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Breeding horses is the root of the horse industry, be it racing, show jumping, or just for the purpose of seeing the miracle of birth from the mare[s] that you own. Knowing how to breed horses and foal out mares, among other things that are involved in the topic of horse reproduction is important and can be asked and answered here.

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Horse Breeding

How long is the gestation period of a horse?

The average is from 340 to 342 days (which is equivalent to around 11 months long), but there can be a month or more in variation. The mare actually has the ability of postponing the birth if she is not comfortable with her surroundings., and this can be as long as 12 months sometimes. Occaisonally a mare will give birth at a shorter period than 11 months long, which can be at 10.5 months. Anytime before that foals that are born are deemed premature.

On average, 340 days but a healthy gestation can be as few as 315 days and as much as 370.

The gestational period of a horse is 11 months.
11 to 12 months all deppeand on the mare I had a mare go to 13 month before dropping.
A horse's gestation period is about three hundred forty days, or about eleven months.
Horses have an 11 month gestation period
Around 11 months :)
A normal pregnancy in horses lasts approximately 11 months - around 340 days. Colt foals tend to be carried longer than fillies. 12

Horse Breeding

How long can a mare lactate before foaling?

A mare may lactate days or even weeks before foaling, but this can be a serious foaling complication. A mare's first "milk" isn't milk at all. It's called colostrum and it contains the foal's immunity to disease. Some mares may leak a little colostrum before foaling. Usually the foal is born within about 48 hrs. If the mare begins to leak large amounts before foaling, you may need to be prepared for a complication after the foal is born. If all the colostrum has leaked out, there will be none, or not enough for the foal and the foal may become sick and die. A veterinarian can do a quick stallside test to see if the foal has eaten enough colostrum to give it the immunity it needs to survive. If the foal fails the test, IGg may be given to the foal orally (within the first 24 hrs) or thru an IV to save it.

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Can a mini stud horse mate with a female goat?

No. Sheep and goats are close enough species-wise and if you cross them you get what is called a shoat. But horses and goats are too far apart genetically for a successful cross.

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What month are horses usually born in?

Breeders that are breeding for racing TB, Standardbreds,Qhs try to breed as close to Jan 1 as possible. Their birthdays will be Jan 1 according to the racing comissions so obviously you want your horse to be as close to that age as possible.

The most natural time horses are born in is the months of spring and early summer: March, April, May and June

Most of the breeding sheds for the Thoroughbred industry open February 8th in order to avoid a foal being born before January 1st.

Horse Breeding

Do horses make noise when giving birth?

Yes, they may grunt, groan, moan and sigh during labor.

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How much does it cost to neuter a horse?

You 'Geld' horses, not neuter and it costs alot of money, it depends what vet you go to.

Depending on how the procedure is done and what is required it typically costs between $300 and $3,000 to geld a horse.

Horse Breeding

Can sexual relations between a horse and a person result in pregnancy?

No, the chromosomes between horses and humans are not compatible.

That is not possible. A human can only get pregnant by another human, not by an animal of any kind.

However, there are ethical and legal issues associated with bestiality. You can actually be arrested for it in many places. Even in the places you cannot be arrested, it is widely considered to be animal abuse.

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What is a gelded horse?

A male horse that has been castrated (had his testicles removed). A gelded horse is a male horse that has been castrated ie. the testicles removed. This operation is done to almost every colt at around a year of age. It is done because stallions (intact male horses) are often difficult to handle and headstrong, and can be dangerous. Geldings have much calmer temperaments and can be handled by a beginner rider or a child. (Some geldings can still be high strung, but most are gentle; very few stallions are gentle.)

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Do horses have penis bones?

No male genitalia has a bone supporting it. When it gets 'hard', it is caused by blood rushing to it. Horses have penises, but they do not have bones in them.

Actually, humans, horses and some marsupial mammals are the only mammals that

don't have a penile bone.

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What are three physical signs of a mare is oestrus?

She will cock her tail to side or swish it violently to the side, urinate small amounts frequently and squeal; usually at the same time.


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What is the average size of a horse's penis?

A horse's penis (from geldings and stallions) average at around 24 to 30 inches long, or 2.5 to 3.5 feet long, depending on whether it's erect or not.
Depending on the breed of horse, the penis could be between 12" to about 24". Some stallions may even have a penis about 36 inches long.

Horse Breeding

How long is a horse's pregnancy?

The gestation period for a horse is 340 days but it can vary to as short as 320 or as long as 360 and still be "normal".

11 months and 11 days is what it is suposed to be

Horse Breeding

How do horses give milk to their young?

During pregnancy hormones trigger milk production and as the mare gets closer to her due date the udder will begin to fill with milk. When the foal is born it has the instinct to suckle and once he finds the teats he will latch on and get milk.

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What does open pony mean?

In breeding, an open pony (mare) would be a female pony sized horse who is not a foal.

In the show world an "open" pony class/show could also mean open to all breeds and or classes of riders (amateurs, professionals), sizes of ponies, etc.

Horse Breeding

What are symptoms of milk fever in horses?

Milk fever (post-parturient hypocalcemia) is generally considered a problem in animals that produce copious amounts of milk after the birth of their yopung. It is more common to be seen in dairy cows and dairy goats. It is a very rare problem in horses. The general symptoms of hypocalcemia are, low blood calcium, muscle weakness, tremors, staggering, below normal body temerature, dilated pupils, and heart arrythmia.

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How does a horse act when in heat?

Most mares act moody, sometimes being aggresive when normally calm and docile. One person calls it PMS-Pouty mare syndrome

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How long do stallion horses stay in heat?

A stallion never goes into heat as he is a MALE (boy) horse. Mare (girl horses come into heat on average ever 18-21 days and stay in 3-7 days with the last 24-48 hours being their actual fertile (conception period if mated. The above write is uninformed as the the sterilization/neutering/spaying of horses. It is much easier to castrate the male- making a stallion a gelding, but mare CAN BE spayed- It isn't that different than spaying a large breed dog- the procedure is similar, it is just the size of the animal requires that it be done in a hospital setting in order to access both ovaries. Usually mares are spayed in the case where a known genetic fault/ disease is known that would be passed on to her foals, or where there are severe behavioral problems when she comes in to estrus (heat). Another reason to spay would be ovarian cancer. Most ,ares go through an anestrus period (no heat cycles) when the daylight times are shorter (ie: winter) and start up again when days commences to be longer.

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How big is a miniature horses penis?

I think I could take that, I'd love to be topped by a horse. HOTBUTT4YOU on silverdaddies dot com

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What do you look for in a horse that you do not know when she was breed?

== == If you are wondering how to tell, #1 if the mare is in foal...if she is, you will notice that her sides, behind her rib cage are widening, also, usually after 5 months or so you can see a invitro foal moving and kicking around, the mares sides will bulge and move from the foal. #2, if you are wondering how to tell how far along the pregnancy is, the best thing to do is be safe for the foal and mare's health, feed her as if she IS in foal (otherwise you will have starved the foal and the mare), free run of hay and/or grazing pasture, and pregnant mare ration. You should watch for he mare's hind end muscles to start relaxing when she is within a week of foaling, then watch for her utter to start filling up, her teets will start to fill out and get hard (you should get her used to you feeling her utter daily once she starts "bagging-up"). When the mare's utter shows prewax (small white dots on utter), she will usually then start to drip a clear substance, either wax or colostrum, the rest is checking her every half hour after these signs have shown. You should read-up and talk to a vet about your noviceness on foaling-out mares, best of luck. ^Badgirl is absolutely right about checking in-foal, but before about three or four months, the foal is so small that it's almost impossible to tell from the outside that the mare is pregnant. If you want to know for sure, you have to call the vet in early stages. I don't know if you're asking how to tell how old a horse is, or if it's pregnant. The easiest way to tell the age of a horse is by looking in its mouth. Generally, a young horse's teeth will be almost straight up and down, whereas an older horse's teeth will slant forwards and become yellowish and more worn-looking. They may also develop a groove known as Galvayne's groove, this appears in middle aged horses but may disappear when the horses become very old. If you want to know if your mare is pregnant, call the vet.

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How is a baby horse born?

A baby horse is born like a human baby.

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What color coat you get from breeding a cremello to a perlino horse?

58% chance of Perlino, 33% chance of Cremello, and 9% chance of Smokey Cream. See website below.

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A perlino horse has two cream alleles on what base color?


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How do you handle a thoroughbred breeding stallion?

Thoroughbreds are sensitive horses and a Thoroughbred Stallion can be high strung and aggressive if not handled properly. A stallion needs a firm hand and quick discipline if he gets out of control, but don't be too rough or heavy handed or they may fight back. You must show him that you are the leader and expect him to behave himself properly. On that note however not all stallions should be stallions and if the horse is not up to snuff either conformation or show/race record wise it's probably best to have it gelded for everyones safety.

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What does a placenta do in a horse?

Provides oxygen and nurishment to the featus.

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Can you breed a half brother half sister horse?

You can, and people do it but it's not a really good idea. Inbreeding causes so many different problems that it's much better to look around and find an unrelated horse to breed your horse to.

Another viewpoint here:

The careful use of inbreeding and linebreeding is what produced most breeds of livestock, dogs, cats and crops in the first place. These breeding techniques are used to fix desireable characteristics in a population. Not only have these methods been highly successful for hundreds of years...they have fed, clothed and provided animal based transportation for humanity.

The general rules are: Inbreed for a maximum of 3 generations before an outcross is required. Use genetically superior individuals for

your breeding program whether you inbreed, linebreed or outcross.

Cull any animal produced that does not meet breeding goals.

Form should follow function.

Nonprofessional owners who wish to breed would be well advised to consult with a bloodstock agent or successful breeder for help in the decision making


Certainly there are examples of inbreeding that resulted in genetic anomalies that have even become pervasive in a breed...often because selection has been made based on form or fashion rather than function. Bad decisions on the part of breeders, not the breeding technique are at issue in this instance.


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