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Electronic exchanges and over-the-counter markets facilitating the trading of company stock and their associated derivatives such as options, futures, ETFs, and equity swaps

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What is features of derivative market?

Derivatives market is the market where derivative products are traded. It has a great demand all over the world with the US Derivatives market being the largest in the world. The prices of derivative products are determined based on the price movement of the underlying asset. Derivatives are extremely risky and are not for the novice investors. Some of the derivative products that are available in the derivatives market are: a. Futures b. Forwards c. Options d. Swaps e. Swap Options f. Basket Trades g. etc ...
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Why stock market is good example for perfect competition?

The stockarket is an example of perfect competition in that everyone has the same chances of ups and downs in a certain market. Laws also help to ensure it's perfect competition by makin insider trading illegal. In theory, a stock market is perfect competition. However, in reality, it is actually an example of very poor competition. Both in laws and in actual construction, stock markets heavily favor those able to purchase super-high-speed computers (and host them in the exchange itself), and also tend...
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What is contra in stock trading?

When you buy stocks, the actual stocks get delivered to your trading account only after 3 business days and you pay for the stocks only when they are delivered BUT you are already the owner of the stocks BEFORE they are delivered or PAID FOR. As such, if you sell those stocks within that 3 days, a cash difference of your profit or loss will result in your account without ever owning the stock or paying for them. This is known...
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What does out of stock mean?

Item Sold out. Go back and see after 1 week, you may found that product. (Sometimes it may mean, for limited edition items, you are not able to buy them again, so if you really want that item, you'll have to buy it somewhere else, other than that, if you can't find it somewhere else, your out of luck, mate.) ...
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WhaT time does cricket open and close?

The Cricket store opens at 10:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm .
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What did you learn from the stock market crash?

The stock market crash actually taught a valuable lesson to all investors. The lesson is that, don't keep all your eggs in the same basket. Because of the great bull run in the days before the crash, people were so confident of the stock market that they felt it would never crash. So people invested even their retirement corpus and other money into the stock market. Unfortunately when it crashed, the whole economy burned. So the lesson is, keep your investments in...
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What does bullish trade mean?

Being "bullish" on something means you believe that something will improve or increase in value in the future. A "bullish trade" is thus some sort of trade where you believe the traded good or financial instrument will increase in value in the future. The opposite is "bearish", meaning that you believe the thing will lose value or weaken. ...
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How to close an mutual fund account?

You need to submit a redemption request with the mutual fund house where you have mutual fund investments. The fund house would have given you a folio number when you initially invested the money with them. You need to fill that up in the redemption form. Once you submit your request (Usually a redemption form) the mutual fund house will process your request and will repay you the current value of your investment in 3-5 working days. ...
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Does the stock market trade on the weekend?

Correcting this answer. While the stock markets are only open during the week, the stock index futures markets open on Sunday evening at 6PM ET. ...
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Is their any master degree in stock market?

There is not currently one. You would need a degree in Finance, Accountancy or Mathematics with Business as a secondary. ...
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Are Dow Jones companies only traded on the NYSE?

No-- for example MicroSoft is one of the Dow thirty and its primary trading exchange is the Nasdaq-NMS ...
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What is an OK trade on the stock market?

An ok trade from the point of view of any investor is a trade where he/she is making a profit. For ex: if u buy shares of walmart today at $10 and sell them next week for $15 then it's an ok trade for me. But if I sell it next week for $8 then it is not an ok trade ...
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Can a shareholder refuse to take a dividend?

no it cant i asked my dad the same question
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What is the formula for Default Risk Premium?

premium=(1-Recovery Rate)*(probability of default) so if the premium is 15% and the recovery rate is 30%, then you can calculate the likelihood or probability of default. It would be (.15)=(1-.30)*probability Rearranging terms you get: probability=.21428 The Recovery Rate is the percentage of your original asset you'd recover under the default circumstance. ...
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Where is volume of trading more BSE or NSE?

BSE is the Bombay Stock Exchange whereas NSE is the National Stock Exchange. While BSE is a 30 stock index, NSE is a 50 stock index. The volume of shares and derivatives is much more on NSE, which is a fairly recently established stock exchange. If you are thinking of entering the stock market, I would suggest you consider online trading as the commissions are much lower than what you would pay a human broker and you'll also have more control over...
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How are negative numbers are used in the stock market?

The aforementined word negative numbers are relative but in the real sense of trading there are certain parameters we are going to consider before selecting numbers in trading to have more light on this,there is a software that helps in executing this.Here is where you can have more tips on ...
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How do you get stock market index to a website?

It's not very clear from your question if you want to create a personalized stock index or you want information about the BSE Sensex and other stock indices on your website. If it's the latter, then lots of finance portals like,, etc. have that info, so I would think it shouldn't be too difficult to integrate it into your website. You may need to buy some software application for this purpose. This sort of information has become easily available over...
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What is the importance of stock exchange in agriculture?

The stock exchange is important in agriculture because it keeps a check on supply and demand. It allows the stockholders to use the value of the stock to obtain loans and make purchases. It is also very boring ...
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What kind of math is used in stock markets?

they use statistics to calculate raises or drops in points in the Dow Jones and other stocks. you can take the AP statistics to learn how to do this. ...
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DOES stock repurchase increase share value?

It's supposed to--the fewer shares outstanding, the more they're worth. But it's possible the shares could also go down in price. ...
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What the meaning of stock price?

A share price is the price of a single share of a company's stock. Once the stock is purchased, the owner becomes a shareholder of the company that issued the share. The price is calculated by dividing the market capitalization by the total number of shares outstanding. When viewed over long periods, the share price is directly related to the earnings and dividends of the firm. Over short periods, especially for younger or smaller firms, the relationship between share price and dividends...
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Why is the stock market closed on Good Friday?

The New York Stock Exchange has been closed in observance of Good Friday since its inception. Due to extraordinary circumstances, it was open on Good Friday in 1898, 1906 and 1907. The New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq are not Federal or State institutions. ...