Oldsmobile Toronado

The Oldsmobile Toronado was a 2-door coupe manufactured by General Motors between 1966 and 1992. Its fourth-generation model was propelled by a 3.8 L Buick V6 or 3.8 L Buick 3800 V6 engine with 4-speed 4T60 4T60-E automatic transmission.

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What is the color of the 1969 Oldsmobile toronado engine?

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The Oldsmobiles were generally all aqua colored; But a few were painted gold also.
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Where is the fuel pump on a 1986 Oldsmobile Toronado?

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In the fuel tank. It is replaced by removing the fuel tank then extracting it from the top.
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How do you reset the Service Engine Soon light on an 1990 Olds Toronado?

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Answer for Service Engine / IPC failure Are you showing any other indications? For example is your Instrument Panel Cluster fully operable? If not, the problem resides with a faulty IPC, (every 90-92 Toro will eventually experience this failure). The fix is a 50 cent capacitor, or you can buy a refurbished one from eBay for around $130. If you are a daring sort or enjoy electronics, here's a good link for you to do the repair yourself. It takes about 2 or 3 hours if you have the part. http://www.csciltd.com/gen_iv/ipc_fix.htm
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Digital dash will not light up on 86 toronado what to check?

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Check all the data lines, the test connection near the parking brake (it's a small plastic cover with a metal connector that continues the data circuit), the 7 volt power supply above the gas pedal is a possible culprit, the BCM (body control module) and any part in between that involves the data line with includes the climate control, chime control module etc. The data circuit is a redundant circuit and in general it has to be shorted to ground or both sides open for it to have that type of effect on the cluster. In most cases it's the cluster itself unfortunately. The way it was designed, the parts that are surface soldered just lift off and you have problems from vibration and weather changes that cause this.
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How can you get your headlights to close on 1986 Nissan 300zx?

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i had the same problem....it was the headlight relay....bought some off eBay for a dollar apiece.....20 bucks at the store...also could be your pushbutton on the left side of the dash is unplugged. Answer There should be "emergency knobs" behind the headlights to raise and lower them. Or you could connect a 12v dc source to them and they will flip up and down.
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Where is the fusible link in a 1982 Oldsmobile Toronado?

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in the v6 it's in the wiring harness above the right valve cover. In the others its in the wire at the starter battery connection and there is one other model that has it at the battery end of the wire that goes to the starter.
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How do you replace the water pump on a 1991 Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo?

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There seems to be two parts to the water pump and the fan is what usually goes first. Olds. was smart enough to just male that part to replace only. I was replacing the alternator on my 91 and decided to replace the water pump part I was speaking of. It's cheap and easy to get to. Hope this helps in some way.
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How do you reset oil change light on a 88 olds toronado?

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Yep, there are no hints given in the owner's manual.....but somehow I asked this question at the Dealer's service department when the car was new and wrote it down in my manual. The answer is that you press the "Engine Data" button until the display panel shows "Oil Life." Hold this and then simultaneously press "GAGE" for up to 5 seconds...and it will reset to "100%" You may have to try this a couple of times to get the right sequence, but it has worked for me for 17 years!! Rick in Rochester, NY salesman@rochester.rr.com
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How do you install a transmission filter in an 84 Oldsmobile Tornado front wheel drive 307 automatic?

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drop the pan and take a look if the pan needs a new gasket (some had the rubber bpressed right in and of so then it's reusable) the filter kit come with a seal, a ring and the filter with a "snorkle" - remove the screws, gently pull down on the filter and make sure that the seal comes out with it - if not, fish it out of the hole but done gouge the sides - put the seal and ring on the snorkle and push the new one up until it seats itself - reinsert the screws and clean off the magnet on the plate - wipe clean and reinstall - dont over torque!!! - banknotes@rogers.com
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How do you get the digital dash to work in a Toronado?

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What year to what year- either way, you would need the wiring harness that would come from a vehicle that was equipped with the digital gauges. Wiring could prove to be a nightmare. Better off going and buying a vehicle with what you wish for already there. Check all the data lines, the test connection near the parking brake (it's a small plastic cover with a metal connector that continues the data circuit), the 7 volt power supply above the gas pedal is a possible culprit, the BCM (body control module) and any part in between that involves the data line with includes the climate control, chime control module etc. The data circuit is a redundant circuit and in general it has to be shorted to ground or both sides open for it to have that type of effect on the cluster. In most cases it's the cluster itself unfortunately. The way it was designed, the parts that are surface soldered just lift off and you have problems from vibration and weather changes that cause this.
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How do you change fuel pump on 1986 olds toronado?

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The fuel pump is on the passenger side of the motor under the AC and Smog assembles. It has two rubber lines that run from the tank and one metal line that goes to the carb. It has two bolts for removal. One on top and one on bottom.
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88 Toronado and my tail lights stay on sometimes when the car is off whats the problem?

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i had the same problem with my 88 trofeo, there is a little box behind the brake peddle don't no what its called but when its pressed, the switch is activated and lights come on,the switch on your car is stuck, its not hard to change it took 5 mins 4 me, so hope i can help... (n e 1 with an 88 trofeo email me because i have some questions ace of heartsokc@yahoo.com) push the twilight switch all the way to the left and turn the lights off that's what i do
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Where is the crankshaft sensor located on a 1992 Oldsmobile Toronado?

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Answer bottom of engine.you need to move the engine to get to it not true all you need to do is remove right front tire all the plastic mud guard from wheel well and the sensor will be right in front of you you will need to remove the the torque mount on the engine but that will also be right in front of you.... as for tools you will need a harmonic balancer puller and a few sockets and a torque wrench is a MUST... hope this helps
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Your 1990 Toro Trofeo AC and heater fan motor cuts in and out Seems like an opening circuit anyone have ideas on where to look?

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Check wiring connections Check fuse block--sometimes holders become loose and expand creating heat and pening circuit until they cool down and close circuit maybe fan motor itself has an open circuit could be loose connection in climate control unit
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Where is the computer located in a 1991 Olds Toronado?

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It's above the glove box liner behind the dash on pasenger side..
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How do you replace a 1985 Olds Toronado heater core?

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After much worry about my own blown and leaking heater core (85 Toronado) I at first by passed it, but with winter coming I HAD to fix it, but was unable to get anyone to do the job; and pulling out the entire dashboard and dropping the steering colume for a $20.00 heater core seemed to me to much....so here it is, first I do not consider myself a HACKER when working on cars and did make a very exceptical repiar by carfuly cutting a hole in the fire wall and pulling it out, you will be surprised how easy it is to cut this hole with a small chisel or screwdriver and a hammer CUT LIKE BUTTER!. I marked out an area around the heater hose's about 10"X10" inches and just (tapped on the chisel) all the way around. this worked better than I expected, so I pulled out old and in with the new, I was even able to put the peace of firewall back in place with some bondo and flat black spray paint the completed job hardly left a scare! saved me a ton of work. PS I drove the car another year before the motor died at almost 300000 miles, best car I ever had.....hope this helps....Todd
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If you leave the country and no one is driving the car does it need to be insured?

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Yes, depending on the following factors; The value of the automobile; lost to theft, vandalism, or fire. The fact that insurance is a criminal enterprise in itself, where in, if you allow your insurance to lapse or cancel it you will face significantly higher prices when you again insure an automobile; They treat you like a first time driver in most cases. No, the car isn't worth enough to worry about the loss. Your going out of the country for one or more years; therefore, the cost of increased prices to insure the vehicle on your return is more than off-set by not insuring it while your gone. Check on this important factor before reaching a conclusion. Caution: Any insurance company will tell you that the vehicle must be insured as long as you own it, running or not, and there is the following to consider:You are always responsible for a vehicle you own. Millions of vehicles are running around that are registed in the names of people who no longer know where the vehicle is or who owns it. You can find them on eBay all the time; Things like, no title but comes with a bill of sale. If the bill of sale is from an original registered owner, then, that will usually work to obtain a new title in the purchasers name. If not, the last registered owner is the legal owner of the automobile, halftrack, airplane, helicopter, zepplin, moped, ect., and, as such, they incure a certain amount of liability for the machines actions. How much? I have no idea, but I have used this on several occassions to convince a previously registered owner, who had sold the car and forgotten about it, to send me a bill of sale so I could re-register the vehicle, become the legal owner, and re-sell said vehicle. In one particular case, some years ago, I finally resorted to telling the suspicious legal owner that the car could roll down a hill and maybe crash into the police station? Accidents can happen you know...well, I guess it worked, I finaly got a bill of sale for that vehicle.
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How do i repair a power steering leak on a 1984 Oldsmobile toronado?

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You will probably need to replace power steering hose-I have owned several toronados and generation two bodies with 307 v8 always leak at power steering hose eventually-especially with high miles-replacing hose always worked for me. When this hose leaks it tends to get fluid on belts making them squeel
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Can you put a dual exhaust system on a 1985 Oldsmobile Toronado?

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Sorry, but there is not enough room (in a few places) for a dual exhaust - the cross over pipe shift it to the drivers side and if you look at the car from the back , you'll also see that the gas tank is offset to the drivers side. I'm sure you might find a custom shop that will bend you new pipes but the fit will be way off - you'd be better off putting in a new pipe from the crossover to the back but have them use a larger pipe - it'll give you a bit of a boost - banknotes@rogers.com
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What causes a slow battery drain in an 1988 Olds Toronado?

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It depends what you consider to be a "slow drain" the parasidic load on this vehicle will discharge a FULLY charged battery in 21 days. How new is the battery and what state or charge is it in? Have you checked the Alternator? Like most batterys in cars, trucks, ect, they tend to get dirty. A slow battery drain is more than likely caused by a short between your +/- posts. To check this, attach one lead of a low volt meter the + post of the battery, and then draw the other lead across the top of the battery. If the meter shows any voltage at all, that's the problem. Wash the battery with a mixture of backing powder & water, and rinse. Dry the area between the posts & check with the meter again. I've often seen (online) that there is a problem with the load-leveling system which causes this....Here's a page which discusses this:
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Oldesmobile toronado cranks but wont start I was driving it on the road and it stalled out and would not start back up and it still will not start.?

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It could be A few things, I would start with the distributor cap and rotor, The rotor can get A pin-hole in it and let it create A shorted firing route.,,, If this is good, Then crank the engine with the dist. cap removed, See if the rotor is turning, If not you have a broken timing chain or cam. ,, If it turns, Test the igition modul. If this does not help, You can contact me through 'My personal message board'. Good luck,.
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How do you reset oil change light on a 92 Oldsmobile toronado?

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Check inside the passenger compartment under glove box - there should be a small hole (about the size of a pencil) there may be a switch inside With key on (engine not running) depress this switch with a pen or pencil If so equipped that should reset How to reset the oil change light For a 92, also will work for a 90 or 91, if you have the touch screen you push the INFO button and then select the oil life option and there will be a reset option on the top right of the screen. If you don't have the touch screen then press the ENG DATA button a few times till the oil life is displayed and then press and hold the reset/enter button for 5 seconds while the oil life is displayed and that will reset your change oil light.
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Do you have to take the dash apart to replace the speedometer on a 1991 Mustang?

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The instrument cluster can be removed by removing your headlight and hazard switches then the panels under the steering wheel. You have to ultimately remove the plastic housing that the switches are in. In order to gain access to those screws you will have to take the lower panels off and work your way up to the housing
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How do you disassemble assemble wire hubcaps for a 1981-1984 Toronado?

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I am doing a set of 84 olds 88 wire cap now if they are similer it is easy there are 5-6 screws on inside of cap ,remove and the rest is simple there are two spokes to assembly .take good pic of cap before doing this as assembly can be tricky or leave one together whan you do the rest good luck.