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Horses are such animals that take responsibility and understanding to be properly cared for. Knowing what is involved in raising and caring for one or more horses is very important for their health well-being. Information about caring for horses can be shared, asked and answered in this category.

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How do you pronounce Akhal Teke?

Akhal-Teke is pronounced "Uh-call Tech-ee" Akhal as in "I gave my sister a call on the phone. Teke as in Tech like Georgia Tech with an E like the letter E. ...
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What do you call a worn out horse?

A worn out horse is a hack or a jade Nag is another word used
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What do you call a horse less than 1 year old?

well, any horse under 4 years is a foal, but it also works like this, any female horse under 4 years is a filly any male horse under 4 years is a colt, after 4 years a male horse will be called a stallion, if he is gelded, he will then be a gelding, so any female horse over 4 years is a Mare. `A baby horse is considered a foal. From about 3-4 years of age they can be considered Colts...
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Could a gorilla kill a horse?

there is a chance that the gorilla can kill a horse when the gorilla hug the horse tight then the horse cant breath no because the horse will kick the gorilla and then the horse will run ...
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What to name a paint gelding horse?

There are quite a few names. I would think of Native American names because when I think of paint horses I think of the Native Americans riding them. I personally like the names Comanche and Geronimo (which I think would be a really good name for a jumping horse) but there are so many more out there. If you know his parents names you could combine those to make a name for him too. Or think of his personality, or any...
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What is a swift or spirited horse called?

They are often called "hot"
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What month are horses usually born in?

Breeders that are breeding for racing TB, Standardbreds,Qhs try to breed as close to Jan 1 as possible. Their birthdays will be Jan 1 according to the racing comissions so obviously you want your horse to be as close to that age as possible. The most natural time horses are born in is the months of spring and early summer: March, April, May and June Most of the breeding sheds for the Thoroughbred industry open February 8th in order to avoid a...
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Can horses eat to much grass?

Yes. When horses eat too much grass, they can colic and founder or become laminitic. Colic is basically pain in the gastrointestinal system of the horse, which may be caused by many things. It is the #1 reason for emergency visits by a veterinarian. It is also often fatal and must be treated quickly. Founder is what happens when a horse has laminitis: a systemic condition that results in the destruction of the tissues inside the hoof. Inflammation occurs and because there is nowhere...
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What is the most expensive horse in the world?

The single most expensive breed of horse would most likely be the Thoroughbred. The world's top racehorses are worth multiple millions of dollars. After their racing career is over they are retired to stud and earn many more millions for the people that own them. After the Thoroughbred would probably be the eventers, dressage and show jumpers. These horses, when at the top of their game, can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. ...
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Do horses eat cheese?

No, horses primarily eat vegetation such as grass, alfalfa and clover. However, some horses may develop a taste for eating cheese if offered to them as a treat. Horses should not be offered cheese as it is made from cows milk, which horses cannot digest. It is best to stick to safe fruits and veggies as treats. ...
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Do horses fall in love?

Stallions can have favorite mares and sometimes choose mares for their harems that are specific colors. Stallions with a favorite mare behave very differently toward her than his other mares and they continue their interaction (mutual grooming and remaining close) throughout the year. It may not be love but it is an enduring attraction/affection. ...
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Why is the smiths the answer to the cryptic clue keep horses in footwear?

The smiths were the blacksmiths who manufactured and perhaps installed horseshoes to protect hooves on rocky ground. would it not be Farrier ...
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What does a horse eat out of grass tree bark candy or meat?

they eat grass.The horses eat grass as well as cows.
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How are horses and donkeys alike?

Horses and donkeys are both members of the Equus family, however they are different species. They can mate with each other and reproduce, but since they have a different number of chromosomes their offspring (known as mules or hinnies) are infertile. ...
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Will my horses bruised suspensory ligament heal?

If you treat the injury properly it should heal. Seek the help of a qualified veterinarian for instructions for your particular horse and circumstance. ...
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What is the fastest a racehorse has ever gone?

Racing Quarter horses have been clocked at 55 mph over short distances. Well, the fastest recording of a horse was about 50mph so I'm guessing that was a racehorse! ...
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How long can a race horse live?

Given the correct care, a race horse could live to the normal age of 25-30. However, most race horses are ridden long before they are fully developed, and this definitly takes a toll on the horse as well as several other things that race horses go through that most horses don't. ...
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How much is the average roping arena cost?

If you already own the land much cheaper. But for a good sized arena with chutes for horses and cattle will probably run between $10,000 and $15,000. Maybe a little less if you can do some of the construction yourself. ...
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How do you start your own horse stable?

There are many things to consider when thinking of setting up an equine facility. First and formost you need land. Your land has to be in an area that will allow a horse business. Check with your county code agency. You will need a barn or a mare motel at least. Good fencing that is safe for horses (no barbwire) with a perimeter fence and cross fencing. You will need a place to ride like an arena and/or round pen. You...
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When a horse jumps how many frogs leap?

Four, the frogs are not referring to real frogs, but to the pad on the bottom of a horses foot. Therefor, when a horse jumps, all four feet are lifted and all four frogs leap too. ...
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How do horses stay warm in the wind?

In the wild, feral horses will feel safer staying out in the open when it's windy, and will stand together with their rears into the wind. They are warm-blooded animals, so their internal body heat plus standing with their butts to the wind helps them keep warm in addition to standing together in a loosely bunched group. They won't find rocky outcrops or treed areas because of the immediate danger of predators that could pounce on them from above or sneak up...