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This category is for questions about the DC Comics character, Batman. Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

Kevin Stringer asked in Batman , Television and Video, Ask Me Anything, Celebrities

Answers with David Mazouz?

Do you plan to continue acting as an adult? Yes! I plan to go to film school after I'm done with college. I was thinking about either NYU or USC, depending if I want to leave home or not, because I know they both have amazing film schools. I want to become a producer and director and writer in the future when I grow up and kind of do a little bit of everything. I definitely want...
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What is batmans mode of transport?

Batman has a different mode of transportation for practically every element of the world; including the Batmobile and the Tumbler ,bat cycle with a passenger carriage (occasional) for Robin. Batman also has a bat-jet he flies and also a bat-boat that can turn into the bat-submarine; batman also has a jet ski that robin rides occasionally. ...
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How did Batman get robin?

Robin 1 Dick Greyson's parents were killed in a horrible circus accident. Not long afterward he was adopted by million heir playboy, Bruce Wayne. When Dick stumbled on to the secret that Bruce is actually Batman, Bruce trained the young acrobat to become his side kick and dubbed him 'Robin.' Eventually Dick struck out on his own as the super hero known as 'Nighwing.' Robin 2 In 1983, DC comics began revamping older series and Jason Todd was named the new Robin and given...
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What was robin's catch phrase from batman?

Robin's catchphrase "Holy -___-'Fill in the Blank'-___-Batman!" and , others , "Atomic batteries to power...turbines to speed." , "Holy bargain basements, Batman!" , "Holy flypaper, Batman!" and "Holy rusted metal, Batman!" ...
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Is Batman a vigilante?

No. A vigilante is someone who illegally punishes an alleged lawbreaker, or participates in a group which metes out extralegal punishment to an alleged lawbreaker Batman never really partakes of the extra-judicial punishment associated with vigilante justice and generally turns any criminal he captures over to the police. This is more closely aligned to a citizen's arrest than actual vigilantism. On the opposite end of the spectrum, however, Batman commits various felonious acts (assault, battery, kidnapping) so his actions could not be regarded as strictly...
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Who Is The Villain In Batman Begins?

The main antagonist is Henri Ducard (Ra's al Ghul) played by Liam Neeson. Also, The Scarecrow, or Dr. Jonathan Crane. Zsasz has a few brief parts as well. ...
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How does joker become evil?

There are many stories about his orgin, but having mental disorders, it's unlikely even he would know. Jack nicklson portrayl depicted the joker as a criminal who wennt insane after being dumped into a vast of chemicals, and having his wife die the same day. In heath ledgers take, the joker has stories to accomadate his situations, involving an abusive father and self mutalation over an incident involving his wife. His name and orgin remains unknown ...
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Does Bruce Wayne Batman have a wife?

The current version of Batman (Bruce Wayne) is not married. The Golden Age Batman, ret-con'd to Earth-2 Batman, eventually married a reformed Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. They eventually had a daughter, Helena Wayne, who grew up to be The Huntress. In the current New 52 continuity, there is a "new" Earth-2 Batman who, while otherwise updated, also had a daughter named Helena Wayne. Her mother, and wether or not she was married to that Bruce Wayne, is not specified. ...
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Did Batman have any kids?

Yes. Biologically, Damian Wayne. His mother is the Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Ra's Al Ghul. He also adopted Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain. Though there is some question over whether or not Cassandra was actually adopted given the timing. On other Earths and in other continuities there are several others. Most notably, Helena Wayne/Kyle whose mother is Selina Kyle aka Catwoman. ...
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Is Catwoman a villain or superhero in Batman Begins?

Catwoman is not in Batman 1: Batman Begins, but she is in Batman 3: The Dark Knight Rises. There, she's actually categorized as an "anti-hero" because she swings both ways. ...
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Answers with Clare Foley?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years I will be 18 years old! I hope to still be acting and headed to college!...
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Are there two robins in Batman?

There is Batman and Robin (not Batman and two robins). ____ There are 3 different Robins. However, only one ever wears the suit at any time. Dick Grayson, the first Robin, left Batman and later became Nightwing. Jason Todd, Robin #2, died. Tim Drake, the final Robin, was driven insane by the Joker. Stephanie Brown and Damian Wayne also are Robin at some points. ...
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In Batman Beyond how did the Joker torture Robin?

The Joker and Harley kidnapped him and brain washed him as they wanted a child but Harley "didnt want to go through the joys of child birth" so they made him into a mini Joker :) ...
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What color are bats?

Mostly black, but some are dark brown.
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In the movie Batman is the actor who played young Jack Napier related to Jack Nicholson in any way?

There doesn't appear to be any connection between Hugo E. Blick and Jack Nicholson, but they do look a lot alike. Apparently, it was just a case of really good casting - finding a young actor that had the same kind of manic/cheeky grin that Nicholson. This is from an interview he did a while back: "I was a writer working on a project at Pinewood. Legend has it that Nicholson saw me wondering the corridors. I do remember being called to...
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How did batman get his superpowers?

Bat-man does not have super powers. He is a normal person just like you and me. What makes him a hero is that he is willing and usually able to do things that other people wish 'someone' would do about the crime and corruption around them. His "powers" are all things that almost any person could achieve with enough will-power, time and effort. His strength is not super-human, but actually achievable through working out with weights, resistance machines and lots of reps...
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What was the tagline for The Joker in the first batman movie?

In the first Batman movie it was, "Ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?" and in the Dark Knight, the most famous line is probably, "Why so serious?" ...
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If Batman got married whom would he not invite?

As well as former girlfriends Bruce Wayne would be unlikely to invite anyone who would risk exposing his dual identity nor would he invite any enemies. Depending on whom he was marrying, he would probably not invite anyone his fiancee would not want there. Pretty much the same way you'd write an invite list to be honest. This question was asked on the Family Feud, with the following answers: Family Feud: The Joker Catwoman (Selina Kyle) Penguin (Oswald C. Cobblepot) Riddler (Edward Enigma) Other answers: Enemies: Scarecrow Bane -...
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When was Bob Kane born?

Bob Kane was born on October 24, 1915.
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How did the Joker get his scars?

There is much speculation as to how the Joker character received his scars. The most prominent answer seems to be that he either doesn't know, or doesn't want to say. In "The Dark Knight" he tells two stories about how he got them: Story One So, I had a wife, she was beautiful...like you, who tells me I worry too much, who tells me I oughta smile more, who gambles and gets in deep with the sharks...[she squirms, and he pulls her...
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Is Batman in love with Wonder Woman?

It all depends on your source of information. If you're following paper comics, the only writer to really address the relationship is Joe Kelly. He plays around with it, but decides, in the end, to leave it alone. He was probably trying to develop a story that was first brought out in the DC Animation Continuum (DCAU). If you don't know what that it: it's the Batman, Superman, Justice League cartoons that ran for about five or six years before Warner Brothers...