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The Ford Aerostar XL was the standard trim for the Wagon, a passenger van version of the Aerostar. The XL Wagon was the most popular model in the early years of the Aerostar product line.

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Where is the P0715 sensor located?

The code is for the turbine speed sensor. The part is in the middle of the transmission. You would need to remove the trans and take it a bit more than half way apart. This being the case, make darn sure the sensor is the problem. The sensor itself was a very durable part. The failure rate is very low. I do not know all the symptoms that go with the code. If the van will not move the most probable...
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What are the steps in replacing a drivers side door lock cylinder on a 1991 Subaru Legacy?

Okay, I will try to exlpain the best I can. I did this last year on my 1990 Legacy. Okay If you want one key make sure you get the new cylinder keyed at a locksmith to the ignition key. Use your best key to do this. okay her it goes. First open the door. Second remove all screws out of the inside door cover. I think there are three, one of them is in the handle and has a...
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Why is your 1991 ford aerostar abs light on?

A malfunction with the anti-lock brake system has been detected ( you still have " normal " braking unless the red " brake " light comes on in your dash ) It could be a fuse , a sensor , or some other problem ...
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How do you remove the ignition switch in a 1989 Ford Aerostar?

ok here goes/to remove/rotate lock cylinder to lock position.if equipped with tilt steering remove upper extension shroud.remove ignition switch connector then drill out break off bolts connecting the switch with a 1/8 in drill bit remove the two screws from actuator pin. to install rotate key to run positioninstall switch by aligning holes on switch casting with holes in lock cylinder install break off bolts and tighten until heads shear off. have alot of patience. ...
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How do you fix a speedometer in a 1991 Ford Aerostar?

What exactly seems to be the problem? Do you have a digital speedometer or analog speedometer? the problem most encountered with a bad speedo is the gear in the transmission tail cone housing. make sure it isn't stripped the other problem could be the speedo itself. If it's analog then somewhere in there it is stripped out. If it's a logic type then usually the pulse board is gone. ...
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How do you install a freeze plug in a 1990 Ford Aerostar?

Answer A freeze plug is in the engine block itself; they look like small round caps pressed into the block. Get a Chilton or Haynes repair manual from a parts store. There are only a couple of freeze plugs you can get to without removing suspension components or pulling the engine entirely (btw, any engine overhaul should include replacing the freeze plugs -- they're only a dollar or two each, so take the time to do it if the engine is already out...
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Where is the fuel filter located on a 1997 Ford Aerostar XLT?

Under the van by the left/front tire attached to the inner frame.
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How to replace the door check on a 1999 sienna driver side?

First you pop the bottom of the door panel out. The next step is to take the three speaker bolts out ( 10 millimeters) After you remove the two nuts and one bolt holding the check in place you slide the door check inside the door and take it out through the speaker hole. Reverse procedure for installation. ...
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How can you fix a sliding door that won't open on a 93 ford areostar van?

Mine is stuck too. I've tried everything imaginable and even asked another owner to show me his door when open so I could try to figure something out. Did you know that there is only one latch and that it is on the backe nd of the door, not the front? ...
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Where is the fuse panel located on a 1996 Ford Aerostar?

Hi, but how now type of fuse for one specific number example fuse number 3 is for radio, fuse number 5 for lights, etc, please help me, tanks ...
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Why would a 1993 Dodge Colt not start when it is wet outside?

you could have a cracked distributor cap Check condition of ignition system including distributor cap, rotor and ignition cables. (You didn’t mention engine size because Colt did have a 1.6L “distributorless” engine….it had an ignition block which could crack causing voltage leakage, especially when moisture is about. It is a block where all the ignition cables meet.) If cap, rotor or cables look suspect, change them. With the cables, buy a tube of dielectric grease and use at both ends of the...
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How hard is it to change a water pump on a 1998 Dodge Dakota 6-cylinder Sport and what are the procedures?

ANSWER I'm pretty sure that 16 hours is ridiculous. My pump went out on my way home from a vacation, I had to stay in a hotel, and do the repair in the parking lot of the autozone the next morning, and even then it only took me like 4 hours to do start to finish. The O- ring isn't that big of a deal, its pretty simple, all you need is some good sealer, just put it together like it...
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How many miles per gallon of gas can you get with 1993 ford aerostar minivan?

Don't expect great gas mileage with either engine: around 15 mpg in city/suburban driving, or low 20s on the highway. ...
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How do you locate and replace the starter in a 1994 Ford Aerostar Minivan 4.0 V6?

1994 ford aerostar starter removal . raise vehicle/disconnect battery cables/ starter is on driver side remove wires from starter/ remove bolts holding starter to bellhousing.installation is reverse of removal piece of cake.from Robert rodriguez. You may need to remove the exhaust "Y" pipe to replace the starter, also. On AWD models this is mandatory. I recommend that you soak the bolts in Liquit Wrench before trying to loosen them. ...
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How do you repair a 1997 Plymouth Voyager HVAC fan that does not work on the first and second speeds?

Make sure the car is OFF. Open your hood and look on the passenger side firewall between the inner fender and the heater blower motor. You will see a black rectangular device with a grey connector on it. Unplug the connector, and remove the two self-tapping screws that hold this rectangle in. The device that you just removed is known as a 'resistor block'. Look at it carefully, and you will probably notice that one or more of the coiled wires have separated...
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How do you increase the idle on a 1991 Saturn SC1?

Solution: Replace the throttle position sensor, this controls the idle. This should work for any car. With the car off, have a friend push the gas while you look at the engine, on the top you will see something moving. This is the throttle. Rock this with your hand. As you let it fall back into its normal position, notice what it is resting on, this will be the idle screw, screw it in to up the idle, out to take it...
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How do you remove the modulator on a Ford Aerostar transmission?

The modulator is held into the transmission with a stamped metal "fork" that is bolted into the transmission. Remove the bolt, remove the vaccum hose and wiggle/turn the modulator to extract it. Be careful during the removal because there is a short pin in the modulator that has to be replaced when you put the new one in. . ...
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Why would the engine of a 1998 Honda Prelude continue to run after the ignition is placed in the off position and the key is removed?

This situation is referred to as "diesling." Usually occurs when the engine is hot and the carb needs adjusted. Answer Guess what Keith, there are no carbs on a 1998 prelude, they,ve been fuel injected for a while now,SONNY,. Look dude your best bet is its something with the ignition, or the brain(computer) of the car. Keith doesn't know what he is talking about. GOOD LUCK Answer it is the ingition swicth is bad causes a short. Pontiac transport have the exact problem. I...
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How do you change 1989 ford aerostar transmission oil?

There are two methods: 1) Jiffy Lube and other quick lube shops use a transmission fluid exchange machine. It is done while the engine is running in order to exchange old fluid from the torque converter. The filter and gasket are not changed in this procedure. Cost - about $90 2) You can drop the pan and let the fluid drain. This method allows changing the filter but there is a small amount of used fluid left in the torque converter....
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Stereo wiring.For a 1991 ford aerostar minivan?

I recently purchased a stereo from Best Buy and they estimated the installation cost but they overlooked thre fact that the '93 Aerostar uses only one hot speaker wire and chasis ground. It took three trips to get it right. They added a device that was supposed to interface this but it wouldn't work. They ended up completely re-wiring the front and rear speakers with dual wire all the way back to the stereo. It incolved removing a lot of panels...
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Where is the alternator located on a 1998 Toyota RAV4?

When you open the hood and are standing in front of the Rav4 the alternator is on the left hand front side of the engine. You will see a large pulley with the alternator belt on it to the left of the alternator. ...
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How do you change the starter on a 1978 Chevy van with a 350 motor?

Undo the 2 bolts on the bottom of the starter. The starter will drop down, let it rest on the break lines, undo the two starters wires, (the selenoid and the power), 2 connections 3 wires total, grab the starter from the break lines, bring it out and around and it's all yours. ...
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How do you check the oil on a 1981 Honda 1100 Goldwing There is no dipstick and you can't see a sight glass?

I too also have a Goldwing,and I was having that same problem. Believe it or not I used my car oil dip stick,to check my gave some indication how much oil was in there I have a 1980 Honda GL1100i "Interstate". The motor oil level is checked through a sight window in the right side of the case, a little bit forward of the rear brake pedal. There are two lines molded into the case beside the sight glass. These are your...