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The Oldsmobile Intrigue was a mid-size car produced by General Motors from 1998 to 2002. This 4-door sedan was powered by a 3.8-L L36 OHV V6 or 3.5 L LX5 DOHC V6 engine with 4-speed 4T65-E automatic transmission.

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Oldsmobile Intrigue

How much damage putting wrong antifreeze in engine?

It depends.

If your car uses the special long-life coolant dex-cool (orange) no immediate damage with normal 50 water 50 antifreeze. However, according to GM for my Oldsmobile Intrigue doing this would reduce the suggested coolant maintenance point from 150,000 miles down to 30,000 miles.

If your car uses normal (green) anti-freeze and you were to use dex-cool it could permanently damage the vehicle since the particles not designed for the vehicle will always remain.

So what did the manufacturer suggest as optimal and what did you put? And what do you consider as damage? Introducing a hassle or complete breakage?

Antifreeze and Engine Coolant
Oldsmobile Intrigue

Why is low radiator warning light on in 2000 Intrigue even though coolant reservoir is at proper level and not leaking - what is burping procedure?

Answer low radiator light onProbably a bad low coolant level sensor.

Sensor is located under the thermostat housing. Frequent problem with the Olds Intrigue

AnswerThe sensor for this vehicle is built in to the coolant reservoir. So just swap out the sensor? Not on this vehicle; the sensor isn't sold as a separate unit (darn it). You must purchase a new coolant reservoir, which includes a built in sensor. Multiple internet suppliers sell these reservoirs for $70 (including shipping).
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Modification of Old Electrical Work

I have halogen lights in the bathroom one day they kept flashing on and off and now dont come on at all if you try to switch them on the trip switch for all lights in the house goes off If you turn?

halogen lights get very hot. bath rooms are very damp places. there may be a thermal breaker built in to the light that when it gets too hot (ie- cause it was installed incorrectly,no breathing room above it, insulation stuffed too much around body of light) this may explain the off/on situation. you didnt state how they flashed on/off? quick flashing? off then 25 min later on again? very imporant!!!! ----call an electrician--- I dont care if it is a $900/hr guy or your brother-in-law. Get someone/anyone(qualified) to look at it. when the breaker at the main box kicks and wont stay on again its a sign that there is a problem. could be a bad switch,bad light fixture,bad breaker,or.......bad wire. How old is the wiring in the house? please dont screw around and blow this off. Im no big shot inspector or state code enforcement oficer but I am a son,grandson,brother,husband,& father. if the water leaks you can turn it off and dry off. if the paint drips you can clean it up later. there is no pause button on an electrical fire. call someone. didnt mean to rant so hard, but fire kills without malace. The flickering lights and then the tripping breaker mean that you probably have a short circuit someplace. Don't try to turn on the breaker again until you have an electrician fix the problem. Trying to turn on the breaker may cause a fire. The breaker is tripping because it is trying to protect your home from burning down. It's cheaper to get if fixed than to replace your home.

Oldsmobile Intrigue

What is the red symbol on Oldsmobile intrigue 98?

If you are talking about the symbol that looks like a box with a wavy line going through it, it means that you are low on coolant.

Oldsmobile Intrigue
Crankshaft Sensors

Will a crank sensor keep the car from starting?

Yes it could

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Oldsmobile Intrigue

Where is the wheel speed sensor located?

Wheel speed or ABS sensor's are located on the suspension Knuckle Front and Rear.

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What sensor detects the code P0410?

secondary air injection system malfunction

This can mean a number of things, I have had this code for years and have replaced the injection motor, the shutoff valves (2 ea 1 on each bank of the motor), the 50 amp fuse, and one other item. If you dont have the intake relocation tube for the air injection motor it will just suck water and short out again. There is a TSB on this problem with suggestions to fix.

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Does a 1999 Oldsmobile intrigue have a chip in the key?

No, it doesn't. It uses a "passlock" system. The resistor, or "chip" is part of the ignition lock cylinder.

The chip in the key is called "passkey", where there is a resistor in the key, which is quite visible.

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Oldsmobile Intrigue

Is oldsmoblie intrigue front or rear wheel drive?


Power Steering
Oldsmobile Intrigue

Where do you add power steering fluid to a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

The power steering fluid reservoir it is located on the front of the engine. it sits low, close to the firewall. it is very low and located on the left side almost touching the firewall in the back behind the engine. If you stand on the passenger side with a flashlight, you can see it by resting your arm on the fuse box and shining the light down and toward the firewall behind the belt. You might have to push a hose to the side to see the cap.

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Why would the AC of a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue blow warm on the driver side and cold air on the passenger side?

The problem is the servo motor that swaps the vent door from the cooling coil to the heater coil.

Answerbefore you tear apart the dash to get to your driver side servo motor-disconnect your battery for 5-minutes, with both front doors open reconnect your battery(this resets your on board computer),then turn your car on and turn your a/c on to high with the coldest setting on both sides for dual air systems and leave the car running for a few minutes. you will feel the air cold again. there is a sensor on the passenger side that will trigger the servo motor to not move if the front door is closed. servos usually get stuck after the power was cut off. if this does not do it, have your a/c sytem checked for leaks.


I have the same problem on my 99 Olds Intrigue and tried disconnecting the negative battery cable for 5 minutes. That did not correct the problem-no change. Any advice is welcome.

AnswerThis is a Dual Climate System. If you're not familiar with this setup, there's a driver and passenger climate setting. The passenger setting knob is on the right of the climate control console. If you have already properly adjusted this setting, there's a problem with the servo motor being out of the preset range for the a/c & heater doors. Every time power is cut from the unit, the servo resets the doors by doing a "sweep" from full cold to full hot maximum range. Over time the servo will fall out of range from constant full range flexing, and the part that controls the range limit must be replaced. Reseting the main module by disconnecting the battery has a slim chance of successfully fixing the issue.


The car seems to do this after the battery is disconnected or looses power while the A/C is in the on position. I tried everything that I saw on the Internet. The only thing that worked for me immediately was to remove the a/c heat control unit from in the car, directly below your cars radio/head unit but make sure to turn the a/c off first or the ac/c doors inside will stay open and continue to blow heat in when reconnected. (how to do)Turn off the A/C first, take the cover off and remove the two screws, pull the unit out, unplug the wire harness and let it sit for 30 seconds. It will reset itself plug it back in and the a/c will work again, of course the put the cover back on ect..Should take less than 5 minutes to do.

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Turn Signals and Hazard Lights

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 2001 Oldsmobile intrigue?

Probably part of the hazard warning module - part of the hazard switch

Oldsmobile Intrigue

How do you change spark plugs in a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

For a 3.5L engine the plugs are under the coil packs on top of each head. The front side is pretty easy to access, 7 bolts and it comes off. Unplug the coil pack connector on the end to remove the coil pack from the engine. The back side is the same, only you can't see it as easy. The plugs are down in the head, connected to the coil pack by a rubber sleeve with a spring in it (there are no plug wires). This is commonly called COP (Coil Over Plug). Buy the original AC Delco (actually NGK) plugs, as the Champions, Split fires, and other platinum brands will not work as well for some reason. Torque each plug to 18 ft-lbs, and make sure the coil packs are thoroughly checked for cracks and electrical integrity before reinstalling. I tested my coils and they each had about 33 ohms between the coil and ground spring. Visually look them over for cracks or holes. The bad news - plugs are about $7 each, the coil packs are $300 each if you need one. I haven't tried a junkyard for coil packs, but I'd bet you could find them there. I also suggest removing the battery "hot" wire while you change plugs to avoid arc welding tools to your engine. Tools needed: 5/8 spark plug socket, 3/8 drive ratchet (flex head works better), socket extensions. Follow the spark plug wires to the spark plugs, unplug the wire one at a time and remove the plug. Gap new plug with the correct and gap and proceed to put new plug in. Be careful not to crossthred the plug. Repeat this procedure for all of them. One of the plugs is difficult to get to. On that particular plug, it might be easier going from underneath the car.

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Why does your 35L engine hard start sometimes and has no error code it can be hot or cold?

I have Olds Intrigue 2000 - 3.5L. Issue engine hard to start either cold or hot.Engine light won't go on. Just hard to start. Problem was a crankshaft sensor.

3.5L engine has two crankshaft sensors. Let you mechanic to retrieve errors first.

If there is a code relevant to crankshaft censor, you will need to replace it.

Sensor in question is located above and behind starter. Starter must be removed first.

Don't go for cheap after market unit!!! Get AC Delco new one. Good luck.



How long has it been since spark plugs, wires, fuel filter been changed? Has air induction service been done? I would start with maintenance if it is due. (see: What maintenance should an owner do). Granted some of these failures may show a code, but may not. Checking fuel pressure would be one way of starting to narrow down the source. Maybe there is a pressure regulator problem. Is there any smell of raw fuel at any point, especially at the fuel rail area? Also, check to see if the throttle cable is sticking. At times, when it sticks, you will notice that the car will shift really hard into drive. That will also cause the "hard start".

Oldsmobile Intrigue
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Where is the thermostat located on a 1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

At the end of the upper radiator hose inside the thermostat housing. Very easy to remove, just two screws.

Unless it's a 3.5, then it is attached to the housing, screwed into the pulley side of the front (right) cylinder head, attached to the lower hose, the bypass hose, and the coolant recovery tank hose.

Fuel Filters
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Oldsmobile Intrigue

Can you disable overdrive on a 1994 Ford Thunderbird LX?

put the trans in D not OD. you can also hold the trans in any gear as long as you like (red line if you want) by down shifting right after the transmission upshifts. it's a cool trick if you want to accelerate really fast, but becareful or you could blow your engine!

What was said above is a bad idea. First off the Computer can shift faster than you can do so manually therfor there is no real point in doing so. If you dont think its true go try it at a 1/4 drag strip. Second off its really bad on the trans and engine and will prematurely wairing it out. You can disable the overdrive if you want to know how to do so go to www.tccoa.com and go to the tech articals. Great website for MN12's (1989-1997 Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar) it has alot of info on the cars and alot of how to's in modding these cars.

On all 1994 Thunderbirds the O/D on & off button is on the shifter. When you push the button a green light comes on the dash cluster and says O/D Off....

Oldsmobile Intrigue

How do you change the brakes on a Oldsmobile Intrigue?

Hey Felecia, if you're going to change both front and rear, I suggest you get a shop manual on your car for about $18. It will show you how, as the rear ones have a bunch of springs and you need to remember how they go. Good luck, Joe.

Actually, there are no springs for the rear brakes on any Intrigue. They all have 4-wheel ABS disc brakes. The brakes are very easy to service on this model, just be sure and have a manual for all the correct torque specs.

It is pretty easy. 1.)Jack up the car and remove the tire. 2.)Open the hood and loosen, or remove the brake fluid resivor cap. 3.)Use a 6-8 " C-Clamp place it on the outside of the outter brake pad , and on the bolt that holds the brake line to the caliper.and tighten it . this will retract the caliper allowing room for the new pads. 4.)On the front brakes use a 15 mm box wrench ( rear brakes use a 14 mm)and loosen both bolts holding the caliperto the wheel assembly. 5.)Remove the top bolt. 6.)Swing the caliper (pivoting on the bottom bolt) out. 7.)Remove the old pads and insert the new pads. 8.)Swing caliper assembly in and replace the bolt. 9.)Tighten both bolts . 10.)Replace the wheel. caution caution caution. when you start the car DO NOT try to drive first thing. With the motor running and in PARK, pump the brake pedal repeatibley until you feel resistance. Otherwise you will take off and not be able to stop.last but not least before touching your pedal remember to tighten your cap on your master cylinder.

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Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning

Can a bad Outside air Temp sensor keep AC fan from coming on?

No. Try tapping on the fan relay in the fuse & relay panel under the hood.

If the sensor is only reading 35 degrees however, despite the actual outside temp, that will prevent the A/C from coming on.

Antifreeze and Engine Coolant
Oldsmobile Intrigue

Where is the radiator drain cock on a 2000 olds intrigue?

you may have to remove the air dam located under the rad and a/c condensor. the drain tap is inthe lower left corner of the rad. I did attempt to open the tap with a 1/4 drive ratchet and 3 inch extension and failed in the effort from the shape of the tap it appears to require a special tool. I am going to question my SnapOn tool rep at first opportunity.

Oldsmobile Intrigue

How can an Oldsmobile Intrigue seat belt retractor go bad?

The winding spring breaks or comes loose from its mount. Sometimes you can disassemble the cover over the belt retractor and see what the problem is, such as a small rock or dirt holding up the mechanism. They can also just get worn out and must be replaced. The seatbelt may also get twisted inside the retractor and muck it up. While you are in there, clean and freshen the grease points.

Oldsmobile Intrigue
Turn Signals and Hazard Lights

How do you access the turn signal flasher on a 2001 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

Instead of removing the A/C vent, remove the kick panel under the steering column and also the speedo assembly. You will have great access to the switch and the whole project should only take 20 minutes. When removing everything just remember to be gentle, you are dealing with plastic.

Under the hood....there are two white pegs that hold the whole headlight piece in...take those out and then pull of the black rubber top over the hole (should be round) and you are there.

I have a 2000 and the turn signal flasher and the hazzads are one unit. I found that if my turn signal stops flashing I can wiggle the hazzard switch to get it working, this is due to a loose connection. Getting to the whole switch requires removing the bezel around the instrument panel. then you can access it from the right hand side. Found a lot of "snap together" dash components on this car. It is much easier to access the flasher/hazard switch by easily prying out the center vents. The flasher unit and cruise control switch are then easily accessible just to the left of this opening. It should be noted that the fault is usually not with hazard/flasher unit but with the multi-function control on the left side of the steering column which is a $250 part to replace unless you can get it from a junk yard.

Here is THE answer as to how to replace the hazard flasher in a 2001 Intrigue!!

Remove Hazard/cruise bezel on front of dash and be very careful as it breaks easily.

1. Remove the center air conditioning vent in the dash. The vent is held in the dash by (4) PLASTIC hooks. Two on top and two on the bottom. The top left hook is almost directly above the left vent adjustment tab on the louver and the bottom left hook is in about the same spot below. The top and bottom right hand hooks are above and below the right louver adjustment tab similar to the left side. They break easily!!!

(2) After removing the vent you will be able to see the Hazard/cruise control retainer. This retainer is made from black plastic and has (2) rather large flaps on the left and right side of the hazard switch which is in the top part of the carrier. Simply squeeze BOTH together and the whole thing will fall out behind the dash.

(3) Both the switches have the usual electrical connections. The hazard switch has a whitetab on the right side that is depressed to free the connector. The cruise switch has a green lift tab to free the connector. You can now remove the carrier with both switches.

(4) The hazard switch is in a green sleeve which must be removed from the black group carrier. Figures doesn't it! to do that depress the green tabs on the sides of the sleeve to get it out, I had to break the tabs off to do that. Do not worry about breaking the tabs since the new part includes this sleeve. The new part from GM at the dealer cost 71.86 as of 10/27/08.

(5) Now replace the faulty switch and reassemble. If you have the part in hand BEFORE you start this should be a 30 minute job.

Another comment if the turn signals do not work but the cornering lights do then try this first

The hazard switch is the fix for my 2000 Intrigue. Could not get the part locally so sprayed electrical cleaner into the switch seems to be a good fix so far , we will see how long it will last until I have to order the part from the GM website. 2/13/2010

Transmission Fluid
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How do you change the tranny fluid on your 99 Olds Intrigue?

I changed my own tranny fluid and filter and gasket last fall. You merely need to get the replacement filter and gasket. Your 99 Intrigue probably has a tranny gasket that can be cleaned and used one more time. My parts guy told me so, and the filter kit explained what to look for as well. Put the car up on jacks or ramps. loosen the tranny filter case bolts. Put your fluid receptical under the case cover. Loosen enough bolts to get the fluid running out. Let it all drain. Remove cover and gasket. Remove the old filter by pulling straight down. Try to get the small O ring gasket from the filter out. I couldn't get mine to come out. Clean up all of the surfaces. Place the new filter into the O ring gasket. Push up into place. I can't remember what gasket liner if any was needed. I think they recommend that you use a soluble grease to merely hold the gasket in place while putting the case cover back on. PUt cover back on with bolts. Use a torque wrench to specs on replacement instructions. Fill er back up. My 99 used about 8 qts to get back to level. Not a hard job.

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How do you take the governor off of a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

I don't believe it is possible. The regulation or "governor" is computer controlled.

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Timing Belts and Chains

Where are the timing belt marks on an Oldsmobile Intrigue?

There are no timing belts on any of the Intrigues. both the 3.8 and the 3.5 liter engines have timing chains. The 3.8 has 1 chain and the 3.5 has 3 chains.

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How many miles can you put on a 3.5 v6?

I have 82K on mine so far. Runs fine, but uses about 1qt of oil every 1000 miles or so. No major issues in the 82K. My kid used this car for a while, so it had a mix of city/hwy driving. Had to replace the CKP sensor once, and a few times the car wouldn't start right up, which caused a misfire code. Engine controller "fixed itself" (problem was intermittent) and usually is fine. All the weird quirks I have had with this car - and it sounds like from this and other boards they are common issues - flickering headlights, misbehaving climate control system, temperamental power windows, poor quality trim and paint. I doubt I'll keep it much longer, so I'll venture to guess that it may last another 50K or so before it self-destructs.

Answer3-400K if you do regular oil changes 5- 7000 km intervals

I'm hoping for 400Kmi out of mine before lockup.

The light flicker on mine seems to be a glare point triggering the lights to turn off (thinking it is daylight). It seems many people posting to the web sites are not putting much thought into this issue.

Thanks for the input on the cranking issue.

I have a 2000 olds and I have 186,000.00 mile and still running just now needs a new aldinator in the past a new tranie but that was previous owner but I LOVE the car!!!!


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