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BMW 7-Series

Introduced in 1977, the BMW 7-Series is the flagship car of German automaker BMW and is only available as a sedan or an extended-length limousine. This series of BMW car traditionally introduces technologies and exterior design theme before dropping down into the smaller sedan in BMW's lineup product.

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How much does it cost to replace a timing change on a BMW 740I?

Dealer $600 -$800, independent mechanic $450-500.
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What are the windshield wiper sizes for BMW 735i?

This will vary based on the year of the BMW 735i. Since lengths change often and there are over 22 wiper blade arm attachments, always look up by make, model and year. See sources and related links below for more information. ...
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How do you refill or change the transmission oil in a BMW m50 auto trans with no dip stick?

In order to check or change trans fluid on BMW vehicles with no dipstick a hoist or set of ramps is needed. Remove upper plug in drain pan under the vehicle. make sure vehicle is running for level inspections. Do not run vehicle if draining fluid! proper level of oil when vehicle running is level with opening in side of trans oil pan. ...
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How do you lower remove back seat of BMW 7 series?

Just grab in the middle of the front of both seatsand pull up and out and wolla. ...
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What does the BMW logo stand for?

Bavarian motor works BMW is Bavarian Motor Works. The "logo" is the rotation of a propeller on an aircraft engine. BMW started with aircraft engines, then motor cycles, then cars. ...
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How do you open the doors of BMW 735I?

Although i have a 735IL it may be different, but the handle located on the door itself opens it. ...
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How much will BMW 740il transmission cost?

Depends which year etc but likely $5000+++
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What does eml warning light on a BMW mean?

The "EML" warning light in a BMW indicates a problem with the "drive by wire" throttle control system." "EML" is an acronym for "Elektronische Motorleistungsregelung". Loosely translated from the original German for the BMW owner means Electrionic Engine Power Control. "EML" is BMW's system name for electronic throttle management. The "EML" system, in it's most basic sense consists of an accelerator pedal (with an electronic position sensor), a computer module (usu. integrated with the main engine computer), and an EDK (Elektronische Drosselklappe or Electronic...
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BMW 740i battery light on?

Usually indicates a charging system problem. Could be as simple as a broken alternator belt. ...
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How do you tow a BMW 745i?

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How do you check the automatic transmission on a BMW?

If you want to check the fluid level there are 2 options. Either your trans will have a dipstick or it will be sealed. If it has a dipstick warm the car up and park on a level surface. Shift through all gears and check the dipstick with the engine running car in park. If there is no dipstick it is more complicated. There is a drain plug somewhere on the side that will drain out any excess fluid. All German Manufacturers...
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How do you change the low beam bulb on a 2002 Aurora?

Remove the two headlight mounting bolts and slide the entire headlight assembly forward. You can then disconnect the Bulb from the sockect and remove the bulb from the headlight housing. Installing is just as easy. Install the new bulb, connect the blulbs electrical connection and re-install the headlight. Should take about 5 minutes all togather. ...
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Reset warning light for 2006 BMW 750Li?

Depends on the warning lamp. Consult your local dealer.
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How do you reset computer on your titan?

Answer I have a Titan and you cannot reset the computer by diconnecting the battery. It must be taken to the Nissan dealer and have it cleared. *edit: ECU Resetting Timing is extremely critical. If it is NOT DONE within the specifird time, the ECU will not reset and the Check Engine Light (CEL) will continue to remain ON. A stop watch or an analog clock with a second hand will be useful. Operations Procedures: 1. Confirm that accelerator pedal is fully released, turn ignition switch "ON"...
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Where is the PCV Valve on a 89 5.0 Lincoln Town Car?

Hey William==It is in the valve cover. GoodluckJoe On most cars it is in the valve cover but on the 5.0L Ford, Lincoln, Mercury engines it is actually in the intake manifold back by the firewall. About the only way to get to it is to climb up onto the engine from the passenger side and look and feel down in there. Check out this site for a few pictures. The one on there is a Mark VII 5.0L but the...
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Where is the PCV valve on a car located?

On the valve cover or in the intake manifold. Usually valve cover since it's supposed to vent crankcase. It will have a vac hose, so that should help find it as well. ...
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When should I change my BMW 740 timing chain?

I asked a service rep at Classic BMW in Plano that question and he said "never". The 740 has a timing chain, not a timing belt. Cars with timing belts usually have to change it every 80-100k miles, but this does not apply to timing chains. If your timing chain is intact, you should not have to have it replaced. Chains do not stretch or wear out. More likely, if you have a E38 (1994-2001), the timing chain may rattle, which is NOT...
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How do you turn off BMW X3 tire pressure light?

Inflate the tires to the recommended pressure, this information is located on the driver side door jam when you open the door. Put the car in park. Turn the key to the on position. Hold down the tire pressure button (exclamation point (!) with tire tread under it) for 10 seconds then release. The indicator light will turn off. The pressure can be set to any pressure you would like depending on altitude and temps but it is recommended you use the...
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How can you increase the horsepower of a 1996 740iL?

I have installed everything from cold air intakes, exhaust and software mods to complete supercharging systems . depends on how much power you want and money you want to spend. ...
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How do you change the spark plugs on a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant ES?

Dont you mean where is Jimmy Hoffa, what happens when you fly over the Bermuda Tri-angle?, Who shot kennedyThese are questions easierly answered.Good luck !...
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Where is the fuel pump relay at on a 1993 BMW 740i?

its in the trunk on the right side above the fuses above batterry
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Is it cheaper to buy a BMW in Euros in Germany and have it shipped to the US or to buy it in the US with dollars?

It is cheaper to buy a BMW in the United States with US dollars then Euros in Germany, for a couple of reasons. If you have noticed that BMWs have gone up in price over the past couple of years it is because of the exchange rate. Before one US dollar would get you 1.25 Euros, now the trend has changed. One US dollar get around 0.75 Euros. So in essence when you bought a BMW years ago and paid $30,000...
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How do you jumpstart a 1995 BMW 740i?

never from another car you'll mess up the computer, you'll have to either call AAA because they have the jumpstart machine or you go and buy one from walmart for around $40 ...