Volvo cars are produced by the Sweden-based automobile manufacturer Volvo Car Corporation. The product line of the company primarily consists of station wagons, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), sedans and coupes.

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Where can you find information about Volvo tractor trailer trucks and their shift pattern the rpm's used to shift and also about their power shifter?

You would do better by searching on "Allison transmissions" or Eaton transmissions" or "Fuller transmissions". Maybe "Cat motors" or "Detroit Series 60 engines". The things you want to know have nothing to do with the brand of truck but with the motor and transmission and rear end.

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the information u need is available thru Volvo dealers mack trucks are now the Volvo dealers thru out the usa

they will need last 6 numbers of your vin number to know what transmission you have, to give you the right information

I met a driver today who has a Volvo VN tractor with a 10-speed transmission, and asked him this.

His truck uses an Eaton Fuller 10-speed manual, and the shift pattern on it is the same as any other Eaton Fuller 10 speed: reverse is up and to the left, 5th is down and to the right, and there's a two-speed rear axle with a splitter on it.

He uses progressive shifting on his tractor: he shifts at 1100rpm from 1st to 2nd, 1400rpm to shift from 9th to 10th, and tries to space out the other shift points somewhat evenly.

To get information about the Volvo iShift transmission, contact Volvo.

As the above answer stated call a Volvo dealer with the last 6 of vin. Get them to send you the build sheet for your truck. Every truck is specified different from motor to trans to rear end gear. No 2 are exactly the same unless they were all built for the same company and at the same time using the same build sheet or spec sheet.

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What is brake efficiency?

its a calculation of how much force is required in relation to how much force is applied by the pads on the disc.

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How do you rebuild a Volvo turbo?

Heres a link that will help. In the future try to give us some more information on your car year, make, model. You supply all of this and you will get an answer very fast! Thanks in advance


Does Volvo make a diesel car?


They were a poor designed motor that was made by Volkswagon/Audi and they quit importing the US version in 1985

However in Europe and Sweden they have a 5cyl version that is almost bulletproof. Unlike the one made by VW/Audi for Volvo, it is Volvos own engine. Very quiet and somewhat powerful

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What country makes Volvo Vehicles?

AnswerVolvo is made in Sweden

Hood Volvo xc-90?

On the UK model.

The handle is mounted in the drivers footwell area.

The black handle sits vertically to the door foot well.

A gentle pull outwards and the hood dhall open.

When the hood has raised you have to slide your fingers under the front grill and pull the small tab.

Then lift the hood upwards.

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Are Volvo trucks made in Mexico?

Volvo has production facilities worldwide. Some components of the North American trucks do come from Mexico.

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What is the firing order for 4-cylinder 240 Volvo engine?

1 - 3 - 4 - 2

The distributor rotor turns clockwise

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What tool needs to be used to remove the Volvo oil filter?

The proper tool for the oil filter makes the job much easier. Here is a link to the best price I have come across:

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How can you research a VIN on Volvo trucks?

take the vin to departmen of moter vehicals drive safe

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How much does Volvo bus driver training cost in India?



What is the weight of Volvo VN 770?

I'm currently driving a midroof VNL780 with a 233 inch wheelbase. It's a heavy one - roughly 18,000 lbs. However, it has the larger D16 motor, plus a headache rack laden with chains, binders, and other flatbed equipment.

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Where is fuel pump relay on 88 Volvo GLE Wagon?

the fule pump relay on an 88 240 is on the passenger side inback of the plastic panel. its up aganst the fender well, on the inside of the car. along the floor in front of the seat. basically its opposite the fuse panel, where the fuse panel is on the driver side, the relay pump is on the passenger sidei would imagine its the same for your car.... if your fuse panel is not in front of the door on the inside of your car, the is a good chance the relay wouldn't be where i said it is.... good luck bro


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How do you replace Volvo windshield wiper assembly?

Look at

It says it all for a 850!


What are the steps to applying two blue 'viper-like' on a Volvo?

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Where do you add transmission fluid Gear oil to your manual transmission 1991 Nissan 240sx?

First take off the cover that goes around the radio and the shifter. It just pops off if you use a flat head and pry up, there are about 6 clips. Then you unscrew the shift knob, and remove the boot, and then there is the rubber boot. Use a 10mm socket to take the 4 bolts out and remove the rubber boot. There will then be the shifter with another small rubber peice that covers where the shifter enters the tranny. Take it off ( it probably has a zip tie so cut it). Then theres the tricky part. There is a C-ring on the bottom of the shifterpart of the transmission ( follow the shifter down to where it meets the tranny, there will be a bunch of white plastic peices that hold it in. Onto of those is the c-ring) Use snap ring pliers to romove it ( its really stiff) and then pull the shifter out. You can then just pour the tranny fluid in. Make sure you don't use to much or to less. ( check the factory service manual for specs).

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How do you change spark plugs on a 2002 Volvo?

do not know but do know that it takes a Volvo dearlship mechanic 50mins to change.

you don't need to take it to the dealership. It is simple as long as you have done some work on cars. Just remove the top engine cover by removing the screws. There will be 4 wires. 2 for ingition coil and 2 that come from the ingition coil. Each ignition coil controls two spark plug, make a note of the wiring. If you screw up your wiring your engine will misfire and you can damage your engine. Take the coils out and use an appropriate size spanner to remove the spark plugs. Replace with original Volvo spark plug (each around $13) or use Bosch Platinum that you can get from Autozone. Put the new plugs in, make sure the thread is correct. Don't force it in if it feels too tight, this may mean you didn't slip the plugs in correctly. (Before you screw the plugs in check the gap between the electrical spark bit on the plug, make sure they are the same, you can buy a spark plug gap measuring tool from Autozone, it is around a $1 and it the size of a silver dollor). Screw the plugs in, insert the coils, reconnect the wires. That's it, start the engine and check if the engine sounds smooth. It should take around 30 minutes.

5-cylinder Volvo engines: If you have a 5-cylinder turbo-charged engine each plug will have it's own coil. The coils sit on top of the engine under the plastic engine cover. You will need a torx screwdriver to get the cover off. Then remove the one 10mm bolt holding each coil and simply lift the coil and its rubber boot out and lay it to the side. There is no need to detach any wires or connectors. You can now see the actual spark plug at the bottom of the hole. To remove the plug just unscrew it with a spark plug socket wrench and lift it out. A spark plug socket wrench with a rubber insert that grips the plug is very handy with these engines because the plugs are so deep in the engine. When inserting the new plugs screw them in hand-tight and then tighten them slightly less that 1/4 turn more using the wrench. Do not overtighten the plugs because the block is aluminum and you may cause damage. DO NOT use Bosch Platinum +2 or +4 plugs in one of these engines. This engine will simply not run well with them and your check engine light will soon come on. Use single-electrode Volvo, Bosch, or comparable plugs. Re-assemble everything in the order you took it apart. It should take about an hour the first time you do it.

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Where is the flasher unit on a '97 Volvo?

There are two flasher relays on the Volvo 460. One operates the hazard indicators and the seat belt warning light. This one is located in the switch assembly itself. The relay for the indicators is behind the clock on the facia panel (near the hazard light switch). My relay was fixed to the clock wiring with a tie strap. if it isn't it will be there somewhere. It is a small black cube about 1" square. If the car is fitted with a towbar the relay will have two wires coming from it,(brown and blue on my car), these are held in with small spring clips that need to be depressed to disconnect the wires. This relay is difficult to obtain and is used to connect the warning lights from the trailer to the car.They cost about


How do you disable a speed limiter on Volvo truck?

The speed controls are programmed into the motor's ECM/ECU. If it's your truck to do this with, and you're in a country where it's legal to do so, you have a certified shop reprogram your ECM.

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What are the sales of Volvo trucks versus Volvo cars which one sells more?

This isn't a question that is really needed. 2 totally different companys, Volvo cars being made by FORD, and Volvo Trucks being made by Volvo Trucks, Formally WHITE GMC. And probly still in some way partially owned by the General (GM). Comparing Apples to watermelons, in 2 ways. Cars VS trucks, and 2 different companys.

I would have to say the car models are probly sold more than the truck models. There are only 3.8 million trucks on the American highways. There are alot more people than that, that drive cars. But that's just a eduacted guess.

Unless you are talking about Volvo Passenger cars VS Volvo Passenger Trucks. But you didnt specify that in your question. And that question I cant answer, but I can give a educated guess. I would have to say they are about even. You will have the Volvo loyalist that buys the cars, and the safety consious that buy there cars, and the people with thicker pocket books that buy the SUV's and can afford the lower milage. In the area I live in, its about 2/3 Volvo cars, to 1/3 Volvo trucks.

The Volvo car is not made by Ford. The company is owned by Ford but the car is still built in Sweden by Volvo and Volvo is the sole owner of all patents. Saying Volvo is built by Ford is like saying Ford is built by Mazda. MAzda shares quite a few parts with Ford.The Volvo Truck division is in no way part of GM. Volvo truck acquired White GMC some time back. The third division of Volvo is the heavy equipment which like the truck division is solely owned by Volvo. A simple look around will tell you that there are far more Volvo cars than Volvo trucks on the road. The car division produces quite a few more cars worldwide. There are a number of models of Volvo cars that are not imported into the USA. They have some models in Europe that do not require a "thick" pocket books

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How do you disable the speed limiter on a 2000 GMC Sierra for less than 400 dollars?

1.Buy a new/used hypertech programmer...2.find the speed sensor wire and put a switch in it.(this will throw a code,but at 100+ mph who cares)...or just turn the hazards on. (now your running 100+ with 4-ways flashing, that ought to draw

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How do you replace the headlight bulb on a 2000 Volvo?

The bulb type should be listed in your owner's manual (you did keep it, didn't you?)

Volvos normally use halogen bulbs which must be handled very carefully. Wear clean rubber or cloth gloves since any skin oil that gets on the bulb glass can cause it to shatter when it reaches operating temperature.

Open the hood/bonnet and look in each front corner of the engine compartment. There should be a plastic holder for the bulb, accessible from the rear of the lamp cover. Pull off the power connector and release the metal spring that holds the bulb in place. Carefully remove the old bulb and set it aside somewhere safe so it won't fall and shatter. Take the new bulb (while you're wearing those gloves, of course) and put it into the holder. There should be little detents that align it correctly in the holder. Compress the metal spring and put it into place, then reinstall the power connector.

Aside from the fact that halogen bulbs are very finicky about being handled, the job is actually pretty easy.

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How do you remove a 1983 Volvo wagons AC belt in order to replace timing belt?

On the 1983 model: The large York compressor is stationary and non-adjustable. In order to remove the belt, you have to remove the bolts that surround the large bolt on the crankshaft pulley. Once those small bolts (10mm socket) are removed, the 'split' pulley separates and the belt literally falls off.

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How much does it cost to smog check a 1987 Volvo sedan?

Same as any other vehicle ( around $20 in NEV ) unless it is a diesel in which case it will be more than double


How did the company Volvo get its name?

It means "I'm Rolling" in latin.

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