The potato is a starchy root vegetable that is a common and versatile ingredient in cuisines around the world.

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Cooking Techniques

Will potatoes cook faster if water is boiling faster?

Yes, they do. This is due to a property of convective heat transfer known as turbulent flow. Turbulent flow brings more molecules of hot water into contact with the molecules of potato over a given time period thus transferring more heat to cook the potato faster. Heat transfer at the molecular level occurs at a very high rate of speed so fluid dynamics of the boiling water has a great effect on the transfer of heat. Less turbulent flows, like simmering water, will transfer less heat than a rapidly boiling pot over the same time period.

Cattle Diets and Nutrition

Do cows eat potatoes?

Yes. Cull potatoes, or those that are considered waste based on size, grade, quality standard, or discarded due to low market value from over-production, are often fed as a by-product to dairy cows mixed in a Total Mixed Ration (TMR). They cannot be fed as a feed source alone due to the very high starch content which can be detrimental to an animal's health due to potential for the onset of acidosis. Potatoes can also be fed to feedlot beef cattle in a mixed ration of grain, forage, vitamins and minerals.

Please see the related link below for furthe details on feeding cull potatoes to cattle.

Domestic Dogs
Dog Health
Animal Parasites

Can dogs get worms from raw potatoes?

The kind of worms that will give dogs problems do not live in potatoes - HOWEVER - if the raw potatoes also have dirt/soil on them, the dirt/soil may contain worms, eggs, larvae, or other parasites that CAN give dogs problems. It isn't the potatoes they will get the worms from, it is the soil.

Cooking Times and Temperatures

What gas mark do you cook a baked potato?

IF there's nothing else in the oven then you can whack it up all the way - gas Mark 8 or 9 is fine.


What is the Marquise potato?

Mashed potatoes piped into round shape with pastry bag, topped with tomato concasse, drizzle with butter, then broiled just light brown

Freezing and Drying Food

Can you freeze cooked potatoes?

You can but they get grainy when you thaw them. It works better to only cook them partially and then freeze them. When you thaw them you can finish the cooking and they aren't so grainy. A potato dish like scalloped potatoes or mashed potatoes have the same problem. The freezing process separates the water from the potatoes and makes the texture grainy when they are thawed. But it's not as noticable in a prepared dish as in just plain potatoes.

Pest Control

Are potato bugs poisonous?

Yes, this is because the potato plant itself is poisonous. The only non-poisonous part of the potato plant is the starch inside the tuber. You are not even suppose to eat the potato peel. And under non-circumstance are you to eat of the potato fruit.

Because the potato bug can eat the potato plant it inherits its poisons.

Keep in mind though that "poisonous" does not mean "venomous". The potato bug may be poisonous to eat, but it is not venomous, meaning it cannot bite you and inject venom into your body. The only way you could ever be harmed by a potato bug is if you ate enough of them to become sick from their protective poison.

Fruits and Vegetables

Are potatoes bad for gout?

Potatoes are very low in purines meaning they are not responsible for the production of a great deal of uric acid.


Are potato chips perishable or non-perishable?

Non-perishable. Because it won't rot for a very long time. Sure, it can stale, but not rot. Other things like cans and non- fresh things are mostly non-perishable. However, things like fruits, vegetable, fresh produce, poultry, and other things that need to be freezed or refrigerated are perishable.

Weight Watchers

How many points is a baked potato with butter?

322 Points


Is potato a Rabi or Kharif crop?

It is a kharif crop;

potatoes prefer short days and long cool nights for better tuberization, hence it is a winter crop, Rabi crop is also shown during winter season. Therefore, potato is a rabi crop. Although in places like Willingdon (Tamil Nadu, India) it is grown all the year round.

Illegal Drugs

How do you tell if weed is rotten?

If it is really dry or brown and doesnt smell alot

Dieting and Weight Loss
Carbohydrates and Low-Carb Diets
Calorie Count

How do you reheat baked potato skins?

you bake it on 600 and it looks and tastes brand new!

Farm Crops

How many potatoes does Idaho produce?

About 12 billion pounds annually. It depends on the size and grade of the "spuds", of course, but that is somewhere around 20 billion individual potatoes.

Farm Crops

Do potatoes have spores?

Potatoes does not have spores.

Food & Cooking

How do they make crinkle cut fries?

The make them using a machine that is probably commensurate in size with the largeness of the company who is manufacturing them. If you want to make them in your house, you are going to have to get a mandoline. Mandolines are not easy to use. I was a vegetarian chef for awhile and I knew someone in the food industry who would not even sell a mandoline to a non-professional. But if you would like to learn the procedure (for making the fries, not for buying the mandoline), here you go: http://www.ehow.com/how_2309079_use-crinkle-cut-mandoline-blades.html


How do grub worms affect potato plants?

differ envirment! :)

Botany or Plant Biology

Can raw potatoes be cut and seasoned hours before cooking?

Yes, potatoes can be prepared up to 24 hours in advance of cooking.

You will need to ensure they are covered with cold water to stop them turning black.

The seasoning should be added just before cooking, otherwise the water they are stored in would just wash it away.

Cooking Times and Temperatures

How long do you bake fish fillets and potatoes?

It depends on the potatoes and fish but u cn cook it for 20-30 min max . Just check If the fin is golden Bon and the potatoes are cripy


Where does a potato tuber obtain energy?

Potatoes get their energy from photosynthesis, like any other green plant.


Do potatoes have eyes?

Yes, but not the sort that you look through.

The 'eye' of a potato is the point that starts to grow new shoots to reproduce.

You may not see eyes on a fresh potato, but as the growing season approaches the eyes will appear.

Calorie Count

How many calories does a potato fritter have?

The calories depend upon the size and preparation of the 'fritter.'


How much does a red potato weigh?

It depends on the size of the potato, the only way to find out the weight would be to weigh it!

Chickens and Roosters

Are potato leaves poisonous to chickens?

They can be in large quantities as potatoes are part of the deadly nightshade family however a chicken will not usually like the taste of them and tend not to eat them.

Food Spoilage
How To

How to keep potatoes fresh?

To keep UNCUT potatoes fresh, u don't have to do anything but have a basket and a secure place to put them.


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