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Is there a comic where earth 11 batwoman fights a robot or giant monster please answer?

I am talking about the Batwoman that Helena (aka the huntress) be's on earth 11, in Batwoman/Superwoman: the search for ray palmer comic and the 2003 Batman/Superman comic "With a vengeance chapter 5 : The price of our sins". #24. What I want to know is does that batwoman fight a giant monster or robot ? and is their a trusty website that can show screen shots of that comic ?

An honest answer would be great !

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Comics or manga which is better?


Japan in WW2
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What are Flash's superpowers?

He can run faster then the speed of light, He can phase through objects, he can make time breaches, make time remnants, has reflexed stamina and agility, he can generate a speedforce aura which keeps him from getting killed from his own speed, he can steal speed, generate electricity, make a vortex that cuts off air supply, and he has enhanced strength

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What is the value of the green hornet comic?

We really need more information than that provided such as publisher , issue number and condition of the book .

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What year did Warner Bros buy DC Comics?


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Did Nightwing and Starfire get married?

Nightwing and Starfire nearly got married in the Teen Titans comic book but, naturally, their vows were interrupted before the ceremony could be completed. Although there was no direct reference to their marriage in the Kingdom Come story line, they did have a daughter and their marriage was implied.

In the current New 52 continuity, there has been no indication that Nightwing and Starfire were ever close. Instead, Starfire has a, rather open, relationship with Red Hood/Jason Todd, another former Boy Wonder.

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How old is Wally West?

He's just as old as Dick Grayson and Donna Troy.

The original Teen Titans are exactly the same age.

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Does Bruce Wayne Batman have a wife?

The current version of Batman (Bruce Wayne) is not married.

The Golden Age Batman, ret-con'd to Earth-2 Batman, eventually married a reformed Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. They eventually had a daughter, Helena Wayne, who grew up to be The Huntress.

In the current New 52 continuity, there is a "new" Earth-2 Batman who, while otherwise updated, also had a daughter named Helena Wayne. Her mother, and wether or not she was married to that Bruce Wayne, is not specified.

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What does the name Starfire mean?

Starfire is translated from"Kori'Ander" or"Kory/Kori Anderson." Starfire is the earth version of"Kori'Ander" Galfor in the show calls her "Kori'ander." "Commander" = Blackfire which is"komand'er" Hope I helped and sorry about spelling mistakes!

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Why did Trigon take Arella to be his bride?

Trigon took Arella to be his bride because he believed she would be too weak to kill herself or the baby he would sire. His previous wives all killed themselves and/or the resulting children so that Trigon would not spawn another being of immense power and evil.

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Who is faster quicksilver or flash?

Flash. If the question starts with 'who is faster..' then the answer always will be Flash.

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Who was the first dc comics superhero?

Superman in 1938 .

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How did super girl get her powers?

She, like her cousin Superman, was born in the planet Krypton and get her powers under Earth's yellow sun.

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How old was Dick Grayson when he became nightwing?

When Dick Grayson turned 19, he became Nightwing. Originally Dick Grayson was Robin for two years, as he debuted in DC Comics at the age of 17.

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What is batman's catch phrase?

In the first of the movies, Michael Keaton got some mileage from "I'm Batman."

In the campy 1960's series, the lines consisted of "to the Batpoles" or "to the Batmobile" which were said to Robin. Batman (Adam West) also used the term "despicable fiend" a few times referring to the villain-of-the-week.

In the comics and the TV series, it was Robin who made the wordplay exclamations "Holy (whatever), Batman!"

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Are Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon together?

During the events of No Man's Land, they had a brief relationship before Babs broke it off. Later, during Infinite Crisis, Dick and Barbara were engaged but quickly broke it off since Dick, Tim, and Bruce were going on a trip together and Babs thought Dick needed to find himself and stop defining himself by his relationships to other people. They haven't been in a relationship since, but there have been hints in the comics to indicate that Babs still has feelings for Dick, but nothing will probably come of it since I believe Dan Didio, the EIC of DC, has said that they won't be together in his run.

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Is aquaman a superhero?

Aquaman has super powers which make him a superhero . See related link below .

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Does the Joker use laughing gas?

he does

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What is an anti-life equation from dc comics?

The Anti-Life Equation is supposedly a formula which can give the person who knows it total control over the thoughts of every being in the universe. Since life is freedom, then anti-life is the lack of freedom. Darkseid's main goal has been to find the Anti-Life Equation, which he believes to be locked in the subconscious mind of a human somewhere on Earth.

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Who does Nightwing love .Starfire or Barbara Gordon?

At first he likes starfire but there were some complications than some people said he like barbara after he cad starfire broke up but he also had some coplications with barbara so in the end he likes them as friends.

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What happened to justice league unlimited?

Answerit ended or was cancelled I dont know which, the last episode is the one where lex luthor inadvertantly brings back darkseid and him and his army attacks earth so the justice league team up with lex luthor and all his guys to defend it, lex luthor finds the anti life equation and shows it to darkseid and they both disappear


In the last 2 episodes, Lex Luthor accidentally brings Darkseid back to life instead of Brainiac. Darkseid along with his Apokolips army invades he world. Injustice Gang killed Secret Society. Injustice Gang and Justice League team up. Lex Luthor shows Darkseid the Anti Life Equation and they both disappear. The show ends with the Justice League giving the Injustice Gang a 4 minute 50 second head start to escape.

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When is the next Superman movie Man of Steel coming out?

June 14, 2013

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What is the green lanterns saying?

In the brightest day, in the blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight,

Let those who worship evil's might, Beware my power, GREEN LANTERNS LIGHT!

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Is wonder woman real?

Of course not. She is a fictional character and has many roots in Greek Mythology, moreso than any other super-hero type character. It might be argued Flash is derived from Mercury, but Wonder woman is a mythologists delight.

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Why didn't Starfire and Nightwing get married?

The evil Raven interrupted.


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