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The Oldsmobile was a mid-size 4-door luxury sports sedan produced by General Motors from 1994 to 2003. It was powered by a 4 cam 32 valve 4.0L V-8 engine and featured a 4-speed automatic transmission.

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Replace olds aurora door handle?

Should have access after removing door panels

Oldsmobile Aurora

Where is the secondary air pump on a 2001 Aurora?

It's basically GM's method of cheating on an emissions test. The secondary air pump adds ambient air to the exhaust in order to dilute what comes out the tailpipe. . . making it seem like it pollutes less than it does. Nice, huh?

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Is it possible to repair blown head gaskets with chemical additives?

We had our Caravan repaired last year with a product called ThermaGasket. We have put 35000 miles on the vehicle without any problems!

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What is nano-oil?

treatment for ringworm??

Oldsmobile Aurora

How do you install a cigarette lighter in a 95 Oldsmobile Aurora?

well i would find a spot where you want it. buy it from walmart or a auto place. run positive to a positive source and ground to chasie. that's the easiest way than rather make a new fuse circuit.

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Do transmission sealers work?

If the transmission leak is visible from the outside try the RIGHT STUFF gasket maker. It can be purchased at NAPA auto parts. It starts to dry in one minute and is resistant to trans fluid. Do not put this material inside your transmission. Apply only to the outside of the trans.

my '94 Camry with 220,000 miles was leaking fluid. i used Lucas brand transmission sealer it fixed the problem .I'm at 268,000 miles now. good luck

I have had good luck using JB-Weld for cracked housings. Be shure to drain enough fluid from the trans so that the leaking stops. Clean the area around the crack with dishsoap and water, dry , scuff with sandpaper, and apply the JB-Weld.It takes about 12 hours to cure fully. Top up your trans and your'e ready to go. =o)

we have a 89 Mazda 323, auto tranny, that was "leaking from jus about everywhere it could" according to the shop. i put in some prestone brand Stop Leak for transmissions, and bingo, it hasn't leaked a drop for almost 500 miles now, and works perfectly.

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How do you relace or repair the little courtesy lights in the steering wheel on an Aurora?

this is not hard take a small screwdriver pop out the switch replace with a new one greg.

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Where is the starter located on 1997 aurora?

It is located under the intake manifold. Not that hard to get to as you think. Answer Well it is easy just takes a long long time. Take the top off 13 or 15 mm, and then take the intake off you might have to take some houses off too its is a pain but remember were everything went!! and make sure not to break anything. the rest is a 10 mm that car all you really ever need is a 10 mm. And its really easy to see once you take the intake off its right there just takes for ever to get to it

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Where is the camshaft position sensor located on 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora?

---------------------------------------------------------- The camshaft positioning sensor is hidden behind the starter motor on the 3.5 6-cyl. engine. I think it's the same for the 4.0. The starter motor must be removed to replace the sensor.

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Where are the fuses for the sunroof on a 1992 Saturn SL2?

i believe they are on the right side of the center console . there is a panel that comes off

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What is the spark plug gap on a 1998 Oldsmobile Aurora?

It should be .050

Oldsmobile Aurora
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How do you change the radiator on a 1996 Oldsmobile Aurora?

Unbolt and remove the top cover, or metal shroud. This will give you access to the radiator. Remove the rad. hoses and trans. lines. Unplug and/or remove the two fans ( I left them on the radiator when I removed the radiator) then unbolt the radiator and lift out of the car. It will be somewhat heavy if you do not have the fluids drained from it.

I assume you need to get the tanks repaired due to leaking.

Oldsmobile Aurora
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Why would a 1997 Olds Aurora stall out in idle?

We had the same problem with our '98 Aurora. Had It to several repair shops and to 2 G.M. dealers. We were chasing the wind. Changed all sorts of expensive parts not to mention a complete tune up. Would have gotten rid of the car but I didn't want to stick anyone. I decided to change the EGR valve because it had solved mystery problems on other cars. It worked like a charm. I had to take it off 6 months later and clean it as the problem returned. All is well now. The part is expensive about $250.00 but it can be put in in minutes

Same problem with my '98 Aurora. It had a blown intake manifold gasket making it run lean and die at idle. The gasket was expensive to replace (as all Aurora parts are) so I had them glue it instead. Worked like a charm and saved me 400 bucks.

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What is monetary stability?

Something of importance

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How do you replace the headlights on a 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora?

The bulbs just twist out of the back of the headlight assemblys. The Highbeams are easy to access and the low beams are a little more difficult. The tech manual tells you to remove the assembly in order to change them but it is not required. The bulb assembly twists about an eighth of a turn and then pulls out. The wiring harness on each bulb is retained by a plastic clip easily removed with a common screwdriver. Just make sure you don't touch the glass on the new bulb because the oil in your skin will accumulate and create a hot spot causing early failure. I only had to move the cross brace on the drivers side low beam in order to change it.


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How do you change the starter on a 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora?

The starter is located under the intake manifold you have to remove it to gain access. It's not as bad as you think. Remember to change the gaskets and torque the manifold when reinstalling.

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Why is passenger side floor wet?

better check your heater core.

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What would cause a 1995 Old Aurora to seem to skip when accelerating to go up a hill and to surge or buck forward when stopped at a light?

Common possibilities: Spark Plugs & Plug Wires. If plugs/wires have more than 80,000 miles on them, consider replacing them.

Warning!... use only GM supplied AC-Delco spark plugs. The 32-Valve Northstar engine is very particular about the special dual-tip, dual platinum spark plugs they were designed with.

Yes, they're expensive (about $6 each from local autoparts stores), but they last a long time which offsets the price. I replaced mine at 100k, and they were just beginning to act up.

Any others will MOST LIKELY result in misfires (like you're experiencing now), reduced gas mileage, and short life.

Plug wires can be upgraded with high-performance 8mm helical core wires, but stick with top-grade Bosch or Borg-Warner Select wires. Factory wires are always a safe-bet, but 'can' begin to degrade after 50k miles in high-heat conditions.

Side note: As with many late model cars, these cars use half as many ignition coils as there are spark plugs... in a system called Waste Spark ignition, where a single coil fires 2 (opposing) spark plugs. If one spark plug wire is bad, you actually lose full spark power on TWO spark plugs, as they are connected in series. (This is why an engine can begin to run so poorly when just one spark plug wire goes bad, especially on 6-cylinder engines!)

This also means that half of your spark plugs are sparking from center-to-ground (normal), and the other half are sparking from ground-to-center (abnormal). This requires that the "Platinum" spark plugs have platinum on both the ground electrodes, as well as the center electrode so that they last as long in either position.

Bosch platinum spark plugs are notorious for not working well in waste-spark ignitions, as they (at least, in the past) have not had platinum on their ground electrodes. Half of your plugs would be fine, half would go bad... quickly.

AnswerCould also be, and likely, the plenuem backfire relieve door seal leaking. See the response in regards to reasons other then sparg plugs and wires for missing.

ANOTHER POSSIBILITY: Idle Speed Sensor/Selenoid. Does this happen when the AC is on?? I love your car, it might have been the most beautifull American car of the last 25 years. Its a shame about Olds demise.....

I had the same symptoms. I changed the plugs & wires nothing different. It ended up having a bad ignition coil.

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How do you add radiator sealant to a 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora?

Open the radiator cap WHEN THE ENGINE IS COLD and simply pour it in. I have had good luck with Barrs stop leak. If this doesn't stop it you will have to seek professional help. Good luck.

If you every desrire to use the heater again, you should refrain from the use of radiator sealents - this applies to all makes and models. They tend to plug the heater core just like they seal the hole you desire to seal.

Do not use sealant, pull the radiator and have it fixed.

Everyone I know has had to have the radiator repaired due to cracks in the tanks.

As does my 1996 Caddy Concours, this vehicle -=[REQUIRES]=- the use of radiator conditioner from GM, or Barr's Leak which is the same, even made by the OEM manufacturer of the tripple-marked-up dealer only item. Also note the requirement for non-corrosive coolant; straight bihydrogen monoxide (water) or the green stuff will cause you more problems than a shotgun blast to the front e


you can either pour it into the coolent tank or you can unplug the upper radiator hose from the engine and pour it directly into the hose i recommend pouring it directly into the hose

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Where is the obd hook-up in a 97 aurora?

From under the dr. side of the dash, look up at the panel. There will be a small rectangular opening. The connector sits in there. If this panel has ever been removed, the connector may not be visible throught the opening. The panel will have to come off. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Beside of the steering column.

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How does one repair Rear Center Brake lights so that they will work new bulbs have been installed?

Best bet would be to make sure it is actually the bulb was bad. Try checking the socket with a volt meter to see if it is receiving power when the break pedal is pressed. Also, some dielectric grease on the bulb contacts can help as well (be careful not to cause a short of course).

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How do you remove the oil filter located and drain oil locates on a 2001 Oldsmobile Aurora 3.5L?

from under the car 14mm drain plug remove it. drain into drain pan. next remove the round black cover. oil filter is inside it is a paper cartrige. you will need to get a tool from a parts store to remove this cover, or you can be creative as i was at first. good luck greg.

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How do you change the plugs and wires on a 1997 Olds Aurora and what is the firing order?

the library has chilton repair manuals,i just copy the page,pages that i need for .10 cents a copy

Changing the plug wires on an Aurora(I have a 1996) is really easy. Take the cover off the top of the engine. Remember the nuts are fragile and will crack because they are actually nut covers made of plastic. The firing order is cast onto the manifold at each plug location and the distributor has the numbers of them also. Use a swival type of plug remover that is rather long. The plugs in the back are the hardest to take out. But, if you take your time an use an extension with the plug socket on it and slide it into position. Then use the 3/8 drive breakover bar to loosen the plug. You should be able to get the plugs out. I buy my plugs and plug wires at O'reilly's. The plug wires are already numbered. Also I have found that using regular A/C plugs work the best and work longer.

Oldsmobile Aurora

Where is the O2 sensor located for number 1 sensor bank 2 on a 1998 Aurora?

Not sure which sensor u are talking about but 1999 Aurora's have 4 O2 sensors, one on each header and one before and 1 after the catalytic converter.

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If a 1995 Olds Aurora hesitates and shakes really bad while driving what could this be?

Hey John==It sounds like it is missing on one or more cylinders.Have it checked out. Good luckJoe

Sounds like the tires you are using. Upgrade to a V rated tires. Mine are smooth. Get the intake cleaned. Made a big difference in mine. Use on Premium fuel.

It sounds like you are missing on 1 or more cylinders. On this vehicle, the coil pack is a likely ciulprit. They are a fairly easy change, and should go for $50 or less at a parts store. Going to a reputable repair shop and paying for a diagnostic test is worth the money. It could also be bad injectors. Fuel consumption will probably have risen noticeably for either problem.


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