Since man first domesticated the horse around 4000 BC, it has proved to be quite useful and important in the progress of civilization. This category contains information about wild horses, the varieties of breeds, colors, and the history of horses, as well as other general information pertaining to these stunning and magnificent animals.

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Roy Rogers

Who rode a horse called Trigger?

A singing cowboy named Roy Rogers.


Are there any places in California you can rent horses for a couple hours or a day without a guide if you have horse riding experience?

Renting horsesLimonite Riding Stables in Mira Loma, CA.

Be VERY careful about crossing the river... there IS quicksand, you and or your horse can possilby GET STUCK...I got my leg stuck the weekend of 5/22 looking for a safe place to take the horses, and had to have a friend pull me out. You must only cross where designated and when designated as safe... how do you know? ask whoever you see riding. ie. no one who owns a horse has crossed since last fall.. everyone is afraid, so if you are warned by other riders that they have not crossed, FORGET IT. Happy Trails...

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  • Sunset Ranch Hollywood

1 and 2 hr guided horse rides during the day and sunset dinner ride at night no reservations needed for the day reservations needed every night except Friday for sunset dinner ride for more info,


Unfortunately, the Limonite Riding Stables in Mira Loma (described above in first response) is no longer in business. The only other place I know of is River Trails Riding Stables in Norco, CA:

River Trails Riding Stables

4545 Hamner Avenue, Norco, CA 92860

(where the 91 meets the I-15)

(951) 736-9800

*Daytime Rates:

$25.00 for one hour

$50.00 for two hours

Buy two hours and you get the third hour free

Non-guided (although they will escort you out to the main trail head so you don't get lost; then they let you go off by yourself)

*Nighttime rates: (call ahead and make a reservation for night horseback riding)

$30.00 for one hour

$60.00 for two hours

Buy two hours and you get the third hour free

Night Trail Rides are guided, and trotting and cantering is ok

Also this can help all the way.


How long do foals nurse?

Some are weaned at 4 months, most at 6, and some not until a year. In the wild, a foal will nurse for about a year, and if it is a filly, possibly longer. Foals weaned early are proven to be more likely to develop vices (biting, kicking, rearing, etc.) I think the best thing to do would be let the mare decide when to wean the foal. The mare knows when the foal should be weaned much, much better than we do.

The only time i would advise early weaning is if the mare is rapidly losing weight.
Most nurse for 6-8 months, and then you should start weaning them off milk and onto grass, hay, etc.


Is the mustang horse an invertebrate or vertebrate?

The mustang horse is no different than any other horse if you're discussing vertebrae or invertebrae. All horses are vertebrae but how many bones are in the spine depends on the breed.

An animal is a vertebrate if they have a backbone/spine. So usually, any creature that has a skeleton is a vertebrate. Invertebrates don't have a backbone and usually have what is known as an extoskeleton (outer skeleton), such as insects or crabs. Therefore, the mustang is a horse and horses have spines = vertebrate.


What is the opposite gender of mare?


Care of Horses

What do you call a worn out horse?

A worn out horse is a hack or a jade

Nag is another word used

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What do you call a horse less than 1 year old?

well, any horse under 4 years is a foal, but it also works like this,

any female horse under 4 years is a filly

any male horse under 4 years is a colt, after 4 years a male horse will be called a stallion, if he is gelded, he will then be a gelding, so any female horse over 4 years is a Mare.

`A baby horse is considered a foal.

From about 3-4 years of age they can be considered Colts (for males) or Filly's (for females).

When they are "weaned" (stop feeding from the mother) , they can also be called "Weanling's" ( that is normally from about 6-8 months of age).

When they are one year old, they are called "Yearlings".

There are many more names when they exceed one year of age.`

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What is the masculine gender for mare?


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What is the little one of a horse called?

if male-colt. if female-philly (filly) if castrated - gelding.

if male-colt. if female-philly (filly).

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What is a swift or spirited horse called?

They are often called "hot"

Extinct Animals

Why did the tarpan go extinct?

Farmers got mad at them for eating their crops and considered them a nuisance so they killed them all.


Are horses bovine?

No, they are equine.


How do horses become so muscular being herbivores?

Just like many other animals, horses have a certain genetic makeup that their body follows. This genetic makeup says, "Hey body, you need to grow to these specifications. This is how big your muscles should be, this is how long your neck and legs should be, ect." Also, horses are large, heavy animals, and even walking requires a good amount of strength. This is almost like weight training for us. Also, plants DO contain small amounts of protein, and with the volume of food that they consume, they consume enough to build the musculature that they possess.

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What is the most expensive horse in the world?

The single most expensive breed of horse would most likely be the Thoroughbred. The world's top racehorses are worth multiple millions of dollars. After their racing career is over they are retired to stud and earn many more millions for the people that own them.

After the Thoroughbred would probably be the eventers, dressage and show jumpers. These horses, when at the top of their game, can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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What is the middle of a horses hoof called?

The middle of a horse's hoof is called a frog.I think it's a rather strange

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Do horses fall in love?

Stallions can have favorite mares and sometimes choose mares for their harems that are specific colors. Stallions with a favorite mare behave very differently toward her than his other mares and they continue their interaction (mutual grooming and remaining close) throughout the year. It may not be love but it is an enduring attraction/affection.


What is the difference between a mare and a philly?

a mare is a female horse that is older than the age of 3. a filly is also a female horse, but is under the age of 3.

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Donkeys and Mules

How are horses and donkeys alike?

Horses and donkeys are both members of the Equus family, however they are different species. They can mate with each other and reproduce, but since they have a different number of chromosomes their offspring (known as mules or hinnies) are infertile.


Why does a horse run faster than man?

they are designed for speed and have larger muscles than us.


Why do horses quid?

If your horse starts quidding, you must get a vet to come and check it out..the horse may have a painful throat/mouth/teeth.

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How do horses stay warm in the wind?

In the wild, feral horses will feel safer staying out in the open when it's windy, and will stand together with their rears into the wind. They are warm-blooded animals, so their internal body heat plus standing with their butts to the wind helps them keep warm in addition to standing together in a loosely bunched group. They won't find rocky outcrops or treed areas because of the immediate danger of predators that could pounce on them from above or sneak up from them from the shelter of the trees. Horses feel more nervous on windy days than calm days because of this perceived threat, and especially when they can't hear as well due to the howling wind.

Horses that are domesticated may seem luckier since they have access to a shed or barn to keep them sheltered from the wind, but that's just human thinking, not horse thinking. Horse thinking, no matter if they're feral or cared for by people, is to stay out in the open in the wind no matter if there's a shed standing there waiting for them to give them shelter. When given a choice, horses often will choose to stand outside in the open and wait the wind out than head to the shed or barn. Not even a blanket would comfort them or keep them warm, just standing out in the wind as Nature intended them to do is good enough for a beloved prey animal as the horse.

The only time a horse owner should worry about horses getting cold is when there is a cold rain associated with the wind. That is when the owner may want to keep them in the shed. But even then. horses out on a cold, windy day will still choose to be outside and tough it out like their feral brothers/sisters and ancestors have for millions of years.

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What do you call a horse less than a year old?

Colt if a male filly if female or foal for male or female


How big can a wild horse can get?

Wild horses are present on the public lands of the west as a result of the release or escape of domestic horses while the west was being settled. Therefore, their history is as varied as the history of these settlers. Most wild horses average 14-14.2 hands (a hand is four inches) at the withers, which is on the small size for a horse. Some Herd Management Areas support herds that can reach 16 hands or more and resemble draft or thoroughbreds when fully grown. Nature chooses for smaller animals, as their nutritional needs are less, and smaller horses do better on the range during hard times. Through proper management the Bureau of Land Management keeps herds at an Appropriate Management Level, removing the extra horses and either making them available for public adoption or sending them to long term holding pastures in the Midwest in order to prevent overuse of the sensitive western rangelands. By maintaining the health of the range, the wild horses have the best chance of reaching their genetic potential and being successful on the range. Once adopted by the public, a wild horse is fed better forage than would have been available on the range and will likely grow larger than it would in the wild. Wild horses may also take a few more years to finish growing and "filling" out, reaching their maximum size and body weight by 4-5 years of age.


What does horse mean?

An elk dog.


What is a horse leg length?

Horses can be both big and small, so it's an impossible question to answer.


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