Rottweilers can be brave and bold. In fact, you could almost tell their personality by just looking at their massive jaws and their powerful muscles! However, with early training and socialization, Rottweilers can be great pets, or even assistance dogs and therapy dogs. In this category, there are questions about this breed’s characteristics, appearance, etc.

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Siberian Huskies

How big do husky rottweiler mixes get?

22 to 23 inches tall

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What dogs are bigger than rottweilers?

Plenty of dogs are bigger than Rotts. Almost all mastiff variations, Old English Mastiff, Tibetan Mastiff, Neopolitan mastiff, Cane Corso, Bull Mastiff, etc... Many of the herding dogs are bigger, Great Pyrenees, Akbash, etc.. The Iranian fighting dogs like the Kangal are HUGE dogs, Great Danes are bigger, Irish Wolfhounds, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, etc..etc..Wolves of course are bigger. There's some big Russian herding dogs that are absolute monsters, Caucasian Ovcharka.

Auto Insurance

How can you get insurance for a rottweiler?

There are several customer-generated pet insurance comparison sites that you should consult They can give you a sense of which companies fellow pet parents are happy with, in terms of coverage and customer care. There are about 10-12 pet insurance companies across the country, but they are structured differently in terms of how and how much they reimburse in terms of vet bills. Do your homework and read all the fine print.

You should also check with your own homeowner's insurance company or agent as to the underwriting guidelines concerning dogs. Some may exclude this breed only if there have been prior claims or some showing of aggression.

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Chinese Shar-Peis

Which dog breed has the best sense of smell?

Specialists are almost unanimous that Bloodhounds have the best sense of smell. The second would be Basset hound and Dachshund.


What is the life expectancy of rottweilers?

The average life span would be between 8 and 12 year's


Does a rottweiler eat meat?

No, they are a rare breed of vegetarian canines.


Do rottweilers have markings above their eyes?

Yes they do, they have a small spot (Deep tan/Mahogony in colour) above each eye.

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German Shepherds

What can you feed your Rottweiler mix German shepherd?

Whatever you like. Dry dog food/kibble, wet/canned dog food, or a raw diet.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

How fast can wildebeest run?

The Wildebeest or 'gnou' can run quite fast for short periods, but NOT as fast as the Pronghorn Antelope, (Antilocapra) widely cited as the fastest antelope at speeds of around 65 kmh.


Is a boerboel stronger than rottweiler?

Most of the boerboel would be will be stronger than a rot. They could weight up to 175 pounds.

Units of Measure
US Army History and Traditions

Where should you measure your rottweilers height?

The wither which is otherwise known as the tip of the shoulder.

Human and Animal Interaction

Can a sting from a scorpion kill a human?

Yes, scorpion venoms are optimized for action upon other arthropods and therefore most scorpions are relatively harmless to humans; stings produce only local effects (such as pain, numbness or swelling). A few scorpion species, however, mostly in the family Buthidae, can be dangerous to the point of killing humans.

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What is a bite force of a rottweiler?

full grown about 320-330 lbs... puppy,not even enough to take off a finger


How many toes does a rottweiler have?

Eighteen. That is the average number. Some dogs, like Great Pyrenees, have twenty-two (two rear dew-claws on each back foot).

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Whats more athletic a rottweiler or a presa canario?

Both breeds were breeds that didn't really have jobs that high energy was needed.

Therefore they don't really need to be 'athletic' breed but in my opinion a Rottweiler would be more happy to go for a 10 mile walk with you than a Presa.

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Pit Bulls

Why do pit bulls or rottweilers kill?

In Canine homicides it has been pointed out that the dog bite epidemic as a whole involves all dogs and all dog owners, not just the breeds most likely to kill. Bad owners and people who don't really know what they're talking about like news reporters, give some breeds a bad reputation.

Bad owners is the main cause why these dogs kill.


In short - the first person to answer this was pretty much correct - pit bulls and rottweilers kill more because of their owners than because of their breed. Because they have been bred to have the physical characteristics that help them be good guard dogs (rottweilers) and fighting dogs (pit bulls) they are more frequently trained to be aggressive and attack than many other breeds. If they are not trained that way, they are not actually that likely to kill anyone. If they do attack, however, they are some of the breeds most physically adept at inflicting significant damage. A study was compiled by the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine in September 2000 (20 year study .. 1979 - 1998.) Pit Bull 'type' dogs and Rottweilers were involved in one half of approximately 300 dog bites in the U.S. Yet another study of American and Canadian dog bite fatalities from 1982 - 2006 revealed the same results and that Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Presa Canarios and their mixes were responsible for 65% of fatal attacks. It was highly noted that Pit Bulls were high on the list for attacking adults as frequently as they attacked children. The brunt of the responsibility of the Pit Bull breeds should go towards the breeder (who should know better) and, also the owner who should know the history of the Pit Bull.

Properly trained, Pit Bulls are good pets and not prone to attack anyone. If improperly trained or neglected though, they will become aggressive and if they attack it isn't pretty because they are quick, strong, and great leapers.

The same is also somewhat true for Rotweilers but in their case, they are not normally aggressive except when defending their home and family - they tend to be quite placid and friendly around those they know (although they sometimes don't realize their own strength and can knock down a person when playing around - personal experience there). The American Kennel club describes its temperament as "...self-confident and responds quietly and with a wait-and-see attitude to influences in its environment". If they commit to attack (usually in a case of perceived threat to their home or family by a stranger) they are fearless, relentless, and very strong - inflicting much more damage than the average dog, consequently being responsible for more fatal attacks.

It's also likely that because when pit bulls and rottweilers DO attack they inflict more damage than the average dog that more of their bites get reported. Let's face it, if a chihuahua nips you, you are not as likely to report it as if a rottweiler takes a pound of flesh from your leg, so the reports of dog bites are slightly skewed by that factor.

Pit Bull and Rottweiler attacks are also more likely to be reported because of their reputation as "scary dogs". When the dog is a mixed breed or the breed is unknown, it is more likely to be assumed to be one of these two - which also inflates the statistics on dog bites but less so for dog-bite related fatalities since those get more thoroughly investigated and the exact breed more accurately documented.

Weight and Mass

How much does a 3 month old elephant weigh?

200 kg


What would you call a rottweiler and a weimaraner mixed?


a mutt

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Do rottweilers like strangers?

Rottweilers have a strong guarding instinct and are very protective of their territory, home and family; because of this obedience training and correct socialisation is a must with this breed of dog. They do not welcome strangers, but if properly introduced there shouldn't be a problem, on saying that they can pick up a lot from their owners responses to people. It depends on their temperament and how they are brought up I'm afraid.

Doberman Pinschers

Who will win Doberman or Rottweiler?

If you are talking in a fight, you don't deserve an answer or a dog!!

Pit Bulls

Is a rottweiler bite stronger than a pitbull's?

No. A pitbull has a stronger jaw and more aggression in killing/fighting.

Heart Rate

Is 108 a high pulse for an 18 year-old male?

Yes, it high. The normal pulse range is 70-75 for males, with females usually slightly higher, 75-80. A pulse over 100 is called arrhythmia, or more specifically tachycardia.

However, certain things can increase your heart rate such as excitement, nervousness, caffeine, some medications, anemia, or simply exercise. If your heart rate remains high, please see your doctor for a full evaluation. Resting Pulse Rate PR < 40 BMP - Below healthy resting heart rates. PR 40-60 BPM - Resting heart rate for sleeping. PR 60-100 BPM - Healthy adult resting heartrate. PR 100 BPM - 220 BPM - Acceptable if measured during exercise. Not acceptable if resting heartrate. PR > 220 BPM - Abnormally high heart rate.

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Labrador Retrievers

What would a yellow lab puppy look like at about 3 to 4 months old?

I have a black lab puppy who is about 7 months now. at 3 or 4 months mine was almost knee high and wieghed about 35 LBS. There legs are long and look a little funny with big feet. Otherwise they should look normal.


What should you feed a Rottweiler?


A good brand for a large breed dog is canidae or EVO. Stay away from grocery store brands. It also depends on the medical history of your rott. Some foods are better for dogs with sensitive digestive systems. (Sorry to say but you want your dog to poop no more than twice a day with good solid stool. If there is a lot of poop than your dog is probably not absorbing a sufficient amount of nutrition from it's food) If you were to go with a RAW FOOD diet, raw meat and blood will not cause your rott to bite. Poor ownership and lack of training it what causes vicious behavior.


Good dry dog food and wet food is a good balance for your dogs. You can add carrots, peas and other good veggies in there if you like. It's important when feeding any dog dry dog food (very concentrated) that they have a lot of water nearby. Some dogs are just brought up on dry dog food. I use "Baneful" and you can get the huge bags for the bigger dogs. There are other good products out there so if in doubt ask your vet.


Another good brand of dry dog food is Nutro. Whatever food you decide on, check the ingredient list on the back of the bag and look for Chicken By-Products. If this is one of the ingredients of the food you've chosen, consider another. Essentially Chicken By-Products are the leftovers, beaks and feet. They're filler and only help your dog to leave more waste outside.


Most importantly, DO NOT feed pets food that have WHEAT GLUTEN in the ingredients! This was the cause of the pet food recall. Also, dog foods that contain any kind of by-products or rendered "protein meals" may not be the best choice for your dog either & likely go against much of society's morals. The truth about "protein meal" is that it is basically rendered shelter pets & bad meat from the grocery stores along with some other mystery contents. An excellent brand with ZERO rendered ingredients & ZERO by-products & ZERO junk is "Pet Promises". It contains good stuff & I am yet to find ANY animal that doesn't absolutely love it. I would strongly advise all pet owners not to feed their pets IAMS brand food. Not only does a lot of cruelty go into every morsel of IAMS pet food, but any food that an animal has to be weaned off of like a cocaine addict has to be weaned off of crack most likely is not good for your pet.

dog food!!!!!!!!!!!!

German Shepherds
Pit Bulls

Which is better pitbull or rottweiler or German shepherd?

It does really depend on the breed, but to me, it depends on the bite force!

German Shepherd: 238 pounds

Pit bull: 235 pounds

Rottweiler: 328 pounds

The rottweilers bite force is stronger than a pit bull and german shepherd

so rottweilers are better


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