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Metal scale models of cars, trains and aircraft produced by manufacturers such as Hot Wheels, Corgi and Matchbox

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Comics in which Hot wheels ad cheetah?

+Riley cusmera

we need to hug all of our classmates accept one girl and u know whoit is and i hope me u and ava

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Hershey Company

How do you find the value of a Winross collectible truck?

check on eBay

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Kart Racing

How much is a 2001 hot wheels go kart worth?

The same amount that someone is willing to pay fot it.

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Jaguar XJ8

How much does a toy jaguar mark 2 1959 scale 1 18 maisto cost all doors open perfect condition?

Listed new at some places for a little over $38US. Used is less. I have one to go with my real one. Model is nice, figure worth about $15-$20.

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When was trouble board game invented?

Trouble was invented in 1965.

Trouble was developed by the Kohner Brothers and initially manufactured by Irwin Toy Ltd., later by Milton Bradley (now part of Hasbro).

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Are megaminx available in stores?

I dont think so but you can get them for cheep (around £5.99) on the internet.

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Where to get a beypointer?

any reputed toy store (if any) or websites like ebay, playmoya and mayb toy'r' us

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How much is a mint condition hot wheels jewel car worth?

alot of money, I think

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How much is the 2000 hess truck worth?

most eBay accounts say that they are worth $1,000.00-$2,000.00 dollars. which is worth alot if you keep it for a little longer you'll probably get more money then if you sell it now:)

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When is the next tamagotchi giveaway in 2011?

when they come out with a new tamagotchi verson

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US Coins

1854 gold one dollar worth?

You either have a Coronet Gold Dollar or a Indian Head, small head gold dollar - both coins were minted in the year of 1854. Assuming you have the Coronet in very fine condition (VF20), its value is: $200. If you have the Indian Head, small head coin, its value in very fine conditon is: $350.

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Do they make women supra shoes?

Yes they do make supra shoes for women.

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Warhammer 40000

Can Warhammer 40k Catachans use normal Imperial Guard rules?

Yes, they are one of the most prevalent sets of models used to play with the Imperial Guard Codex.

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Breyer Horses
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How to sew patiala salwar kameez?

See also the Butterick pants and tunic pages choose from the many fine patterns available. None of the patterns I have found so far have the matching scarf, but there are many scarf patterns that can be adapted. See the Related Links for "patiala salwar kameez" to the bottom for the answer. See the Related Links for "tunic and pants" to the bottom for the answer.

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DIY Projects
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How to make an oasis?

A one foot square cardboard box with sides about 2 inches tall will hold enough sand to make "dunes".

BUT FIRST line the box with a plastic trash bag. Glue it down.

Cardboard toilet paper rolls (withOUT the paper) can be the trunks of Palm trees. Green construction paper can be cut to the shape of the Palm leaves.

You are sure to get "extra points" for adding BROWN leaves that hang down from the green leaves, along the trunks of the tree(s), just like REAL Palm trees!

The trees will surround a pond, made of... JELL-O!

-A round, flat pan (OR maybe just a regular dinner plate) should be used to make the (BLUE, maybe GREEN?) Jell-O mold, which will be placed directly on the plastic liner that you have secured to the box with glue.

Add enough sand to make small dunes and hide the edges of the pond.

Place the trees. it may be necessary to weigh down the trees by putting something heavy inside of trunks, near the bottom.

Now here's the "Spending Money" part of the project. Small plastic animals, such as Camels, Donkeys, Coyotes (dogs colored by YOUR paint[!]), Mountain Lions (cats painted by YOU to look like Mountain Lions) can be found at the Dollar store! Or even a crashed jet w/stranded pilot in the sand, near the water! -Okay, THAT part's probably a little overboard, but USE YOUR IMAGINATION. Teachers LOVE that part the best.

AND be CAREFUL when transporting; one "earthquake" can ruin the whole deal.

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How much is a antique Koken Barber Chair worth?

I guess about $4,500, and the price is depend on the year and maintenance of the integrity.

but it is very difficult to fine a good quality antique koken barber chair, it is very rare, and a lot of them are not in good condition.

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What year were hot wheels cars first made?

1968. There were originally 16 cars made and sold including the Python, Custom Cougar and hot Heap.

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Currency Conversions

Price of pewter per ounce?

Well, Pewter is like silver in color the only problem is that it has lead inside that reduces the Price, in the market today at $10 per ounce at $149 per pound ; but a Collection piece cost more money if it 1800,1900,1920,Century. To the best interest to the Consumer; "For Real" See web. Page: Living Life Enterprises Presents.

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What happened to Top Flite Kite company?

This is not a complete answer, but it might help a researcher. TopFlite kites were made by the Crunden-Martin Manufacturing Company of St. Louis. So the fate of Crunden Martin is really what needs to be discovered. The best I've been able to find is that the firm filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1990, but whether they came out of it or were purchased or liquidated I simply don't know.

--Jeff Duntemann

Paper kite enthusiast

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What was before bionicle?

LEGO Slicers and LEGO Roboriders

Pontiac GTO
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How much is an original hot wheels car worth?

If it is original from the 1960's and early 1970's in an unopened box it could bring thousands of dollars. Boxes were stamped with names of the cars inside and that would effect the value, too. If it's from the 1990's to present you would be lucky to get the retail value of about $1 per car.

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The stock symbol for hot wheels?

Hot Wheels is a product name for Mattel, much like the Big Mac is a product name for McDonalds. Mattel's stock symbol is MAT.

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Decade - 1950s
Decade - 1930s

What toys were invented in the 1950's?

Probably the biggest invention of the 1950s was on March 9th, 1959, when Barbie was in vented by Ruth Handler.

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How much does it cost to make a hot wheels factory?


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What is the force called when an object such as a Hot Wheels car performs a loop on a looped track and generates force against the surface?

This question is actually two questions in one -- what is the force on the Hot Wheels car, and what is the force against the surface (i.e. the track)? First, the force on the car. . . The name of the force described in the question is called centripetal force. This is the force that occurs when a body in motion (the Hot Wheels car), which would continue to travel in a straight line if untouched, is pushed to change direction (in the case of the question, due to the curvature of the track). The curvature of the track forces the car to deviate away from its natural state - travelling in a straight line. This force - the track pushing on the car and changing its direction - is centripetal force. Centripetal force always pushes inward - toward the center of the turn. It is what makes a body (such as you inside a car) turn and change direction, instead of continuing in a straight line. Many people confuse this effect with centrifugal force, which is an imaginary force - that is, centrifugal force does not exist. The imaginary centrifugal force "pushes" outward - away from the centre of the turn. We think centrifugal force is real, but our perceptions are distorted because we are in an accelerating frame of reference. When a car turns suddenly, we feel like we are pushed sideways, and we call the "force" that pushed us the centrifugal force. An independent observer (a bystander on the side of the road), who is in an inertial frame of reference, and who witnesses the same thing, will tell you did not move sideways toward the car's door, but instead the car pushed toward you (centripetal force), forcing you to turn with the car. Without centripetal force, you would have continued traveling in a straight line, and fallen out of the turning car! == == Next, the force on the surface . . . According to Newton's Third Law, "For every force, there is an equal and opposite reaction force." So, if the track pushes inward on the car (to make it travel in its circular path as discussed above), then the car pushes outward on the track with exactly the same amount of force. If you watch a Hot Wheels track as the car goes through the loop, that track will be pushed outward by the car. The tracks on some looping amusement park rides are also visibly distorted as the roller coaster passes through the loop. This "give" is built into the track, which quickly resumes its original shape once the roller coaster has passed. By the way, whenever a surface pushes against an object (like the track pushing on the looping car), the direction of that force is always perpendicular to the surface. For that reason, it is called a normal force, because "normal" is a geometric term meaning perpendicular in all directions. (It doesn't mean the opposite of abnormal.) At any point in a circular track, the normal direction is toward the center of the circle, which is why it is called centripetal, which literally means center - seeking. There is no commonly-used term for the direction of the reaction force, other than to say "outward". Some older texts once called that direction "antinormal," but that isn't used much any more.


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