Donkeys and Mules

A donkey is a domesticated member of the horse family that is surefooted and can carry heavy loads over rough terrain. A mule is the sterile hybrid offspring of a male donkey and a female horse, characterized by long ears and a short mane.

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Donkeys and Mules

How much Alcohol would it take to kill a donkey?

A bottle of grain alcohol would do the trick.

Not smart! even one can kill. Very painful death!

If they aren't dead, they will get sick, and even colic!

note: soda can also cause colic.

Donkeys and Mules

How much do donkeys cost?

well if you want a female then around 200 pounds // 400 dollars and male around 600 puonds / 1200 dollars this significant difference is because of the amount they can carry a good foal is about $75

Donkeys and Mules

How donkeys can see their all four feet?

They cannot see any of their feet when looking in a normal position, with the head up. They are only able to see their front feet by looking down, and their back feet by moving their head from side to side.

Donkeys and Mules

Summary of my donkey and i by juan ramon Jimenez?

This is about Platero, the donkey. The Author preserves the other side of a donkey (by reprasing the "of all the animals donkey is the most stupid") which is a loving and tender attitude or a love of an animal for its owner. There is no serious problem presented but the humanity and loving kindness, which is the emotional framework of the story, make it a little gem.

Donkeys and Mules

What prevents mules from having offspring?

Mules are infertile because the horse and the donkey do not have the same number of chromosomes. Horses have 32 pairs of chromosomes while the donkey only has 31 pairs. The offspring will also show both characteristics of both different specie.

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Donkeys and Mules

How are horses and donkeys alike?

Horses and donkeys are both members of the Equus family, however they are different species. They can mate with each other and reproduce, but since they have a different number of chromosomes their offspring (known as mules or hinnies) are infertile.

Donkeys and Mules

Can donkeys eat corn?

Yes, donkeys eat corn, however, their digestive systems are not able to fully digest the corn's nutrients and can cause colic. It is best to refrain from feeding Donkeys corn.

Donkeys and Mules

How many months do donkeys carry their babies?

A jennet's (female donkey) gestation period is 360-375 days or more in some cases, that is compared to a mare's (female horse) gestation period which is 335-345 days or more in some cases.

Donkeys and Mules

Does a donkey produce milk for cheese?

A donkey will produce milk after giving birth to foal. However, to collect the milk to make cheese, the foal will need to be given commercial milk replacer as the donkey will likely not produce enough milk to support both the foal and the milk collection. Also, this could be a rather dangerous prospect as donkeys are not generally well trained to stand for milk collection by hand and there is no commercial equipment available to milk them out mechanically.

In general, in the United States cows are the primary species that is commercially milked to produce dairy product, with a much smaller secondary market for goat milk. In other countries, camels, water buffalos, and yaks are also milked.

Donkeys and Mules

What if you cross breed mule to donkey be called?

You cannot cross a mule with any other animal as mules are born infertile. Because of the difference of the amount of chromosomal pairs in the two parents, the mule cannot successfully reproduce healthy reproductive sperm or eggs. However, on a rare occurrence (one in a million chance) a Hinny (female mule) may be able to reproduce.

Donkeys and Mules

Do donkeys sleep standing up?

Yes, most donkeys will sleep standing up. However, they may lay down when they are sure that there is no harm from predators or if they are in a herd, one or more will remain standing while one lays down to sleep.

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Donkeys and Mules

Do Donkeys Bite?


Donkeys and Mules

Why can a donkey go without water?

It can't but because it barely sweats (like a camel), it can survive for a day or so without water, whereas a horse will sweat copiously under the same conditions. This is because, like the camel, the donkey has evolved to live in a dry climate. A donkey should be given water ad lib at least once a day.

Donkeys and Mules

What kind of sound does a mule make?

A mule sounds like a combination of both a donkey and a horse.

Donkeys and Mules

Do female mules go into heat?

Yes, they come into heat but on an erratic cycle. They are only sterile because of the chromosomal difference between themselves and the available males.

Occasionally female mules DO produce offspring. They still produce estrogen and ovulate. They just most often do not conceive.

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Donkeys and Mules

What species is the donkey?

Donkeys are Equus Africanus, and are from the family: Equidae.

Donkeys and Mules

Opposite gender of jackass?

A jenny is a female donkey. Offspring less than a year old (foals) are called the same as horses, filly for female, and colt for male.

Donkeys and Mules

Do donkeys have balls?

Males that have not been castrated only have testicles.

Donkeys and Mules

Where was Two Mules for Sister Sara filmed?

Mex, Cuaútla,

Morelos, Mexico


Morelos, Mexico

Thanks, Gene

Donkeys and Mules
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Why can't mules reproduce?

When a female horse and a male donkey mate, you get a mule, but two mules can’t mate to create another mule because of their chromosomal makeup.

A mule gets 32 horse chromosomes from its mother and 31 donkey chromosomes from its father. Mules are almost always sterile because those chromosomes don’t match up well enough to create egg or sperm cells.

I say “almost always” because there have been a few extremely rare instances of female mules reproducing with a male donkey or horse. But those are so rare they’re often called “miracles,” and there have been no documented instances of a male mule fathering any offspring. So, as far as we know, two mules cannot reproduce.

Donkeys and Mules

What is black spot on donkey leg?

This could be a result of anything as I am not sure whereabouts on the leg it is located I cant tell you exactly, however, all donkeys have what they call a chestnut located near the knee area, they are born with it. It could also just be a scar from a previous injury or even a marking on the leg.

I hope that this helps!

Donkeys and Mules

What is the height of fully grown donkey?

an average donkey is pony size, so about 3 to 4 feet tall at the shoulders. (usually)

It really depends on the breed of donkey. You can have "mammoth jacks" that are horse size, regular donkeys, and mini donkeys too. They come in all sizes.

Donkeys and Mules

What is the masculine of donkey?

A male donkey is called a jack and a female donkey is called a jenny.

Donkeys and Mules

Another name for donkey?

A jennet, jenny, maud, moke, mule, Rocky Mountain canary or neddy. "Ass" or "jackass" can also be used, because the terms were used long before anyone thought to use them as a form of swearing or an insult. People would often define a male or female donkey by referring to each as either a "she-ass" or a "he-ass".

French = âne

German = esel

Spanish = burro

Portuguese = jumento

Italian = asino

Donkeys and Mules

The offspring of a donkey?

Young donkey's are called foals, males under 4 yrs are colts, females under 4 are filly's


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