Blood Types

Genetically determined groups of human antigens represented by A or B, blood types include A, B, AB, or O and are important factors in transfusions and other medical procedures. An individual's blood type is inherited from the parents.

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Blood Types

What is the rarest blood type?

It really does depend on the population in the U.S. but it has been stated that the rarest blood type is AB-. This is according to the American Red Cross

Blood Types

Is A1 Positive a rare blood group?

No. Depending on the country, this is usually between 30 and 40 percent of the population.

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Blood Types

Can an O positive woman and O negative man have a healthy baby?

Yes, the blood type does not affect the baby.

The information provided does not predict any major incompatibilities between the mother and the child during pregnancy. However, the ABO and the Rh factor are only part of the prenatal care picture. There are many, lesser known, blood groups that could cause HDFN (Hemolytic Disease of the Fetus or Newborn).

Blood Types
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Which blood group has no antigen?

O negative does not contain antigen.

Blood Types
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Which blood type has Cristiano Ronaldo?


Blood Types
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What is Anti CCP antibodies?

Anti-CCP, which stands for anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody, is a new blood test that helps doctors confirm a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis.

Anti-CCP is a test that can be ordered during the diagnostic evaluation of people that may have rheumatoid arthritis. If it is found at a moderate to high level, it confirms the diagnosis and may also indicate that the patient is at increased risk for damage to the joints, as lower levels of this antibody are less significant. Previous to this the rheumatoid factor (RF) was measured to help confirm a diagnosis.

Blood Types
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How soon after giving birth can you become pregnant?

You can pregnant as soon as you ovulate. Some women ovulate four to six weeks after delivery. Others (particularly breast feeding moms) may have their first ovulation much later. How can you tell if you've ovulated? If you have a period. Unfortunately, this is not a good way to predict when you will need contraception. To avoid pregnancy soon after birth: 1. Avoid sexual intercourse for 6 weeks after delivery. This will also allow the uterus to involute properly, the vaginal tissues to heal, and decrease the risk of a uterine infection. 2. Discuss contraception with your doctor before you leave the hospital. If you plan to go on the pill, a prescription can be given to you at this time and you can start it at the appropriate time. If you plan to use depoprovera or get an IUD, let your doctor know so he or she can discuss timing with you. 3. DO NOT DEPEND on breast feeding for contraception. Unless you are breast feeding around the clock without supplementation, you probably won't get a protective effect. Even then, you can still ovulate and conceive at any time. 4. Use condoms if there's any possibility of conceiving.

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Should children have same blood type as parents?

No. Often a child can have a completely different blood type from their parents or even the same. It really depends on their genetics.

Some combinations of parents are unable to get children with certain blood types - assuming no mutations occur.

Regarding the AB0-system:

If both parents have blood type 0, all their children will have blood type 0.

If both parents have blood type A, no children will have blood type B or AB.

If both parents have blood type B, no children will have blood type A or AB.

If both parents have blood type AB, no children will have blood type 0.

Of course you can be more specific if you know the parents' genes.

Blood Types

What blood type is the universal donor?

Type O, since it contains no antigens

Type O, negative, to be more speciifc (with negative referring to the Rh factor)
O Negative

Is widely considered the universal blood type. It is very important because it potentially be transfused to any patient regardless of their blood type. Especially in emergency situations, when there isn't enough time to determine a patients blood type.

Blood Types

Can parents that are O pos have a child that is A pos?

We are looking for the possible blood types of a baby.

Parental information:

  • Mother type O -- genetically OO and only able to contribute an O
  • Father type O -- genetically OO and only able to contribute an O
Baby recieves one gene from each parent
  • Baby is OO = Type O since the only gene parents can give is O
  • Not looking at Rh factor since all people involved have Rh(+).
HOWEVER: There is more to ABO blood typing that just the ABO gene.

There is also an inhibitory gene that will change any genotype into the phenotype O.

Therefore a person with genetically AB blood can be tested as having Type O.

  • Baby is type A+ which can be genetically AA or AO
If one parent has the inhibitory gene affecting their AA, AO or AB type,

then the Type A baby is definitely possible.

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Blood Types

Is o positive compatible with ab positive?

Yes. (If you are asking if a type AB positive person can receive O positive blood.)

Blood Types
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Is your blood really blue?

It has to be a mixture between really dark purple and blue. The reason it looks red when you cut yourself with a paper cut (etc.) is because the air rushes to it. The air makes it rich and red.

Blood Types
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What was the blood group of Jesus Christ?

From analysis of the shroud of Turin, some people have said that Jesus was a type O- blood type (which is the universal donor), but it would be difficult or even impossible to confirm.

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Blood Types
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Blood Types

How many blood types are there?

There are 4 different blood types (A, B, O, & AB). Each blood type can either be Rh positive or Rh negative. (e.g., A+, A-, B+, B-, O+, O-, AB+, AB-).

Blood type AB is the universal receiver when it comes to donating blood. That means anyone can donate blood to a person with AB blood.

Blood type O is the universal donor, which means that anyone can take O blood. '

All other blood types can only be donated to their specific blood type (i.e. A-A, B-B.)
A B AB O, each of which can be positive or negative, for a total of eight.

Blood Types
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What are possible complications of laryngectomy?

Laryngectomees must learn new ways of speaking. They must be continually concerned about the care of their stoma. Serious infections can occur if water or other foreign material enters the lungs

Blood Types

Why is Blood typing necessary?

If an individual is transfused with the wrong blood type, a reaction that severely compromises the immune system can result

Laboratory Testing
Blood Types

Why does does agglutination not occur when blood group O is given to blood group AB?

Because blood group O is missing the blood factors found in type A, B or AB -agglutination only occurs when donor red blood cells and recipient's are incompatible.

Agglutination will occur if a type O recipient is given A, B or AB type donation.

Blood Types

Different groups in Judaism?

First of all, it should be stressed that all Jews have the same Torah.
Jews may be classed according to lifestyle, geography, or outlook.

Lifestyle: there are Jews who are more stringent (Orthodox) or less stringent (Conservative, Reform) in their observance of the Torah's commands.

Orthodox Jews believe that the Torah must be fully observed (Deuteronomy 13:5). They keep the laws of Judaism as codified in the Shulchan Arukh (Code of Jewish Law), which lists the laws of the Torah and Talmud. Torah-study is seen as very important (Deuteronomy 5:1); and the modern world is seen as subservient to the Torah (Talmud, Nedarim 32a), not the other way around.
Other Jewish groups (Conservative, Reform) adapt, curtail or change the Torah-laws in contemporary life, to a greater or lesser degree.

Geography: there are Ashkenazi (Western) Jews and Sephardi/Mizrahi (Eastern) Jews. In Medieval times, the Ashkenazim were in France and Germany, the Sephardim were in pre-expulsion Spain, and the Mizrahi (Edot Hamizrach) were in North Africa, Turkey and Iraq. (There are others too, such as Yemeni and Romaniote (Greek Jews), but the above are the largest groups.)

Outlook: among the religious Jewish communities, there are the Yeshiva (Litvish) community, Hassidim, and Modern Orthodox. (Hassidim are the ones who wear long frock-coats.)

Blood Types

What type of blood is IAi?

type A

John McCain
Blood Types

Who knew John O Shea would chip it?

Not even John O' Shea

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Blood Types

Is it possible for a b positive mom and an O positive dad to have an a negative baby?

We are looking for the possible blood types of a baby.

Parental information:

  • Mother type B+ -- can be BB or BO and (++) or (+-)
  • Father type O+ -- is OO and (++) or (+-)
Baby receives one gene from each parent:
  • Baby is type BO (++) or (+-)
  • Baby is type BO (--)
  • Baby is type OO (++) or (+-)
  • Baby is type OO (--)
YES, the baby of a B+ mom and O+ dad can be either B neg or O neg.
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Blood Types

Can a white person give blood to a black person?

Yes, as long as they have compatible blood types.

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What is Steve Jobs blood type?


Blood Types

What blood type is rich or rare?

The richest blood type is 0 and the rarest is blood type AB.


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