Jack Russell Terriers

Jack Russells are a working terrier, originally bred for hunting fox and ground dwelling animals, they are mostly white with black and/or tan markings, they are athletic, energetic, fearless and intelligent, all questions concerning Jack Russells can be found here.

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Do Jack Russell like to sleep?

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Jack Russell's are a VERY high energy dog. So a Jack may seemingly not "like" to sleep. However, if given enough opportunities for vigorous exercise in a day, they will need their rest.

What terriers are in Jack Russells?

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Another jack russel. Anything else would make a mixed breed mutt.

What keeps a Jack Russell entertained?

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Most jack russells love hunting mice and rabbits, just like mine.

My jack Russell has lots of energy and loves to play with his toys, so I would suggest buy him a toy (they really like the squeaky ones!!)

Is a wirehaired terrier a Jack Russell?

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Kind of. There is a dog breed called the Rat Terrier. Other dogs with different breed names, such as the Jack Russell, are rat terriers; as are many other dog breeds. Rat terrier is a dog job. Most terriers are good ratters. Generally good with other dogs and cats in his own family, the Rat Terrier does have a high prey drive and quick reflexes and will dispatch squeaky creatures with little effort. Toto, the dog in Wizard of Oz is a Cairn Terrier, and he's ratter, too.

Does Jack Russell terriers female dogs have periods?

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Dogs, no matter the breed usually have their first heat cycle sometime between 7 months to one year of age, after that they usually have two heat cycles a year. Just as with a humans menstrual cycle, you can't always accurately predict when it will occur.

A female dog gets the most health benefits from being spayed before the onset of her first heat cycle. There are many low cost and reduced cost spay and neuter clinics all over the country. Contact your local animal shelter or Humane Society to find a clinic near to where you live, if you affording the surgery is a concern.

Are Jack Russell terriers inside or outside dogs?

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Both !

but from my experience, they are more outside as they LOVE to digg, chase, hunt etc.

mine could spend his whole day outside !

But then sometimes they want to cuddle up beside you and sleep on the sofa or turn into there fluffy bed :)

Although remember that eveyr dog has a different personality !

How much does a Jack Russel eat?

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A Jack Russel would eat as much as you put in the bowl if you allowed it to. My jack Russel was very greedy.

What are the breed standards of a Jack Russell Terrier?

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The Jack Russell Terrier is not a Kennel Club recognised breed, and so does not have a breed standard. The similar Parson Russell Terrier is recognised and it's official Kennel Club breed standard is as follows:

General Appearance

Workmanlike, active and agile, without exaggeration. Built for stamina and endurance, overall picture of balance and flexibility. Honourable scars permissible.


Originally a terrier bred to work fox, a confident, energetic and happy dog that has the ability and conformation to go to ground.


Bold and friendly.

Head and Skull

Head wedge shaped. Skull flat, moderately broad, gradually narrowing to the eyes. Cheeks not prominent. Stop shallow. From nose to stop slightly shorter than from stop to occiput. Nose black.


Dark, almond shaped, never prominent. Keen, intelligent expression.


Size in proportion with the head. V-shaped, dropping forward, tip of ear to be level with outer corner of eye. Fold not above top of skull. Leather of moderate thickness.


Jaws strong, muscular. Teeth of a good size and set square to the jaws, with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, i.e. upper teeth closely overlapping lower teeth and set square to the jaws.


Clean, muscular, of good length, gradually widening and well set into the shoulders.


Shoulders long and sloping, well laid back, cleanly cut at withers. Upper arm of equal length to the shoulder and at such an angle that the legs are carried well back under the body, below the point of the withers. Legs strong and straight turning neither in nor out, strong, flexible pasterns. Elbows close to body, working free of the sides. Moderate width between forelegs. Length of forelegs should be slightly greater than depth of body.


Overall length from point of shoulder to point of buttock slightly greater than height from withers to ground. Chest of moderate depth, not extending below point of elbow. Capable of being spanned behind the shoulders by average sized hands. Ribs carried well back, not over-sprung nor slab-sided. Back strong, straight and flexible. Loin strong and slightly arched. Well balanced.


Strong, muscular, with well-developed second thigh. Good angulation and bend of stifle without exaggeration. Hocks set low and rear pasterns parallel, giving plenty of drive.


Compact with firm pads, toes moderately arched, never flat or open, turning neither in nor out.


Previously customarily docked.

Docked: Length complementing the body. Strong, preferably straight, moderately high set, carried well up on the move, may be carried lower when relaxed.

Undocked: Of moderate length, preferably straight, giving a general balance to the dog. Thick at the root and tapering towards the tip. Moderately high set, carried well up on the move, may be carried lower when relaxed.


Free-striding, ground covering gait, without exaggeration. Strides should be of good length, never stilted or high-stepping. Hindquarters providing plenty of drive. Well co-ordinated; straight action front and behind.


Whether rough, broken or smooth naturally harsh, flat, straight, close and dense with good undercoat. Weather resistant. Belly and undersides coated. Skin thick and loose. The prepared coat should appear natural, never clipped.


White or predominantly white with tan, lemon or black markings, or any combination of these colours. The colour preferably confined to the head and/or root of tail, but a little body colour is acceptable.


Ideal height at withers: dogs 36cms (14ins), bitches 33cms (13ins). Most importantly soundness and balance should be maintained whilst taking into account that this terrier, bred to work fox, should be capable of being spanned behind the shoulders by average sized hands. With these provisos, lower heights are acceptable, however.


Any departure from the foregoing points should be considered a fault and the seriousness with which the fault should be regarded should be in exact proportion to its degree and its effect upon the health and welfare of the dog.


Male animals should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.

Your Jack Russell is just drinking and not eating why?

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He can have kidney problems or diabetes. You need to take him to the vet.

What habitat jack russels live in?

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They were originally bred to hunt foxes and rabbits so the like forests and woods.

Because Jack Russells are the product of selective breeding by humans, they technically don't have a "natural habitat" as the Jack Russell did not exist as a breed in the wild at any point in time.

How many times a day should you feed your Jack Russell?

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  1. Two Times A Day.
  2. Once A Day.

Are Jack Russell Terriers fast learners?

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terrier are good learners but if u want a really fast learner try a brilliant German shepherd...

they are the best damn available... ;)

How many puppies can Jack Russells have?

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well when my Jackie gave birth she had 4 sadly one died i would suppose about 4-8 but if its her first litter then probably less than 8

How long does Jack Russell llive?

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I have never known a Jack Russell which has died before 12 human years, (apart from the ones who have died of illness). My mother's old Jack Russell lived to 22 human years, so they live to very old.

How do you stop a Jack Russell Terrier from running away?

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i got my dog from a refuge he would run away at any given moment when he wasn't on a lead or even getting his collar off. i stopped him from doing it by having treats and a squeaky toy, everytime he ran i shouted his name, sqeak the toy and ran in the opposite direction from where he was running everytime i done it i had brilliant results, he would chase me thinking it was a game when he came I'd give him a treat and the toy. now my dog is very well behaved i walk him with out a lead and even sits on pavement until i tell him to cross.

How many pups in a litter for a Jack Russell?

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Jack Russells can have between 3 and 10 puppies, narrowed down, the average is 4-8.

At what age do jack russell's start to loose their teeth?

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Most dogs start to lose their baby teeth around 5 months of age.