how the procedure is done and what is required it typically costs between $300 and $3,000 to geld a horse.

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How do you get rid of maggots in horses feet?

Maggots anywhere on a horse is serious. If there are maggots in your horse's hooves, they need to be taken to a vet IMMEDIATELY.

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How often should horses urinate?

When their bladder is full.

A healthy horse should urinate about once a day, maybe twice if they have drunk a lot. e.g. on a hot day your horse will naturally drink more to cool itself down and obviously to quench itself, so to allow the water to be stored in the bladder, it must be emptied by urinating.

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Does EPM cause weight loss in horses?

EPM does cause what is commonly termed "weight loss" in horses but a more accurate term is "muscle loss". This is because the protozoan parasite causes damage in the central nervous system that affects the horse's ability to feel and thus use portions of it's body. With lack of use, muscle deteriorates and thus a horse may loose weight from the loss of muscle.

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What do you call a mare with a sore throat?

A hoarse horse.

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How heavy can a pony get?

How heavy a pony can get depends on a lot of factors. A pony is an equine that is 14.2 hands high at the withers or less. So if you have a large pony, 14.2 hands high, and it is a draft type body, and it's fat, it could easily weigh over a thousand pounds.

However, it is important to note that excessive weight is not good for horses or ponies. Ponies are prone to getting a condition called laminitis (aka founder). This is an extremely painful condition affecting the hooves and internal structures of the hooves. Significantly overweight horses and ponies are at increased risk for the condition. The heavier they get, the more likely they will be to develop this condition. Once horses founder, they are likely to have life-long problems with their feet. So horses and ponies should always be kept at a healthy weight. If there is any doubt as to whether or not a ponies weight is okay, a vet should be consulted.

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How would you get a male horse aroused?

Stallions are aroused by mares in heat.

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What medicine is used to treat horses with asthma?

Also called Heaves, Recurrent Airway Obstruction, and COPD, is generally treated with at least dexamethasone. A bronchiodilator such as Albuterol may also be added to the treatment protocol when the steroid doesn't provide sufficient relief. Management is the most important aspect of preventing attacks, including providing only soaking hay and turnout to reduce exposure to dust, molds, etc., but owners may also opt to given a combination of antihistamine and decongestant such as Trihist on a regular basis to help prevent the irritation that triggers an attack.

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How much do thoroughbred horses eat?

My OTTB that I run barrels on gets three flakes of hay and about 2.5 quarts of grain in the morning and the same at night. Since he is running a lot more than just being ridden around he needs more feed. If you are just going on trail rides with them they don't need as much. The more you run them, the more you feed them.

All horses no matter what breed they are need to be fed between 1% to 3% of their bodyweight a day in food. The bulk of the diet should always be forage such as grass or hay, grain or pellets should only be fed if the horse has a need for them, such as being in moderate or heavier work, a hard keeper, dental issues, pregnant etc. Feeding by the flake and scoop method is incorrect as any equine vet will tell you. You should feed by weight.

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What are some common reaction to rabies vaccine in horses?

As in most pets (and most people), horses may have mild reactions to vaccines such as the rabies vaccine. The most common reactions are slight swelling, some heat when touched, mild pain in the injection area including some muscle stiffness, and redness (if you can see the red skin through the fur). Less common but much more serious reactions include difficulty breathing, breaking out in hives across the body, etc.

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What food did the Aztecs eat?

The Aztecs ate a kind of pancake made from maize (a type of corn), similar to tortillas. The Aztecs grew many different kinds of vegetables. The Aztecs also ate a kind of porridge called atole.

They also hunted for quail and other small game.

They also ate tomatoes, avocados, a chocolate drink, almonds, and some types of cactus.

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Is there a cure for a runny nose?

drink plenty of water and that's it

AnswerAvoid allergy aggravators such as sodium benzoate, which is found in some soft drinks. Limit the sweets. Get the best air filter you can. Learn about yeast/candida overgrowth and how to prevent it with diet, and add in a little yogurt to the diet. When the problem is really bad, try eating a quarter of a leaf of sage, and about 1/8 a teaspoon of turmeric. Try to have a least one glass of freshly squeezed lemonade a day.

Allergies are immune responses, which are wearing your immune system down. My suggestions will help you to maintain a healthy immune system so that you stay stronger, and get sick less often.

The old saying about apples is true. They are almost the perfect health fruit, and you should have at least one a day. Clean it carefully and make sure the PLU number on the fruit sticker does not read 3 or 8 -- which means it was genetically modified.

Drink alot of water, blow your nose reguarly and have a lot of fruit i would recommend apples hope this helps

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What does apparatus mean?

# A peice of equimpment designed to do a specific job # A group of body parts that work together to complete a task

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How to loosen up your horses stiff ankle?

First you must make sure that you do not add more injury to the leg. Making sure that there is not a bad problem with the leg by asking a vet would be the preferred way. But if you know it is only stiff and not anything worse you can (If the horse will allow you) put the leg in a bucket of hot water (hot that you can put your own foot into) and let it soak to relieve stiffness. After soaking wrap with a leg wrap and let the horse stretch the leg by walking for a few minutes.

If you want rub it once or twice a day in Thermaflex.

obviously check with vet first if it's persisting. pick up leg as if to pick out feet,support leg and gently rotate the fetlock joint a few times in both directions. do this with all feet. can be done every day,helps stiff joints

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Can horses eat turnip leaves?

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Should horses eat cow salt?

Cows are easily able to lick enough salt from a block to sustain them long term. Horses lack the ability to lick enough salt from a salt block, so most do better with loose salt. However, the ingredient (salt) in a horse salt vs. a cow salt is the same. Mineral blocks and loose mineral is different for cows and horses.

Cows and horses have different mineral needs, but their requirement for salt is similar.

Yes. Salt blocks are standard for both cows and horses: there really is no discretion as to whether a particular block is better for horses than cows or vice versa.

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Why do horses get colic?

There are several types of "colic"---gas, impaction (materal packed into an area and stuck), torsion, intussuception, etc. All can can have different causes.

It's important to understand that "colic" is not a diagnosis but a description of symptoms. Colic simply means that a horse has abdominal pain and this can occur for many different reasons, including pain in other areas of the body. It's when you get a diagnosis of the CAUSE of the colic that you actually know what is going on with a horse.

The gastroinstestinal tract of the horse is complicated and rather delicate. Any changes in diet can lead to poor function of the GI tract--change in hay, change in feed or even change in the amount of water consumed. High grain diets, low forage (grass or hay) diets, training (anything that keeps a horse from eating for extended periods of time or requires that a horse move above a walk), trailering, etc can lead to gastric ulceration and thus pain in the abdomen. There is so much intestine that it can get flipped over itself and cut off movement of food and even circulation. The GI tract moves material along by peristaltic action and anything that slows that action in one part of the GI tract can lead to the intestine telescoping in on itself and constricting blood flow.

Other diseases can also cause a horse to appear to have GI pain. For instance a horse was diagnosed with colic and even had surgery to find and correct the issue only to find a completely healty looking instestinal tract. The horse was later diagnosed with rabies.

So, horses can "get colic" for any number of reasons. The trick is to determine what is causing the symptoms of abdominal pain. And of course to minimize the risk by providing plenty of quality forage, not over-feeding concentrate diets, ensuring that plenty of clean water is always available, maintaining an adequate gastrointestinal parasite prevention program, etc.

An easy way to think about it is that when you get a stomach ache or eat something bad you can throw up, however horses cannot.

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How tall is 180 cm in inches?

5 ft 11 in

There are 70.86614166 inches in 180 centimeters. 180 centimeters x 0.393700787 inches/1 centimeter = 70.86614166 inches 1 centimeter = 0.393700787 inches

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Can horses with bog spavin be ridden?

Bog spavins alone won't make a horse unrideable, but sometimes they are symptoms of a problem deeper down in the hock. In this case, the horse would be unrideable- not because of the bog spavin, but because of the problem that caused it.

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How many carrots in 1 cup?

A cup of carrots has been estimated at 128 grams (.28 lb). Since there are about 8 medium carrots per pound, and a medium carrot provides about 1/2 cup of shredded carrot, then you should need 2 to get a cup (depending on the actual size of the carrots).

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Is black leg in horses the same in cattle?

No. Besides, horses are not known for getting blackleg: cattle are if not vaccinated for the disease.


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