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An investment bank refers to a financial institution which helps corporations, individuals, and governments in securing capital by acting as the agent during the issuance of securities. Unlike other banks, investment banks do not accept deposits.

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Investment Banking

Who is the owner of unipay 2u?

Mr. James Magu, Malaysia

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Investment Banking

What is a staged investment?

A staged investment is, generally speaking, an investment in which the entire amount is not invested up front at the time of the the initial funding. Instead, a portion is initially invested and the remaining amount is invested over time based upon the achievement of agreed upon milestones.

This technique is employed by investors in order to protect against future loss, especially in early stage companies.

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What kind of math do investment bankers use?

they use addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication

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What do you mean by the term Beta in investments?

Beta is a number that describes how the volatility of a stock varies with a nominated benchmark index. It's the covariance of the stock with respect to the index divided by the variance of the index.

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How do you answer 'What strengths would you bring to our company'?

The question refers to what skills will you add or have that the company can benefit from. It is these you can explain orally or in writing when asked. The interviewer is looking not for the standards "good time keeping" but more of the "ambitious to get the job done to a high standard", skills learned in other areas which can bring benefit to the role applied for that the business may not have in any quantity

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Can a chartered accountant become an investment banker?

Yes they can, in fact it is well known that when companies look for investment bankers, chartered accountants are the types of people that they consider.

Investment Banking

What do Madden Group Inc do?

I have been approached by the Madden Group by a Sarah Brown sounding more like a filipino lady. They have asked me to return a non-disclosure aggrement to buy some boiler room shares from me for a ridiculous price. I've asked the FIA to get onto it. Fat chance. Leave well alone, the are scammers for sure.

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What is the fullform of smc?

smat money credit

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What are the example of Malaysian Government Securities?

Investing in Malaysian Government securities gave lower returns? Do you agree with this statement Investing in Malaysian Government securities gave lower returns? Do you agree with this statement

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Is an investment a credit or a debit in accounting?


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How do you get a Dun and Bradstreet number?

Yes, Pretty much anyone that is engaged in any type of business can obtain a DUNN's number for free by contacting Dunn and Bradstreet.


A Dun & Bradstreet number or D&B D-U-N-S® Number is issued to businesses by Dun & Bradstreet for free. Most businesses already have a D&B D-U-N-S Number without knowing and can look up their company's number using the name, location or telephone number. If the company has not yet been assigned a number, you can register your business on Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.'s Web site, and a D&B D-U-N-S Number will be issued within 30 days.

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Is Belvedere Financial Trust a legitimate company?

Do not do business with this company. It is a scam. I have lost over $1600 because of them. I'm sure you are dealing with neil quinn, or one of the other people that have scammed so many. There are more than 5 reported cases of them scamming people within the past 3 days.

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I have lost bank passbook letter formet?


The Manager

__________ (Fill in the name of the bank and branch in the blanks)


_____ (Fill in your Name)

______(Fill in your Address & Phone number)


Sub: Reg. Lost Passbook for Bank Account ______ (Fill in the Account number)

As my passbook linked to my bank account _____ (fill in your bank account number) has been lost I kindly request you to issue a fresh passbook card so that I can keep track of my banking transactions like before.

Thank you

________ (Fill your name and sign)

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What are the main threats facing the large investment banks in the future?

You have to remember all the large investment banks have now either been absorbed by bank holding companies, filed for bankruptcy, and have reorganized into bank holding companies.

The biggest problem in the past has been over leveraging investments, and running the risk of becoming illiquid and this still is a concern for current "pure" investment banks.

For the big ones that have either merged into or become bank holding companies, their depositors are insured by FDIC. This means the are mandated to not exceed a maximum leveraging ratio, so future liquidity concerns are much smaller. Though this seems good, the maximum leverage is a double edged sword. They used to offer investors very high levels of interest, which they can no longer do. So the biggest threat to the old big investing companies comes mainly from competition of other financial intermediaries.

Investment Banking
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Where in the world does silver mines exist?

In 2009 the largest producer of silver was Peru, the second largest (15%) was Mexico, then followed by Bolivia, Canada, Australia, China, Sweden and the US.

In the US, top producing states are Alaska, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.

Some top silver city sites are: in Peru, the city of Cerro de Pasco; in Bolivia, the city of Afro; in Mexico, the cities of Fresnillo & Guanajuato in the state of Zacatecas; in China, the city of Batang County; in Sweden, the city of Boliden; in Canada, the city of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territory.

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What is sundry deposit?

R S Store

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What time does the NYSE open?

The NYSE opens at 9:30 A.M. Eastern Time and closes at 4:00 P.M. Eastern Time.

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What are the objective of Islamic banking?

As per Islamic laws giving and receiving interest is considered Haram or Unlawful. So, Islamic banking practices were started to provide banking services to customers following the Islamic faith so that they can take up banking without offending their religious sentiments.

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How do you become an investment banker?

Today, practically every young MBA student or aspirant wants to be an investment banker. A blue shirt, sleeves rolled up, a phone over each ear, dashing from one city to another and working for names like Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs. While banks handle wealth, investment banks handle the wealth of companies, corporate houses, organisations, high net-worth individuals and even governments. No wonder, investment bankers earn fat pay checks with a lifestyle that is the envy of many. Wall Street is filled with high-energy, hardworking young investment bankers who spend hours hunched behind computers, poring over financial statements and churning out spreadsheets by the pound.

Banks are a vital aspect of any economy. Their activities facilitate basic economic processes of production, distribution and consumption. They take care of people's savings; issue travellers' checks

; finance projects; act as executors and trustees; and extend loan and credit services.

Count-less choices

Most banks provide a range of financial services from banking services for individual customers to catering to the needs of corporate houses.

Investment management is the primary activity of investment banks. They manage shares and capital formation of a company. They also manage capital market operations on behalf of the company, managing capital issues, portfolio management, underwriting, selling, and trading securities (stocks and bonds); providing financial advisory services, such as mergers and acquisition advice; and managing assets, international financing, public issue management and the buying and selling of shares.

Investment banks offer these services to companies, governments, non-profit institutions, and individuals. As financial markets in India grow, investment bankers watch the stock markets with traders, trying to buy or sell big institutions a piece of a new stock while the markets are in session.

Profile of I-banker

As an investment banker, your work would involve advising companies on capital formation, mergers, acquisitions, investments and managing capital assets. You will have to liaison with businesses, governments, non-profit institutions and individuals.

You will look into the financial aspects like advising a company or a client on financial transaction, selling and trading the securities, researching the company's background and the market before making any investments, etc. You also have to analyse and make recommendations to the company, based on the market and competitors.

Initially, you may start as an analyst and be responsible for writing reports, maintaining spreadsheets, trading stock options, research, etc. You will need to involve yourself in an intensive study to find out opportunities to invest in profitable shares, debentures and other financial instruments. You need to have in- depth knowledge of money markets, the state of the economy and business and industry in general. Moreover, you will need to continuously involve yourself in extensive research on these subjects, and be up-to-date with the latest information. . Often, bankers specialise in a particular industry and follow its fortunes over the years.

Some investment bankers handle the investment and control of a portfolio of shares, deciding which shares to buy and which to sell to gain maximum returns for their clients. In such jobs you have to be accurate in terms of business information as the investor will totally depends on your reports. It is for this reason that investment bankers are often shown as having sleepless nights and 24x7 work schedules.

Wanted, B-school graduates

This is a high-risk job, as your decisions can involve millions, and form the basis of many commercial decisions.

Most foreign banks and financial institutions prefer management graduates from the premier management schools, or professionals in accountancy, (chartered accountants and cost accountants), finance experts and economists with postgraduate qualifications in finance, economics, financial planning, capital markets and so on. A Ph. D in Economics and relevant experience in the industry can also get you a good job.

A preliminary on-campus interview assesses personality; aptitude, and academic merit. Those meeting the set stipulations must clear a final interview before appointment in a foreign bank.

It is also possible to take banking as a special subject at some institutions, prior to applying for a position in a bank. There are also a few institutions that offer a BA in Banking, or a post-graduate certificate or diploma course in banking.

Foreign postings

Job opportunities for investment bankers, as the term suggests, is with investment banks, broking firms, mutual funds, financial services companies and other financial institutions. Although the action in investment banking is still largely centered in New York City and a few other money centres around the world, some of the leading investment banking companies, such as Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, etc, have offices in India, where transactions are conducted.

Money matters

Investment banking is among the most sought-after jobs because of the high salaries offered to those qualified. Those with MBA degrees from well-known institutes can expect to start on an average around Rs 9-2 lakh per annum. Many are also offereddollar salaries. With 5-6 years experience, you could earn Rs 12 lakh-1 crore pa., depending on the organisation and the position you would be working in.

Skills set

But everyone cannot become an investment banker You need to have the right abilities and aptitude to be successful in this job. Therefore to get into this field you need to have strong analytical and mathematical skills, be comfortable with handling numbers and have a tolerance for taking risks. The ability to take initiative, good networking skills and the ability to keep calm and work under pressure are other qualities that mark out a successful investment banker. You also need to have good inter-personal skills, and be able to work with others, as you will have to work in a team with people of different temperaments

You must enjoy the fast-paced, deal-oriented work, and be prepared to put your personal life on hold, if necessary for the sake of your job. You also need to have a good knowledge of the business world and the latest market developments. Your success, therefore, will mainly depend upon your ability to communicate, willingness to travel, hard work and the number of profitable deals you clinch for the company.

The impact of the economic reforms over the last decade has been most significant on the investment banking industry. Economic growth and liberalisation has opened up considerably large number of opportunities in various organisati ons like mutual funds, investment consultancy, broker firms, insurance companies, merchant banks, pension funds and other financial institutions.

Moreover, the entry of foreign investment banks like Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Jardine Flemming, and others has widened business avenues in banking and job opportunities have grown significantly.

Training talk

The pay and lifestyle offered by foreign banks can be matched by few other sectors, and there is tremendous prestige and glamour associated with them.

Some of these institutions offering a one-year post-graduate diploma in banking:

  • SNDT Women's University, Marine Lines, Mumbai.
  • PVDT College, Mumbai.

Other courses in banking and finance are offered at :

  • Indian Merchants' Chambers, Churchgate, Mumbai.
  • National School of Banking, Pune.
  • Indian Institute of Bankers, University of Bombay.
  • Institute of Bankers, London.
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What is financial leverage ratio?

Leverage is using debt to finance investments.
Leverage ratio is the ratio between the size of the debt and some metric for the value of the investment.

There are several financial leverage ratios, for companies the debt-to-equity ratio is the most common one: Total debt / shareholder equity.

As an example we can use the debt-to-equity ratio for a home with a market value of $110,000 and a mortgage of $100,000: Debt is $100,000 and equity is $10,000 (market value minus debt), giving a debt-to-equity ratio of 100,000/10,000 = 10.

The general idea is that very low leverage means that a company isn't growing as quickly as it could, while a very high leverage means that a company is vulnerable to temporary setbacks in sales or increases in interest rate.

What is considered a 'good' ratio varies quite a bit between different types of business.

See also related links.

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What is a non advisory broker?

These brokers offer no recommendations or advice regarding the future success of your decision. Their brokerage fees are generally lower than the full service brokers because of their lack of advice. This would be the best option for investors who have a high-achieved understanding of the share market and the trading of shares.

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What questions does an investment bank ask in the interview for the job of investment banker and what do they look for in the candidate?

It would help greatly if you have studied M&A. In most final round interviews, you will be asked highly technical questions, from general to deal specific, as most places expect you to be up to date with any mergers and acquisitions.

In respect what they look for, you have to look at the specific company. However, ability to think clearly, fast and be able to present yourself with confidence is a must.

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What is salary if you become a investment banker in Mumbai?

US bulge bracket banks like Citi, MS, JPM pay the same across regions.. so in Mumbai, a 2nd year analyst (thats what normally IIM grads get into) will earn smthgn like INR 40 lakhs base and then you have 75-100% bonus.. at an associate level, it goes to INR 50 lakhs plus 85-120% bonus..

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An investment report to potential investors is called what?


Investment Banking

What is the full form of utr no in bank?

a unique no. generated for every transaction in RTGS system (Unique Transaction Reference)

UTR is a 16 digit Alpha-Numeric code, the first 4 digits contains the Bank Code in alphabets, 5th one meant for the message code, 6th & 7th mentions the year, 8-10th mentions Julian Date (No. of days in the calendar year are reckoned as the basis to arrive at the date of remittance) and the last 6 digits mentions day's serial no. of the message.


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