Certificates of Deposit

Savings instruments that are essentially free of risk, featuring a fixed term and fixed rate of return (interest rate)

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Certificates of Deposit

What is bank Fixed Deposit Receipt trading?

Foreign Traders trade on behalf of us risking there money & trade wit commodities & foregin exchange....

Certificates of Deposit
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How can open new account in NCB bank?

Open account for ncb

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Certificates of Deposit

How much interest wll be earned if 20000 is deposited in a bank at 8.5 percent per annum?

The formula to calculate interest is (p * n * r)/100 where

P - Principal amount deposit - Rs. 20,000/-

N - Number of years - 1 year

R - Rate of interest - 8.5%

So interest = Rs. 1,700/- per year.

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Certificates of Deposit

How do you pass a bank teller aptitude test?

To pass a teller test you HAVE to know basic math. and be able to do it quickly in your head or on scratch paper. they will not let u use a calculator. percentages are a big part of the math part. also you have to listen well and use common sense.

Added by Siva:

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I hope this will help you to learn and practice. All the best for your exams.
Certificates of Deposit

How does a FMP work?

FMPs are debt schemes, where the corpus is invested in fixed-income securities. The tenure can be of different maturities, from one month to three years. They are closed-ended in nature, which means that once the NFO (new fund offer) closes, the scheme cannot accept any further investment.

These FMP NFOs are generally open for 2 to 3 days and are marketed to corporates and high net-worth individuals. Nevertheless, the minimum investment is usually Rs 5,000 and so a retail investor can comfortably invest too.

FMPs usually invest in certificate of deposits (CDs), commercial papers (CPs), money market instruments, corporate bonds and sometimes even in bank fixed deposits.

Depending on the tenure of the FMP, the fund manager invests in a combination of the above-mentioned instruments of similar maturity. Say if the FMP is for a year, then the fund manager invests in instruments that would be maturing in one year.

The prevalent yield minus the expense ratio, which varies from 0.25 to 1 per cent, will be the indicative return which can be expected from the FMP. The expense ratio is mentioned in the offer document. The yield can be indicated fairly accurately because these schemes are open only for a short while.

The fund received is for a pre-specified tenure and the exit load from this plan is high (usually 1 per cent to 3 per cent, depending on the time of redemption). So, the fund manager has the liberty to deploy most of the funds mobilized under the scheme as per his investment decision.

The actual return can vary slightly, if at all, from the indicated return. Against that, a bank fixed deposit exactly prints the amount which is due to you on maturity on the FD receipt. However, FMPs do earn better returns than fixed deposits of similar tenure.

Since FMP's and Bank deposits both invest in debt products the returns earned would be more or less similar. But the FMP's always earn a better return than a Bank deposit

Certificates of Deposit

What does less cash received mean on a banking deposit slip?

The amount out of the check that you are receiving in cash.

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What time does Bank of America post direct deposits?

At approximately 2am on the day it is scheduled to post.

Certificates of Deposit

What is the 7-digit bank identification code for bank central Asia in Indonesia need the code to register with paypal?

For BCA, the format is: 3 digits of BI code (014) plus 4 digits of the code of the branch bank. If you opened account in BCA Cabang Siliwangi Semarang. The code is 0246 (could be found in the BCA site). So the result is :0140246. bca site for branch and code info : http://www.klikbca.com/individual/silver/network.html

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I have lost bank passbook letter formet?


The Manager

__________ (Fill in the name of the bank and branch in the blanks)


_____ (Fill in your Name)

______(Fill in your Address & Phone number)


Sub: Reg. Lost Passbook for Bank Account ______ (Fill in the Account number)

As my passbook linked to my bank account _____ (fill in your bank account number) has been lost I kindly request you to issue a fresh passbook card so that I can keep track of my banking transactions like before.

Thank you

________ (Fill your name and sign)

Certificates of Deposit

How Does Recurring Deposit Account Works?

A normal fixed deposit means that you put in an amount and, after a specific period of time, you can withdraw it. Meanwhile, you do not touch the money or add to it.

A recurring deposit works on a similar principle. The difference is, instead of putting in a bulk amount, you put in a specified amount (which you decide when you open your recurring account) every month.

This could be a small amount that will not pinch your pocket or hinder your lifestyle.

At the end of the tenure, you get a nice amount.

Starting amount: Rs 1,000.

Tenure of deposit: 3 years (36 months).

Every month, you put in Rs 1,000.

Rate of interest: 5% per annum compounded annually.

After three years, you will get Rs 40,005 on maturity.

A neat sum once you realise that all you did was sacrifice Rs 1,000 every month.

All you have to do is give your bank standing instructions that, on a particular date every month (the date after your salary is credited to your account), a fixed amount from your savings account must get automatically credited to your recurring deposit account.

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Certificates of Deposit

What type of interest is interest paid on the amount of your original deposit plus on any interest that you have earned previously on the money in an account?

it is any interest after the first compounding

there isn't a special name for it...

Certificates of Deposit

How can you deposit a check into your account if there are no branches near by?

Phone your bank and ask for bank-by-mail envelopes.

Certificates of Deposit

Which is better recurring deposit or fixed deposit?

Actually both of them have their own benefits and drawbacks.

In terms of rate of interest an fixed deposit will give you more interest than a recurring deposit.

In terms of ease of operation and opening a recurring deposit is easier because it will need much less contribution and on a regular basis whereas you need to deposit in lumpsum in case of a FD.

Certificates of Deposit

What is the j p Morgan chase employee verification number?

212-622-8650..i work at a mortgage company and have to call it every once in a while so i know that's what it is.

Certificates of Deposit

Can money be garnished from safe deposit boxes?

Garnished, no, seized, yes.

Certificates of Deposit

How do we find out if someone deceased had a safe deposit box?

You should petition to be appointed the administrator of their estate then visit local banks with your Letters of Administration and request they check their records.

Certificates of Deposit

Is the fixed deposit and term deposit same?

Yes. Fixed Deposit and Term Deposit both refer to the same thing. A deposit account is one in which you keep a fixed sum of money for a specific duration (Usually atleast a few months) based on an agreement with the bank. The bank does not expect you to withdraw funds regularly from this account and hence gives you a better interest rate.

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Can you Get a CD with bad credit?


A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a deposit instrument has the following features:

* Guaranteed principal

* Guaranteed periodic interest

* FDIC insured

* Low/no cost to purchase

Your credit rating is not considered when you purchase a CD. Only your ability to fund the CD (with cash or other liquid investments) is considered.

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What are sewer requirements for acreage?

Those are going to be dependent upon local health codes.

There may also be state or county water quality statutes or regulations and local (and tribal, if applicable) zoning codes that specify minimum acceptable acreage for an approved septic system. Rules may vary according to the type of structure (dwelling, seasonal camp), type of soil, slope of land, number of bedrooms (gallons per day), proximity to water sources, setback from property lines and public waters, etc. Enforcement may also vary, according to how far off the beaten path the acreage is located, and whether any building permits are required, or if there is even a local building official (or nosy neighbors) paying any attention.

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Is selling burned CDs legal?

It depends. There are many variables that could dictate the answer. There is no "one correct" answer. * If the material in question provides a royalty-free, public use and public redistribution license, then it may be repackaged, given away or sold as long as it does not violate any explicit restrictions provided. In most cases, if you unsure, contact the content author/owner for clarification. This is often most helpful should legal issues arise later. * Most sound recordings are not available under a royalty-free, public use and distribution license, and their copyrights won't expire until 2067, so any copying of those recordings would technically infringe the copyrights. Selling them would be a federal crime (or perhaps state crime, depending upon how old the recordings are), with fines. Marking them with the names of albums or artists could also be a trademark or publicity rights infringement. Any profits you earn would be taken away, plus penalties, costs and attorneys' fees.

Certificates of Deposit

Do you need your bank card to deposit money?


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How can you find out if a Visa traveler's check is valid?

Call American Express and get to the Travelers Checks Customer Service dept. and get an agent to verify the number on the top right of the check. Don't get involved in a Money Mule Scam.

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What is a dormant savings account?

A savings account that has had no deposits or withdrawals (account owner initiated transactions) for an extended period - usually a year. After an extended period of time dormant accounts are seized by the states they are in under "unclaimed property" laws. They "hold" them for you.

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Does all money deposited in a bank earn interest?

No. Money deposited in checking/current accounts do not earn any interest.

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Difference between bank and nonbanking financial institution?

A Bank is an organization that accepts customer cash deposits and then provides financial services like bank accounts, loans, share trading account, mutual funds, etc.

A NBFC (Non Banking Financial Company) is an organization that does not accept customer cash deposits but provides all financial services except bank accounts.

a) A bank interacts directly with customers while an NBFI

interacts with banks and governments

(b) A bank indulges in a number of activities relating to

finance with a range of customers, while an NBFI is mainly

concerned with the term loan needs of large enterprises

(c) A bank deals with both internal and international

customers while an NBFI is mainly concerned with the

finances of foreign companies

(d) A bank's man interest is to help in business

transactions and savings/ investment activities while an

NBFI's main interest is in the stabilization of the currency


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