Horse Diet and Nutrition

Horses have a unique set of dietary needs. Find out what foods are good, bad, or even toxic when caring for your horse.

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Do horses eat more grass than cows on a paddock?

I heard they eat pretty much the same amount. But if you have a horse like my Silky, your horse would probably eat more than a cow. And then again my neighbors' horses hardly eat the grass in their pasture, they like to bask in the sun and play more than eat grass. In my option it depends on your horse or cow.

Horse Diet and Nutrition

Can horses drink lemonade?

Horses should not be given lemonade due to the sugar in it. They can however typically eat citrus fruit and many horses enjoy the fruit as a treat.

Horse Diet and Nutrition

Is there a difference between alfalfa hay and alfalfa meal?

There is. Alfalfa hay is exactly that, hay. Your horse should never eat a first or second cutting. This is usually what dairy cows eat, the protein content is too high for a horse. Alfalfa meal is chopped alfalfa hay mixed with other things incuding molasses. Horses love alfalfa meal and it is a great thing to feed if you have a 'hard keeper'. (a horse that is hard to keep weight on) But remember, just like any sweet feed or grain it has a higher protein percentage and can make your horse run a little 'hot'.

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Do horses eat cheese?

No, horses primarily eat vegetation such as grass, alfalfa and clover. However, some horses may develop a taste for eating cheese if offered to them as a treat.

Horses should not be offered cheese as it is made from cows milk, which horses cannot digest. It is best to stick to safe fruits and veggies as treats.

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Horse Diet and Nutrition

What does a horse eat out of grass tree bark candy or meat?

they eat grass.The horses eat grass as well as cows.

Horse Diet and Nutrition

Can horses safely eat cow parsley?

Yes 100%. Yes 100%.

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Horse Diet and Nutrition

Why can't baby horses eat grass when born?

Horses like all mammals rely on their mothers milk initially and yes in the first few hours of life they receive vital antibodies which can stop them from picking up infections until their own immune system is up to the job.

Most foals are born with teeth and a lot of very young foals will attempt to graze and mess around with fibrous material like grass but are unable to eat or digest sufficient quantities to survive.

they don't have teeth and swallowing it might cause choking. They need the antibodies and nutrients from it.


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What does the wild horse eat?

Grass, and other plants

`Back in the day when there were many farmers and Wild Horses (escapees or bred that way) running around, they would eat the farmers crops. This explains why they used to be considered "pests" `

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Can horses eat rotten apples?

Don't feed horses rotten apples

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Should horses eat tomatoes?

Tomatoes are in fact poisonous to horses. They along with Potatoes and horse nettle are all part of the deadly Nightshade family. The green portions of the plant contain Atrophine which can slow gut motility to the point of causing a lethal bout of colic. The 'meat' part of the tomato contains Hyoscyamine which affects the nervous system and can cause the pupils to dilate , decrease the saliva production, cause colic, and even hemorrhagic diarrhea (Bloody stool). So no never feed a horse tomatoes.

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Can horses eat sugar?

Sugar cubes used to be a common treat for horses. Now most people like to feed their horses a healthier snack. An occational sugar cube won't hurt but you horse will be just as happy with carrots or apples.

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Horse Diet and Nutrition

What is horse fodder?

Horse fodder is basically the food a horse eats. Hay, chaff, grass.

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Horse Diet and Nutrition

Can horses eat flour?

horses can consume flour.

Horses should not eat flour, period. Horses should eat a feed high in digestable fiber and low in carbohydrates and sugars, and good quality forage (hay).

Horse Diet and Nutrition

What do horses eat?

Horses are grazing animals and forage feed (mostly grasses) is necessary for the proper functioning of their digestive system, as it is their most natural diet.

Horses should be fed at regular times and should be given a few hours between a hard feed and carrying out strenuous exercise.

Water should always be available to both the grass-kept and stabled horse or pony, and it is particularly important that it is available prior to feeding.

Foods horses eat:

* Apples and carrots - they are relished by most horses

* Barley - this should be boiled or soaked for at least two hours before feeding as it swells when wet, which prevents it swelling in the horses stomach which can cause problems. It can be fed dry if rolled and crushed first, and is good for older horses

* Bran - is easily digested

* Chaff - adds bulk to food and prevents the horse from bolting down its good too quickly

* Cod Liver Oil - is a useful supplement to help build up resistance to disease

* Eggs - these are a good source of protein and one or two fed daily can be useful to a hard-working horse

* Horse nuts or mixes - these are specially prepared foods, comprising many of the basic feeds, there are different types designed to meet the nutritional needs of various horses with different exercising routines

* Linseed - is high in protein and only a handful should be fed with a feed. It is poisonous raw so MUST be cooked first

* Maize - this should be flaked and cooked to make it easier to digest

* Molichaff or Mollichop - is a mixture of chaff and molasses, used to add bulk to the food and the molasses makes it more appetising

* Oats - they are easily digested if fed crushed, rolled or cooked. They are a high energy food and excessive feeding of oats can cause exuberance in some horses

* Root vegetables - such as beetroot, carrots, parsnips, swedes and turnips can be fed but in small quantities. They should be cut into strips, rather than round pieces as they can become lodged in the throat. Shredded vegetables are also avoided by worms.

* Salt - fed in small quantities in the feed helps to aid digestion

* Seaweed - is good for young horses

Other foods: alfalfa, oat hay, barley, maize, dried sugar beet pulp.

There are three basic types of grain: Sweet feed, Pellet, and Senior Feed.

If you feed hay, check for white or black patches, and smell it to see if it smells stale or stagnant. Don't feed fermenting hay to your horse.

Be sure to check with a vet, your instructor, or a horse expert if you're not sure about the feed your horses is being given.

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How much money do teenagers spend a year?

The DR Oz HCG diet consists of a hormone produced by pregnant women called human chorionic gonadotrophin. You can only eat about six hundred calories a day.

Horse Diet and Nutrition

Why supplement flax seed in a horses diet?

for protein and oil, it is great for giving the coat a healthy shine from the oil, it is also good for humans and dogs, almost all animals.

Horse Diet and Nutrition

Is it okay for horses to eat cooked pasta?

Horses have very sensitive digestive systems, so anything out of their usual diet should not be fed without consulting your vet first.

Horse Diet and Nutrition

Can horses eat celeriac?

Celery stalks should not be fed to horses. The strings get it stuck between their teeth and it can cause gum disease!

Celeriac, being a root vegetable, would be outside a horses normal forage. If you a serious about trying it consult with you vet.

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What is a dingle berry?

A dingle berry is a slang term for a small piece of feces that gets caught in anal hair, most often at the end of defecation. Dingle berries can happen to anyone: human, horse, dog, cat.

Dingle berry can also be used as term of stupidity or an insult. As in, "You are as smart as a dingle berry," or "You have the personality of a dingle berry."

Horse Diet and Nutrition

Will pumpkin make horses sick if they eat it?

No, horses can eat pumpkins without much if any ill effects. However you'd want to limit their consumption to avoid digestive upset that could lead to diarrhea or colic.

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How do you extract ephedrine from a mineral block?

You cannot extract ephedrine or pseudoephedrine from a mineral block. Anyone who tells you that they have done it is either mistaken or a liar. The claim that ephedrine can be extracted from a livestock mineral block has been proven as false and erroneous by Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) scientists upon attempting to extract ephedrine from mineral blocks through various methods that have been "tried and tested" by various people. The only reason that these people would be wanting to attempt to extract such substance from mineral blocks would only be for the purpose of making an illegal narcotic drug called Crystal Meth. Apart from the evidence gathered by the DEA, scientists from an anonymous major feed-producing company have also "concluded that [mineral salt blocks or licks] contain no ephedrine or pseudoephedrine." However, the DEA article below does mention that salt (NOT ephedrine nor "psuedoephedrine") from such mineral blocks can be extracted for the production of Crystal Meth.

(Note that producing such a highly illegal substance can and will land you in jail. If you aren't in jail yet for taking or making such narcotics, it's only a matter of time before you are.)

Please see the related links below. (You will need to scroll down the linked page until you reach "EPHEDRINE FROM LIVESTOCK MINERAL BLOCKS SCAM ENCOUNTERED IN BARRY COUNTY, MISSOURI").

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What is dingle berry?

A 'dingle berry' is a wad of animal waste that gets caught near its behind or in its tail hair.

Originally called dangle or dingle berries, it is a term of stupidity or an insult. As in, "You are as smart as a dingle berry," or "You have the personality of a dingle berry."


Horse Diet and Nutrition

What did prehistoric horses eat?

The earliest horses were browsers, much like modern goats are. They would eat leaves, bark, a little grass, and weeds. As they evolved horses began to eat more and more grass, just like modern horses do now.

Horse Diet and Nutrition

Can horses eat dog biscuits?

No, horses should never eat any food designed to be fed to dogs , cats, or any other predatory aniaml as it will contain some type of meat product or flavoring which is not good for a horses digestive tract. You can buy or make treats that are specifically designed for horses.

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What animals follow a vegetarian diet?

Gorrillas and chimmps because they eat bannanas.

I think gorillas and chimps also eat insects and meat.

Horses cows sheep deer moose antelope elephants are vegetarians.


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