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How do you spell Wonder Woman in French?

It's the same thing in French because it's the name of a person.

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From what island did wonder woman come?

Paradise Island, also known in the scripts as Themyscira Island. It was one of the Greek Islands as the frequent use of Greco-Roman mythology ( more so than any other comic-book character) represents. Great Hera! is a frequent expletive.

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Is Batman in love with Wonder Woman?

It all depends on your source of information. If you're following paper comics, the only writer to really address the relationship is Joe Kelly. He plays around with it, but decides, in the end, to leave it alone.

He was probably trying to develop a story that was first brought out in the DC Animation Continuum (DCAU). If you don't know what that it: it's the Batman, Superman, Justice League cartoons that ran for about five or six years before Warner Brothers lost permissions to make the shows. Bruce Timm and Paul Dini were the creative forces behind these shows and they pretty much build around one world of superheroes- DC based. Wonder Woman comes in with the Justice League shows, but Batman had been around for a while (and so, it was also the case in the continuum). With one episode in the first year of Justice League, "The Brave and the Bold," Wonder Woman tries to stop a missle and gets buried in the process. Batman touchingly/fruitlessly tries to dig her out before she emerges on her own. During all of the cheering at a day saved, she notices his gloves torn from the digging and then kisses him on the cheek.

The fan response was huge, so the writers decided to play around with the story of a relationship between WW and BM. A chief writer on this storyline is Dwayne McDuffie- creator of Static Shock and one of the larger story arches for the DCAU. Notable episodes where WW and BM hint at something happening are, "Maid of Honor," "Starcrossed," "This Little Piggy," "A Once and Future Thing, Part 1," and "Kid's Stuff." In the first of these, Diana and Bruce have a lengthy dance and flirt before getting around to saving the day. In the end, Diana guesses that Batman is Bruce W, but he plays it off. In "Starcrossed," the Justice League shares their identities before separating to rendevous at a later point & Diana & Batman go their own way. To avoid capture, they "pretend" make out.

In "This Little Piggy," BM and WW discuss dating. While talking to the super heroine about saving WW, Batman admits to something going on between the two. With "A Once and Future Thing, Part 1," Green Lantern/ John Stewart gets at Batman about his dating WW and while trying to play it off, Batman is "caught" by WW. And last, the writers had fun with the superheroes as children in "Kids Stuff." Little girl Diana has a "crush" on little boy Bruce that's pretty funny.

In all, the DCAU played with the possibility without letting it distract from larger stories. The main writer in these, McDuffie, has said in an interview that something may yet be written on this storyline. And it seems to be a fan favorite.

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What can kill wonder woman?

Binding her bracers together takes away all her powers, so if you could when against her without her extra strength, flight, and her lasso.

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Is wonder woman real?

Of course not. She is a fictional character and has many roots in Greek Mythology, moreso than any other super-hero type character. It might be argued Flash is derived from Mercury, but Wonder woman is a mythologists delight.

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What is the value of wonder woman comic books?

To properly price and grade your comic book(s) it's best to refer to the "Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide" in order to assess the value and condition .

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Who are the Characters of the woman on platform 8?

From the title sounds like something suspicious on one of those accident prone Floating Oil Refineries. Jeeps! Just last week an Exxon-Mobile pipeline ruptured in a remote area... The so-called Texas Towers ( more accurately applied to the vertical derrick rig- on land or elsewhere- are often called by the men who work on them- Platforms. so it goes. Sounds like something on an Oil refinery.

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Where does Wonder Woman call home?

The Amazon .

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What are invisible woman's powers?

Invisibility and force fields.

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What ever happened to brenda Sykes?

living a quiet life with her husband in los angeles. not all people yearn for the bright lights of Hollywood. she was married to gil Scott heron for a while.but they divorced .

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What ever happened to Margaret Sophie stein?

She is Polish. Got back to Poland. Her name is Małgorzata Zajączkowska.

Check out the interwiev with her:

http://www.claudia.kobieta.pl/claudia2/index.jsp?place=Lead07&news_cat_id=92&news_id=696&layout=1&forum_id=142&page=text Sincerely

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What does JLA stand for in the super hero comics?

Justice League of America.

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Can a woman diagnosed with HPV have children?

Yes, but have it treated, before becoming pregnant. Remember the more scarring you have, the worse your chances for future pregnancies, so be more careful of your partners in the future. Good Luck.

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What does wonder woman wear to protect her?

she wears a body pertecter

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Is batman going to have children with wonder woman?

[No, Batman has gay overtones, and the same has been said for Wonder Woman though toned down somewhat. Dr. Wertham attacked both strips in Seduction of The Innocent, way back in l954. comics lost the war... his trousers snapped, that killed a Jap, oh well!-odd battle damage.]

This is one person's opinion. In reality the 'Seduction of the Innocent' was a dubious piece of literature that played on the fears and lack of understanding of parents. It 'won' because it played to the greater denominator rather than sticking to the truth.

Bruce Wayne has always been a playboy, with a string of ladies, some in serious relationships, many in superficial. Of the serious, Bruce has many times (certainly demonstrated in the comics since the 1970's onwards) had intimate relationships, something that has never been even hinted at towards males. Heck, near the very beginning of the comics he was bethrothed to a Julie Madison. And he reacts heterosexually when under Poison Ivy's drugs.

In the print comics, Batman and Wonder Woman are frequently portrayed as opposites. One a rich industrialist, a man, non-powered, scorning magic and prefering science. The other a woman crafted of clay and granted both life and powers by the gods, royalty, penniless in 'man's world' but rich in family (back on the island). They frequently come at things from different directions, and often end up with different results.

Batman refuses to kill beyond all reason.

Wonder Woman has killed (not lightly), humans as well as monsters.

Despite these differences, the animated shows used these opposites, to create an almost romantic situation between them.

But that's about as far as it has ever gone, at least in all the eppisodes that I have seen and I think I've seen most of them. While it is an intriguing idea, that the two might get together, and produce children, I do not see it happening. Not without serious plot development.

Another sticking point, is that in the print comics, Bruce has already fathered a child with Talia, the daughter of Ras Al Ghul.

-Regarding the Batman and Wonder Woman gay overtones, Btaman is conclusively heterosexual. He is the father figure to Robin, not sexual partner. Some comic strips seem homosexual when taken out of context and they really represent the artist and writers of their day. Generally assertions that Bruce Wayne is gay come from those wishing to express the idea as an insult to Batman (which is a homophobic attack) and those wishing to make fans feel bad.

Batman has a son with Talia in "Kingdom Come" which is set in the future and is possibly an alternate future. In that same story, Wonder Woman and Superman are expecting a daughter and Bruce Wayne is asked to be the godfather.

The Justice League cartoon clearly and repeatedly expressed a love interest between Batman and Wonder Woman with Batman feigning disinterest but betraying himself by his actions. Wonder Woman was more overt but it was never openly depicted as a sexual relationship, more of as two interested people that have not gotten together. Batman even goes so far as to explain why any love interest for Batman would be in mortal danger, which Wonder Woman refutes by crushing a rock in her bare hand, thus showing herself to be more than capable of handling any threats.

Wonder Woman did have very clear lesbian and bondage elements but they were toned down with her showing an overwhelming interest in men as well.

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When and where did the actress beatrice Roberts die she was born in 1905 and is best remembered for playing queen aura in the flash Gordon movie flash Gordon's trip tp mars 1938?

Beatrice Roberts did NOT play "Queen Aura" but rather "Queen Azura" in "Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars." The questioner is confusing her character with "Princess Aura" (Ming's daughter) from the initial 1936 Flash Gordon serial, played by Priscilla Lawson. After only a marginal career at Universal Pictures, Roberts left the acting business in 1949. She died at age 65 in her Hollywood Hills home in 1970.

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What is the greek word for woman and what does it mean?

Gyneka. It means 'woman.'

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What was the secret identity of The Scarlet Pimpernel?

The Scarlet Pimpernel's alter ego was aristocratic and foppish Sir Percy Blakeney. Hungarian author Emmuska Orczy wrote the play and a series of novels about the Englishman who led the fight to liberate French aristocrats from the guillotine during the French Revolution. The books were written at the beginning of the 20th century, but set in the 18th century.

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Who is the woman refuses to marry superman before he marry Lois lane?

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What is Wonder Woman's biggest enemy?

Mars, the Greco-Roman war God- is a recurrent heavy, based, as one might guess on his namesake planet! Hercules sometimes comes across as a misogynistic muscle-man type, more heel than hero.-but not really a bad guy.
Mars is her enemy. Go to google, and search"Mars, Wonder Woman's Enemy".

Type exactly that in, and you can see what he looks like too under "Images".

Your welcome!
Mars, the Greco-Roman War God often leaves his Home Planet and gets into all sorts of trouble with Wonder Woman.

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Is 5'8 too tall for a woman?

I think 5'8 is an excellent height for a woman. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are this tall. You should consider yourself extremely lucky if you're talking about this from personal experience I sure hope not... as I'm 5'8". Wish I was 5'10" though. no, its not all that tall, now if you were 8'5 that is TALL. kk I am 5'8 and 13 and I am still growing. I think it is great to be tall and it makes you very beautiful.

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What ever happened to Margaret langrick?

Margaret is now known as Maggie Langrick. She lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada, where she is the entertainment editor at the Vancouver Sun. www.vancouversun.com

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What ever happened to the Headbangers?

They occasionally perform at shows in Florida.

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What are wonder womans Enemies?

The god of war ares, cheetah, lord of the underworld hades, giganta, veronica cale, circe, aresia, sireen my fav wonderwoman badguys

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What are some characteristics of homeostasis?

balance- the skeletal body helps keep balance in the body, The organ system- works together to preform its job.


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