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Who does the voice over for the Buick commercials?

Kevin Bacon

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Honing a 4G63 motor?

Sure Sure


Where is the country of origin of Buick?



Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. ever drive a Buick?

Yes, Dale Sr. drove a Buick in 1979 in 3 races for Rod Osterlund.


What is the towing capacity of the Buick enclave?

what is the towing capacity of a 2009 Buick enclave


Is Buick out of business?


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What is the firing order for a late 60's model Jeep V6 and later 70's Buick V6?

153624, the even firing order was 123456, and after mid 80's it went to 165432


Who won Buick golf yesterday?

It was The Bridgestone Invitational yesterday, last week it was The Buick Open, Tiger Woods won both of them.

Buick Roadmaster

How do you replace the radio in a 1992 Buick Roadmaster wagon?

Take the knobs off and the nuts under them. Then take off any bolts in the rear holding it and remove the wireing.

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Do mechanics work faster on hourly or book time?

If you could do a particular task and get paid for 3 hours, but accomplish it in 2, which leaves you free to do another task that pays 2 hours and you can accomplish in 1, you will earn 5 hours pay in 3 hours, nearly doubling your income for that time period.

If you are given the same two tasks and will simply be paid the hours you work on it, you might take the same 3 hours that you "can" do, or you might take the full 5 hours the book would allow. If you're lazy and have no other tasks lined up, you might take an entire 8 hour shift to do the two tasks mentioned above.

It would seem apparent that the greater motivation to work fast is with book time, though not all people are motivated by potential gain to work faster. Some will keep a steady pace no matter what the compensation potential.

Book time can bite the mechanic however, as unforeseen difficulties can arise which might make the time involved more than what is paid for the job. Nonetheless, the typical mechanic will work faster on book time.

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When can you turn an infant car seat face front?


According to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) baby should be rear facing until at least 1 year of age AND 20 lbs, although ideally for as long as it's permitted by the car seat manufacturer.

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Where is the quad driver module on a 1989 Buick 3800?

If a quad driver has gone bad it is necessary to replace the ECM. After replacing the ECM, drive the car on a bumpy road and note whether the check engine light comes on. If it does, fix the problem or you end up with a repeat QDM failure.

== == == == There is no such thing as a quad driver module. There are quad DRIVERS in the ecm.

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What is the firing order for a 1970 Buick 455?

What is it

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How do you use the word anxious in a sentene?

Her parents were anxious about her poor health.

Anxious means full of mental distress or uneasiness, greatly worried.

Chevy 350

How much hp can you get out of a 350 Buick engine?

Mostly depends on how much $ you're willing to spend


How do you replace the supercharger oil on a Buick Regal 2001 3.8 Liter engine?

There is a hex screw located on the top of the supercharger pump (that's the beltdriven device at the top left of the engine as you face the car from the front). Unscrew the hex screw and use a hand held baster to suck out the old fluid. You then need to buy two bottles of GM Supercharger fluid. Go online and search for it. Each bottle holds 4 oz. Both should empty into the pump. I think I ordered mine from a place named paceauto.com. Remember to put the hex screw back in the pump.

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What is the spark plug gap for a 1998 Buick 3800 V6?


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How do you remove the rear wheels of a 1991 Buick Grand Sport?

Remove the lug nuts

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Where is the torque converter lock out switch on a Beretta '92 3 1 engine?

This is the plug and not the switch....The switch inself is located within the transmission.


If the car has a 3spd automatic (TH125) Look on the front (closest to the radiator) driver side of the tranny for a 4 prong plug...this is the TCC plug....

Unplug it and drive the car. If the problem goes away, then you can replace the solenoid or drive it with it unplugged...it WON'T HURT THE TRANNY!! You will suffer on mileage though.

Buick Park Avenue

Why would the trunk be leaking on a Buick Park Avenue?

I just bought a 92 PA, and THEN looked below the spare tire cover..Surprise!!! 3 inches of water. There seems to be some water trapped inside the trunk lid seal, so I'm guessing it is entering uphill someplace, and running around the seal and exiting through one of the weep holes the in the seal.. Internet search also indicated it could be the power antenna (there was an alert about leaking loose power antennas), since I did notice mine was loose. On my 94 PA Ultra it was the rubber seal around the rear light assembly. Both left and right side. You have to remove the lights completely, clean and apply a silicon sealer/atv, Careful prying off the retainers from the plastic pins that hold the lights in place: they brake easily. UPDATE: Found the leak, just like the last poster said, between the tail light gaskets and the rear. A little sealant and all is well. Thanks! so was mine. Pull back the carpet on the rear trunk side - if there is water in the holes where the bulb wiring is, you have the leak 1993 Park avenue trunk leak is generally caused by dried rubber gasket between taillight assembly and trunk body. Trunk lid gasket is usually NOT source of leak 1. Pull interior carpet and trunk liner. 2.remove 10-12 10mm nuts 3. you may disconnect wiring now or easier after you gently pry the whole assembly about 8-12 inches away from car. Disconnect 2 taillight connectors and two license plate bulbs. 4. Buy new or gently remove two oval-rectangular gaskets (this is VERY MESSY - they use a 3M sealer). 5. Use silicon sealant between gasket and taillight AND between gasket and trunk body. 6. replace assembly onto trunk with nuts finger tight.(do not tighten) 7. replace wiring connectors. 8. wait 30 min. tighten some more. wait 2 hrs. snug up nuts. do not overtighten - it will distort the gaskets Surprise: I'm surprised you had standing water in the spare tire well, I thought there was supposed to be a "Weep Hole" to let that water out. TommyTrouble

Buick Park Avenue

How do you replace inner tie end rod 1995 buick?

TRY GOING TO THIS LINKhttp://www.ifitjams.com/tie_rod.htm

it gives video instructions

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How do you replace the alternator on a 1995 Buick V6?

Remove the negative battery cable then use a wrench to take the tension off of the belt and make sure there is a schematic on the fan shroud for the routing of the belt. If not draw one before removing it. Then take the wires off of the rear of the alt then the bolts and work it out.

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How do you replace the front turn signal bulb located on a 2001 Buick?

I just figured this out after much frustration. There are two vertical white plastic strips behind the main headlight fixture. You have to pull upwards firmly on these--they lock the headlight in place. Once you slide them up you can pull the entire headlight out through the front (carefully, as it's still wired in) and access the turn signal lamp. Pull off the round rubber cover, pull out the socket, and replace the lamp. Then all you have to do is push the socket back into the main housing, put the headlight back in place and slide the plastic tabs back to lock it in.

The car I worked on had a short bolt close to the fender and a long bolt next to the radiator at the back of the headlight assembly. But this is thee way to do it. Thanks alotttt for the info!!!!!

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Where is the fuel pump located on a 1983 Buick Limited?

If it is not located on the passenger front side of the engine then it is likely in the fuel tank... if that is the case you would have to remove the tank in order to replace the pump. In general, if your car has a carburator, the fuel pump is under the hood. If you car is injection, the fuel pump is in the fuel tank.


Where are the fuel filters in an '87 Buick?

What Model of Buick? Anyway, most are in the fuel line that runs along the drivers side frame rail. But, they is also a "sock" filter in the gas tank attached to the fuel pump and also little filters in the fuel injector inlets. TommyTrouble


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